As it makes its way across the country visiting se

first_imgAs it makes its way across the country visiting several spots, the All of Us Journey Bus stopped in Tuscaloosa Thursday looking to change the way people look at science and medicine.“The All of Us Research Program is designed to collect data on a million people across the country from diverse backgrounds, from diverse ethnicities, in in order to provide a research database to help improve health care in the future,” said Dr. Tom Weida, associate dean of the University of Alabama’s College of Community Health Sciences.By collecting the medical records, eating habits and even family medical history of at least 1 million people around the country who have been traditionally underrepresented in research, the program can shed light on diseases more common in certain populations and help manage them in better manners.Each participant got instruction on new ways they can prevent illnesses, or how they can best treat their current issues.“I’ve been so excited about this,” said local nurse Donna Owens. “I first heard about it a week ago and I’ve been doing a little research on this and I think that this is just awesome. It’s going to be the next medical breakthrough.”the bus is traveling to 37 cities across the country. Anyone’s information given is strictly confidential and will only be used for the program’s initiative.last_img

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