Convenience store investment analysis and business tips

convenience store to facilitate people’s lives, do you really want to open a convenience store? Want to let your convenience store can run smoothly, it is necessary to master a little business skills. Xiao Bian will take you to see how the convenience store profit, I hope to help you in the convenience store market to seize the initiative.

Analysis of

open a convenience store 50 to 70 square meters of convenience stores, generally require 200 thousand to 300 thousand yuan of money, spent mainly in the decoration of shops, buying all kinds of equipment and goods; housing rents are different due to different locations, on average, generally 200 to 300 yuan / square meters; in the management aspect, because 24 hours to run, so the general staff from 8 to about 10.

open a convenience store business tips: convenience store opened in order to facilitate the fixed customer shopping convenience, it shall guarantee that the commodity categories are as unchanged; the special offer commodity Duitou display stores should be eye-catching, Duitou shoulds not be too big, too complicated, so as not to affect the Duitou effect; the store aisle is set at 80 to 90 cm. To open a convenience store to arrange the goods store layout according to the peak, separating the difficult selection of goods and selling goods, in order to avoid the peak shoppers crowded aisle, not for other customers shopping; the shelf height should take care to need many of the women in the family, the heart shelf should not be higher than 165 cm, preferably not more than 6 layer. At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of the end of the shelf, because this is the store’s gold point, the customer in these places to stay the longest time, should be equipped with some of the best-selling products of high margin.

open a convenience store business start from the small office. It is understood that in each convenience store to spend less than 20 yuan per capita consumers accounted for more than $40, only $8%, basically no more than 100 yuan. Therefore, the convenience store to do a good job, we must start from small, do a good job in every business. Different from general supermarkets, convenience stores can sell daily necessities, but also provide a variety of convenience services, such as free supply, boiling water on behalf of the payment, mobile phone charging, for inflating a bicycle, to print digital photos, collecting dry cleaning, booking booking all kinds of flowers, concert tickets and set up self-service payment terminals, even for training registration, booking examination materials, the depth of community residents value-added services, help gather popularity.

in addition, because the main consumer groups to open a convenience store at the age of 30 students and office workers, for this group is easy to accept new things, the characteristics of strong spending power and the pursuit of fashion, so the store opened in the choice of commodities should pay attention to innovation and renewal, with themes of fashion.

open a convenience store to choose good location is particularly important. Investment convenience store, select the appropriate location is very important, this is the most important factor in the success of the convenience store. Convenience store has the advantage of convenience, so convenience stores are mostly located in the community and entertainment facilities more concentrated areas, making the customer shopping more

Can you be a successful entrepreneur Do a test

some people think they may never be a mediocrity anymore, some people do not want their status, so even have their own work, but there is no sense of belonging, because he wants to start, want to be your own boss, so today we have to do a survey, see if you have the quality of entrepreneurs.

Are you able to deal with the problem and return to a positive state when

1. is disappointed?

2. do you like to impress, sell yourself and your company?

3. are you good at organizing work?

4. do you know how to control your life and be disciplined?

5. are you willing to take risks?

6. do you have a lot of imagination? Do you know how to express yourself?

7. can you turn the negative into opportunity?

8. do you have the courage and patience?

9. when you start a business, your family can handle your state of freedom?

10. do you know how to fight for your beliefs?

11. do you like dealing with people?

12. do you have any management experience?

13. are you afraid of daily work?

14. are you reliable, do you have confidence in yourself?

15. when you really believe in something, you can not care about other people’s judgments?

16. do you have the ability to influence others?

17. do you think you are a dynamic and positive person?

18. do you like to work alone most of the time?

19. do you like to talk to strangers on the phone?

20. do you wake up every morning with a positive attitude?

21. are you financially stable? You should have enough money to support you for a year before starting a business. (22) do you finish your desk preparation – study all the information related to the Create Company?

23. do you know how to laugh at yourself?

24. can you easily control your temper?

The electronic sphygmomanometer ten brand list – the whole

may be due to the improvement of living conditions, in short, by the blood pressure of the crowd is more and more. The electronic sphygmomanometer can effectively and accurately measure the blood pressure at all times, can effectively control their blood pressure, prevention of hypertension. Follow the small series to see the ten major brands of electronic sphygmomanometer bar, so as to be able to buy or hesitate to those friends who want to provide some experience and reference.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO1- OMRON

OMRON, OMRON, OMRON (Chinese) Co. Ltd., ten brands of electronic blood pressure meter, thermometer ten brands, ten brand blood glucose meter, A Well-Known Trademark in China, the world famous brands, famous Japanese brand, the leading brand in the world, the world famous automation control and electronic equipment manufacturers.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO2- security


nine medical electronic Limited by Share Ltd, ten brands of electronic sphygmomanometer, electronic blood pressure meter, a global leader in sales of brand blood glucose meter, listed companies, one of the most important global supplier of household electronic medical and health products, high-tech enterprises R & D, production and sales.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brand list NO3- Panasonic


(China) Co. Ltd., Matsushita, ten brands of digital cameras, electrical appliances – ten brands, the world’s top 500, one of Japan’s most famous manufacturer of electronic products, the world famous comprehensive electronic technology international enterprise group, in home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products and other fields in the leading worldwide.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO4- Microlife

microlife medical Polytron Technologies Inc, the ten major brands of electronic blood pressure meter, thermometer ten brands, industry well-known brands, with digital medical measurement system and health service as the main biomedical technology companies, domestic first-class company medical measuring equipment.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO5- diving

Jiangsu Yuyue medical equipment Limited by Share Ltd, oxygen machine ten brands, ten brands of sphygmomanometer, ten medical equipment brands, A Well-Known Trademark in China, industry well-known brands, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, medical oxygen supply industry leading enterprises.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO6- KINGYIELD

Shenzhen KINGYIELD science and Technology Co., Ltd., the ten major brands of electronic sphygmomanometer, industry famous brand

Join Aiyilian women earn money – net

entrepreneurial women’s stores, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Aiyilian women come out, sought after by consumers. For small entrepreneurs, Aiyilian women choose to join the project, cost less, but large profit space. Join Aiyilian ladies, good project choice!

Aiyilian women with high quality as the foundation and the style for the soul, the design and development of the core is always y satisfy the demand among women aged 18-35 years. Aiyilian women joined? Aiyilian women with simple, easy to match, emphasizing the variety of all-match, while Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States into other elements, show China female youth confident, independent, tasteful and fashionable character I really, truly reflects the fashion trend of consumption, love everyone everyone loves to wear, people could afford to buy.

Aiyilian women, to distinguish between ordinary women’s brand in the design, fashion, elegant, understated luxury, beautiful women to dream! Aiyilian women joined? Aiyilian women, women will express the concept into the design style of delicate, let every mature bright, big girl are walking calmly, highlight the unique temperament, interpretation of the female metropolis, freedom, fashion.

women’s market, has been a very hot choice. Choose to join the Aiyilian women’s entrepreneurial projects, open their own Aiyilian clothing stores, the shop is made! Business to no friends! Act quickly!

During the Spring Festival, the six major projects to make money

new year new business opportunities, the year of the monkey is coming, many people who want to do poineering work have been thinking about what to do during the Spring Festival and the spring festival. Today, let Xiaobian for you to recommend some of the money during the Spring Festival project to earn your first pot of gold.

selling couplets

party supplies

lantern shop

car rentalIn view of the market at the end of the holiday

domestic industryOn the eve of the Spring Festival, every family

business gift boxBetween

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Do you know why young people are more likely to succeed

home is not two rich generation, want to change their own situation in a relatively short period of time, perhaps the best way is to start, relatively speaking, the success probability of young people is very high, this is because the young people have a hard and unyielding spirit on the body, it is the existence of these factors make young people are more likely to start, more successful. In order to find out what it is, experts for everyone to analyze the reasons why young people are more likely to succeed in business, with the small series to see it.

1. nothing to lose: the most fundamental point is that young people have nothing to lose. These young entrepreneurs have lived in the school dormitory, eat instant noodles every day. At that age, they had no mortgage, car loan pressure, and no need to maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

2. dedicated, desperate: it is precisely because there is nothing to lose, young rookie entrepreneurs in a completely different way of thinking to solve the problem. There is no risk, the only consideration in their minds is how to use the best way to solve specific problems. So they will go to work without fear, and day and night, in their own unique way to do things, to solve any problem, this kind of pay will often receive the best results.

3. can work for a long time: Bill · Gates once said: "Xiao Wang, at the age of more than and 20, did not ask for a day off. Not a day." It can be seen that time is a good thing, can accumulate wealth and experience, because young people do not work for a long time, in the entrepreneurial process usually have a lot of fresh ideas and views.

so, solution rookie "who is always so fresh and creative but also very groundbreaking, this point can Wang through a large meeting of the board of directors or the company meetings can be found, they will break the kind of" Wang is that "the inertia of thinking, thus turning into them the mode of thinking, problems can be addressed.

read a small series of articles, we do not know why young people are more likely to succeed in business? Although entrepreneurship is not subject to age restrictions, but at the age of more than and 20 entrepreneurship is the best, the age of your energy is sufficient, but also very motivated, entrepreneurial success probability is higher. If you are a more than and 20 year old young man, then act quickly, through entrepreneurship to achieve their own value and wealth dream.

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Car accessories shop need to pay attention to the problem

The huge business opportunities and market space of profit

recently after the car service market contains, attract the attention and favor through many Portuguese war, in the face of the current automobile service project, there are a lot of people fancy car accessories shop franchise market development prospects of the project, so how to open a car accessories shop? The following points need to be noted:

Must carefully analyze the area or the area is suitable for car accessories shop

investment, which includes investigating whether has been previously opened like shops, to avoid duplication of investment; must take into account the location of car ownership, the number of cars is to allow the shop; then is the survey of car owners consumption ability analysis of car owners and wage levels; there is the characteristics of consumers, if these people have a lot of people consume more conservative, or don’t care spending it, investors should consider repeatedly, will only invest in the most of the circumstances.

in general, will generally choose more in the convenient transportation, crossroads roads and area car accessories shop, it is convenient to store directly drive customers to purchase, the maximum extent to attract customers attention. Personality, fashion shop in downtown areas, but also to attract the public to love to buy a cool family. In short, careful choice, careful comparison.

car accessories shop or independent shop franchise? For those who dig to market people, open a personality, unfettered store might be a wise move. But for those investors who just involved in car accessories shop, not sure, join a brand shop more sensible, not only solved the source of goods concerns, product purchase price absolute cheap, but also from some of the advertising.

how to successfully run a car accessories shop, but also to investors to choose according to their own actual situation to determine the way of business analysis, but whether you choose to shop or self-employed entrepreneurs to join the shop, first in the shop before, the key is to determine the location, it will directly related to the operation effectiveness and the success of late.

After 80 entrepreneurs will dominate the business arena

today’s entrepreneurial army is growing, and the trend is particularly good. At present, only a few large enterprises in the country, taking into account the growth process of the enterprise, one of the 100 companies grow into large enterprises, the ratio is very high.

and failure, we can cite a lot, such as Mou Qizhong, Zhu Shijian, Gu Chujun, Tang brothers, Wang Dejun, Zhang Rongkun, Tan Hui and other well-known heavyweights. Wu left from UT Starcom recently seems to have been regarded as a typical tragic figure, was as a loser.

failure is not afraid, "fought" don’t worry, the key is the successor, including both the fallen people continue to climb up on, including no, people can not help but playing the luggage, a distant journey. Entrepreneurship, which will be the eternal vitality of a nation’s vitality and killer.