Lao Wu Chen Malatang to join what are the advantages of

to join the selection of hot and spicy items, but also need to be very careful. How about Lao Wu Chen Malatang? High quality delicious, has been very attractive to consumers. Join the Lao Wu Chen Malatang, wise entrepreneurs, successful selection!



Lao Wu Chen Malatang can join? Lao Wu Chen Malatang join advantage?


profit huge community widely: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, enjoy life, good luck, spicy fun, flavor.



reclaimer wide Malatang Lao Wu Chen of the raw materials, auxiliary can be purchased at any time in the local, can keep fresh and reduce the cost.


is very unique: the connotation of patent material package, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, Lao Wu Chen Malatang self choice, feel deep features.


precise quantification standard procedure: all the dishes according to the standard configuration, the quantitative need not cook, lower operation cost.


produced rapid loss: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, produced fast, low loss, input-output ratio, shop sale + takeaway broad profit space.


easy location flexible operation: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, 4 square meters to 200 square meters, is also good. Can choose according to their own situation.


professional brand design: professional designers, to maximize the overall business space, Lao Wu Chen Malatang brand image design visual enjoyment.


generally, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is very love to join has many advantages of the project. For example, Lao Wu Chen Malatang to join the project selection. Join the selection of a lot of advantages, worry free business, worthy of trust!


Join liquor agents must learn to solve the conflict with the agency headquarters

New Year’s arrival, is the best time for the annual liquor business. Liquor in recent years to join the meaning of a slight decline, but there are still many development opportunities. Before you do this, you need to know how to deal with the conflict between the agent and the agent.

liquor agents conflict is a common problem in the management of distribution channel of star products. When dealing with conflict, be sure to understand what is the main cause of the conflict?

The reason

enterprises to join the conflicts among agents in the treatment of liquor must consider three questions:


Second, see liquor agents to join between malicious competition or mutual benefit. If it is malicious competition, enterprises in the processing, we must punish the malicious competitors, revocation of the right to sell; if mutually beneficial, to take a negotiated solution.

Third, the conflict is a threat to the interests of the enterprise. If the conflict between liquor agents to join a direct threat to the interests of the enterprise, or even cause great losses to the enterprise, the enterprise should terminate the cooperation can be solved through legal means, of course, generally do not take this means.


make liquor agents to join the inventory management of

because the star products better pin, relatively speaking, liquor delivery agents to join quantity and the rate of delivery is relatively high, some of the liquor agents that star products sold to the season even have no goods, so regardless of the consequence, has always been to the warehouse inventory. Of course, there are some business staff, in order to get the results, get the Commission, try to get the liquor to join agents to take delivery, do not consider the situation of liquor agents and market players. As a result of poor inventory problems, such as: product backlog, expired products, moisture damage and other issues.

so that enterprises in the management of liquor agents, the agents should also be liquor inventory management as an important management task. To do two things: first, to guarantee reasonable inventory liquor agents, of course, the 100% is reasonable also does not exist, there is a reasonable inventory formula in the industry: storage – order – order quantity of actual inventory balance = average daily demand X days + security order. Second, the correct storage and storage of goods.

Add recommended liquor

Suitable for one hundred thousand yuan of entrepreneurial projects which

a lot of people in the time of entrepreneurship have been limited by the cost, so many people do not have enough money in the hands of the time to give up entrepreneurial opportunities. So today I want to tell you, in fact, even if you do not have so much money in the hands of a lot of projects are entrepreneurial.

5-8 million venture project recommended: Handmade yogurt bar

yogurt is a handmade yogurt as the theme of the concept of products, product line of yogurt, drinks, desserts, baked baking compound creative store! By hand for real quality characteristics, adopt a transparent to do now is to sell the business model, the traditional preparation method of dairy products into the store of modern culture create a quick nutritious yogurt culture! Do now is to sell, fast production, health and nutrition, refused to add the number of probiotics yogurt shop! Activity up to 20 billion, so that customers really feel intestinal probiotics live! To standard shop 30 square meters as an example, the basic investment of about 50 thousand yuan.

5-8 million venture project recommended: Youth Hostel


5-8 million venture projects recommended: Health bakery



5-8 million venture projects recommended: Aromatherapy shop

sesame oil, vanilla, incense, incense, fragrant sachet, ornaments, these delicate aromatherapy products, not only can decorate the room, also can adjust the mood, so popular with white-collar workers of all ages. The rise of SPA, yoga and other leisure activities, but also to promote the sale of aromatherapy products. Therefore, the aroma into the Shanghai market, although the time is not long, but has already become a kind of fashion, has a good market prospects.

aromatherapy shop by commodity winning, appearance, flavor, aroma quality, packaging products, often determines the success or failure of business. Therefore, the operator must take care in the supply organization, suggestions and many suppliers, the introduction of new and unique products, such as SPA special fragrance lamp, slimming essential oil, aromatherapy bath salt flavor; in choosing to have followed the trend, such as lavender, rosemary, Green Tea flavor flavor, can absorb.

How to use the space station do a monthly income of 2000 RMB

now there are many online special garbage station, and garbage station number to see the effect, make money, while the domestic space is the basic establishment of a station can only be a space, then buy a server wasted. And American space can basically be unlimited subdirectories and unlimited bundles of corn.

how do dumpster earn a monthly income of 2000 RMB?

1. to buy American space, speed does not need very fast, stability, the most important, you can contact the station purchasing, the station purchasing, under normal circumstances, cheaper than the United States station.

American Data Center ( promotion Godaddy space 150G+ssl certificate + independent ip+ unlimited subdirectory, +1 domain name only 399 yuan

2. space into M more than a few small space, to buy the cheapest corn, as if the current domestic CN only 1 dollars.

3. buys data, and now sells a lot of data on the web. There is a lot of data to sell between 20 and 50 yuan, to buy some data that you think have a visit, such as picture station, beauty station, movie station, and so on. Preferably forums, such as PW and DZ, have more templates.

4. imports the program into your forum, a data can be made into several sites. The template change can change, garbage station.

5., dozens of stations to do the data. Set up the background. The password is complex,

Set 6.

background, you can set a is not allowed to post, reply, can only see. However, such advertising garbage does not come, no garbage, no traffic.

7. is best not set. Just advertise it and make it easy. Remember to replace the forbidden language in the background, so you can be safe,

8. to you almost BBS to find connection, a lot of good. 50 to 500 connections are good. This search will soon take your garbage forum. Remember, you need to do is to find friendship connection, to the major station to hair. It should be a lot. Or set up a garbage friendship alliance

9. do not have a few days to search also search your garbage station, you can also start to collect money, specific GG advertising, prevailing in the world, a GG advertisement can put the M multi station, that is to say, you can apply for a GG account, GG ads can be placed on all your station. Just wait for the dollar,

2: go to the major forums or need your station traffic to go there. Out of unbelievable advertising prices.

: for example: this station’s advertising picture is 10 yuan per month. Text 5 bucks a month

looks very small though. But you want to, a station: 20 text ads,.3 pictures advertising bits, just 130 + on GG wide >

From the Pengcheng community to see the forum under the promotion of clever combination of Online

local forum website is optimistic about the future development trend of the Internet industry, many new owners want to try to do local forum website, but started not optimistic. The local forum website will attract more and more users only if it has a certain scale and popularity, and the website development will be more and more perfect. Taking Pengcheng community as an example, this paper analyzes the successful mode of Pengcheng community and draws lessons from it.

Pengcheng community was founded in 2004, has been 5th anniversary, and last week, the community held a "5th anniversary celebration party", a complete success. The community currently has more than 380 thousand registered members, with an average daily posting of more than 60 thousand. In Xuzhou formed a certain degree of popularity, Xuzhou is well-known local community forum website.

The establishment of

1 was earlier and the competition in the industry was relatively low.

Pengcheng community was established earlier, when the Internet belongs to the initial stage, the computer penetration rate is not high, the network consciousness is not strong. The earlier the establishment of community websites, the smaller the industry competition, the easier it is to accumulate users. Although the site is created early, it can avoid fierce competition in the industry, but the development of the initial stage, there is no object to imitate, you need to explore, while improving, while trying. Therefore, the new webmaster do not be discouraged, although you missed the initial stage of the Internet, but you catch the rapid development of the train; there are many predecessors website development model can draw on, you can avoid detours. Standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see farther.

2 line, offline, effective combination of activities to promote communication.

Pengcheng community forum is numerous, I love women, delicacy paradise, real estate, Home Furnishing bikers house is its main Bangui, popular active. The community conducts regular offline activities to promote interaction and interaction between users and communities. For example, friends of the home section of the car industry world activities. Organization of local drivers driving trips, exchange car care experience; instant photography salon forum photography enthusiasts, interactive photography, bring photographic equipment, similar to the outskirts of photography. With the name of the community organizations, members can get recognition, but also the promotion of community, improve visibility; strengthen the understanding of the members of the forum, to promote exchanges between members, let the virtual social network to the real life, strengthen harmony, close relationship between community members, too. The anniversary celebration of the community has been supported by a large number of users, and the party has been successful in making the opening DV, participating in the party volunteers, rehearsing the programme performances and so on.

3 enables users to provide fresh local information for the community.

community, I love food, real estate, home plate, a lot of information is provided by the user. The strength of the community staff is limited, but the power of the users is unlimited. It is an effective model for the community to guide users to provide more and more new information for the community. Community food, home sector are users spontaneous upload stories, so that more users to share. I love the food section and lots of Posts

Grassroots webmaster how to succeed

seems to have too many grassroots webmaster, hope your site can be in a year or half a year on the development of large, even a month to expand the site, this quick, ambitious attitude, how can we make a good website?

Compared with the traditional industry,

Internet is only the tip of the iceberg, and its development prospects are immeasurable. Basic necessities of life, leisure and entertainment, the news media, sports culture, emotional communication, etc., are hidden mountains of gold deposits. However, the people who dug into gold mines are often those who persist in the end and never give up. As long as you have a mind, no matter what type of Web site, as long as you do everything new, innovative, innovative, add content, never admit, three years later today, like now famous website, outstanding.

good content, subject matter, and timely content updates are often the key to a website’s success. But how many 80 stationmaster do!!? It seems not a few, because see a lot of articles for flow in stationmaster net heave great sighs Admin5, and was sued Baidu casually pulled out of the hair be beneath the human character. Such individual stationmaster is too much, more than they are stationmaster, still be inferior to say they are network lover only, just amuse oneself website just. How many personal webmaster, do web site from the point of view of users, for the needs of users and think about it, say it is not good, such a site is only a show to yourself. Is it a decoration in your bedroom that will attract you to tourists? No, definitely not. If so, that’s the only one who can ask for directions. Such IP and PV will not have to look back at your website, let alone click on your ad!


grassroots webmaster how to succeed,


number 1: please don’t do "URL station"". No matter how you are now and how confident your website is, it has personality and characteristics. Anyway, Baidu won’t give you any confidence. If you don’t have the money to give it to Mr. Li, please give it up at once.

second: please don’t be a porn station. These are just short-sighted people who will do it.

third: private website. There are many such young people, to this end to experience the "prison break" life. I hope you don’t join their team,.

fourth: please do not do lazy webmaster, did the website ten and a half months to update the website. Just wait out! So, now do the site should be the same as cattle industry. Please webmaster do psychological preparation. The world no matter how America cannot run amuck confuse right and wrong. Remember, when you give something, you’ll get it.

fifth: the website does not have or only the homepage is HTML static page, also is a website which does not succeed, regardless of your page content is original, very fresh, very individuality. Please make it a HTML static page. It’s for search engines. He doesn’t like it

Financial information website, but also to catch the Internet banking this fashionable Yes, there is


2013 for the first year of Internet banking, financial and Internet boundaries began to blur, cross-border action is heard. From the business class of small business loans pure, financial services to the popular P2P platform for the country, as well as the hottest Internet companies to apply for bank boom, Internet Financial play become both consumption and financing the new darling of the market, has become the object of venture capital chase.

recently, and announced the establishment of the financial network based on financial information internet financial channel, and developed its 7 major projects include the financial services matrix, to become one of the layout of Internet banking financial and other websites. And sina finance is also planning their Internet banking business, carry out information flow realization and fund product sales, logic and news coincide. Mainstream financial information website, in fact, have the impulse to carry out the Internet banking business, its logic is to use the browser and user base for data analysis and online traffic flow typical. So, how about their Internet environment and how should they go back?

internal and external shocks, the urgent transformation of

The prevalence of

financial information websites is the legacy of the era of portal websites. Earlier, professional information websites mainly provide information services derived from specific financial products transactions.

and finance and economics, the earliest from the stock market STAQ system turned over. STAQ is an over-the-counter market, and the OTC market is modeled on the NASDAQ system by means of the internet. From specific product transactions to financial media positioning change, financial information website won a bonus period of growth, but also accumulated a large number of relatively loyal financial users. Sina finance, Oriental wealth network also has long-term financial information integration and research experience, has a certain stickiness of customer groups.

so-called "as also Xiao Xiao loser, traditional media in the media transformation ideas and emerging social media under the impact, including the financial media by customers and the impact of large shunt. From the popularity of the small, WeChat and the rise of the media and the public media, the channels of obtaining financial information are diversified and the trend of precision is beginning to appear. As the mainstream financial media, both some professional and high-end financial loyal users, but also facing the industry and the outside user impact. Therefore, to provide diversified financial services become inevitable: not only access to information, users hope that the collection of information access, product trading and evaluation in a comprehensive information website, implemented in a field of safe and convenient financial closed-loop.


in the past, financial information website the profit is the portal flow in exchange for advertising revenue, and the value of internal information exchange, research reports, such as the stock market mechanism expert analysis software, financial securities, securities market information transmission and IT products etc.. Under the influence of the Internet financial shock, can the information website pass the user data, the flow and the number of the grafting platform?

Dry goods how to do user research

lead: in the Internet era, companies want to be successful, individual in the enterprise to obtain the sense of achievement, ultimately cannot do without research on users, users can only understand, know what the user needs, in order to "an antidote against the disease".

in the Internet era, companies want to be successful, individual in the enterprise to obtain the sense of achievement, ultimately cannot do without research on users, users can only understand, know what the user needs, in order to "an antidote against the disease". Then the question comes, how to do user research? This article is a pure dry " methodology " I hope you can get in it.


The site is no different from the traditional industry

In fact,

personally, as a webmaster actually can only be regarded as a rookie, but in doing more than others in principle, I also have a little bit of their experience as a station not much time, out to share with your friends here.

first I want to say is I this time one of the biggest experience, that is the website and restaurant, selling clothing these traditional industries, in essence, the difference is not large, You reap what you sow., as a newcomer to believe accumulate steadily. Don’t think of their hits, or in the GG account $suddenly like a rocket soaring, such things do not rely on SEO, as well as not to cheat, as a newcomer, if you want to get more than others only able to do more than the others, think more.

you do, except for a small part, more and more people or to income, we do not discuss the League here, I just want to tell you the truth, is what is unreliable, only click rate is really (except the dumpster, or double). So, how do you improve the click rate? There are many articles in this field, but I would say that there is no shortcut to increasing the click rate. Your only effort is to do your own website better. In order to make some basic things, such as the basic SEO, submit the chain some basic, in Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, forums posts, other more important is to do their own website, do you want permanent promotion time over time the station you do it yourself, instead of cheating on SEO one or two, it is better to write original articles for it, for example, we can look at this website:, I do this site I although the flow from no explosive growth, but in the keywords ranking and IP on the growth is very stable, and the sticky web (PV, IP) more and more, although in the early days I have been looking for a lot of opportunistic approach, but later in the day, I finally found you, no matter the high technology, rather than spend time to Study on those measures, not to spend the same time to do their own content, so your site’s growth is the real growth, we can see in the forum, many of the veteran in the repeated content first, and many of those new methods in the study are novice, as a rookie, why do we need to think about it.

to tell you the truth, I don’t know what I think. Is that right? It’s just a matter of fact.

Without SEO, the site still succeeds


SEO has been popular, very popular, imitate a slogan: have you SEO today? Indeed, SEO has become the people do want to flow, want to homely food, IP, no search engine couldn’t live.

here today, I want to say is, without SEO, the website still can be successful, according to the research and Practice on the websites of analysis and Research on the SEO method, the following experience and share. Deficiency, please correct me.

1. self rational positioning and features

should be good at choosing topics that other people have never touched on, without being subject to keyword search and not being able to cater to the needs of Google users. In addition, you need to change the angle of view so that you can find a new world even if it’s quite crowded.

2. uses WordPress to erect a site

Using a search engine friendly WordPress,

eliminates the hassle of considering page optimizations. WP not only can be used as Blog software, but also can be transformed into a small CMS suitable for most sites, and at the same time, XML Sitemaps is omitted.

3. design releases beautiful templates (CSS design)

traditional SEO is primarily concerned with building links and getting links, and sites that do SEO look awkward. Now, people will to you and your beautiful template links, and because of the CSS and web design standards, design an exquisite template is no longer difficult, especially for WP users. If you design a great template, your links may be all over the world.

4. adds the DoFollow plug-in to allow users to reference your article

blogs thrive on one another, and trackback is one of the best ways to connect, and WP users can implement this functionality by installing dofollow plug-ins.

5. uses reviews and links to enhance social

you can add user links and mention certain blogs or their authors in the article, as well as frequent reviews of these blogs.

6. adds social media application services

You can add some

like or Stumple Upon bookmark collection service such as Digg or Reddit, but the new social media, you should carefully consider, because they may drag down your server or aggravate your expenses.

7. insists on the originality of content

remember to write about what you know and keep it

Why do web sites in the end of the world become weak

The basic reason for the decline of the

industry lies in backwardness – backward products + backward thinking, and consistently doing farm work in the Internet industry.

the world’s most successful products, it is the foundation of this, the BBS, in the year to attract a lot of people, see now, so many years, it is still a patchwork, backward technology, poor user experience behind the product. Browsing experience, post experience, interactive experience, user incentive design, adhesion to 11 for example, some answer upstairs said something, want to know, on the horizon to see 30 minutes post and try to know their post interaction. The background operation platform of the webmaster and the staff is also very bad. Editing the text format also requires handwritten code. The webmaster has long relied on the tools written by netizens to kill advertisements.

instability, exhaust, post can not be issued, maps can not be posted, and even unable to login, often occur. The staff at "Ya uncle and smoke", netizens showed "we give to Tianya buy a server", occasionally sell laugh so long only adorable, ha ha.

Before the

user account, password, registered mail is total, a large number of users privacy leak, it is convenient to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, many people are human, the great cause of muckraking skinner. I know that some of the end of the world employees are also complacent, just exposed, the user privacy, security and management of the bad, shocking.

products lag behind, but still thinking backward. Not willing to make snap change the entire forum from the underlying architecture, not many years of tradition, the user does not know the old familiar with these traditional has lost much (they are also well adapted to the UI design, new products, and fast) how many new users of such old products no pains, which is prohibitive, newborn? In my opinion, it’s easy to far higher than the BBS, but not.

The backwardness of

thinking is not only manifested in the innovation of old products, but also in the development and operation of new products.

What is the new trend of

recently Tianya? Is the end of a micro theory, in the publicity release called to challenge the WeChat products. I took a moment to get to know it, and found it was "Tianya tribe" + "come" + some other functions.

Xing Ming admits that in the social field of acquaintances, it is difficult to have products to shake WeChat, but based on the interest of strangers, there is still a huge demand space for mobile social space.

I want to know, "based on strangers mobile social interest on this point, micro Tianya what with watercress group, Baidu Post Bar? Tianya laiba and tribal do many years, do what I don’t Tucao, see at a glance.

always chasing the Internet hot behind the ass run. Do the question and answer, is also working with Google, what results? Before it can mix a half-dead, occasionally also find useful answers.

Quit, do standing and study half a month experience

on April 13th, I submitted my resignation to the leader. No. 15 officially departed, in the 5.1 labor day, I want to just want to resign or resigned friends some suggestions or ideas.

has been working as a stand for half a month, and in the past half a month I have been learning. In the face of outsiders do not understand, I also ignore, concentrate on doing the station. Originally wanted to work with colleagues to run business, looking for enterprises to do corporate Web site, but think of their own technology has yet to be strengthened, they will concentrate on learning and do their own two sites. I will not study more, mainly to learn their weaknesses. Today, say my website, give you inspiration.

              two web traffic in this half month time, and no one else said a month soaring 3000IP effect, I insist on updating every day, and it is pseudo original. But Baidu is not interested in my station, is still only included in the home page (almost a month’s time!) wrote here, I can not help but say: "grassroots webmaster refueling!"! GOOGLE is better, GOOGLE in my information included more than 50 articles, still pretty good, but unfortunately, GOOGLE is not the domestic boss! There are very few people come every day.

              when the people I have the hang XX advertising alliance what, but now the advertising alliance is not good to do, I am more famous in the domestic XX League to find a few CPA registered paid advertising. But found that half a month down, no one has clicked, no click, you do not have to register. Even if clicked, also should calculate 2% proportion what. In this way, I am not only half a month on the site earn a penny, still lose money and time on the site. I know it’s just the beginning. I haven’t given up on my dreams. I wrote these before, is to remind the preparation of resignation, and those who want to quit full-time to do grassroots webmaster friends, if you do not have strong ideas and team, it is best to prepare these two. Finally, we also need money, if we can not leave, money and life enough, this is certainly no good.

philosophy: "philosophy" is actually our view, view and belief in something. And faith is especially important!

team: when we have the concept, we must have a team. The team has the same philosophy, then it must be targeted, and success is a big step forward.

(why do you need a team, you imagine, if my website has 10 thousand IP traffic per day, I need to manage, update, review, etc., such a person can not do it. We should make a clear division of labor and assign personal qualities well. Even if you ask for one or two part-time jobs, you can do it.


money: many webmaster don’t need <

The speculation and Countermeasures about the change of the website to reduce the right of template

recently, about computer technology right down the right to explain and view, for SEO I do not understand, I just published their views. Still have to learn a lot of older people’s practice. Here, I would say that the website recently dropped the right analysis.

site drop weight is roughly divided into

January 8, 2013 change template

January 14, 2013 snapshot update, no,

January 15, 2013 complaints snapshot, afternoon show snapshot of the day

January 17, 2013 weight dropped from 3 to the weight of 2

January 19, 2013 weight dropped from 2 to the weight of 1

these days have been looking for ways to remedy, of course, SEO can not worry. (mostly urgent, don’t know the remedy, heh heh.)

for the right down, I was in no hurry to modify what other things, just let the chain website more diverse, try to express something in some forums blog website on the back with what, let Baidu spider faster index to the site, in order to attract Baidu spider to the site, recently often removed from the search outside the ADMIN5 SINA blog blog Ali and other places, occasionally in the horizon AD, although the site down the right, but included or pretty awesome, according to the results of Baidu webmaster tools that are included in a linear upward, of course, every day to send some high quality articles or tutorials, Baidu included you what?


computer technology may be down the right reason to replace a website template, because the replacement of the website template, and some places are not satisfied and modified directly on the site, resulting in Baidu direct capture snapshot, by weight drop, current computer technology. Included is pretty awesome


here, thank you for supporting my friends, is that you let me have the confidence to go on, this site, although the right to drop, but for me, do not abandon, do not give up. This is my principle, one day will be OK, here also to some new website friends say, do not plan to do much, do a web site with a long time, but you have to do a website is not only the time to do so? Here to just contact the establishment of the friends said, good management of a website, your heart, it will return, imperceptibly, you will find your site in a sublimation! This site my business for two years, first with the discuz program, the back feel bad use, and revision, changed the DEDECMS, has replaced two times without changing the template template, actually do, but to pay more attention to the user experience, I decided to replace the template, drop right down the right, one day will be good. When a website does not feel like itself