Where is the evidence?

first_imgDear Editor,Where are all the evidence and prosecutions that the APNU/AFC must have about wide-scale corruption under the democratically elected PPP/C before they came into power?When in Opposition, the APNU and AFC screamed “Corruption, Corruption” by the PPP/C. Clearly, before they screeched “Corruption, Corruption”, they must have had evidence of corruption.It was only after they came into power that we found out they did not actually have any evidence, but needed to do “audits” to find evidence. This is clearly going on a fishing expedition for evidence of corruption.The APNU/AFC lied to themselves about wide-scale corruption under the PPP/C, then lied to their supporters to get into power.Now they have to go on fishing expeditions to find evidence.Yours faithfully,Sean Orilast_img

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