Historic Binational Assistance Day in the Amazon

first_imgBy Yolima Dussán/Diálogo April 17, 2017 On March 18th and 19th, residents in the towns of Leticia and Puerto Nariño, Colombia, and Tabatinga, Brazil, benefitted from the first Binational Development Assistance Day, the result of collaboration between the two countries which share a 1,644-kilometer border in the Amazon. The yearly calendar of Development Assistance Days, coordinated by the Colombian Air Force (FAC, per its Spanish acronym), is extensive. Seventy-five missions of this kind are scheduled for 2017. But this event will go down in history as the most significant in FAC’s history, not only because it was the first joint exercise with Brazil, but also because it was the biggest in the force’s history. “Thanks to the prudent interagency coordination that brought the two country’s caregiving capacities together into one operations team, the day impacted over 22,000 people,” Colonel Javier Jiménez, director of the FAC’s Comprehensive Action, told Diálogo. “One-fourth of the area’s population received some type of medical care or benefit. A highly significant number that we had never before reached.” Inter-institutional solutions Development Day took place simultaneously in the three towns, and members of the Huitoto, Tikuna and Kokoma indigenous communities participated. Additionally, the services were spread out in order to ensure greater coverage. The contingent responsible for providing the care was composed of 200 medical specialists. Another 200 people provided development assistance in the areas of legal consulting, citizens’ rights and recreation. These included participants from other government offices such as the National Civil Registry, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, etc. During the binational development day, almost 3,000 people received medical services. The specialists wrote 968 medical prescriptions, and handed out donations of basic necessities and various types of gifts to 13,000 people, while 2,282 others received specialized assistance. One hundred fifty-five animals even received veterinary care. Among the recreational activities, which were mainly focused on the kids, there was a popular music concert that was attended by more than 1,000 spectators. “With the goal of bringing all government services to the communities, we were fully prepared that day to facilitate the provision of citizen identity documents. Residents who did not have them received the pertinent age-appropriate papers, such as those of civil registry, identification cards, and citizenship cards. By these means we ensure the rights of citizens,” Col. Jiménez reported. Help for the neediest individuals Statistics for the binational day illustrated problems common to the three border towns. In terms of health, assistance was focused on psychiatry and neurology, including learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, and seizure disorders. The main internal medicine and cardiology issues were poorly controlled hypertension, diabetics with complications related to the limbs, and congenital heart disease. In the adult population, there were also dermatological issues, including severe fungal infections and urinary pathologies, while in the pediatric population there were cases of malnutrition, skin infections, and epilepsy. Organizing the event involved three months of coordination, which in Leticia was handled by the Amazonas Air Group. Its commander, Colonel Julián Gómez Lince, described the day as one of the Colombian Armed Forces’ best activities on the Brazilian border. “Leticia is a city at a triple border; our mission is to strengthen ties with Brazil and Peru. The slogan for the day was, ‘Help the neediest,’ and we are very satisfied with the way we helped the residents of Leticia, Puerto Nariño, Tabatinga, and the Amazon River communities, and with our commitment to carry out program follow-up,” he said. “Some residents of Peru even received medical care.” Military actions Poverty is the biggest problem in the border zone in southern Colombia. The population makes its living from tourism, fishing, agriculture, and trade. But geographic conditions cause major difficulties for development, which contribute, in turn, to the existence of transnational problems affecting the three countries: drug trafficking, street crime, logging, damage to the Amazon rainforest, and the illegal smuggling of arms and wildlife, among others. “We are working to counteract this on the front lines, where the population is exposed. We know that the better we provide aid and development programs to the needy population, [the faster] we will solidify the country’s movement through the new post-conflict stage,” Col. Gómez said. According to Col. Jiménez, Development Assistance Days put the force in a position of being an interoperable institution capable of impacting the entire region, both domestically and internationally. “We have been in Peru, Haiti, Chile, and Ecuador. The region knows they can count on the collaboration of the Colombian military. In the interior, the goal is to ensure that Colombia begins to develop like a country at peace. At this stage, we are bringing together a wide range of military actions to support development. We want to be part of this great group of government services and bring basic solutions where needs are not being met like we did in this bi-national day with Brazil,” he concluded.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Jan. 19

first_imgThe passage of Obamacare in 2010 could have helped the hospital immensely, as it cared for many patients without insurance.Although the state did attempt to fully fund the plan as part of the merger with Ellis, the calculation used to determine the amount was significantly off the mark.Both New York state and the church will tell you that they care for those who are struggling financially, yet both have played a part in the hardships many are going to experience.Other than state Sens. Jim Tedisco and George Amedore, no one has stepped forward with a plan to help these people. It’s time for both the state and the Albany Diocese to step up and solve this problem. No excuses.Bob BradleyClifton Park Why don’t we use the revenue to fight the opioid crisis, create more rehabilitation centers and drug clinics? In the end, maybe we should put warning labels on marijuana, “Caution: Smoking It May Be Hazardous to Your Health.”Robert J. GodlewskiSchenectady Why worry about fencing in five acres of land? Use the 800 feet of fencing and build a solid enclosure to keep the chickens in and the foxes out. As far as I’m concerned, the military should be utilized to secure our borders. Maybe it’s time to police the world less and use those resources to keep our own country secure. I believe that’s what our forefathers has in mind. Marc Duquette, LCDR, USN(ret)Glenville Marijuana should come with warningsCaution: Cigarette Smoking May Be Hazardous to Your HealthYep! In 1966, the U.S. Surgeon General made it mandatory to put this warning on tobacco products.Here we are 56 years later and now we want to legalize marijuana smoking. It may not be the same kind of smoke, but in the end, it will be harmful to your health.For all these years, it has been illegal to use marijuana. Now our leaders want to legalize it because the millions of dollars spent to control it has not worked. Now we want to create another sin tax to collect revenue to balance the state budget. I don’t favor sanctuary cities. I don’t approve of abortions and I’m against the legalization of marijuana. If smoking tobacco is harmful to one’s health, why would smoking weed be different?Like President Trump, Gov. Cuomo was elected to office. God help the United States of America.Mary McClaineSchenectady How much longer can we put up with TrumpPresident Trump, encouraged by Senator Graham, has threatened to declare a national emergency along the southern border and use executive power to build a wall between Mexico and the United States of America, a testament to ignorance, stupidity, and intolerance.I thought an emergency was a crisis of such impending danger as to require immediate action. If I’m right, how do you ‘plan’ to declare an emergency if less drastic measures fail to achieve your goal?Decades ago, a first-year teacher and colleague of mine requested to extend his winter vacation by using one of his personal business days.  Sources available to finance a border wallMoney for the wall should acquire large donations from millionaires and politicians who are exempt from paying income taxes. Then a national charity like the Red Cross could be set up for the wall and citizens could make donations that will be exempt on their income tax.Once the funds are accumulated, obtain the services from the inmates of our prisons to build the wall. Mission accomplished. God Bless America.Carmela St. GeorgeSchenectady Support lower blood alcohol limit for DWISara Foss’ Jan. 2 column, “We need to take drunken driving more seriously,” focused on laws that would punish drunk drivers after the fact.What’s more significant to the public’s safety are preventative measures that have a positive influence on the drivers’ judgment, beforehand. When the principal informed him that a personal business day could not be used to extend scheduled vacations, he replied that he would use a sick day.He was not kept on for a second year. How much longer must we tolerate the narcissist in the White House and his pathetic enablers? Anthony J. SantoRotterdam Border will come with very high priceAt $5.6 billion for a 2,000-mile wall, that comes to $530 a foot. If you wish to check the math: 5,280 times 2,000 = 10,056,000 feet of wall. $5.6 billion divided by 10,056,000 = $530.Ken BressScotia With regard to The Daily Gazette Dec. 24 article on Comic Depot: When I was 5 years old back in 1942, I had a friend whose grandmother had an enclosed sun porch, glass windows on all sides and a door leading to her kitchen. She had nothing on that porch but stacks and stacks of comic books. Every school day off in the morning, from 9 until noon, I’d be there with other kids, and sometimes the only sound was flipping pages. I learned to read sitting there on her sun-drenched porch. It was my first classroom, although I was too young to call it that. Then came school with “Dick and Jane” and “Baby Sally.” Hooray for comics.Peg LapoDelanson State, diocese must help St. Clare’s retireesIt‘s now January and many former employees of St. Clare’s Hospital will begin to feel the effects of the heartless decision made by the board to terminate their pension plan.Hundreds of pensioners will now be receiving 30 percent less of their promised benefit, while some who had been receiving a monthly check will get nothing at all.Both New York state and the Albany Diocese played a role in this debacle.Members of the Diocese (including bishops) sat on the SCH board for many years; they were well aware of the conversion of the pension plan from an ERISA plan to a “church” plan and the severe underfunding of the plan in subsequent years. They stood by and did nothing.New York state forced the closure of the hospital, effectively cutting off that potential source of funds forever. Cuomo insults all who came in the right way Nisky thrives with citizen participationRecently, the Niskayuna Town Board conducted one of the most rewarding aspects of our job, welcoming new members to town advisory boards and committees and thanking those who have requested reappointments. From Planning Board Chair Kevin Walsh, who has served for 21 years, to brand new Conservation Advisory Council members Tina Lee and Ellen Daviero, we never cease to be amazed by the talent, selflessness and volunteer spirit of our Niskayuna neighbors.In addition to the 31 partners in government we appointed or reappointed at the 2019 organizational meeting, I want to thank Town Planner Laura Robertson for vetting the resumes of appointees, Councilman John Della Ratta and the Economic Development Committee for reviewing the appointments and Supervisor Yasmine Syed for selecting these outstanding volunteers for inclusion on the agenda she sent the Town Board.The town of Niskayuna is fortunate to have residents who devote their time and energy to improving our community and could always benefit from new perspectives and skill sets as periodic vacancies arise. If you are a Niskayuna resident interested in serving your local government in this capacity, please contact the town planner’s office at 518-386-4592. A listing of town advisory boards can be found at www.niskayuna.org.Lisa WeberNiskayunaThe writer is a Niskayuna town councilwoman. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s swearing-in ceremony at Ellis Island was an insult to all the immigrants who came to this country the right way.My father passed through Ellis Island. He often spoke of his experience. There were two lines in Ellis Island: one for the fit; another for those who were not.Upon arrival, every person was given a physical. If the individual didn’t pass it, he was not permitted to continue on to his American destination. Rather, he was returned to his original homeland.That was the law at the time. It was the country’s way of protecting its citizens, and the law was accepted by those who wanted to come to America.In today’s times, the politician says things that will get him votes and the modern immigrant wants the law changed to suit him or her. America must send a message to the people of the world, “Welcome, but wait your turn.”As for the governor’s comments after the ceremony, he represents the state of New York, not all the people who didn’t vote for him.  Congress needs to work on a travel surcharge tax bill and law. We, the American taxpayers, don’t need to keep paying for everything. Democrats and Republicans need to work with our president to keep the American people safe.David MattasGloversville We must take steps to control our bordersWe know what has been tried, what has not worked and what will not work.The past predicts the future. That’s why we know it won’t work.Why is it that no matter what President Trump tries to do, he is hated by certain people. I think we all know who they are, or we should know. These people have to be stopped. They can’t continue to just walk across our border.Would you want someone coming into your house or on your property and have no idea who they are? I wouldn’t. Not only that, a lot of the poor souls die in the desert.Our border needs something it does not have: a fence, wall or something to stop this. What do you want to call it? The pope has a wall. If you want to do the research, you’ll find more.Eunice KilmerJohnstown First reading lessons were in comic books  Let the Bible provide guidance on abortion How uplifting to open The Gazette this week (Jan. 6) and see the king and queen of corruption, Cuomo and Clinton, sharing a joke on the occasion of their push to secure and expand our so-called reproductive “rights” in New York state. With Pelosi’s preaching on what is immoral (walls) and the on-going meltdown over Trump’s victory and the toothless deplorables’ ability to find their way to the polling places, why do I not feel secure and enlightened? Could it be because “progressives” strain to replace America’s Judeo-Christian moral compass with their own pathetic concepts of right and wrong?People cannot endow people with unalienable rights; only our Creator has that power. That goes for unborn children as well. Whatever the Supreme Court decides, our supreme judge doesn’t see babies as disposable; they are innocent and defenseless, and also our heritage, blessing, and greatest gift. Allowed to reach birth, they soon will look in our eyes and smile at us. And at fathers, siblings, and grandparents.The Bible commands us to speak out in defense of those who cannot speak for themselves. We are compelled to do that, while queen Clinton cackles her way back into New York state’s spotlight. Find yourself a Bible and look up Proverbs 31:8 for the right response to “progressives’” assault on little ones who should be safe in the womb, not endangered. Read the book and be amazed at what God says about our souls, judgment and escape from judgment. Readers will be uplifted.Lucy RoyGlenville Stop problems before they become big stuffA common expression “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is good advice some of the time. But how about nipping it in the bud before it becomes “the big stuff?” Something to think about.Helen CaldaroBurnt HillsMore from The Daily Gazette:Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? St. Clare’s workers need a solution nowI’m writing once again to remind the community of the crisis surrounding the pensions of the workers at the former St. Clare’s Hospital.The news is filled with accounts of the plight of federal workers affected by the government shut down. About 800,000 of our fellow citizens are going without their earned pay. Stories of houses being lost, medical necessities ignored are circulating. It’s a crime and should never have happened. About 1,100 of our fellow, local citizens are facing much worse. This month, 600 St. Clare’s workers are going to be permanently denied their earned pensions and 500 more will see theirs greatly reduced. The federal employees will soon, we hope, be back at work. For the St. Clare’s workers, this crisis will never end. They need your voices. They were there for you. The Catholic Church and New York state share some responsibility for this crisis, and both should be a part of its solution. Please make your voices heard.Frederick ZiemannSaratoga Springs Tax immigration to offset border costsIt’s common sense to have barriers, fences, gates, doors and walls for obstruction. Would you leave your house wide open? No. So why would you want to leave your home, the United States of America, wide open? You feel that safe to have open borders?If your answer is yes, then leave your house doors unlocked all the time. Take down your walls and fences around your house. How safe do you feel now?It’s not President Trump’s border wall or borders. It’s ours, the American people’s border walls and fences. Everything belongs to the American people, and President Trump wants to protect us. It’s our right as American people to protect what we have. Wake up, before it’s too late.They say 1 million people come and go from our borders every day. We need to tell Congress to pass a law or bill to have a $5 surcharge tax for each person coming or going from our borders. That’s $5 million a day, or $1.8 billion a year more or less. That surcharge tax would help build the southern border wall and fences. Plus down the road, that money would cover some border patrol costs, customs, ICE, etc. Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionGovernment must reopen quicklyGovernment Shutdown – yes, there is a national emergency. It’s not at the border in Mexico; it’s in the United States. TSA workers are not getting paid and there is less security at the airports. There will be chaos and riots if the government shutdown does not open.Concetta CannizzaroNiskayuna  Writer correct about Trump and ObamaThank you, Diane Sanders Hombach, for your absolutely true statements about Trump and President Obama in your Dec. 26 letter.Joyce CockerhamSchenectady Use our military to secure the bordersI chose to read recent short letter literally, because it seems to me the situation described therein doesn’t equate to the situation at our southern border. In 1984, Surgeon General Koop announced that a person begins to lose their peripheral vision when they reach a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .029 percent.Koop was dismissed by his own administration (President Reagan), and the issue soon fell off the map.Now more than three decades later, there’s finally a bill, A2302, sponsored by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, that lowers the BAC limit for driving while intoxicated from 0.08 to 0.05 in New York state. Bill A2302 accurately reflects the reality of the effects of intoxication. It’s long overdue that our BAC laws are on par with the BAC science. I urge all New Yorkers to contact their representatives at the capitol to advocate for the passing of this life-saving bill.Lillian SternNiskayunalast_img read more

Auto financing to drive recovery of multifinance sector in 2021: APPI

first_imgPresident director of Mandiri Utama Finance Stanley Atmadja also expected the safety concerns of consumers to translate into increased use of private vehicles in the future.“We have started to see significant demand for both new and used motorcycles and cars in recent days. This must be seen as an opportunity, as there is a market out there for the financing industry,” said Stanley on Tuesday. He added that going forward, the multifinance sector would need to change to match consumer preferences for making purchases and applying for leases online.  “We are currently preparing to launch our digital program which will be our new way of marketing. We are currently developing apps, which can be reliably used by customers in the future to make purchases and apply for leases through our online channel,” Stanley said.Another multifinance company, Mandiri Tunas Finance has upgraded its mobile app MTF Go to provide a better service in processing financing during the pandemic.Mandiri Tunas Finance director Harjanto Tjitohardjojo said MTF Go offered various features, including financing proposal submissions, credit simulation and product information, among other features.“There is also a catalog of various automotive products from commercial vehicles to passenger vehicles, and customers can also see credit and installment simulations for the products on the app,” he said on June 16.  Topics : The Indonesian Financing Firms Association (APPI) predicts the multifinance sector will begin to recover by next year, driven by automotive financing, with consumers expected to prioritize health and safety in the post-pandemic era.APPI chairman Suwandi Wiratno said on June 16 that automotive financing – the largest market of all financing types in the country – would see an upward trend in the near future as people would choose to travel by private vehicles for health and safety reasons.“After this pandemic, people will be more cautious about taking public transportation and will prefer to use private vehicles. This happened in Wuhan, China, where many people went to car dealers after the lockdown policy was eased, and this trend may happen in other places,” said Suwandi, who is also the president director of multifinance firm PT Chandra Sakti Utama Leasing, referring to the ground zero of the COVID-19 pandemic.center_img Financial institutions have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as physical distancing restrictions impact business activities, resulting in sluggish loan demand while increasing the risk of bad loans. The multifinance sector has also been hit by a steep drop in automotive sales during the pandemic, which account for around 70 percent of the country’s financing portfolio.Data from the Indonesian Automotive Manufacturers Association (Gaikindo) showed that domestic car sales plummeted more than 95 percent year-on-year (yoy) to only 3,551 units in May, a continuation of the downward trend seen since March.The multifinance industry will only see 1 percent growth this year, lower than the association’s original growth projection of 4 percent at the beginning of this year, APPI stated.With consumers hard hit by the pandemic, multifinance companies have approved a proposal to restructure 3 million loans, with Rp 90 trillion (US$6.3 billion) in debt restructured as of June 8, APPI data show.last_img read more

Belgium Warns Canada: “Safeguards are an Illusion”

first_imgWhen euthanasia laws were passed in 2002, Belgians were promised effective safeguards to protect the vulnerable. What has transpired since is nothing short of abuse, ignorance and a widening of the law. In this video, Belgian doctors, lawyers and advocates give a stern warning to Canada and to the rest of the world: when it comes to assisted death, government ‘safegaurds’ are truly an illusion – a door to abuse.last_img

IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National Point Standings Through April 30

first_imgIMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds – 1. Brian Schultz, Casa Grande, Ariz., 718; 2. Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz., 712; 3. John Parmeley, Phoenix, Ariz., 650; 4. Jeffry Sheppard Jr., Golden Valley, Ariz., 619; 5. Zane DeVilbiss, Farmington, N.M., 606; 6. Lance Mari, El Centro, Calif., 516; 7. Tyler Mecl, Queen Creek, Ariz., 494; 8. Ethan Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif., 433; 9. R.C. Whitwell, Bakersfield, Calif., 428; 10. Chaz Baca, Mesa, Ariz., 426; 11. Dean Abbey, Roanoke, Texas, 424; 12. Johnny Morris Jr., Queen Creek, Ariz., 416; 13. John P. Gober, Poolville, Texas, 408; 14. Kyle Brown, State Center, Iowa, 404; 15. Don Earven, Globe, Ariz., 403; 16. Josh Vogt, Santa Maria, Calif., 383; 17. William Gould, Calera, Okla., 376; 18. Marlyn Seidler, Underwood, N.D., 375; 19. Sean Stewart, Bullhead City, Ariz., 373; 20. Tim Ward, Gilbert, Ariz., 372.IMCA Late Models – 1. Matt Ryan, Davenport, Iowa, 40; 2. Brian Harris, Davenport, Iowa, 39; 3. Todd Malmstrom, Silvis, Ill., 38; 4. Andy Nezworski, Buffalo, Iowa, 37; 5. Mike Garland, Morrison, Ill., 36; 6. Stephan Kammerer, Blue Grass, Iowa, 35; 7. Rick Wages, Colona, Ill., 34; 8. Ray Guss Jr., Milan, Ill., 33; 9. Brunson Behning, Davenport, Iowa, 32; 10. Travis Denning, Sterling, Ill., 31; 11. Chuck Hanna, Port Byron, Ill., 30; 12. Mike Zemo, Davenport, Iowa, 29; 13. Eric Sanders, Sherrard, Ill., 28; 14. Shawn Mulvany, Moline, Ill., 27; 15. Gary Webb, Blue Grass, Iowa, 25; 16. Jason Pestka, Long Grove, Iowa, 24; 17. Kelly Pestka, Preston, Iowa, 23; 18. B.J. Jackson, Clinton, Iowa, 22; 19. Jonathan Brauns, Muscatine, Iowa, 21; 20. Jason Bert, East Moline, Ill., 20.IMCA Eagle Motorsports RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Logan Scherb, Paradise, Texas, 372; 2. Chad Wilson, North Richland Hills, Texas, 371; 3. Marcus Thomas, Corsicana, Texas, 309; 4. Kyle Jones, Kennedale, Texas, 256; 5. Tucker Doughty, Heath, Texas, 217; 6. Chase Brewer, Springtown, Texas, 206; 7. Chris Kelly, Oklahoma City, Texas, 200; 8. Jeb Sessums, Burleson, Texas, 188; 9. Brandon Long, Wichita Falls, Texas, 177; 10. Regan Hawkins, Troup, Texas, 172; 11. Josh Hawkins, Whitehouse, Texas, 168; 12. Bryson Oeschger, Amarillo, Texas, 159; 13. Dustin Woods, Forney, Texas, 158; 14. John Carney II, Lubbock, Texas, 154; 15. Tony Dowd, Mansfield, Texas, 150; 16. John Ricketts, Burleson, Texas, 139; 17. George White, Fort Worth, Texas, 138; 18. Mark Klis, Waxahachie, Texas, 137; 19. Michelle Melton, Flower Mound, Texas, 132; 20. Claud Estes III, Godley, Texas, 126.IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars – 1. Kirk Martin, Weatherford, Texas, 478; 2. Jason Batt, Harker Heights, Texas, 467; 3. Matt Guillaume, Haslet, Texas, 466; 4. Damon Murty, Chelsea, Iowa, 427; 5. Nathan Wood, Sigourney, Iowa, 411; 6. Jay Schmidt, Tama, Iowa, 405; 7. Jason Rogers, Selden, Kan., 365; 8. Dustin White, Lamesa, Texas, 363; 9. Cary White, Lamesa, Texas, 356; 10. Steven Daffern, Brawley, Calif., 354; 11. Manny Baldiviez, Chula Vista, Calif., 344; 12. Casey Woken, Ogallala, Neb., and Joe O’Bryan, Round Rock, Texas, both 332; 14. Damon Hammond, Burleson, Texas, 329; 15. Jimmy Davy, Yuma, Ariz., 325; 16. Mike Nichols, Harlan, Iowa, 310; 17. Donavon Smith, Lake City, Iowa, 309; 18. Randy Killen, Des Moines, Iowa, 307; 19. Dennis Bissonnette, Stephenville, Texas, and Aaron Corley, Meadow, Texas, both 301.IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks – 1. Austin Luellen, Minburn, Iowa, 417; 2. Jeremy Oliver, Chilton, Texas, 414; 3. Jamie Songer, Ankeny, Iowa, 411; 4. Leonard Jones, Yuma, Ariz., 397; 5. Leonard Manos, Yuma, Ariz., 374; 6. Andy Roller, Waco, Texas, 370; 7. Jason Beshears, Yuma, Ariz., 357; 8. Eric Stanton, Carlisle, Iowa, 336; 9. April Phillips, Abilene, Texas, 321; 10. Jeremy Wegner, Graettinger, Iowa, 316; 11. Tyrel Smith, Goodland, Kan., and Gerald Spalding Jr., Abilene, Texas, both 297; 13. Garrett Hager, Hays, Kan., 289; 14. Mason Morris, Yuma, Ariz., 288; 15. Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Neb., and Dustin Griffiths, Ottumwa, Iowa, both 284; 17. Brent Wofford, Yuma, Ariz., 281; 18. Andrew Burg, Grimes, Iowa, 275; 19. Kyle Pfeifer, Hill City, Kan., 271; 20. Hayden Wade, Waco, Texas, 270.Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods – 1. Fred Ryland, Brentwood, Calif., 690; 2. Keith Brown Jr., Pittsburg, Calif., 522; 3. Nick Spainhoward, Bakersfield, Calif., 515; 4. Clinton Luellen, Minburn, Iowa, 432; 5. Tyler Frye, Belleville, Kan., 412; 6. Josh Hensley, Atwater, Calif., 399; 7. Chris Toth, Holtville, Calif., 366; 8. Nick Meyer, Whittemore, Iowa, 366; 9. Clay Money, Penokee, Kan., 363; 10. Kyle Smith, Yuma, Ariz., 358; 11. Corey Clayton, El Centro, Calif., 347; 12. Colby Heishman, Brooklyn, Iowa, 332; 13. Jeremy Hoff, Copperopolis, Calif., 326; 14. James Dupre, Yuma, Ariz., 321; 15. Sam Robert Wieben, Dysart, Iowa, 314; 16. Lucas James Lamberies, Clintonville, Wis., 306; 17. Joshua Cordova, Somerton, Ariz., 298; 18. Austin Carter, Jamestown, Kan., 283; 19. Cody Daffern, Brawley, Calif., and Brandon Dale, Memphis, Mo., both 282.Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMods – 1. Gabe Tucker, Carbon, Texas, 471; 2. Justin Long, Haslet, Texas, 461; 3. Jeffrey Abbey, Comanche, Texas, 433; 4. Michael Maraschick, Midland, Texas, 432; 5. Chad Hertel, Abilene, Texas, 380; 6. Damon Hammond, Burleson, Texas, 364; 7. Dustin Robinson, Post, Texas, 338; 8. Justin Shaw, Sweetwater, Texas, 314; 9. Robert Scrivner, Woodway, Texas, 293; 10. T.J. Green, Robinson, Texas, 288; 11. Taylor Florio, Copperas Cove, Texas, 285; 12. Tanner Houston, Odessa, Texas, 283; 13. Levy Galmor, Elk City, Okla., 276; 14. Cory Williams, Slaton, Texas, 270; 15. David Sanford, Abilene, Texas, 242; 16. Shane Priddy, Merkel, Texas, 238; 17. Jake Upchurch, Grand Prairie, Texas, 235; 18. Trevor Foley, Iowa Park, Texas, and Steve Wade, Waco, Texas, both 232; 20. Junior Dosher, Hobbs, N.M., 227.Mach-1 Sport Compacts – 1. Ramsey Meyer, Pierce, Neb., 310; 2. Trent Orwig, Wayland, Iowa, 309; 3. John Girdley, Wayland, Iowa, 294; 4. Dalton Kron, Algona, Iowa, 267; 5. Jay DeVries, Spencer, Iowa, 266; 6. Joe Bunkofske, Armstrong, Iowa, 256; 7. Tyler Thompson, Sioux City, Iowa, 251; 8. Kaitlyn DeVries, Spencer, Iowa, 247; 9. Cody Thompson, Sioux City, Iowa, 236; 10. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, Ill., 228; 11. Art Herzog, Hays, Kan., 225; 12. Kiowa Higdon, Hays, Kan., 224; 13. Oliver Monson, Clear Lake, Iowa, 223; 14. Danny Sims, Decatur, Texas, 215; 15. Danny Sassman Jr., Fort Dodge, Iowa, 211; 16. Randy Murphy, Ellis, Kan., 206; 17. Nathan Barton, Dighton, Kan., 198; 18. Devin Jones, Clear Lake, Iowa, 196; 19. Brant Bachman, Weatherford, Texas, 191; 20. John Whalen, Ainsworth, Iowa, 185.last_img read more

Pioli pens new AC Milan two-year deal

first_imgRelatedPosts Live stream Premier League, La Liga, Serie A on Showmax Pro this weekend Juve’s Pirlo gamble makes new Serie A season the most open for years Pirlo bags UEFA coaching badge AC Milan have handed manager Stefano Pioli new terms on his contract after seeing Ralf Rangnick make a sensational U-turn on his decision to join the club.Milan have confirmed Pioli has put pen to paper on an extension, which will see him remain with the Serie A club until 2022, despite widespread anticipation that Rangnick would be joining from Leipzig, where he holds a head of sport and development role. According to Sky Sports, Leipzig and the Red Bull company have used the last few days to convince the German manager to sign a 24-month renewal at the club and spurn the advances of Milan, who have courted his attention for several months.This news was announced during the commentary of Milan’s match against Sassuolo, citing close sources to Rangnick that he had decided to continue with Leipzig.However, Milan would not have been willing to pay the £6.4 million (€7m) release clause to bring him on board before his contract with the German club expired.Rangnick at Milan would have been an innovative market operator, taking on a unique role comprising three elements: coach, technical supervisor of the transfer market and responsible for the communication of all the technical staff.The excellent results obtained by Pioli and the unconditional support of many players, including Gianluigi Donnarumma, Alessio Romagnoli, Theo Hernandez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ante Rebic, would have put Milan in difficulty in choosing a new coach. Tags: AC MilanRalf RangnickSerie AStefano Piolilast_img read more

Di Canio refutes claims of dispute

first_img Di Canio said: “There was no training ground bust-up as some are reporting and many of the players have since sent me messages thanking me for my time as their manager and helping them improve as footballers. “We could see that results had not gone as well as any of us had hoped, but I felt as a team we could turn things around.” Di Canio was widely credited with keeping Sunderland in the Premier League last season after replacing Martin O’Neill at the end of March. He became an instant hero after inspiring a famous 3-0 win over north-east rivals Newcastle at St James’s Park in only his second game in charge. But despite bringing in 14 new players over the summer, his side took just a single point from their first five games of the new season. Di Canio said: “When you bring in 14 new players, many from overseas and very few with Premiership experience it is going to take time for them to adapt to the English game and to gel as a team. “As I have said many times, I love English football and I feel that my time at the club has been unfairly cut short as given the chance, I am certain that had I been allowed longer, I would have been able to develop the team to achieve the success Sunderland fans desire.” Di Canio was dismissed after just 13 games in charge following the 3-0 defeat at West Brom last month, amid suggestions some of the club’s senior players had been instrumental in his removal. But, in a statement, the Italian described the reports as “wholly untrue” – and repeated his belief that he was capable of turning the club’s poor start to the season around. Paolo Di Canio has broken his silence over his sacking by Sunderland to deny reports of a training ground bust-up and insist he should have been given more time at the Stadium of Light.center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Black man dies after encounter with Minneapolis police “I can’t breathe”

first_imgA protest being organized by a number of local activist groups, including the Minneapolis NAACP, Communities Against Police Brutality, and Black Lives Matter Twin Cities is planned for Tuesday night at the scene of the incident. The FBI is opening up an investigation after a fatal encounter on Monday between Minneapolis police and an unarmed black man.On Tuesday police released a statement saying the man had a medical incident during an attempted arrest. However, in the video posted by Darnella Frazier on Facebook it is clear that an officer was using unnecessary force with his knee on the man’s neck for at least seven minutes. You can hear the man say “I can’t breathe” several times before he loses consciousness.The man was identified by family as George Floyd.According to Minneapolis police, the encounter between Floyd and officers happened shortly after 8 p.m. Monday, when police were called to the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South on a report of a man allegedly attempting to use a fake check at Cup Foods.When officers arrived they found Floyd in a car near the store, and he appeared to be intoxicated, police said.When officers told him to step out of the vehicle, he got out, and police say he physically resisted officers.Minneapolis Police spokesman said “Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and officers noticed that the man was going into medical distress.” An ambulance arrived and took Floyd to Hennepin Healthcare, where he later died, police say.In the video that went viral overnight, it shows the white officer pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck behind a squad car. Floyd is seen unarmed, not resisting arrest, yet the officer does not take his knee of his neck. After about five minutes, Floyd stops moving and appears unconscious. Bystanders beg the officer to stop using so much force and to check Floyd’s pulse. The officer on Floyd’s neck does not lift his knee until medical personnel arrive even though he was already unconscious.Leaders in Minnesota are calling for the officers involved to be held accountablelast_img read more

Southall eye QPR’s proposed training base

first_imgThe owners of Southall FC want to redevelop the Warren Farm site QPR are hoping to turn into their new training ground.West London Sport revealed last month that the facility near Osterely Park is Rangers’ preferred option for an improved training base.The club plan to leave their current headquarters at Harlington later this year and a number of possible alternatives have been identified.AdChoices广告Warren Farm is their first choice but Southall, who play in the Middlesex County Premier League, are backed by wealthy local investors and also intend to submit proposals to Ealing Council.And they are expected to argue that their plans for a state-of-the-art complex would be of greater benefit to the local community.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

CWI begins regional search for selectors

first_imgST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – Cricket West Indies (CWI) announced on Wednesday that it had started the recruitment process for selectors for all of its teams.This is part of the new mandate for the structure of its selection panels which was approved at the regional governing body’s last directors meeting on September 7 and 8 in Tobago.CWI said in a media release: “A total of 21 prospective candidates for the selection panels were identified by the Selection System Review Task Force, chaired by CWI vice-president, Dr Kishore Shallow, and 18 have since confirmed their interest.Imran Tahir celebratesthe wicketof Steven Jacobs.“The candidates have participated in a first-round exercise which will be used to determine a shortlist for follow-up interviews. The selection panel interview process is planned for completion by October 18.”CWI directors approved new structures for the selection panels that see the marquee West Indies Men’s and ‘A’ teams now being chosen by a group that includes an executive selector, a selector, the team’s head coach and three scouts.The usual support for theGuyana Amazon Warriors.A panel that includes a Talent Identification Manager, male selector and each team’s head coach will now select all West Indies Boys’ age group teams and will also have the responsibility of identifying and managing the development pathway for these players.All West Indies Women’s and Girls’ age group teams will be chosen by a single panel comprising an executive selector, a selector and the team’s head coach.CWI directors have also formalised the match day selection panel which will choose the team that takes to the field.When present, the Executive Selector/Talent ID Manager will chair the meeting; if not, the head coach.A selection analyst will support each panel, providing critical statistical and analytical data.last_img read more