Arrests in sex worker crackdown

first_imgONE News 25 January 2012Christchurch police are cracking down on illegal activity surrounding prostitution, as street workers move into surburban areas while the CBD remains locked down. Residents say they have found faeces in their yards and even people having sex in their front gardens. They are so concerned they sent a petition to the council, prompting police patrols of the area.A ONE News camera was out with police in an overnight operation cracking down on prostitution in the suburbs. Just a few minutes into the shift, a streetworker suspected of carrying Hepatitis C and her client were caught in the act. Both the prostitute and her client were arrested and taken to the police station. “It’s not the prostitution that we’re concerned about, it’s the behaviour associated with it – what and where it’s happening,” said Constable Nick Lewis. “It’s the traffic, it’s the noise, it’s chucking bottles, it’s the threats. It’s basically all round general disorder – that’s what we are here to sort out,” said Lewis. read more