Purchasing Camp Wewa: Is it a new day in Apopka?

first_img February 13, 2021 at 10:12 am OpinionThe Friday EditorialBy Reggie Connell/Managing Editor of The Apopka Voice“Birds flying high, you know how I feelSun in the sky, you know how I feelBreeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feelIt’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new life for me, yeahIt’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new life for meAnd I’m feeling good”–I’m Feeling Good – Nina SimoneAsk anyone in Apopka, and they probably have a story associated with Camp Wewa. It’s been a part of the fabric of Apopka for over 70 years, and I applaud the City Council for treating it as an investment into the community’s future.Despite a pandemic, budget constraints, and no clear pathway to purchase, you persevered and are on a path to making this a part of the eco-tourism package so vital to the Apopka brand.Take a look at the energy, creativity, and optimism displayed at the special city council meeting on February 3rd…“Three weeks ago, I got a call from the YMCA about this property,” said Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson. “It was basically a courtesy call to let us know they were going to sell the property to a developer and thought I would want to know. I just said wow. Having been there I knew how amazing this property was. I asked them to give us a couple of weeks to do our due diligence and maybe we can come up with a plan to purchase.”“You have about $800,000 in impact fees that you can use,” said City Administrator Edward Bass. “You can put up the other properties for sale (including the Sandpiper property valued at $1.2 million). The City is also in the process of applying for a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, but Bass cautioned about its timing. “We won’t know about the grant,” said Bass. “It takes some time for that to come back. What we could do is use some of the other parcels coming in as income, and then you also front some for reserves and reimburse yourselves from the sale.”“I’d love to have summer camp up and running,” added Nelson.“When you think about brand alignment with Camp Wewa and the City of Apopka, I don’t think there’s much argument there,” said Commissioner Kyle Becker. “It goes together because we have such a focus on eco-tourism. The springs, Lake Apopka, the Wildlife Drive… all these things kind of play together.” “It goes back to ‘what is our brand?’ Commissioner Doug Bankson said. “Lake Apopka used to be one of the best fishing lakes nationwide, and then we lost that, but now it’s coming back. The trend is greenspace, ecology… you have the birding… tie this together and it’s something that can’t be reproduced. You’ve heard me harp on (budget) reserves. But this is the reason why. It puts us in a position to act. I think this is a tremendous opportunity. And if we do this right, we’re going to be the number one destination for green tourism.”I applaud the effort, the urgency of the moment, the creativity to find the assets to make it work, and the vision for the future. I only have one question… Can this type of effort, urgency, creativity, and vision show up again in the budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 (FY-22)?Nelson, in a way, answered that question near the end of the meeting.“Three years ago, we couldn’t have done this. But because of the financial shape we are in, we can use reserves, or borrow the money, we’ve got ways of doing it because of the shape we’re in.”“We’re in uncharted territories,” said Bass. This is new to us. This is something we have an opportunity to take on and I think the key is going to be to look for all the grant opportunities available, partnering, and working with the Chamber. We can all work together.”That’s a refreshing take on the state of Apopka. For a while now, it seemed as though the City Council and its administrator were playing defense against additional purchases and acquisitions rather than working together to make things happen. In my five years as managing editor of The Apopka Voice, I’ve reported on two mayors, two city administrators, eight commissioners, several finance directors, and department heads. And in those five years, these officials spent days and hours putting together five budgets. Their efforts are to be commended, but my takeaway is this – there were a lot of blood, sweat, and tears put forth, but at the end of the day, it gives the impression you are reacting to the assets and liabilities put in front of you while setting aside vision for the future of this growing city. But today is a new day in Apopka, and as Bass points out… these are uncharted territories. The budget process for FY-22 is just around the corner. With this new forward-looking attitude and a completely repaired budget, what should Apopka look at next? Let’s take this new attitude out for a spin…Considering the Camp Wewa purchase almost literally fell in your lap through a courtesy-call, imagine the opportunities that might show up if you took the initiative? I read an article in The Seminole Source a few weeks ago about the City of Sanford hiring a new Economic Development Director. Sanford, a city of about 59,000, is slightly larger than Apopka with a significantly higher tax base and millage rate, but I was still surprised they didn’t consider letting the post go vacant considering the pandemic. Others, including Apopka, have chosen not to take on that expense. However, the City of Sanford plans to keep the position and the department fully funded in 2021.“The City of Sanford announces the hiring of Dr. Tom Tomerlin as Director of Economic Development,” the story reads. “Tomerlin will be responsible for guiding and implementing the City’s economic development strategy. He has experience in a variety of fields including economic development, consulting, and economic analysis.Tomerlin brings nearly 30 years of experience, including economic development leadership positions for both Seminole County Government and the City of Lake Mary, Florida. Tomerlin was instrumental in recruiting Fortune 500 companies to Lake Mary and advancing strategic initiatives in the community.”I called Sanford, and it turns out Mr. Tomerlin’s salary is a little less than $100,000 per year, and the department’s budget is a little over $500,000. Sanford landed a person with 30 years of experience, a proven track record, and local knowledge for under $100,000 per year.In the department’s description, they list over 50 accomplishments including several major companies moving to Sanford in 2020 and set 50 new goals for 2021, which includes attracting jobs to the city at 115%-150% of the county’s average wage and bringing even more new businesses to town. If they can accomplish half of the expectations listed, that department will easily pay for itself.In January of 2020, Apopka took a small step towards addressing economic development, when it partnered with the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce to “lead and promote economic development opportunities.” It was the first time a partnership of this type had been created.“The significance of this approved partnership will have an incredibly positive impact on the future of our rapidly-growing community and our membership,” said Chamber President Robert Agrusa. “We look forward to working together with the City and our surrounding communities to grow our existing businesses, create and attract new high-wage and highly skilled labor jobs, expand capital investment and increase prosperity to all of Northwest Orange County.”“I applaud the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce for their bold leadership and willingness to offer a unique proposal, which leverages our public and private sectors to streamline our collective efforts, and maximize our resources dedicated to the Apopka area for infrastructure, transportation, and job growth,” said Nelson. “Plus, we are excited to partner with the Apopka Area Chamber as we acknowledge our agriculturally centric roots and redefine the City of Apopka into a city of opportunity, with the promise of a bright and vibrant future.”The four major economic development objectives that the Chamber will be focused on in 2020 will include the following:The creation and hosting of a brand-new Economic Development websiteThe creation of brand-new Economic Development/marketing materialsServe as the business community lead and partner with City for the Apopka Youth Works summer programIdentify our current Economic Development assets, along with Future Economic Development marketing needs and new asset requirementsThis was a modest and inexpensive start to a city’s economic development, but it does display the City’s acknowledgment that a forward-looking approach to economic development is important. But clearly, this is not enough – especially with the departure of Agrusa and his admirable leadership of the Chamber. To compete with local municipalities, and for Apopka to realize its full potential, it needs an economic development department. The role of an economic development director is to have a strategic focus. They are pro-active. They study market trends and apply their expert judgment to opportunities and threats facing the local economy. And while the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is a key component to economic development in Apopka, a department and its director, specifically given the job to analyze and respond to the economic well-being of the community can work with them, and specifically harness the potential of every component in Apopka’s arsenal to keep pace with the tremendous growth it is experiencing. And while a $500,000 budget may be a bridge too far, it seems plausible that a director with a modest budget would more than pay for itself – even if their primary focus in year one was to make certain Camp Wewa was at a minimum a break-even prospect, get the City Center project back on track and get the word out to central Florida that the City is open for business.It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and Apopka is feeling good. carlton small Reply The Anatomy of Fear Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 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They aim tocreate new companies, help introduce or reintroduce individuals into regularemployment and promote training in new technology.www.eiro.eurofound.ieAsia invests in training to combat skills shortage US-based data storage company EMC has launched its Asia PacificGlobal Training Center in Singapore to address the shortage of storagespecialists in the region. The firm has invested S$5m (£1.9m) in the centre,which is its second in the region (the first was in Japan). It aims for 2,800students by 2003.In a similar move, Singapore Network Services plans to investthe same amount over the next three years in a software development andtraining centre in India. The application service provider will build thecentre in the heart of India’s burgeoning software industry in Bangalore.www.CNET.comLufthansa pilots hold back on strike in 35% pay claimThe airlinepilots union in Germany has backed away from a strike at national carrierLufthansa as part of its pay dispute. The union is seeking a substantial payhike of 35%, which has been rejected by the company, saying that pilots earnless than in comparable airlines in other countries. The company’s original payoffer was just over one-tenth of the claim, at 3.6%.But the pilots’ association promised not to carry out strikesover the Easter period. It would have been the first strike of pilots in thehistory of Lufthansa.www.faz.netMinimum wage up 11% for UK employeesThe UK has announced an 11% rise in the minimum wage, from£3.60 an hour to £4.10, to take effect from October 2001. An estimated 1.3 million employees in the country will benefitfrom the increase, which will be followed by a further ten pence rise a yearlater, if economic circumstances permit. It is the first increase in the pay floor since it wasintroduced in 1998, the first time in its history that the UK has had a minimumwage.www.eiro.eurofound.ieGraduate hiring rate stays high despite downturnNorth American companies are maintaining a high rate ofrecruitment from universities, despite corporate lay-offs and talk of apossible recession. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employersof the US found recruiters are evenly split between those planning to stick tooriginal college hiring goals and those scaling back due to the economicslowdown. An “extraordinary” job market for graduates in recent yearshas become merely “good”, says a report by the Society for HumanResource Management.www.shrm.org Previous Article Next Article Global newsroundOn 1 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more