A sad day for tab addicts Firefox will drop Panorama tab management

first_imgPanorama, the thumbnailed heads-up display of all your open tabs, is slated to get the boot from Firefox in the near future. Panorama first landed in Firefox 4 way back in August of 2010, but its user base has remained small — limited to the kinds of power users who frequently pop open hundreds of tabs in single Firefox browsing session.The plan for now is to uproot the Panorama code and convert it back into an add-on. Some of you may recall that Panorama actually started out as an extension. Tab Candy (as it was originally called) was the brainchild of  Aza Raskin. In 2010, Raskin was appointed to be Mozilla’s creative lead and he looked at Tab Candy as a way to organize browsing sessions spatially.When Panorama debuted, it was lauded by many in the tech world. Unfortunately, it never received much attention after the initial launch. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of people using web browsers simply don’t have enough tabs open at one time to really benefit from a feature like Panorama. Even if Mozilla had aggressively promoted Panorama, it’s almost certain that it would still have wound up lurking in the shadows of obscurity.Sometimes experimental add-ons find themselves a permanent home in Firefox — like Weave, which eventually evolved into Firefox Sync. Underutilized features, however, are targeted for removal. It’s a constant battle to keep Firefox lean and mean while still adding on critical new functionality and support for emerging standards.If Panorama can be effectively removed and served up as a standalone add-on again, the vocal power users that would lament its removal will have a fall-back and the rest of Mozilla’s users will have a browser with a bit less bloat. It’s too bad that Raskin’s vision didn’t stick, but it will certainly live on in the Gallery as long as there are still tab-happy Firefox users.last_img read more