first_imgIS IT TRUE that the Afghanistan war has costs the US taxpayers over $714 billion dollars during the last 16 years?  …that over 2,200 US troops have been killed so far?  …around 20,000 US troops have been wounded in this conflict?  …so far 10 US troops have been killed so far this year?IS IT TRUE that given the statements of the month made by President Trump about the events in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in a riot and the death of a young woman, many Americans are loudly calling for the President to be impeached?…one British publication even published that the United States Senate is just 6 votes shy of have enough vote to impeach him and the amen chorus in the USA has seized on it?…it is clear that the British publication and the US Citizens who are buying the story need to go back to the 9th grade and take a civics class because they do not even have a clue what they are talking about?…since we seem to have forgotten as a country President William Jefferson Clinton was impeached but not removed from office?…that the process worked and much to many peoples surprise at the time impeachment did no mean removal from office? Todays “READERS POLL” question is: How do you rate the job performance of Present Trump since he’s been in office? IS IT TRUE that Brad Ellsworth, President of Vectren South did an outstanding job as the event Master of Ceremonies and Chuck Knoll the Evansville Police Department Lead Academy Instructor also did a great job in helping to make this worthily event successful? …we appreciate the good work of event Communications Director, Jess Powers? …thanks are in order to Tony Ricketts of D-Patrick, Mark Acker the Commander of the Veterans Council of Vanderburgh County and the “Testimonials” speakers Justin Elpers, Janet Douglas and Vicki Hubiak for a job well done? IS IT TRUE that Mayor of Evansville Lloyd Winnecke did a masterful job in his opening remarks?  …the”Keynote” speaker, Dr. Theresa Tobin the Assistant Police Chief  of the New York Police Department and 9-11 Survivor delivered an emotional speech?…big thanks goes to the Vanderburgh County Public Safety Foundation Board of Directors and the 2017 Planning Committee members for doing an oustanding job in planning this event?IS IT TRUE that next years Vanderburgh County Public Safety Foundation event will be held on 9-11-18?IS IT TRUE it was reported on THE FIVE Program, FOX News that ESPN pulls announcer Robert Lee off of broadcast of a College game because of his name?    …Robert Lee is  Asia-American ? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE a lawsuit alleges that Poland Spring Water is deceiving consumers with evergreen labels that say their bottle contains “100 percent natural spring water” that hails from Maine?  …a class-action lawsuit filed recently in federal court in Connecticut claims that parent company Nestle Waters North America is bottling common groundwater that doesn’t meet the federal definition of spring water?  … a Nestle Waters representative alleges that the water meets all relevant federal and state regulations for spring water?…that Nestle Waters settled a 2003 Connecticut lawsuit claiming Poland Spring’s water was not sourced deep in the Maine woods?IS IT TRUE we appreciate Saint Vincent Hospital Public Relations Department for sending us news of interest concerning the happenings at their facilities system wide? IS IT TRUE that the only house of congress that has anything to do with impeachment is the House of Representatives?…to impeach a President requires that charges be filed in the House of Representatives which then holds a trial and votes either to impeach or not impeach?…that is not a sufficient action to remove a President from office?…what impeach really means is that an impeached President will then stand trial in the Senate to determine if removal from office is appropriate?…if the house votes to impeach, then the Senate conducts a trial?…at then end of that trial, a vote of senators is held to determine if the President who was impeached shall be removed from office?…that is how it works and believing the British press or making deals with oneself will not change that?…it seems that the words of the month are intolerance, impatience, and outright ignorance?IS IT TRUE since a child’s brain is still developing, lead can lead to intellectual disability and symptoms may include behavior problems, low IQ, poor grades at school, problems with hearing, short- and long-term learning difficulties, and growth delays?…a high, toxic dose of lead poisoning may result in emergency symptoms including severe abdominal pain and cramping, vomiting, muscle weakness, stumbling when walking, seizures, coma, and encephalopathy, which manifests as confusion, coma, and seizures? Please take time and read our newest feature articles entitled “LAW ENFORCEMENT, READERS POLL, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS” posted in our sections.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] or call 812-454-1713.EDITOR’S FOOTNOTE:  Any comments posted by our readers in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City County Observer or our advertisers. We hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we as responsible citizens of this community need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Council will vote this coming Thursday on a proposal to raise excise surtax and wheel taxes to $20 each for all vehicles?  …the reason why the Vanderburgh County Council members are planning to increase the excise surtax and wheel tax is because they need more money for road improvement projects? …the Vanderburgh County Council will meet this coming Thursday to discuss and vote of this issue at 3 p.m. at a “special called” meeting in Room 301 of the Civic Center?IS IT TRUE that yesterdays Vanderburgh County Public Safety Foundation event that honors our “First Responders” held  at Veterans Memorial Coliseum was successful?  …we would like to thank the Evansville Police Department, Evansville Fire Department, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office, Indiana State Police, members of the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council and our local EMS for all the work they did to help make this event successful?last_img read more

Watch It’s Only a Play’s Matthew Broderick Talk Opening Nights, Bueller & Balls

first_imgIt’s Only a Play star Matthew Broderick, on the eve of his own opening night, stopped by Late Night to chat with Seth Meyers about everything from good and bad reviews to Ferris Bueller to something about Nathan Lane and balls. “I had a Ferris Bueller poster in my bedroom growing up,” Meyers admitted. “You looked at everything I did through my entire high school years. I have so much to apologize for.” Life imitates art as the Tony winner, just as the wacky characters of It’s Only a Play do, remembers opening night parties, talks up his playwriting friend (for Broderick, it’s This Is Our Youth scribe Kenneth Lonergan) and does some serious name-dropping. Check out the clips below, and catch It’s Only a Play at the Schoenfeld Theatre! Related Shows Matthew Broderick It’s Only a Play View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on June 7, 2015 Star Fileslast_img

What Is Next?

first_imgI guess the NBA has found a new way to keep star basketball players from going to college.  They now have an instructional league that will allow a high school player to go to the pros without playing a single year in college.  Princeton High School’s Darius Bazley from Cincinnati announced after the McDonald’s All-Star game that he was foregoing college at Syracuse to put himself in line to be a lottery pick in the 2019 NBA draft.When LeBron James was in high school, the pros started looking at him when he still had two years left in high school (if I remember that correctly).   In the case of Bazley, his performance in the All-Star game was evidently enough to turn pro scouts heads.  What if Darius does not make it as a pro?  Will he just become another sad statistic of an inner-city kid falling by the wayside?  At least if you have a year or two of college you should have enough skills to get a decent job.With the AAU scandal it is becoming even more difficult to be a high school coach.  You may start losing players before they even enter high school.  Some shoe or athletic gear company may develop teams for high skill young athletes so they are not even bothered by high school athletic rules.  I certainly do not agree with this trend.  It is a long, tough world out there and it would be really nice if they would just let teenagers be teenagers.last_img read more