NBA Draft

first_imgIn the recent NBA draft, it was quite obvious that the professional owners and coaches do not feel that the top prospects in basketball necessarily come from our colleges.  In the first round this year 14 foreign-born players were drafted and of the 60 total there were 26 foreign-born.It is plain to see that the NBA believes that the players who grow up in foreign countries are more ready to play professional basketball sooner than the American-born college players.  If you dig deep into their thinking, they do not necessarily believe a young man needs to go to college at all.  (However, most do have at least 1 year of college experience.) They believe in physical size and are not so concerned with technical skills.  They like the foreign-born athletes who are capable of shooting 3-pointers even if they are 7 foot tall.  They feel our college coaches limit free play and, thus, are not necessarily geared to the pro game.This is why I do not pro basketball!last_img