Professor analyzes theater of Irish Revolution

first_imgTags: Easter Rising, Irish Theatre, W.B. Yeats Fearghal McGarry, a professor of Irish History at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, delivered a lecture Thursday titled “Lost Republic: The Abbey Theatre’s 1916 Rebels,” which focused on the role of seven leading members of W.B. Yeats’s famous Abbey Theatre during the Easter Rising.McGarry also highlighted Ireland’s cultural revolution and its connection to the growth of revolutionary political movements, and how the goals of the Easter Rising differed from its legacy as the centennial anniversary of the event approaches.McGarry challenged the concept that Yeats and the Abbey’s political productions inspired the Irish people to support a republican sentiment. Instead, he said the actions of many often-overlooked organizations that shared members with the Abbey, operated in both the political and cultural spheres, and were more notable causes for the violent uprising than Yeats’s relatively conservative theatre.“Contrary to the myth of the Abbey as a breeding ground for Irish Republicanism, the theatre was often critical of the movement, and while some plays caused the Abbey to come into conflict with Dublin Castle, there were similar clashes with Irish Republicanism,” McGarry said.McGarry said rather than the commonly-held view that a cultural revolution fueled a political movement and violent uprising there were in fact “many overlapping circles or culture and activism, and it is out of this that revolution began.”McGarry said many other groups played a more important part in the Rising than the Abbey Theatre, including Inghinidhe na hÉireann, or the “Daughters of Ireland.” The Daughters of Ireland, like almost all Republican organizations of the time, contained its own theatre company, McGarry said.“It is culture, rather than class, that allowed for the inclusion of those who would typically be excluded from these political movements, such as women and the working classes,” he said.“The nature of drama appeals to the political because it requires actors to take part in the play, an audience to observe it and a space for the play to be performed in.”McGarry also said these organizations were crucial to the Irish revolutionary movement because of their values and the importance of these values to the Rising. These values were gradually lost over time by what McGarry called the “Catholic-Nationalist narrative” of events. Specifically, McGarry said the feminist and socialist aspects of the Rising, which the Abbey’s revolutionary members supported, appeared to be forgotten in its legacy.“In economic, political, cultural and gender terms, the revolution disappointed its members from the Abbey Theatre,” he said. “Revolutions usually end in failure, and for the Abbey Seven, there was the failure to transform society rather than just change the state.”last_img read more

New soybean foods

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaIf you want the health benefits of soybeans but hate the beanytaste of most soybean products, listen up. University of Georgiafood scientists have developed soybean food products that don’ttaste so beany.The scientists used L-Star soybeans, a new variety developed bythe National Agricultural Research Organization in Japan. Anaturally deodorized soybean, L-Star is lipoxygenase-free. Beany enzyme removed”This is the enzyme that produces the off flavor in some soybeanfood products,” said Dick Phillips, a food scientist with the UGACollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “With L-Star,consumers can get the health benefits of soybeans’polyunsaturated fatty acids in better-tasting products. Untilnow, it’s been good for the heart, bad for the taste buds.”With funding from the American Soy & Tofu Corporation and theU.S. Department of Agriculture’s Federal-State MarketingImprovement Program, UGA food scientist Yen-Con Hung, along withPhillips and UGA food scientist Anna Resurreccion, developed anew soybean product using L-Star beans. New method used, too”We started with a new soy milk because this is an establishedproduct that’s available commercially,” Hung said. “These arewhole bean products.”Traditional soy milk is made by grinding soaked soybeans withwater and then filtering out solid and insoluble materials, hesaid. The new L-Star soy milk is made by grinding the soybeanswith water and not filtering out the solids.A sensory specialist, Resurreccion conducted consumer studieslast fall on the UGA campus in Griffin, Ga. The study revealedhigh consumer acceptance of the L-star soy milk. “The consumerswe tested think the quality is equal to commercial soy milk,”Hung said. “They like the color, appearance and taste, too.” L-Star or not?Besides the new L-Star food products, Phillips created a qualitycontrol test. The test will assure soybean buyers they are trulybuying L-Star soybeans.”Soybeans are harvested and brought by trucks to a central buyingpoint,” Phillips said. “With the existing tests, there’s a wholemenu of things buyers look for, quality-wise. But they don’t testfor lipoxygenase.”The existence of the enzyme would let buyers know the beans arenot L-Star. Lab methods that test for the enzyme aren’t feasibleat a buying point, he said.Phillips’ test uses color as an indicator to test soybeans forlipoxygenase. A buyer takes a sample from the load, crushes thebeans, places them in a tube and shakes them.”If the color fades, the beans contain the enzyme and the buyerknows they aren’t L-Star soybeans,” Phillips said.Working with the Georgia-Florida Soybean Association, UGAscientists shared the test with a handful of buyers who aretesting it in the field.The test project was funded in part by the Georgia AgriculturalCommission for Soybeans. L-Star tofu, instant soy milkAnother new product UGA scientists are working on is tofu madefrom L-Star soybean curd.”It’s also a whole-bean product, so consumers get the nutritionaland health-related benefits from consuming whole beans versusonly the soluble part of the soybeans,” Hung said.Under Hung’s leadership, UGA food science graduate student, MarkJarrard Jr. is working on an instant soy milk using L-Starsoybeans.To make it into the marketplace, the products must be developedby a food company, Hung said. The next stage of the project is togarner industry interest in the products.last_img read more