The Disinformation Is Coming From Inside the White House

first_img– Advertisement – A young conservative activist, John Doyle, who runs a YouTube channel called Heck Off, Commie!, was circulating a Google doc that encouraged people to head off the purported fraud in Pennsylvania and lobby state legislators “to cast their electoral votes as Republican!” The document, which listed the names and numbers of all the state’s legislators, was created on Tuesday — that is, before the president or his allies were claiming the election was being stolen in Pennsylvania.Mr. Doyle did not respond to a request for comment, and his Twitter account, @ComradeDoyIe, was suspended on Thursday for violating the platform’s terms of service. Mark Levin, a popular conservative radio host and ardent Trump supporter, echoed Mr. Doyle’s call for Republican state legislators to disregard the outcome of the voting. In a tweet on Thursday, he wrote: “REMINDER TO THE REPUBLICAN STATE LEGISLATURES, YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY OVER THE CHOOSING OF ELECTORS, NOT ANY BOARD OF ELECTIONS, SECRETARY OF STATE, GOVERNOR, OR EVEN COURT. YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY.”- Advertisement – Dozens of other Twitter accounts pushing the hashtag #StopTheSteal were created in October and the first few days of November. The use of freshly created social media accounts to amplify a message is a common feature of disinformation campaigns.By Wednesday, the hashtag had quickly jumped from the hard-right of the internet to mainstream Republicans. The Philadelphia Republican Party picked up the hashtag in a tweet, tagging Eric Trump, the president’s son, and Mr. Giuliani, and urging them to “get ready to #StopTheSteal and deliver Pennsylvania” to the president. Eric Trump went even further. He posted and then quickly deleted a tweet using the hashtag on Thursday and asking, without evidence, why the F.B.I. and the Justice Department were not stepping to stop election fraud. Jeanine F. Pirro, the popular Fox News personality, tweeted a similar thought.- Advertisement –center_img A day earlier, Eric Trump had posted a video purporting to show ballots that had been cast for his father in Virginia Beach, Va., being burned. City officials later said that the ballots were clearly samples and not real. But even before that, the video’s questionable provenance probably should have been a tipoff that it was fake: It came from a Twitter user who goes by the handle @Ninja_StuntZ and is connected to the troll-infested message board 8kun. last_img read more

‘How Biden Can Beat Covid-19.’ It obviously won’t be easy

first_imgTHREE OTHER ARTICLES WORTH READINGHow to Vaccinate a Planet by Danielle Groen. What it will take to build the fastest inoculation program in history and defeat COVID-19.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – – Advertisement – Abolish the Senate, by Thomas Geoghegan. Only the House is the house of our dreams […] our first order of business will be to learn all over again how to govern ourselves.“It is an old truism that knowledge is power. The inverse—that power is often ignorance—is rarely discussed. The powerful swathe themselves in obliviousness in order to avoid the pain of others and their own relationship to that pain. There’s a large category of acts hidden from people with standing: the more you are, the less you are. In my neighborhood in San Francisco, for example, white women like me don’t need to know that blue is a gang coor, but if a young of color does not know this, he my be in danger. Similarly, knowing the strategies that women use to be safe around men is, for men, optional, if they ever think about the issue in the first place. Every subordinate has a strategy for survival, which relies, in part, on secrecy; every unequal system preserves that secrecy and protects the powerful; better the sergeant not know how the privates tolerate him, the master not know that the staff have lives beyond servitude.” ~~Rebecca Solnit, “Nobody Knows” (2018)TWEET OF THE DAYx “The difficult thing for the Biden administration is that they will take office after the worst of SARS-CoV-2 has already torn through our communities,” Dr. Megan Ranney, an associate professor of emergency medicine and public health at Brown University, told me. “The next two months are going to be a defining moment for our country…. His administration will be unable to influence our course until January 20 at the earliest.”“It starts, first of all, with having a coherent, organized incident command structure.”The good news is that Biden already has momentum, with a team of experts poised to put already-developed strategies in place during the transition. Assembling that team was the most important first step, Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, told me. “Initially, it’s all about leadership and organization. That’s extremely important here,” he said. “It starts, first of all, with having a coherent, organized incident command structure” that “defines who’s in charge.” […] – Advertisement – BLAST FROM THE PASTAt Daily Kos on this date in 2016—Win or lose, white nationalist groups see a bright future after Election Day:Even if Donald J. HateFluffer goes down in defeat tonight, America’s various extremist and racist groups are feeling pretty good about this election. It’s the start of something big, they say.“Trump has shown that our message is healthy, normal and organic — and millions of Americans agree with us,” said Matthew M. Heimbach, a co-founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network, a white nationalist group that claims to support the interests of working-class whites. It also advocates the separation of the races. […]“What you can’t say is that we’re just a bunch of marginal loons,” [Robert Spencer] said. “The truth is that we have a deeper connection with the Trumpian forces and Trumpian populism than the mainstream conservatives do. They’re going to have to deal with us.”Another reminder here: Donald Trump didn’t do that. House Speaker Paul Ryan did that, by backing Trump as his party’s candidate despite his racist rhetoric. Mitch McConnell did that, by tucking himself into his shell and refusing to come out rather than condemning Trump’s statements against Latinos, black Americans, Muslims, and other targets of the “alt-right.” Trump chose to make his campaign a xenophobic cesspool of “alt-right” conspiracy theories and White Grievance, and while many Republicans whose careers in the party are over (e.g. Mitt Romney) condemned Trump’s paranoid bile wholeheartedly, actual sitting Republican lawmakers did not.last_img read more

Kaley Cuoco Says Karl Cook Doesn’t Feel Emasculated By Her Fame

first_imgEarlier this year, the couple moved in together amid the coronavirus pandemic after more than a year of living apart despite being married.“The quarantine has actually forced us to move in together,” Cuoco said on an April appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “It’s been great for our relationship. We like each other, we’ve realized, which is even better.”Ahead of the couple’s big move in March, the Wedding Ringer actress told Us Weekly that she didn’t think it was “love at first sight” for the pair.“We had met and it was like a weird meeting. It kind of happened later,” she recalled.Cuoco was married to Sweeting, 33, from December 2013 to September 2015.Listen to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood as each week the editors of Us break down the hottest entertainment news stories! Equal partnership. Kaley Cuoco opened up about how important it was to find someone who didn’t feel overshadowed by her fame in husband Karl Cook.The Big Bang Theory alum, 34, told Dax Shepard that Cook’s career successes helped him to feel confident in himself, unlike her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting, who had issues with feeling emasculated.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – “I think even with my, you know, I was married previously, but even with that person, that was a big problem,” she said on the Monday, November 9, episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast. “And I was like, ‘I have to be with someone who really has their own — whether they’re famous or not, their own life.’”The Flight Attendant star revealed that throughout her marriage to Cook, who is an equestrian, she is the one in awe of his talents.Kaley Cuoco Says Husband Karl Cook Doesn’t Feel Emasculated by Her FameKarl Cook and Kaley Cuoco Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock“I think what’s so cool about Karl, and everyone that’s gotten to know him [is] he loves his life and he loves his equestrian world,” she explained. “Like he’s so cool in that arena, literally in that arena, so he is so fulfilled. He does very well in what he does and it’s so important.”- Advertisement – The actress noted that the pair’s mutual admiration of horses has strengthened their relationship. The couple met at a horse show in California in March 2016 and tied the knot two years later in June 2018.“Because I love horses so much and I love riding and that’s a big part of my life, I love what he does so much that I get obsessed with his lifestyle and I’m the one that’s like, ‘This was so cool! You did so good today,’” she said. “And it’s such an interesting community and an interesting job that he has and we just both share that passion and he loves it.”The 8 Simple Rules alum added: “I’m just lucky I met a guy who’s that obsessed [with animals]. I mean, we have 7 dogs … It’s actually hoarding limit!”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Avian flu claims third victim in Cambodia

first_imgApr 11, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Avian influenza claimed its third Cambodian victim when an 8-year-old girl died in a Phnom Penh hospital Apr 7, news services reported yesterday.The girl was from Kampot, the same province as Cambodia’s first two victims of H5N1 avian flu, said Ly Sovann, head of the Cambodian health minstry’s infectious disease department, as quoted in an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report.”According to our initial investigations, the girl died from bird flu,” Sovann was quoted as saying. “We have received confirmation from the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh.”The girl, who died in Kantha Bopha Hospital, lived in Sre Treng village, about 12 miles from the village where Cambodia’s second avian flu victim lived, an agriculture ministry official told AFP. The official said chickens in the village had been sick about 2 months ago, but no infected poultry had been found there recently.Unofficially, 83 people have contracted avian flu and 52 have died since the illness began spreading through eastern Asia in late 2003. That includes 63 cases with 37 deaths in Vietnam, 17 cases with 12 deaths in Thailand, and 3 fatal cases in Cambodia.A report by the Vietnam News Agency said the Cambodian girl had suffered a high fever since Mar 31 and died shortly after arriving in Phnom Penh from a hospital in her home province.A Reuters report yesterday quoted health officials as saying the girl probably had caught the disease directly from infected poultry, like almost all the other victims so far.North Korea asks for helpIn other news, North Korea formally appealed last week for international help in battling its outbreak of H7 avian flu in poultry, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The appeal was made public at a Paris conference on avian flu that ended Apr 8, the FAO and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) said in a statement.About 219,000 chickens at several farms in the Pyongyang area were sacrificed because of the avian flu outbreak. The virus has been described only as H7; the N (neuraminidase) number has not been reported. The outbreak marks the first appearance of H7 avian flu in Asia, according to the FAO.North Korea asked the FAO and OIE to provide diagnostic tools and technical assistance for disease control, including vaccination, the FAO said. The statement said FAO and OIE welcomed the request as a sign of increased openness and cooperation.North Korea also appealed specifically to South Korea for help in battling the outbreak on Apr 8, according to an AFP report. South Korea responded with an offer of medicine and quarantine equipment, AFP reported today. The story said North Korea replied by proposing to hold talks on the matter from Apr 20 to 22 at the North Korean border town of Kaesong.The North Koreans also sent a list of medicine and quarantine equipment it needed, AFP reported.North Korean outbreak describedNorth Korea sent an official report of its avian flu outbreak to the OIE Apr 7 and 8, as shown on the OIE Web site. The report says the outbreak began at the Hadang chicken farm Feb 25, leading to the sacrifice and burial of about 152,000 chickens there. Chickens in unaffected buildings and on neighboring farms were subsequently vaccinated with an inactivated virus vaccine derived from the chickens that had died.A second outbreak began about Mar 5 at two neighboring chicken farms, called Sopo and Mangyangdae, according to the North Korean report. About 52,000 and 15,000 chickens were sacrificed at those two farms. No further outbreaks were detected after Mar 7.Because of a lack of standard sera and testing kits, it took until Mar 26 to identify the virus as H7, the report says.Some news services recently have described H7 avian flu as posing no risk of human infection. However, a major outbreak of H7N7 avian flu in poultry in the Netherlands in 2003 led to at least 89 human cases. Symptoms in most of these were limited to conjunctivitis, but one veterinarian died of pneumonia.At the Paris conference last week, the FAO and OIE said about $100 million (US) is urgently needed to combat avian flu in Asia and appealed to potential donor countries for funds. To date, only Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands have promised to help the affected countries, the FAO statement said.See also:Apr 8 FAO statement read more

H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Simultaneous vaccination, advice for pregnancy, assessing risk, Tamiflu security, less illness in Canada, air-passenger restrictions

first_imgNIAID to study simultaneous seasonal-flu, pandemic vaccinationThe head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said the agency will approve a study of whether vaccines for the pandemic H1N1 virus and seasonal flu can be given at the same time, the Canadian Press reported today. Meanwhile, Canada has plans to test whether people who have egg allergies can be given flu vaccines produced in eggs, a step now considered too risky. The studies are among a number planned in preparation for a likely H1N1 vaccination drive this fall.Advice to pregnant women sows confusion in UKMessages from two health groups in Britain yesterday caused confusion about the dangers posed by the novel H1N1virus to women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, according to a TimesOnline report. The Royal College of Midwives said pregnant women should not use public transport, while the National Childbirth Trust suggested that women delay pregnancy until the pandemic ends. Government health officials described the groups’ advice as extreme and said their advice to women had not changed.[Jul 20 TimesOnline report]ECDC assesses pandemic risksIn a risk assessment published today, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said to expect 20% to 30% of the population to be affected during the next wave of pandemic H1N1, with the attack rate highest in children and young adults. Though it admits uncertainty, the ECDC says a “reasonable” assumption is a hospitalization rate of 1% to 2%. It also estimates a case-fatality rate of 0.1% to 0.2% and says, “this pandemic can severely stress healthcare systems.”Security guards to protect Tamiflu depots in BritainSecurity guards will be used to protect oseltamivir (Tamiflu) supplies when more than 100 distribution centers are set up in the United Kingdom this week, according to a report by Metro, a free British newspaper. The location of the centers will be kept secret until they are set to open. Richard Hampton of the National Health Service said there is concern about theft and the safety of workers at the centers. Plans call for giving the drug to patients who describe symptoms over the phone.[Jul 20 Metro story]Canada sees decline in flu-like illnessCanada saw a decrease in people with flu-like symptoms last week, suggesting that community transmission of the H1N1 virus is decreasing, Canwest News Service reported today. Most cases have been mild, but there were still “pockets of more severe disease” in some communities, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said at a Jul 17 press conference, according to the story.[Jul 20 Canwest story]Egypt reports its first H1N1 fatalityEgypt reported its first death from the novel H1N1 virus, involving a young woman who fell ill while on a Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported yesterday. The woman, who had a heart condition due to rheumatic fever, was hospitalized after she returned to Egypt and died Jul 18, the health ministry said. Other reports listed the woman’s age as 25. Egypt has had confirmed 130 H1N1 cases, including 10 new ones reported yesterday, the state news agency said.[Jul 19 Reuters report]Air carriers list restrictions on suspected H1N1 patientsTwo British air carriers, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, announced they would increase restrictions on passengers with suspected H1N1 infections, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report. If a customer looks sick, the airport staff can call in a medical team for advice, the story said. If the medical team is concerned, the customer will be asked to produce a “fit-to-fly” certificate from a doctor or hospital.[Jul 20 AFP story]last_img read more

Uniline – a new partner of the Croatian Olympic Committee

first_imgAn agreement on business cooperation between Uniline and the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) was solemnly signed at the business headquarters of Uniline, the leading Croatian tour operator.Through business cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Committee, Uniline announces a major step forward in sports tourism at a new level, through an innovative program aimed at promoting the Republic of Croatia as a sports destination and becoming the official travel agency of the Croatian Olympic Committee and an important support to Croatian Olympians.On the significance of the contract for the future business of Uniline, the President of the Management Board Boris Žgomba stated: “We are proud to become a member of the Croatian Olympic family. By cooperating with the Croatian Olympic Committee, we are strengthening our previous business activities in the field of sports tourism and announcing a new step in the focus of previous cooperation with a number of sports federations and clubs and participation in the organization of important sporting events. It is a unique program that will promote Croatian sports and tourism infrastructure with accompanying services to several domestic destinations and a dozen sports in a new and integrated way, which will be crucial in positioning Croatia as a sports – tourist destination.” The contract between Uniline and the COC was concluded for four years.Related news:BORIS ŽGOMBA, UNILINE: WE ARE GETTING CLOSER TO THE POSITION OF THE LEADING DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY IN THE REGIONKRISTIAN ŠUSTAR IS THE NEW DIRECTOR OF UNILINE DEVELOPMENTUNILINE OPENS NEW BUSINESS HEADQUARTERS AND PRESENTS NEW BUSINESS PHILOSOPHYlast_img read more

Cavtat nominated for the best European destination in 2019. How relevant is the whole story around European Best Destination?

first_imgMostly if it comes to winning the title, again it’s just the first step. What is the strategy? Budget? There is no free lunch in this game, either you play the game or you don’t. And for the game we need strategy, budget and proactivity. Of course, the first logical focus should be on our market, because we are counting on local patriotism, which will bring us the initial buzz and a good part of the votes in a short time. Although the story about EBD is already quite a media-worn story, the local population, as well as the media, will convey the story and give their vote for the domestic destination. But you should certainly communicate in English in order to “catch” the voices of foreign tourists. One of the segments, in my opinion, should target tourists from areas that are not nominated, but the most important thing is to communicate with tourists who have already visited our destination and who keep coming back, in this case Cavtat. “Sama nominacija već puno znači i otvara dodatne prilike za razvoj i promidžbu Cavtata, destinacije koja iz godine u godinu bilježi rast turista – što je jasan pokazatelj kako ima sve veći značaj na listi putovanja brojnih turista iz cijelog svijeta. Drago nam je da je udruga European Best Destination prepoznala Cavtat, a bit će nam izuzetno drago da se što veći broj ljudi priključi i da svoj glas za Cavtat. ” said Frano Herendija, director of the Konavle Tourist Board. As before, to win the title, our vote is needed. Voting is extremely simple, just click on the page and just a few seconds of your time to choose Cavtat among the offered destinations. The title of the best European destination is as relevant as we make it relevant In addition to Zadar, last year’s nomination of the island of Hvar speaks in favor of this. Unfortunately, there was no real strategy or enough promotion to collect enough votes, so the island of Hvar failed to get the title of the best European destination. The motive for coming is not a hotel or accommodation, but a tourist destination, so without synergy there is no long-term success. Also in this story, everyone benefits, if there are positive changes in the promotion and winning of some of the titles, which results in an increase in arrivals and overnight stays. The award for the best destination in Europe has been held since 2009 and is organized by the European Best Destinations (EBD), a European organization based in Brussels, created with the aim of promoting culture and tourism in Europe and in cooperation with tourism offices and EDEN. European and world level, promotes a greater understanding of the richness, diversity and quality of European destinations. The Belgian portal “European Best Destinations” writes that it is followed by about 2,5 million people, which is certainly a large number, but when we look at the number of voters then we see that it is still a much smaller number of active voters. Also, it is normal for “each” of the nominated cities, especially the smaller ones, to see their promotional opportunity through the competition and try to animate the voters in their homeland as much as possible, because it is the easiest way to play on national emotions. Namely, Cavtat is on the list of 20 destinations nominated for the best European destination in 2019, including Genoa, Malaga, Budapest, Paris and Rome. In addition to this nomination, European Best Destination ranked Cavtat among the best in the categories: “Best destination for nature lovers” and “Best romantic destination”. But, just like with the nominations themselves, so with winning the title, the real work is just beginning. On the other hand, on the other hand Zadar who missed the opportunity and did not succeed. After receiving the title, there was no communication, strategy, branding… and the whole story did not yield any realistic results, except for the short-term PR effect. After winning the title, the whole story stopped. All tourist employees of Cavtat, from hoteliers to hosts in family accommodation who have strong newsletter bases and their own promotion channels, must be included to encourage their guests and their base to activate and vote. The goal is synergy and multiplication of the promotion effect, and best of all it is a free promotion. It is important to note that you can vote once a week from one IP address. The competition lasts for three weeks, from January 15 to February 5, How relevant is the whole story around the European Best Destination portal? Conclusion After the initial application, the real work is just beginning, and it is necessary to make a good marketing campaign with special visuals, story, strategy, communication in target markets, etc.… to activate as large a base as possible and ultimately win enough votes. It should also be taken into account that big cities such as London or Paris are not actively involved in this story at all. Let’s say just one Paris according to 2016 data has over 2.2 million inhabitants. To activate only 5% of the population voting for Paris victory is there, not counting the global popularity of Paris as a Top tourist destination. The budget and the reach of the publications of the mentioned cities are certainly much higher if the stories about the EBD are really accepted. Then the whole story is much harder, but again not impossible. When you play with the big ones, then you have to build your opportunity on reaction speed, creativity and innovation. Either you play the game or not? The most important thing to point out is that the nomination alone is not enough to achieve success, it is only the first step. As in the case of the nomination itself, so in the case of obtaining the eventual title of the best European destination, it is not enough just to get recognition. For the concrete benefit of the whole story, after obtaining the title, it is necessary to additionally make a plan and strategy on how to “cash in” that title, and it is necessary to invest again. Svakako kako je jedna od osvojenih titula odlična platforma i PR priča za promociju, pogotovo za manje poznate turističke destinacije. No opet, samo ako je napravimo relevantnom te moramo biti svjesni da kod ove “avanture” kao i kod same prijave tako i kod eventualne pobjede, pravi posao tek počinje. So, the nomination alone is not enough, the real work is just beginning. Even if one of the titles is not won, it is certain that investing in promotion and PR did not go to waste. It’s all about investing, and the money spent on promotion and branding is certainly not an expense, but an investment. Of course if we invest it wisely. Without investment there is nothing of this story, as usual in everything. So, we can conclude that this is a relatively small number of votes needed for a possible victory. On the other hand, of course, every year the ranking for victory rises, because the portal has more and more voters, and what is most credited to the nominated cities because they do free promotion of the entire portal by agitating for themselves through their social networks. In accordance with the relatively small number of votes, if we look at the entire European market, the question arises of the relevance of the whole story, both with the example of Advent in Zagreb and now. However, it was Zagreb that showed the fact that the title of the best European destination is relevant as much as we make it relevant ourselves. If we look at the statistics in the case of the third victory of Zagreb Advent for the best Christmas destination in 2018 on the European Best Destinations portal participated 200.596 people from 131 countries, and 38.830 voters gave their vote among the candidate cities Zagreb, while second-placed Colmar received a total of 24.625 votes. The title of the best European destination is as relevant as we make it relevant. TZGZ succeeded in that and excellently branded the whole story about Advent in Zagreb, and in the end it “charged” through the increased arrival of tourists and branding of the city. The whole year should be in that spirit, various programs, facilities, visuals in the city, activating hotels and family accommodation to use the brand, special targeted campaigns for various markets, justify why the title is deserved and continue to tell the story and further refine it through various facilities throughout the year. This is especially important for regular guests, in this case Cavtat, and those who have visited Cavtat at least once. Of course, if Cavtat delighted us, then we are emotionally attached to it because we have experienced it and are therefore more inclined to give our voice. After the famous European Best Destination portal declared the city of Zagreb the best European Christmas destination in Europe for three years in a row, Nin as a romantic destination in Europe, and the City of Zadar as the best European destination in 2016, Cavtat will try its hand in 2019. If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations – Bill Gates Let’s make nice wishes. One is desire, and something quite another is goal. Behind the goal is action and proactivity. If our goal is to win the title of the best European destination, then we must also have a strategy on how to achieve the set goal. So, the real question is whether Cavtat wants to win the title of the best tourist destination or is that their goal. In the case of Zadar, more people never voted, ie a total of 288,992, while Zadar as the winner of the election received 57,616 votes, of which 53,4 percent of the votes came from outside Croatia. Glasanje je krenulo, a prvi korak je da mi, vi podržimo našeg kandidata za najbolju europsku destinaciju. Ja sam svoju “građansku” dužnost obavio, radi se o par sekundi našeg vremena. You can vote for Cavtat HERElast_img read more

Zagreb and Dubrovnik included in the Michelin guide – Main Cities of Europe 2019

first_imgGreat news for the tourism and gastronomy sector comes to us from one of the most important restaurant guides in the world – the Michelin guide. The new MICHELIN guide offers restaurants and hotels in 38 European cities. “Anonymous trained inspectors visit and select restaurants applying Michelin’s famous food rating system and use a similar process for hotels. Passengers can feel confident relying on Michelin because only the best make a difference”Point out from Michelin in the description. Zagreb restaurants Noel, Apetit City, Zinfandel’s, Takenoko, Mano, Dubravkin put, Boban, Mundoaka, Bistro apetit by Marin Rendić, Agava, Gallo and Le Bistro Esplanade are in the prestigious company of the selection of MICHELIN’s gastro guide for 2018, and Michelin stars deserved restaurants Pelegrini from Šibenik, 360º from Dubrovnik and Monte from Rovinj. RELATED NEWS: MICHELIN AWARDS AWARDED TO CROATIAN RESTAURANTScenter_img There are currently 62 restaurants in Croatia with Micehlin plates or stars. Namely, this year in the printed edition of the Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe 2019: Restaurants & Hotels three new cities have been added, Zagreb and Dubrovnik from Croatia and Revjavik from Iceland.last_img read more

Alemka Markotić: It is not realistic to expect a lot of tourists to come at once

first_img“One should let vent and desires. These are desires. We all want those wishes to come true. Each scenario is still open. SARS has decided to disappear in one particular period and we would be overjoyed for that to happen now. And that scenario is possible. Precautions should also be considered that will not be abandoned now. You need to think and plan – it’s always okay and good. But one should be very realistic and know that it is not very realistic to find a lot of tourists at once, especially from other countries that have a much worse epidemiological situation than us. We are all realistic in what situation we are in. But we must not, with one wrong move, inflict long-term damage. It would have cost us a lot more to get back to the situation from two months ago”Markotić points out.  Director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases’ Dr. Fran Mihaljević ‘ Alemka Markotić answered the journalist’s questions Evening paper after a conference of the National Civil Protection Headquarters.   The virus is a complete unknown. No one can predict anything and no one from the scientific community dares to give some predictions, Markotić emphasized and added that all infections so far are based on some rules that we have learned and that we know more or less. This virus is new and very unpredictable and therefore it is very difficult to predict and predict anything. Any serious expert tries not to run out of opinion without any solid analysis. “Currently, two vaccines are in the furthest stage according to the World Health Organization. One is from China, one from the US. If all goes well, then they could have the vaccine in a year – commented on the development of vaccines and stated that the development of a whole range of drugs is going on at the same time.  center_img When asked what we can expect from the tourist season, Markotić points out that regardless of the wishes and the arrival of summer, one should be realistic and know that it is not realistic to expect a lot of tourists to come at once. Source: Vecernji TVlast_img read more