Analysis of key factors included the new station is not easy

so what is the reason for the new website is not easy? Usually, for love Shanghai for the new site is still very large, if a new web design is relatively new, but also has good content included in general will not be a big problem, but the content of these sites by the depth of collection is more difficult, to understand the real reason for the new sites included is not easy, we must first proceed from the principle analysis of spider love Shanghai.

The main content of the strategy of When we

understand the web spiders included, we want to improve the site included speed, you need to allow the site to be love Shanghai spiders to crawl in a very short time, and grab more times, then included will be more rapid. We should be as far as possible the links posted to love Shanghai products, such as Shanghai or Shanghai know love love, or love to Shanghai, the last is to.

a hard to engage in new sites online after the greatest expectations is the site can be included by love Shanghai search engine quickly, so we will continue to increase the website ranking opportunity, otherwise you will never be in a bottomless pit, it is difficult to have the light of day, naturally it is difficult to obtain high profits. read more

Love Shanghai update algorithm focus on illegal acquisition such as five sites

2, hit although the content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other sites, itself is not the original content of the website

original article belongs to the judge who, before some difficulty. Because the article is probably from your original, and was originally released on its website. However, because your website weight is low, after the release of not included. The collection site high weight, the original article is collected to the site. Wait for the love of Shanghai included your article, but that your article acquisition of others. It is bitter hate mid pressure gold wedding dress for others."

Xiaoxiang Yu Wen in A5 published a "love Shanghai server website snapshot is actually better than on-line time" article, in the article snapshot many websites back some time even before the time line on the website snapshot. This is really annoying. For the love of Shanghai indicates that the website snapshot error, Shanghai Dragon Master guess two reasons. One is love Shanghai server attacks; the other is love Shanghai technical personnel misoperation. Now the first reason was cleared. The second reason is established, but more accurate to say is this: love Shanghai update algorithm, causing the site snapshot error. read more