Funding Formula Review to Benefit Students School

first_img To ensure no school board will receive a funding reduction in 2005-06, school board funding will be distributed on the same basis as 2004-05,; School boards that would receive increased funding under the report’s recommendations will receive 50 per cent of that increase as an additional allocation starting in 2005-06. This amounts to $2 million shared among the Cape Breton-Victoria, Halifax, South Shore and Tri-County school boards and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial. EDUCATION–Funding Formula Review to Benefit Students, SchoolBoards Students and school boards will benefit from a review of theschool board funding formula said Education Minister Jamie Muir,after an independent report on school board funding was presentedby its author today, March 29. Mr. Muir said that staff from the Department of Education willmeet with school boards before finalizing a new approach tofunding. “My priority is to continue to ensure students across theprovince have equal opportunity to receive a quality education,”said Mr. Muir. “That’s why we’re working with school boards tofinalize a funding formula that is fair, transparent andequitable to all students.” Bill Hogg, former provincial deputy minister of finance,presented the proposed new funding formula framework to schoolboards, the Nova Scotia School Boards Association andrepresentatives of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union today. Mr. Hogg’s job was to recommend to the Department of Education afunding formula that is fair and transparent to school boards andthe public. School boards, the Nova Scotia School BoardAssociation and other education partners had an opportunity tocomment on Mr. Hogg’s preliminary report before it was submittedto the department. “As pleased as we are with Mr Hogg’s work, we are not in aposition today to accept his proposal,” said Mr. Muir. “We mustfirst discuss the proposal in depth with each school board. Theirinput is critical to ensure a new funding formula reflects thedifferent cost pressures across the province and other factors,including geography and the rate of enrolment decline.” The proposed funding formula framework indicates that there needsto be a change in how education dollars are distributed. Inresponse, the Department of Education will start to addressequity differences in 2005-06 while it reviews the proposedformula with school boards. In the interim:center_img Mr. Hogg will join officials from the Department of Educationwhen they meet with the school boards beginning in May 2005.last_img read more