Atlantic Energy Ministers Launch Efficiency Awareness Campaign

first_imgA family of four can save up to $250 a year on their energy bills by installing a low flow shower head. That is just one of the energy reducing tips Atlantic Canadians can learn in the coming weeks as part of SAVE, a Shared Atlantic Vision for Energy Efficiency. SAVE, an awareness campaign, was launched today, March 8, by all four provincial energy ministers. “We want to provide useful information so Atlantic Canadians understand how they can reduce energy and save money,” said Nova Scotia Energy Minister Bill Dooks. “By working co-operatively with other provinces in Atlantic Canada, we can reach more people and increase the amount of energy conserved.” SAVE is about sharing information to help reduce energy use, power bills and greenhouse gas emissions, said Jamie Ballem, chair of the Atlantic Energy Ministers Forum and Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry for Prince Edward Island. “We have seen in the last few years that energy prices are influenced by many complex factors beyond our borders and beyond our control — whether it’s the growing demand for fossil fuels in India and China, or Hurricane Katrina in the United States. Atlantic Canadians cannot do anything about those factors. But each of us does have the power to reduce our energy costs by using energy wisely,” said Mr. Ballem. The initial phase of the SAVE campaign, will feature a series of energy efficiency tips on radio, in newspapers and on cable television over the next few weeks. This phase of the campaign is sponsored by the Council of Atlantic Premiers with additional assistance from Efficiency NB/Efficacité NB and Maritime Electric Company Limited. “We are pleased that more people are interested in energy efficiency, and we feel many are hungry for more information on best practices,” said New Brunswick Energy Minister Brenda Fowlie. “Our first step is to generate some attention, to let people know that there are some simple things you can do that really have an impact.” As an example, Ms. Fowlie pointed out that turning down your thermostat when you are out of the house or sleeping can reduce your heating bill by up to 10 per cent. “Energy efficiency is a matter of everyday concern and it is in our hands to make a difference,” said Newfoundland and Labrador Natural Resources Minister Ed Byrne. “The government of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to this promotional effort and I am confident that it will help citizens explore useful ways in which to reduce their overall energy consumption and tackle rising costs.”last_img read more