Reach the limits of No Mans Sky with these tips and tricks

first_imgNo Man’s Sky, the grandest procedurally generated, astronomically massive open world game around, is here. In it, you’ll be mining and crafting (not unlike that other massive procedurally generated open-world game) so you can upgrade your ship, get better gear, and keep trekking the stars.With 18 quintillion planet-sized planets there’s a lot of ground to cover, and if you’re going to go trekking out to the black, you might need some tips to get you started. Here are our best suggestions for players who are just getting started on their own adventures into the great unknown. Upgrade your scanner1/11When you first start up the game, you’ll be dropped on some random planet with a crashed ship and little more than a basic mining laser to gather the materials you need to get it fixed up. This serves as basically the game’s only tutorial, but it should help impress upon you how important mining is. If your ship breaks, you need materials to fix it and you get them through mining. If you want to trade or buy a new ship or new tools, you’ll need to mine. The difference between No Man’s Sky and that other famous mining game is that No Man’s Sky gives you a scanner to isolate the most valuable deposits. Do yourself a favor and upgrade this as soon as you possibly can. You may need to find some blue prints before you can get a better scanner, so keep an eye out for old outposts or anything that looks like it’d have some fancy tech stashed away in a long-forgotten corner.<><>last_img read more