Sammy slams ‘short of brains’ comment

first_img Highly motivated KOLKATA, India (CMC): Captain Darren Sammy has lashed out at cricket broadcaster Mark Nicholas for describing West Indies as “short of brains” in a pre-tournament preview, and says the comment helped served as a catalyst for the side’s success in the ongoing Twenty20 World Cup. Writing before the tournament, Nicholas said West Indies were “short of brains, but have Indian Premier League history in their ranks”, a comment Sammy and the Caribbean side took great exception to. “How could you describe people with ‘no brains’? Animals got brains. We’re not an object,” an emotional Sammy told a media conference on the eve of the Twenty20 World Cup final here yesterday. “To me, that particular comment really set it off for us. You could see me talking about it. It’s kind of emotional, as for somebody who I respect and had good rapport with that particular gentleman. “To describe our team, who were defending champions four years ago, as we guys with no brains is really out of order.” West Indies lost just once in the preliminaries – to Afghanistan in their final game – to top Group 1 ahead of the semi-finals. They then produced a spectacular performance against tournament favourites India, chasing down 193 at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday in Mumbai to book their spot in the final. Sammy said that because of the criticism, West Indies had become closer as a unit and were now highly motivated ahead of today’s final. “Everybody is entitled to his opinion. You guys (media) ask most difficult questions to get a good story. We understand that. The key for us is the belief in our own circle. Whatever they say, it does not really matter,” Sammy pointed out. “God doesn’t love the ugly, and we’re very wonderful and very beautiful men. That’s why we play exciting cricket. For us, all these things have happened before the tournament. That’s the passion, determination that we take on the field. It’s one more step. We believe that we could do it.”last_img read more

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Martin’s Energy Quiz — Third Edition

first_img This article is only available to GBA Prime Members Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details. GBA published an energy quiz in 2009, and another one in 2011. It looks like we’re overdue for another installment.Answers are provided at the bottom of this column; don’t peek until you’ve finished the quiz.1. True or false: In freezing climates, a drainback solar hot water system circulates ordinary water (without any antifreeze) through its solar collectors.(a) True.(b) False.2. Which of the following statements best describes the “cold OSB problem”?(a) OSB sheathing is more at risk when stud cavities are filled with thick insulation than thin insulation.(b) When OSB gets very cold, the adhesive that binds the wood flakes may fail.(c) OSB can fail if it is covered on the exterior with a thick layer of rigid foam.(d) Researchers have not succeeded in developing an OSB sleeping bag.3. The International Residential Code includes a table listing prescriptive requirements for insulation and windows. The column labeled “fenestration U-factor” shows:(a) Minimum U-factors for windows.(b) Maximum U-factors for windows.(c) The confusion rate for readers with low Understanding Factors (i.e., low U-factors) who are forced to decipher code documents.4. Which of these statements is true?(a) No roof assembly can dry to the exterior.(b) All roof assemblies can dry to the exterior.(c) Some roof assemblies can dry to the exterior.(d) Roofs in Seattle are always wet.5. Which of these statements is most likely to be true for a certified Passivhaus?(a) The house has Zehnder windows, a Siga heat-recovery ventilator, and Intus tape.(b) The house has Intus windows, a Zehnder heat-recovery ventilator, and Siga tape.(c) The house has Siga windows, an Intus heat-recovery ventilator, and Zehnder tape.(d) The windows cost too much.6. Compared to exhaust-only ventilation systems, heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) systems have several advantages. Which… center_img Start Free Trial Already a member? Log inlast_img read more