Give them a reason to believe in you’

first_imgNever has a woman served in the highest public office in the United States, and men outnumber women in Congress, 517 to 118. But, three women have stood at the helm of United States foreign policy formation as secretaries of state. Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the second woman and second African American to hold the position, spearheaded American efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East and helped to lead the country through the Iraq War’s beginning, Sept. 11, the collapse of the Soviet bloc and German reunification Rice, who received her master’s degree in political science from Notre Dame in 1975, served as national security advisor from 2001 to 2005 and as secretary of state from 2005 to 2009 under the Bush administration. Rice said she was able to lead within the male-dominated security field because she was confident. “Early on in my career, I think when I walked in the room, people might have been a little surprised that I studied military affairs, and Soviet military affairs at that, but when you walk into a room like that, you have to walk in with confidence,” Rice said. “And what makes you confident is the sense that you’re well prepared. So, I always felt that I was well prepared and I never felt out of place in those circumstances. But I think there’s no doubt that when I walked in the room there were a few raised eyebrows, right at the beginning. “But you get used to that, and you get to the place where you just move on and do the business that you’re there to do.” A seat at the table Connecting with leading foreign policymakers helped Rice to break into the ranks of the field’s most elite thinkers, she said. Among these interactions was a critically important meeting with Brent Scowcroft, national security advisor under Presidents Ford and George H.W. Bush, during a 1985 arms control meeting at Stanford University. “When President George H.W. Bush won the presidency, Brent [Scowcroft] went to be his national security advisor, and Brent asked me to come and be his Soviet specialist on the National Security Council,” Rice said. After her time within the Bush administration, Rice returned to Stanford in order to remain eligible for tenure at the university. She then met George Shultz, then-secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan, at the Hoover Institution. Shultz invited her to a luncheon club, where she engaged other preeminent foreign policy intellectuals. “You have to find people who will advocate for your career, who believe in you. … You have to give them a reason to believe in you,” Rice said. “So, you have to be good at what you’re doing, but in the case of both George Shultz and Brent Scowcroft, they were very senior people. … And so I got to know them, and they began to introduce me to other people in the field.” Rice said Scowcroft and Shultz helped her to jumpstart her career, even though they were not from similar backgrounds or of the same demographics as her. “I know that people say you need role models to look like you,” Rice said. “It’s wonderful, if that’s the case, but my mentors were white men. They were old, white men, because those were the only people who dominated my field. Had I been waiting for a black, female Soviet role model, I’d still be waiting. Firsts only come about when you’re willing to take that first step. Even if there is somebody in the field who doesn’t look like you, don’t make that a constraint.” A world of ideas and research Rice graduated from the University of Denver in 1974 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and from the University of Notre Dame in 1975 with a master’s in political science. She then received her Ph.D. at the age of 26 from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver in 1981. Though her expertise positioned her well to be an influential policymaker, Rice said her time in academia made it more difficult for her to depend on others to supply her with specialist knowledge while serving as a high-level policymaker. “When I say I’m an academic, what I mean is that there is no greater profession for me than teaching and the world of ideas and research,” Rice said. “My academic background, of course, gave me the depth of expertise, … starting with the work that I did [at Notre Dame] in international politics and economics, becoming a specialist on the Soviet Union, deepening that knowledge. One of the hard things when you’re a policymaker is that if you’re an academic, you like to know things in great depth. I probably knew more about the Soviet general staff than they knew about themselves, at one point in my life. “When you are a policymaker, you aren’t ever going to know everything in depth – you’re going to have to depend on other people’s expertise. That is a little bit hard sometimes, for academics, to make decisions when you aren’t the expert on an issue.” As a result of her studies, especially at Notre Dame, Rice said she developed a very strong sense of “the important values.” “I’m actually a Presbyterian minister’s daughter, and I’ve been deeply religious all my life. This important link of faith and reason, the recognition that faith and reason are not enemies of one another, is very important and has been very important in my development,” Rice said. “I think Notre Dame played a major role for me in that.” The essence of leadership Developing the ability to adhere to personal values while making decisions is a critical component of good leadership, Rice said. “I think the most important characteristic of a leader is to have integrity,” she said. “When you look in the mirror and you’re about to ask people who you’re leading to do something, ask yourself, ‘Is this something I would do?’ And if the answer is ‘This isn’t something I would do,’ then don’t ask people who work for you to do it.” Rice said leaders should focus not only on shaping the paths ahead for their organizations, but also on developing the leadership capacities of their support staff. “I think that it’s really important to recognize that part of your job is to recognize leadership qualities in other people. You can’t lead by yourself,” she said. “You need others, a team, to help you lead, and the larger the organization, the more people you need to help you lead. And so, recognizing and nurturing leadership qualities in other people is one of the really important characteristics of leadership.” Critical to Rice’s leadership in American foreign policy was cultivating her own awareness of her goal, she said. “You have to have a strong sense of the essence of what you’re trying to do,” Rice said. “In American foreign policy, that meant really understanding what the United States really meant in the world and building on that.” Rice said both men and women need to draw on a broad spectrum of leadership qualities. “Sometimes you want to collaborate and bring people together. Sometimes you just have to say, ‘No, we’re going to do it that way,’” Rice said. “Both women and men have to do that. … I don’t think women are any more collaborative or any less tough. If you’re going to be a leader, you’re going to have to have all of those qualities.” ‘Work twice as hard’ Realizing she would be unable to turn her childhood dream into a fulfilling career, Rice said maintaining an open mind allowed her to develop a passion that she eventually made into a career. “It may actually not even be the first passion that works out,” Rice said. “I went to college to be a piano performance major, and having recognized that I was probably going to end up teaching 13-year-olds to murder Beethoven for a living, I decided to find another way. “Fortunately, I wandered into a class in international politics in my junior year of college, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s what I want to do.’” Nurturing passion for something is key to a successful career, Rice said. “You have to find something you’re really passionate about, because if you’re passionate about something, you’ll spend the time to become really good at it,” she said. “Becoming good doesn’t mean skimming the surface and becoming superficially good. My parents used to say to me, because I grew up in segregated Birmingham, Ala., where prejudice was all around us, … ‘You have to be twice as good.’ “Now, that’s actually not a bad idea even if you’re not growing up in segregated Birmingham, Ala. Because if you think you have to be twice as good, you’ll work twice as hard. And so, I always felt like I outworked everybody.” Rice said getting involved in politics requires a sense of optimism. “You actually have to give the political system a chance,” Rice said. “I know there are a lot of reasons these days to not have very much faith in our political system. I know that a lot of people are skeptical about Washington, D.C. People don’t trust the political system, but we’re a democracy. “We have to own our institutions. We have to own our political process.”last_img read more

Time to buy a Brisbane apartment is now, leading analyst says

first_imgPlace Advisory director Lachlan Walker says it’s a good time to look at buying an apartment in Brisbane.Inner Brisbane “appears to be headed toward undersupply within the next 12 to 18 months”, according to the report, which makes a return to sustained capital growth in the apartment market an increasingly likely scenario.Place Advisory director Lachlan Walker said there had been a significant shift away from investor-grade one-bedroom units to higher quality two-bedroom and three-bedroom, which was good news for buyers. A new report has found Brisbane’s new apartment supply is shrinking fast. Image: AAP/Darren England.THE time to buy an apartment in Brisbane is now, according to a leading property analyst.Nearly two thirds of apartment projects planned for the city have been ditched or deferred as it heads towards an undersupply of stock that could drive up prices and competition, a new report reveals.The Place Advisory report shows new development applications now account for just 10 per cent of the future apartment pipeline, with 62 per cent shelved or abandoned and only 28 per cent approved. Quality apartments aimed at owner-occupiers like those in Gallery House in Hamilton are selling fast.Mr Walker said less stock was coming to market, which meant increased demand and likely price growth.“It’s definitely a good time to be looking at the apartment market again,” Mr Walker said.“Compared to 18 months ago, when the apartment market was to some degree flooded, the current product on market is designed for owner occupier purchasers (not investors).”The average apartment sale price in Brisbane is 6.5 per cent higher at $841,333 based on 150 unconditional sales — up from $790,000 in the September quarter and $700,000 in the same period 12 months prior. The second stage of the waterfront development Gallery House sold 22 apartments during the December quarter, the highest result of any development. One of the bedrooms in the penthouse in Soko Waterfront Apartments.The latest Urbis apartment report predicts the national apartment market will show signs of recovery this year.The report found that with new stock coming in and sales experiencing speed bumps, national apartment sales as a percentage of available stock dropped to a new low of 7.7 per cent in the December quarter of 2018.It noted that the first half of 2019 would likely bring more than 1000 new apartment launches for Brisbane.NEW APARTMENT PROJECTS COMPLETEDProject Location Total units Sold to date Available for saleThe Midtown CBD 144 129 15 Mary Lane CBD 184 124 60Belise Bowen Hills 228 207 21The Yards Bowen Hills 401 331 70Capri Newstead 207 189 18Mode Newstead 158 153 5Nero Newstead 108 95 13 Alcyone Hamilton 228 198 30Pure Spring Hill 93 86 7The Johnson Spring Hill 192 191 1Baxter St Fortitude Valley 56 50 638 High St Toowong 136 127 9Illumina Toowong 221 211 10Augustus Toowong 90 85 5Light & Co – Radiance West End 139 136 3Light & Co – Illuminate West End 90 84 6INK West End 107 80 27Olympia on Russell South Brisbane 65 62 3Black Fold West End 40 29 11 More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus14 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market14 hours agoAtlas South Brisbane 210 170 40Soko West End 120 113 7Allure West End 53 41 12Corde East Brisbane 60 56 4The Marc Kangaroo Point 69 69 0Lincoln on the Park Greenslopes 93 72 21The Duke Kangaroo Point 125 124 1NEW APARTMENT PROJECTS UNDER CONSTRUCTIONProject Location Expected completion Total units Sold to date Available for saleSkytower CBD 2019 1092 1005 87443 Queen CBD 2020 264 173 91 Magnolia St Lucia Dec 2019 34 13 21Utopia Space Fortitude Valley End 2019 300 243 57Gallery House(Stage 1) Hamilton 2019 170 145 25White Dawn Toowong 2019 60 52 8Chester Newstead Jun 2020 170 152 18Ella Newstead Jun 2020 149 119 30Gallery House (Stage 2) Hamilton 2020 150 107 43Encore West End Jul 2019 60 25 35One Bulimba Bulimba Aug 2019 30 17 13Linton Kangaroo Point Oct 2019 154 111 43The One West End Nov 2019 61 33 28Citro West End 2019 106 69 37Virtuoso West End 2019 77 64 13The Mews Woolloongabba 2019 139 136 3Boggo Road(Stage 2) Dutton Park 2019 75 63 12Park Central 1 Woolloongabba 2019 168 17 151Brisbane 1 South Brisbane 2019 608 454 154Oxy Greenslopes 2019 60 31 29The Standard South Brisbane Dec 2020 268 244 24NEW APARTMENT PROJECTS AWAITING CONSTRUCTIONProject Location Expected completion Total units Sold to date Available for saleAura Milton Late 2019 82 49 31Obsidian Milton Jun 2020 298 57 241center_img Jorge and Alejandra Palacios recently bought an apartment off-the-plan in Gallery House in Hamilton.Other developments, including 443 Queen, Alcyone Residences, Capri, Soko Waterfront Apartments, The Mews and The Standard all recorded more than 10 unconditional sales for the quarter.The report said construction of the majority of new apartments would be completed in 2019, with 44 per cent currently completed. (Source: Place Advisory)last_img read more

Morocco continues Club World Cup planning, but AFCON still in limbo

first_imgPreparations for the Club World Cup in Morocco in December are continuing “as planned” even though the country has asked to be replaced as host for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) the following month due to fears over the spread of the Ebola epidemic. Morocco has no reported cases of the deadly virus that has killed nearly 5,000 people in West Africa, almost all in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.Unlike the African Nations Cup, this year’s eight-team Club World Cup features only two African sides. The tournament brings together the champions of each of FIFA’s six confederations – in Europe’s case Real Madrid – plus the national league champion from the host country.Matches will be played in Rabat and Marrakesh and FIFA is comfortable that Ebola poses no threat as things stand now. “Should the situation change, we will be in touch with the participating clubs accordingly,” FIFA said in a statement.FIFA said it is in contact with Moroccan authorities and is “constantly updating its position” on the advice of the World Health Organization.Morocco is at loggerheads with the Confederation of African Football over delaying or postponing the Continent’s blue riband event, fearing fans might travel from West Africa for the 16-nation, three-week tournament. CAF insists it must go ahead on the planned dates – January 17 to February 8 – and will meet with Moroccan authorities early next month to try and forge an agreement. South Africa, originally touted as a possible replacement, say they can’t step in while Sudan and Egypt, other countries mentioned as potential stand-ins, are apparently lukewarm over the idea of taking over.last_img read more

Ibra-mania as Zlatan’s double seals Galaxy fightback

first_imgThe Swede then headed home Ashley Cole’s cross in injury time to put Galaxy ahead in an extraordinary finale that lived up to the hype surrounding the veteran striker’s arrival from Manchester United.“If you look back, every team I played for, I scored in my first official game. I wasn’t going to let that stop today,” a delighted Ibrahimovic said afterwards. “I heard the crowd saying ‘We want Zlatan, we want Zlatan’ And I gave them Zlatan,” he added.Ibrahimovic’s winner was the final act of a thrilling first ever derby between the Galaxy and expansion side LAFC, who had surged into a 3-0 lead early in the second half after two goals from Carlos Vela and an own goal from Daniel Steres.Slack play from LAFC allowed Galaxy to pull a goal back through Sebastian Lletget in the 61st minute after dogged work from Servando Carrasco.The home crowd then roared in appreciation in the 71st minute when Ibrahimovic made his entrance from the substitutes bench.The 36-year-old star had an instant impact and was involved in the build-up which led to Galaxy’s second goal, headed in by Chris Pontius from Emmanuel Boateng’s cross.Suddenly the Galaxy dared to dream of an improbable comeback, and when Ibrahimovic thundered home his equaliser on 77 minutes the home side had drawn level.Los Angeles Galaxy coach Sigi Schmid hailed Ibrahimovic’s “world class” second goal.“Ibrahimovic is the perfect definition of a guy who always dares to be brilliant,” Schmid said. “If you do that, you can pull off things. That’s a goal that will go around the world.”– Last word –Ibrahimovic’s winner was the final act of a thrilling first ever derby between the Galaxy and expansion side LAFCLAFC had a chance to regain the lead when Costa Rican international Marco Urena hit the woodwork late on.But instead it was Ibrahimovic who was determined to have the last word.Former Chelsea and England left-back Cole stormed forwards down the left flank and crossed into the area, and Ibrahimovic guided home the header to launch his MLS career in the most dramatic way possible.Ibrahimovic had talked boldly on Friday of helping restore the Galaxy to their position of dominance in Major League Soccer after a dismal 2017 campaign that saw them finish bottom of the Western Conference.However the scale of the task facing Ibrahimovic became apparent after only 26 minutes on Saturday, with Mexico striker Vela scoring twice to give LAFC a 2-0 lead that their dominant play deserved.Vela drew first blood after only five minutes, picking up the ball on the edge of the area and curling a magnificent strike beyond the dive of Galaxy goalkeeper David Bingham to make it 1-0.Los Angeles FC continued to dominate, pressing Galaxy aggressively and threatening in attack through the lively Vela, Costa Rican international Urena and Uruguayan youngster Diego Rossi.Rossi almost doubled the LAFC lead in the 11th minute, flashing a low angled shot wide of the post.But Los Angeles did not have to wait long for the second, with Vela beating Bingham before coolly taking his time to lift his shot into the goal off the underside of the bar.On the bench, Ibrahimovic bowed his head in his hands, and it got worse when Steres turned in an own goal early in the second half to put LAFC 3-0 ahead.However Ibrahimovic had other ideas soon after coming on as a substitute with just under 20 minutes remaining.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000The Swede then headed home Ashley Cole’s cross in injury time to put Galaxy ahead in an extraordinary finaleLOS ANGELES, United States, Apr 1- Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced his arrival in Major League Soccer with two goals on his debut including an injury-time winner as the Los Angeles Galaxy fought back from three goals down to beat Los Angeles FC 4-3 on Saturday.Ibrahimovic — who only arrived in California on Thursday — lashed home an imperious volley from 40 yards just six minutes after coming on as a second-half substitute to make it 3-3 at the StubHub Center.last_img read more

Sikuliaq Commissioned Ready to Begin Research

first_imgDownload AudioThe Research Vessel Sikuliaq was officially commissioned Saturday in a ceremony at the boat’s home port in Seward. The commissioning marked the end of decades of efforts to design and build it; and the beginning of its mission to research the Earth’s rapidly changing and increasingly important polar regions.last_img