Personal examples to explain the two months before the three Shanghai new ranking love experience

two, website internal optimization

, an important preliminary work


site internal optimization I think is relatively simple.

site selection procedures: the structure of the program must be simple and clear, with the search engines love Shanghai love Shanghai, has defined the most with Shanghai Longfeng optimized website structure: the home column page content page, the details can be to love Shanghai webmaster information to check.

2, space choice: many webmaster friends to save money, choose some unknown space business, although the price is cheap, but can not guarantee the stability, speed and safety problems. An unstable site to do optimization is not possible in Shanghai dragon. It is recommended that you do not save money, choose some well-known business space.

1, the domain name choice: domain name registration should try to choose good domain name, number less, recommended贵族宝贝 international domain name, the domain name must be new, those who do not buy second-hand domain, because there may be some domain name into the love Shanghai blacklist, so after the optimization to bring great trouble. In addition, the domain name registration is also very important. read more

The first lesson in online money making the ten great truths shlf1314 discoveredWhat is the value of

The basic flow of


3. is better than slow.

interface is clear and easy to use; web pages are loaded quickly; absolutely not to sell search results in the rankings. The ads on the website should provide relevant content and will not affect the user experience.

1. is user centric and everything else comes in.

creation, shlf1314 was the central task of providing the best user experience. Although many companies advocate the priority of customer interests, but it is difficult to resist all kinds of temptations, often sacrifice a small amount of customer interests to increase shareholder value. shlf1314’s consistent attitude is that if changes made do not bring any advantages to web visitors, they will firmly refuse:

shlf1314 has earned 100 billion by these ten truths. How much did you make? – three read more

Love is not the first Shanghai domain what it means

recently, love is not because of Links problems domain is not in the home, thought it was normal, just look at the key words after the discovery of all keywords no ranking; Internet, query over lots of information, on the forum, seen roughly domain is not the first time, many new sites will appear no ranking the phenomenon of; for the old station, the result of domain is in the first few days have little effect, will return to normal.


network station that domain is on the site of the warning, for many new sites, if the chain is not stable, or collect too much or Links problems, or problems, are prone to the problem of domain is not in the home, although this time site still results in the first place. However, what the snapshot keywords ranking may not keep up the pace; if you find timely correction, then domain results will return to normal, less a few days long half month, half a year or even longer did not change.

at first, love net webmaster is very agree with that argument, after all, just get the chain chain query results, and the causal relationship between the keywords ranking is not much; we like the domain station network, after the inquiry found that the website stationmaster net result does not appear in the first place, only is the weight of stationmaster net is allow all doubt. In addition, we domain NetEase; 163, also did not appear in the first place, the same evidence query chain and weight there is no relation between. read more

Love Shanghai frequently update algorithm, er Shanghai Longfeng not to upgrade on the night

is experienced in recent months love Shanghai updated Shanghai dragon Er, she will fall in love with the sea ah, really is to bring us the bitter Shanghai dragon cliff Er approximation ah, certainly not so alarmist, really thought about why love Shanghai continue to update the algorithm knows from a macro said, this is the Internet industry, every Internet Co are trying to progress, today you progress, tomorrow may be beyond the love of other companies, Shanghai is no exception, he is behind the 360, Sogou browser and so on in chasing, if done 360 and Sogou ranking Shanghai dragon Er will also be they found, as mentioned above in the importance of these points, because they do not improve the search environment, in the end is the result of the loss of users, reduce the purchase amount, from the microscopic to Say, for those of us not in love with every day every hour and moment in search of Shanghai to do the promotion of the people, so we cannot do without according to its rules to work, also confirms the biologist Darwin mentioned the idea of survival of the fittest "survival of the fittest in natural selection," the same years, ah, love is like a football game, as Shanghai the referee, it made the rules if you were illegal, may be booked, if serious may be directly by the red card is K off, you can only look forward to your good behavior, he may allow you to end game gives you the chance to play. Since the platform is set up to love Shanghai, you have to follow the footsteps of love Shanghai, always pay attention to it, if you need to rely on him to give you the products help, you still don’t with my temper, want to do what, unless you don’t rely on it to spread, that is another story, one day you with his things, you have to stick to it. " read more

How to change the domain name DZ forum after the restoration of rank and weight fast

1, website content (either the original or false original)


website domain name, will be within 24 hours included home www domain name, top-level domain name will be included within 48 hours, in the next month, we’ll have to be careful, pay attention to the following points:

2, the high quality of the chain (must be of high quality, rather than not indiscriminate)

belongs to the trouble, the Chinese Wangzhuan forum reminded all the chain of friends, but half of the chain is not back, here to replace the domain name in the chain of friends say thank you.

.The normal update

if you stick it out, there is no way, can only wait for 2 months, the new domain name you have good weight and included again to remind each other, if not change, you can have, is just beginning not, because even if not changed, will give us. Delivery weight, because we had done 301.


many people are lazy, go to Taobao to buy the chain service, but the chain for the website, not only harm the benefits of a good quality of the chain is much more than 10 or even 20 garbage outside the chain, therefore, must be high quality, rather than not indiscriminate read more

Your website can bring what users

As a webmaster

saw a lot of garbage sites, they used to collect the contents of perfunctory users, or directly with the pseudo original tools adapted to write the article, East, West a mess. If this article can keep users, this is the most unfair. Write articles should not only have the central idea, out of the ordinary, let users from the article understand some truth, learn knowledge, this is the true love of the user. Summary: the basic purpose of the user to the site has two kinds, one is to find resources, the other is a link, so we can give the user resources, either external to the user chain platform.

as a webmaster, you have to think about a problem, what your website can bring to the user, the content of the website is the needs of the user, if the user does not need, then, why should it stay. To do a good website, or from the content of quality, either from the popularity of the article, if the quality is good enough, there is no reason not popular. If the site’s popularity is high, even if the content of garbage, can keep the user, because we all love the ride, the hair of the chain of users love the lively website. In questioning their own website does not flow, may wish to think, what the user on your site. read more

The purpose of search engine is to destroy the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Commissioner will di

let Internet users become more lazy, let more real, simple, make more simple and convenient function. The future may each website has a page ranking of the opportunity, and do not need to do outside the chain of Shanghai dragon. The search engine will give each website function score, ranking factor is the timeliness of the content, Title Correlation, certification authority, website security, website user degree, residence time, website click rate.

user experience life shortened the Shanghai DragonThe station optimization

introduction: Shanghai Longfeng future is more like a kind of idea and strategy, rather than position. Any website managers understand the user experience, as long as the typist also thought there will be a typist typewriter. Never mind future website ranking and user experience in Shanghai dragon! In the chain of meaningless. The purpose of search engine is to destroy the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon force transformation of user experience.

What is the future of Shanghai dragon read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon means algorithm changes required to keep pace with the times

3. love Shanghai stepped up efforts to combat the Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai as a business organization, profit is their ultimate goal. If the website by Shanghai Dragon technology to the front, is bound to cause a certain crisis in their. Moreover, Shanghai Longfeng optimization station is not the user experience degree higher than the other station. As mentioned earlier, the Shanghai Shanghai dragon hit love reflected in the optimization of obvious traces of new love, Shanghai included a very slow even not included. Optimized obvious traces of the old station may be right down. Love Shanghai search page ranking is also showing a random, with a station may refresh in a few minutes will be found in different locations. Different IP have different rankings, these are the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon to intensify the crackdown performance. So, to the webmaster, sites have some luck in front of it, is not to say that the original + the chain do well will have good rankings.

2. show love Shanghai polarization to the railway station. Some new sites included very fast, as fast as possible as long as half an hour will be love Shanghai included, which may slow months are not included. I recently had two stations, which included a day, while another more than 20 days are not included. While the two website is the original article, two station day update two articles, the chain is almost the same. The reason is because the station optimization traces not included more obvious, keyword density is relatively large, and the title of title are also long tail keywords, keyword appears in the article where do the anchor text, so love Shanghai refused to included. read more

Website optimization process how to use HTML tags to enhance the optimization effect

first, the purpose and significance of the rational use of HTML tags. We know that the search engines crawl the web content through the spider crawling web information extraction, when extracting important information is realized through the basic code, the main content to let search engines crawl the page conveniently and accurately, the need for ER Shanghai Dragon "artificial noise reduction. In fact, just finished the noise reduction step, still cannot guarantee the correct understanding of the search engine page. But after doing semantic layout, appears in the search engine at a glance the web structure, it’s good to see a user in typesetting articles, reading comfort and speed will be greatly enhanced.

third, we should pay attention to those problems in the process of using labeled? HTML tag is to enhance the basic interface layout optimization. In the process of using, we must clear each label meaning and usage, then note that the label of the nested problem, bilateral markers are paired, must write the end identifier, and unilateral markers we should also use the backslash to the end, the integrity of the code must be well reflected, "although it is composed of a lot of code, user > read more

How to get free blog promotion website weight more awesome

is to eventually blog website Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, of which the most important is the blog weight increase >

for these blogs we give them to locate the appropriate and reasonable, so that it can not be in love with the sea sentences as spam and punishment. They should be in the service of website optimization, mainly is the chain network website construction, at the same time, with the high quality of the article click bring some traffic to your site. It should be noted that the blog content itself is a prerequisite for quality of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, we must resolutely put an end to high rate, not reproduced the freshness of the search engine. So, to improve the blog itself weight by the high quality blog, play free blog premise to improve site weight.

famous free blog has high weight, crawl speed, large number of users and other advantages, to improve the site weight, development has a very good advantage of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. However, for the love Shanghai free blog the adjustment has not stopped, especially for not only to add the chain and blog made greater efforts to intervene and cleaning quality content. Faced with this situation, how should we do in order to give full play to the free blog to improve website weight function? According to my experience, the webmaster insisted on doing so, it can avoid the love of Shanghai’s intervention and punishment, let free blog group promotion website weight more awesome! > , a read more

Shanghai Longfeng friendship link optimization misunderstanding two must know

second errors: no change in the


on Links, believes that many webmaster know its importance in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Links to increase the weight of the website, but also plays a very important role, but anything is a critical point, in the end how much, how to exchange friendship link? I want you the introduction is about the friendship of Shanghai Longfeng optimization link two must know the mistakes today, hope the two can bring you help, let Links role play to the extreme.

page snapshot update slow

, for example, a web site keywords ranking in the sea of love home, but it is March snapshot or 09 years, but the date is very slow, for this website, we can exchange Links? I suggest you is like this website. You can exchange connection. The main reason is very simple, a manifestation of the weights of the website is keyword ranking. Keyword ranking flow higher then your weight is higher. Mainly to see the website weight is good to exchange friendship. Keywords and snapshot is not directly related to the snapshot update is not equal to rank well. When you change the Links how to know each other’s website weight high it is mainly to see the other side of what? The PR value, YAHOO snapshot, included, reverse link. These are not important, important is the rankings and related domain. The relevant domain name is the site of the domain, such as the Shanghai domian:www.***贵族宝贝 in love to get out of the results is called domain. So many friends in this area into misunderstanding. Another point is that it is. read more

Shanghai dragon A5 diagnostic group teach you distinguish the difference between love and Google Sha


content is king included

ranking for the stability of the basic

Shanghai Longfeng personnel website every day hard maintenance of website, do all kinds of work, whether it is to do the content or the chain, the ultimate goal is to improve the overall ranking of the website, let a website to find a suitable position in the search engine, user search engine related words.

either people or companies, are not designed for a search engine to make a station, then you need to do a lot of websites, the website is certainly need input of manpower and material resources, I believe there will be a few people willing to invest, a website can do what, why many websites together? This is completely unnecessary, so this requires Shanghai Longfeng personnel can according to various search engines to take different corresponding measures, this is the first thing to Shanghai dragon personnel to be able to distinguish the major search engines to slight differences in the. Following on from the professional A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team to teach you how to distinguish the difference between love and Shanghai Google, the optimization measures do better. read more

Shanghai Dragon Technology self zero based learning Shanghai Longfeng not as simple as you think

learning is relatively large, before I spent half the time to self-study Shanghai Longfeng, results a waste of time not to say, only learned about the foundation, but also spent a lot of energy, the reason is self once the direction of bias, is used, and online information are not full. The real dry cargo most people don’t share it, so in the online learning point of fur after the beginning of out ghost, be wise after being reality mercilessly several times later in the face, Shanghai dragon online training, learn from the biggest disadvantage is a waste of time, do not understand in the previous time precious time, the wasted time in the above, no studies, is distressed.

is the biggest advantage of Shanghai Longfeng self-study training institutions of the save money, avoid being hurt, and now the Internet Shanghai dragon training institutions innumerable, high tuition fees worry that they can not learn, so choose self-study, before I know some more cattle, through self-study to master a lot of technology, but they are really hard, when others play, they still global access information on the Internet, so they are successful, or they have a good base, so choose self-study. read more

See the love sea than we imagined powerful love from Shanghai

mentioned in the love of Shanghai’s original spark program now a major role in the article above, now for the original product recognition degree is not so high, so now there is a general weight website if you are updating time, then the general love of Shanghai snapshot will be updated, this point in some weight B2B the site is particularly evident. But for the relatively more stringent, the general is designated to release time, not updated with updates, but fell in love with the sea will do special labeling.

the love Shanghai snapshot, first love Shanghai time snapshot and describe the annotation time is the same, but the second is not the same, love Shanghai snapshot time is 2014-02-12, but the description tagging time is 2014-02-15. I have not found such a case, it was found by accident when I was included in the today the 2014-02-12 query, this time I remember clearly I release this news time, 2014-02-15 this time is my site is the latest trends, will call the website for the latest release of the contents, I remember my website has a new application case, is some pictures of things, but know the content on the website construction especially love Shanghai is not very significant, so I might as well have previously released news update date is The 12 news release at No. 15 > read more

Some factors affecting analysis and suggestions of website traffic conversion rate

3. website, if a web page can not see any contact information, company information, some websites even just a single page, if your customers do you think you will believe? In fact, blog positioning themselves a role, this role must be one of the the professional authority, so the user will further believe your station, there are some small details that can be put on their own.

1. website product category, Changsha Shanghai dragon personally feel that this is a very big influence users desire to buy, I see a user to browse my website after leaving such a sentence: "every brand makes you boast over, you want me to choose who to tell the truth, I am good? Thank you very much for this customer, awoken, speaks of a problem, there is the biggest website, a website is really don’t recommend many brands of products, each product recommendation says, this will only lead to a result: We guided by the customer has become the biggest obstacle caused by the customer is determined let the customer without direction, couldn’tdecide finally in vain a loss of customers. Take Taobao mall Taobao stores, personal feel pushed 1-3 flagship product line. read more

The analysis of the six characteristics of the web site is down right and end treatment measures

below by the summer wind to tell you there may be several reasons to be right down, and from the site covered some details and treatment practice days in right down to share with you, for you to troubleshoot problems, let down the right treatment become easier, but also for the problem an antidote against the disease.


2, website snapshot stagnation or retrogression, the site included a large number of reducing: in fact, the above problems appear webmaster should say minority. My website cover it, because is a novel type of website, is to be collected, it is difficult to do original or false original (can’t change it to change the content sections of the novel. In June, 5) last time there has been a lot of stories not included, snapshots from the next update to update a few days, the most severe cases occurred 1 months to update a snapshot of the home page. As can be imagined because a lot of the acquisition of the cause site is down right and how deep. Of course, the above statement is possible, but not certain, just keep doing it, love Shanghai weight, even if the acquisition, love Shanghai will be a large number of collection and timely snapshot, we must first love the face of Shanghai ninja, especially to eat by love in Shanghai, don’t scold love Shanghai. For the website snapshot of stagnation or retrogression, I have met many times, has It is often seen.. The main reason is because of a " read more

Some details for the optimization of the impact of reduced reasonable revision

the right way: during the revision of a copy of the web page you need to modify the file, modify the file copy, when the local test is correct in the upload to the server deployment.


three: breadcrumb navigation changes

for the site for crumbs both play an important role in the Shanghai dragon or UEO. General breadcrumb navigation will provide the current position. For example: Web page » & search; Shanghai dragon » several details for the optimization of the impact of the reasonable reduction of revision. Some of the more experienced staff may be in the revision of optimization during the breadcrumb navigation bar on the next article will use, such as: "the A5 Adsense nets page » & search; Shanghai dragon » some details reasonably reduce the revision of this form for the optimization of the impact of". This change may seem not much, but the search engines don’t think so. Because of a relatively large sites, such as A5, this slight change means that tens of thousands of pages will be changed. read more

Spring on the occasion a review of the reform and innovation of love in Shanghai in 2012

in strengthening product innovation and practicality, love Shanghai increase the contents of web pages and search the construction environment, the introduction of the industry certification service, in order to combat those who rely on some sensitive words to steal user privacy or harm the interests of users of the phishing sites, and 360 for the certification service later is the same, is only 360 free.

K station storm and love Shanghai and grassroots webmaster is constantly upgrading, while the 360 is at this time launched its own search product search, which set off a storm in the circle, and the 360 is to a certain extent by virtue of its own browser port advantages, from the market to grab the share of ten percent. Since the incident, love >

May 31, 2012, Shanghai announced the "love the famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note", the well-known site optimization, away from cheating and proposed some valuable suggestions. Subsequently issued a report cheating, allowing users to participate in the maintenance of network content in the environment, at the same time also reflects the love of Shanghai for the future to create high quality content determination. This is also considered the precursor station 6.18K events. read more

Three experience to deal with love Shanghai adjustment algorithm

1, stability of the old station is still strong in the old domain name weight transfer to

for the webmaster, rare is the old station who has always insisted on the old station in Shanghai love these update algorithm, it has remained stable rankings and included, basically no change, and is revised or converted to other industries, the weight of old domain name will continue to pass it, we can see some good rankings the Taobao customer site and PW site, they quickly improve the ranking is used by a lot of high weight of the old domain name to do, the weight of the succession of the old domain name, so that the late optimization effort.

2, the user experience of the website is more and more attention of website marketing essential

many webmaster should have personal experience to the love of Shanghai, after the Spring Festival, has been constantly updating the new test algorithm, there are many previously ranked stable station which, in this update will be ruthless k out, so for the adjustment of love Shanghai, I own some. Personal practice, summed up the following contents, hope to the webmaster can enlighten. read more

How to set up the Shanghai dragon chain combination health

10. not only the chain to the home page, also want to link to the content page, if you all the chain to the home page, it is very easy to search engine to determine if K is cheating, it’s the station so much to The loss outweighs the gain., a column page, content page, product page, this is a must and reasonable.

1. as far as possible from a different domain, and the best domain name suffix to distinguish, such as com, CN, edu, net and so on.

6. from the station link.


9. there is a part of the chain is not related to your site from the theme of the site. For a natural site outside the chain, it will be more or less in related sites, such as the chain game site may appear in the sales polishing machine forum.

? 8.

5. from the forum, although many forum links for the nofololow property, and the value is not high, but we have to do is to link the natural, a natural site will not only good links as a link? If so, it will be the search engine that deliberately human.

source website weight level collocation, not all websites from high weight website, this is not natural. read more