Those years, operators have made mistakes cat product director, talk about the user’s operation of t

editor’s note: the author of this article is Yan Hao, director of product operations director of mop net (@ cat cat class), which is based on personal experience, and has combed the mistakes made by users’ operating links. In his view, user operations are the most important and difficult part of the operation, the basic logic is very simple, but often ignore the details of the actual operation.

a lot of people asked me about some of the problems encountered in the user’s operation, and combined with some of my previous experience and experience, let me share with you.


operator is actually a very deep knowledge, like the military, not only in a flexible strain, the Suns to fight. Maybe a lot of reason everyone knows, but don’t do, did not do is equal to zero, only through actual combat, can really into your belly.

user operation is the most important and difficult part of the operation. The basic logic of user operation is very simple, that is the first analysis of properties and characteristics of your community groups, the establishment of user of the "Pyramid" structure, then each link is subdivided into "Pyramid", each point were found different breakthrough point, to find the same and different operating strategy and solutions. read more

What kind of novel sites attract users

now I found on the Internet there are many novel sites, these novel website through copy to copy to update the content on how to profit, I see the most is the pop-up ads, the network pop market is 5 yuan /1000, the novel high PV type sites such as it is indeed a good practice, but I don’t know these owners have no consequences, I believe that the flow of a novel site only in the hands of others, for the vast majority of the people, for the sake of a few money and make your own website by the user as the founder of hate, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan, obviously it is very unwise, these people do not understand wide grain, slow kings of truth, in order to benefit a small ruined long-term interests. Let me tell you about what kind of novel site the webmaster should build.

‘s novel website advertising over the day to fly, many users already tired, not only is the user, to some extent, the search engine also tired, so, you have not thought about building a no popups advertising novel website, so the user experience is good, such as free space, popularity come naturally about, because there is no profit model, do, I said here is my idea. Popularity, traffic, my idea is that early transition, pay for the author signing, slowly transition, thus avoiding the copyright issues, at the same time also will gradually grow, there are a few bad places in this method, the first is to have a lot of money, no money is absolutely no, secondly, to consider the promotion, although the outstanding website without advertising, but early kept in purdah no knowledge ah, the necessary promotion is a must, suggestions about GG’s advertising or other pop ads, the price is quite cheap. read more

The tip of the dancers four years of struggle of the millet team, and can take courage once more

summer and autumn, and when the mobile phone manufacturers collective noise of the hammer broke the nuts, the old week our ripe, HUAWEI Black & eager and millet conference, more and more intensive, guies turns platform is the norm, not least the game of rhetoric, but the observation of a person or a business and you can never listen to what he said.

International Conference Center, conference, Lei Jun is still powerful, but a spectator looked, millet is a totally different company. Millet has gone through two stages of development, and to have a fever the spindle has created a successful mobile phone brand, when Li Wanqiang presided over the first MIUI hardware line, made it work; since 2013, the new TV router, millet Lei began to emerge in an endless stream, China Internet BIG4 advance.

millet war on the traditional home appliances, to create a complex relationship, Lei Hunan patriarch Hu Linyi to carry forward the "statecraft philosophy thunderbolt, which was kind heartedness, also follow the expansion of old Roosevelt" the originator of a moderate tone, holding a stick "to" the enemy had little to do a lot of friends. "In the millet seems dominated by those old technology companies in the market as the dilapidated building, just smashed a glass, the house will become the destroyer of heaven. read more

What kind of local web site can retain users

Hello, I struggle, today to talk about what kind of local website to retain users? First off, my opinion may only be suitable for network coverage and Internet users is not very high quality area. Because of the popularity of the network, I have not tried the area, I dare not say, hey. Now the hottest local websites, in addition to categories, is SNS and forums.

first about the classified information website, the user sends the information, then leaves, then waits for the interested person to call. As long as there is no need to publish and find information, the basic will not come back to the site, this reason, in the final analysis or interactive problems, I think the pure classification information website, interactive is too weak. One more thing, authoritative statistics show that 80% of China’s Internet users spend their time on entertainment. Visible, entertainment in the proportion of Internet users, the classification of information sites do not seem to have any entertainment. read more

What can do if cannot login to the Google Adsense account

landed at the Google Adsense backstage account at noon today and found that it was not able to log in properly. It has been "loading" four words, and it hasn’t landed in the background for a long time. For unable to login to the background, Google provides help, click "login" below the "cannot access my account" link, enter the landing page, select "help" I cannot login to my account ", is also full of English, I halo ah! My English level is too low. The content is as follows:

, I, can’t, log, in, to, my, account.

, If, you’re, not, able, access, your, existing, account, we, recommend, going, through, to, the, following,, checklist, of, steps.

, First, please, make, you, have, an, active, account., you’ve, recently, submitted, an, application, for, the, program, your, account,, may, still, that, be, under, If, review.

If you’re sure your account has been approved and you’re using the correct login, please try resetting your password. Visit Google Accounts to request a password-reset link. (Note that for security purposes, we can only send this link to the email address you’re using as your login. read more

Site user experience analysis good interfaces are invisible

really good user interface will be ignored, and bad design will force the user to pay attention to the interface, rather than content. Users are visiting websites with their purpose: buying new books, learning JQuery, sharing an article with friends, discovering new music, writing novels, or just looking for the nearest destination. They won’t just play with the interface. In fact, users don’t care about interface design at all. Over the years, the lack of a desktop system set up model and interactive tools, make people start thinking about user interface, how it works? How to make the design add or minus points? But the user really need to care about these


users are already familiar with the patterns and components of the interface, but they don’t mind at all. Over the years, web designers have spent hundreds of hours on buttons, colors, projections, borders, and gradients just to make the interface easier to use and beautiful. But in fact, the ultimate form of an excellent user interface is not easy to use, but invisible. read more

Blog money independent blog + Taobao guest mix play mode

Oh, have recently been expert advice, suddenly begin to understand more, read some tutorials, added a lot of fresh knowledge, especially the way of thinking, I think these two days I harvest things, than after I graduated from college until now combined, the views of the network is greatly improved. That feels like a qualitative improvement, oh, these things only to be sensed, not explained. In order to be able to study quietly, QQ is not big, all the host has been my customer service is doing, and now almost, and for those theories, I will slowly and personally to practice it.

now a blog to make money, a result of this blog blog how to make money in the said I have a plan to focus on the blog, blog marketing, blog and blog to make money, the idea is now to each point to write a series of tutorials, written from scratch, and take this opportunity to a good practice, and then write down their own practice and analysis of the results of other people for reference, if you are interested, can focus on my blog. read more

Grassroots webmaster foothold Road

The popularity of

SEO technology, has brought a lot of garbage sites, we need to define the station to spend time analysis, thus, innumerable sites, is a bad news for the grass-roots webmaster, however, is not only the bad news, GG for sale promotion China area, domestic union buckle quantity serious, Baidu to promote the theme to open the sub threshold is high, slow, what? I don’t want to enumerate, now grassroots webmaster problem is:

Of course, a

flow less if you have 100 thousand IP, you may not be regarded as grassroots webmaster, although there are not a minority of these IP, but it is still a lot of grass roots, such as the word QQ space station I do or you can find a hot point word search 10 pages is the home page, what explains this? Very competitive, will make a station, all have some knowledge of SEO optimization, which depends on the details, who is a good deal, who is original, who weight high, who will have the better keywords layout, traffic, page difference flow, the difference in the world, then how should I do? QQ with dozens of group, every day there are people who will call in locomotive acquisition? DEDECMS acquisition who help me? Collection now really useful to you, to the station you want to tens of thousands of traffic? Not to mining, mining The number of mining, the newest automatic production, a NICEWORD so you hundreds of thousands of articles, a day to 10 thousand IP, also about 100000, there are a lot of things in the operation of the master, although the flow is not stable, but when the traffic has to earn enough for this, a new domain name too heavy, or don’t pick, do you stand, keyword analysis, adhere to the original article every day, analysis of some of the top few stations, with nothing to do a few links, send the chain, these you do every day? If so, hold on, no more than a few months, you the flow is enough for you to eat enough of you for a few months, you can go straight towards well-off, SEO practice is the most important site, to love him more, right, there is a natural effect, also recently discovered that many people in the other mirror site, hey, I Do not say more, meaningless things, can not come a few IP, traffic is a little bit of accumulation, and do something meaningful. read more

He earned his first pot of gold by renovating his cell phone

on the afternoon of August 1st, I was chatting with my family at home, and suddenly I received a phone call. The familiar voice on the phone made me judge who was a friend I had not seen for two years.

Because the

in the field of entrepreneurship, I left home, he is choosing to choose red career in his hometown! He heard that I went home, so he invited me to go to the store to catch up, not seen for two years, really miss each other, so I rushed past


my friend was doing mobile phone repair, and two years ago opened a 10 square meters of small workshops, specially for others to repair mobile phones. When I arrived at his shop when all eyes bright blind my eyes, two years ago, the more than 10 square meters to 300 square meters of small workshop into the luxurious decoration of the small mobile phone mall, when I got to his shop door, a body of wealth he came out to greet me.

has not seen each other for two years, and everyone is very enthusiastic. After saying something to each other, I couldn’t help asking him, read more

Hope that the original article was included in Baidu is not difficult

often says, "read books, read skins, read newspapers and read questions."."

although this is not comprehensive, but from an angle to see the importance of the title, just in Baidu blog registered an account: literally published a few articles, less than two hours immediately included. Look at the picture below:

summarized as follows:

1. write unique content, do not steal from other people’s Web sites, do not copy other people’s articles. This is indisputable. Your readers want new content, and by writing something good and unique, it will be a great help to your website optimization, and you will be rewarded.

really can not do, pseudo original, but also the original content changes, plus a summary of what, or according to the original meaning of the content to write a better.

2. content as far as possible is of high quality, can do the best, because this is a search engine and users are the practice of love, but now many webmaster is not a writer, not Chukouchengzhang, so do not learn the above method to practice it slowly. read more

5 of the site’s operations are inspired by eye tracking

if your site has a poor user experience, you are likely to lose a lot of opportunities for transformation,

is very effective in helping web operators and designers understand how users navigate the web. Many authoritative experts and institutions have been working in this field for decades.

here are five conclusions about eye tracking applications that might help you with your web site operation:

The behavior patterns of

1. users can be predicted by

in 2006, researcher Jakob Nielsen found: "in general, the process of browsing our web is a predictable pattern.".

users can quickly navigate through the main content of a web page within seconds, in a F shape observation mode.

first, they browse the page from left to right;

then, they go back to the left of the page and start to turn right again in the lower position;

finally, they’ll go back to the left and start scrolling down the page.

Nielsen has found this F trend on three types of Web sites, about our pages, the electricity providers and search engine results pages. He found that F patterns were ubiquitous – read more

Do stand to counterparts, earn money to professional

has been away on business for several days, and has not come to the code word for several days. Pour a cup of tea. Let’s talk slowly. Why do we have to stand up to each other?

as the name suggests, do stand to the counterpart is equal to the professional counterparts, like your doctor a physics department to give you to the streets to sweep the road will not be very uncomfortable? Do not say first salary problem, the key is a waste of talent, because you are not a professional experience in this area is not sweeping, so obviously you are not suitable for this profession, you should find suitable subjects into the struggle………

is in fact a lot of things did not, if you do not own characteristics even if do dumpster to professional, not all day thinking about how much a page where the alliance in the GG, how much more, don’t think all day every day can earn dollars, earn much less RMB, because it don’t waste your light station, people are very


do stand to have their own profit model, only know by alliance is not the ability to have no future, we China is a network of power, the station also many, but can make good use of their site IP webmaster is very little! How to use?? I have a few examples of read more

A poor university students stand ups and downs

how hard it is for a poor student to set up a website. For their own interests to do their own stations, encountered difficulties and hardships, once I am afraid of the weather, and now, in order to live, I do not give up, really unwilling, really reluctant to say that: goodbye,


station is very hard, the majority of owners also have experience, all day to day ranking optimization, pay attention to their station, also do not see what development, ranking change even a little bit of all happy for a long time, but a long time dragged me across the very website, although it is love, but the poor so I can not support it now is not the right I stand to say goodbye……

began to learn, not to do a website, the hacker achievement, just started to spend money to buy a space, then get a program on the day to watch the day website, dozens of IP to 100 IP slowly a little happy, but found more and more traffic is so hard to find, in the school to see all other schools BBS doing nothing. I made a BBS of the school, do not want to let the school found me training meal, said my personal BBS, unable to get out of school, go to the domain name, the site shut down, so the school said don’t pursue my responsibility, I really helpless, this Chinese society. read more

nternet on the nternet in 2015 8 point of view and practical

read Qin Gang’s "Internet point of view" a book, some gains, especially the case cited, it is worth trying, although the difficulties still exist, but there are opportunities. "Dream River" in the book think good point list down, everybody see.

1 Internet era, what is the most terrible


Internet development is too fast, the dream from 2009 to join the industry, very clear sense of changes and changes in the industry huge. Take a look at the Internet for 09 years, and then look at 2015, when the Fengyun company, project, now what is the state, can not keep up with the pace of the times, doomed to be eliminated. Qin Gang said, too lazy to use their brains, too lazy to learn, too lazy to contact users, too lazy to major, too lazy to follow up new technologies, are terrible, do not passively wait for change, and finally to be eliminated fate. So, Ma said, embrace change.

2 subvert the tradition, solve the user pain point.

many chiefs were saying that "solve the user pain points, we do a website to do the project, has been considering how to solve the needs of users, but to find the user pain points, and the solution is not easy, many people think I gave up. Our team to do business service website Amoy house (, Meng Jiang has been thinking, we solve the problem what is the user’s website can bring value to the user what? We help business users to enhance the flow of sales, conversion rate, go15. The book for a second-hand car trading platform abroad (, is to solve the user pain, how to buy high-quality second-hand car? The car factory for less than 6 years, driving mileage of less than 100 thousand km, and before being changed hands no more than 2 times. It’s very direct and specific, helping users to pick up quality cars rather than letting customers buy second-hand cars by luck. Simple and smooth shopping experience, not satisfied can return, Car Buying price is lower than the second-hand car dealers; profit model, the car owners of 9% sites charge into; inspection division, inspection of each car to sell second-hand car, and organize a complete test report, collect to sell the car, car service hand, second-hand car sale process connection. Qin Gang finally asked, "can Beepi get to China?" I think the answer is yes. read more

How to forge out flow over a million, every day snapshot, every day included boutique site

prior to the publication of this article we first take a look at this site in Webmaster Tools of data query, from the figure is not difficult to see this website only from Baidu to bring traffic reached 10 thousand and 6, while the next snapshot snapshot is today and the increase included 461, development data from this site can be very good. This website is the author after 2 years of efforts to reach the present situation, and the author for this site has paid a great deal of hardship. Starting from the aspects of website structure, content, chain, design, the author explain in detail how to do the content of the web site and the chain, these two points are the key to the development of a site, is also the site of the only way which must be passed to success.

web content:

website content is the website search engine spiders crawl and collected according to, can also be said to be the foundation of the development of the site, no good content there is no search engine spiders crawl content, so there will be no good user experience. So what kind of website content is high quality content, read more

HTML5 brings WAP web disruptive revolution, development of actual combat NetEase, micro-blog

HTML5 is more and more favored by the Internet development team both at home and abroad. Abroad, Google developed Chrome Web Store enthusiastically, Microsoft released a support for the use of HTML5 technology development "Irish Spring" theme site, NOKIA spent huge sums of money to buy and build NOKIA MAP business. Domestic Internet giant on the other shore of the new web development standards are also interested, began to HTML5 products to test the water.

NetEase, micro-blog iPhone platform, Web App products in the first quarter of 2012 has been successfully launched. Now we will share the experience and lessons of this project, and hope to develop with you in the HTML5 development environment.


one, developers configure

Product Manager: 1;

Interactive Designer: 1;

visual designer: 1;

front end Engineer: 1;

backend Engineer: 2;

testers: 1.

two, development time

Interactive Designer: 22 business days;

visual designer: 14 business days;

front end Engineer: 50 business days; read more

How to use the space station do a monthly income of 2000 RMB

now there are many online special garbage station, and garbage station number to see the effect, make money, while the domestic space is the basic establishment of a station can only be a space, then buy a server wasted. And American space can basically be unlimited subdirectories and unlimited bundles of corn.

how do dumpster earn a monthly income of 2000 RMB?

1. to buy American space, speed does not need very fast, stability, the most important, you can contact the station purchasing, the station purchasing, under normal circumstances, cheaper than the United States station.

American Data Center ( promotion Godaddy space 150G+ssl certificate + independent ip+ unlimited subdirectory, +1 domain name only 399 yuan

2. space into M more than a few small space, to buy the cheapest corn, as if the current domestic CN only 1 dollars.

3. buys data, and now sells a lot of data on the web. There is a lot of data to sell between 20 and 50 yuan, to buy some data that you think have a visit, such as picture station, beauty station, movie station, and so on. Preferably forums, such as PW and DZ, have more templates. read more

From the Pengcheng community to see the forum under the promotion of clever combination of Online

local forum website is optimistic about the future development trend of the Internet industry, many new owners want to try to do local forum website, but started not optimistic. The local forum website will attract more and more users only if it has a certain scale and popularity, and the website development will be more and more perfect. Taking Pengcheng community as an example, this paper analyzes the successful mode of Pengcheng community and draws lessons from it.

Pengcheng community was founded in 2004, has been 5th anniversary, and last week, the community held a "5th anniversary celebration party", a complete success. The community currently has more than 380 thousand registered members, with an average daily posting of more than 60 thousand. In Xuzhou formed a certain degree of popularity, Xuzhou is well-known local community forum website.

The establishment of

1 was earlier and the competition in the industry was relatively low.

Pengcheng community was established earlier, when the Internet belongs to the initial stage, the computer penetration rate is not high, the network consciousness is not strong. The earlier the establishment of community websites, the smaller the industry competition, the easier it is to accumulate users. Although the site is created early, it can avoid fierce competition in the industry, but the development of the initial stage, there is no object to imitate, you need to explore, while improving, while trying. Therefore, the new webmaster do not be discouraged, although you missed the initial stage of the Internet, but you catch the rapid development of the train; there are many predecessors website development model can draw on, you can avoid detours. Standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see farther. read more

Grassroots webmaster how to succeed

seems to have too many grassroots webmaster, hope your site can be in a year or half a year on the development of large, even a month to expand the site, this quick, ambitious attitude, how can we make a good website?

Compared with the traditional industry,

Internet is only the tip of the iceberg, and its development prospects are immeasurable. Basic necessities of life, leisure and entertainment, the news media, sports culture, emotional communication, etc., are hidden mountains of gold deposits. However, the people who dug into gold mines are often those who persist in the end and never give up. As long as you have a mind, no matter what type of Web site, as long as you do everything new, innovative, innovative, add content, never admit, three years later today, like now famous website, outstanding.

good content, subject matter, and timely content updates are often the key to a website’s success. But how many 80 stationmaster do!!? It seems not a few, because see a lot of articles for flow in stationmaster net heave great sighs Admin5, and was sued Baidu casually pulled out of the hair be beneath the human character. Such individual stationmaster is too much, more than they are stationmaster, still be inferior to say they are network lover only, just amuse oneself website just. How many personal webmaster, do web site from the point of view of users, for the needs of users and think about it, say it is not good, such a site is only a show to yourself. Is it a decoration in your bedroom that will attract you to tourists? No, definitely not. If so, that’s the only one who can ask for directions. Such IP and PV will not have to look back at your website, let alone click on your ad! read more

Financial information website, but also to catch the nternet banking this fashionable Yes, there is

2013 for the first year of Internet banking, financial and Internet boundaries began to blur, cross-border action is heard. From the business class of small business loans pure, financial services to the popular P2P platform for the country, as well as the hottest Internet companies to apply for bank boom, Internet Financial play become both consumption and financing the new darling of the market, has become the object of venture capital chase.

recently, and announced the establishment of the financial network based on financial information internet financial channel, and developed its 7 major projects include the financial services matrix, to become one of the layout of Internet banking financial and other websites. And sina finance is also planning their Internet banking business, carry out information flow realization and fund product sales, logic and news coincide. Mainstream financial information website, in fact, have the impulse to carry out the Internet banking business, its logic is to use the browser and user base for data analysis and online traffic flow typical. So, how about their Internet environment and how should they go back? read more