Teacher’s Day approaching Xiguan Street primary school teachers to experience military life camp

September 9th, in the twenty-eighth teacher’s Day approaching, Xining Xiguan Street Primary School, the former Camp Street primary school teachers to Xining, the 93987 troops to experience the lives of soldiers and soldiers, and watch the literary fraternity party.

during celebrations for teachers also watched "the candle song yushuiqing" art teacher’s Day party, and 93987 units of hundreds of soldiers to meet the twenty-eighth teachers’ day.
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Xining city to become the first to create a happy family activities demonstration city

In December 25th, a reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission learned that in December 23rd, the national health and Family Planning Commission held in Beijing country to create a happy family activities to exchange experiences, premenstrual, provincial recommended to declare the national assessment and acceptance procedures, confirmation of Xining City, the national 32 cities (districts) as the first national demonstration city to create a happy family activities.

The government appointed 10 inspectors to jieduan

Recently, Li Binghan, Ma Yumei, Chen Fenglian, Zhou Ling, Li Yulin and other 10 people were Chengdong District People Club Bureau appointed members of the Council and the supervision of the masses issued letters of appointment to attend the first Jieduan forum, beginning of the agency’s work style, administrative efficiency supervision, appraisal opinions, advice, to find the problem, problem solving process, and improve the ability and level of government window units to serve the people.

10 members of the Council is responsible for supervision of the masses: collect opinions and suggestions to the masses of people club Bureau; the Bureau of cadres and workers of public affairs, government commitment, work time, service attitude, standardized terminology, work efficiency, service attitude and thorough investigation; bad style and act for the Bureau of cadres and workers to report complaints. On this basis, the supervision of the Council members will not participate in the forum, to reflect the problem, feedback, summary advice. The Council will monitor the problems found by members of the Council, the opinions and suggestions made to solve the problem, and effectively change the style of work, improve the level and quality of service to the masses. It is reported that the Bureau hired 10 people including members of the supervision Council party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, retired cadres, representatives of residents, community workers, cadres, workers, entrepreneurs, their long-term performance of their duties, in order to promote the "four winds" problem.   read more

The third session of the National Games will be held in the province’s 58 chess masters

September 12th, the third National Games will be opened in Shandong, Zaozhuang. The province sent 58 players to compete for the bridge, go, chess game of the top 3 projects. It is reported that this will be the first time the cancellation of the gold medal standings and ranking.The national intelligence

Xining City Board of Education held a summary of the 2010 annual education projects cum educational

Xining City Bureau of education project work meeting, summed up the 2010 year of the work of the deployment of education projects in 2011

Xining City Bureau of education project work meeting, summed up the 2010 annual education work arrangements for the 2011 education project. City Board of education, Municipal Supervision Bureau, and the project of the school, the supervision of the construction unit of the person in charge of more than 90 people attended the meeting.

meeting summed up the project construction work in 2010, in recognition of the 2010 projects in the construction of the outstanding performance of the supervision, construction units and outstanding individuals, the work of the deployment of the year 2011 education projects. To further clarify the division of tasks and responsibilities in the participation of all parties in the process of project construction requirements and deadlines.

will be listed Education Bureau on the 2011 education from the five aspects of quality, safety, integrity, moral management, and puts forward some requirements for all units: one is the school project involving thousands of households, the work should not have the slightest slack can not be self serving, the education of project management will be universally condemned, then dereliction of duty". The two is the unit last year for lack of existence, and earnestly strengthen their own management, to do, every aspect of the project do fine. The three is to build a first-class education projects, quality projects. The four is the person in charge of the project to strengthen the contacts and school learning in school construction, should bear the responsibility, obligation of innocence, understand the work, strict implementation of the project, and the relevant requirements in "ten prohibitions". read more

Qinghai 19 delegates will go to Beijing to attend the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist

June 14th, on behalf of the provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions of Suning on behalf of the provincial government in Xining province will be cordially received and welcome I went to Beijing to attend the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Youth League, they hope to demonstrate Qinghai youth banner image, full of Youth League members firmly do Chinese socialism qualified builders and successors of ambition and determination.

Suning requirements Fellow Deputies propaganda great beauty of Qinghai’s natural resources, colorful ethnic culture and the hospitality of the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai, Sanjiang source protection propaganda; protection of Chinese water tower, protect the plateau land, focus on the development of green ideas and concepts; publicity people in Qinghai Plateau on the hard work of building a well-off society in synchronization with the national confidence propaganda; the majority of members of the youth in the practice of building a new Qinghai, creating a new life of dedication to create youth wisdom, brilliant achievements, and hypoxia no shortage of spirit, the pursuit of higher altitude "heroic. read more

Qinghai to further improve the grading system

Since the implementation of the province in October 2013 since the grading system, has been hospitalized patients to the grassroots level, health care costs tend to be reasonable initial results. In February 20th, the office of the provincial government issued the "opinions on further improving the treatment classification system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to further simplify the referral procedures, norms in different places of residence etc. the insured people referral procedures of the relevant provisions, in order to further improve the classification treatment system, to simplify the process of service, standardize the medical behavior and to ease the burden of medical costs, accelerate the formation of the first primary diagnosis, grading clinics, two-way referral medical new pattern, effectively alleviate the difficult and expensive problem.

"opinions" are as follows:

further simplified referral procedures

– cancel the designated medical institutions responsible person signature approval procedures. Inpatient referral, designated medical institutions in Qinghai province ", health care workers and rural residents grade clinic referral certificate", designated medical institutions responsible person without the approval, by the patient’s doctor stamped signature, designated medical institutions medical insurance office approval; community health service center of township hospital, by the unit responsible person signed and sealed.

– cancel the medical insurance management department approval procedures. When the patient is transferred to the hospital, the medical insurance agency is no longer on the referral certificate for approval, designated medical institutions at the end of the month will be submitted to the referral of the overall situation of the regional health insurance management department for the record.

– gradually implement online booking referral. Accelerate the information network of medical institutions and medical insurance agency information network interconnection, and encourage qualified areas to implement online appointment referral.

specification in different places of residence etc. the insured people referral program

– people living in different places of the referral program. Retired workers, migrant workers, students and other staff and their families and other places of residence of the insured population, the referral program is: outside the residence, executed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the original insured health insurance administration area; living in different places in the province, with reference to the implementation of residential area classification system of the relevant provisions of the referral diagnosis and treatment.

– special crowd referral program. The special crowd mainly refers to the medical people need special care, such as more than 70 years old, 0 years old to 3 years old infants, with severe disabilities, according to the nearest medical treatment principle, choose the designated medical institutions for treatment.

– the same disease again hospitalized patient selection. Patients with a particular disease with hospitalization and after discharge formalities, as a kind of diseases to be hospitalized again, follow-up (such as cancer chemotherapy, need to remove the plate fracture etc.), patients can be designated medical institutions directly select the original rule for treatment.

– do not have a referral area referral program. Overall area two designated medical institutions, according to the nearest medical treatment principle insured patients transferred, can choose two designated medical institutions and outside the region or directly select the three designated medical institutions for medical treatment.

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Sina named the first half of the province’s ten major government micro-blog north of the city on the

recently, north of the city of Xining city district official micro-blog "north of the city government, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Maqin county official micro-blog" Anima Qing tourism "ten government official micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog won by sina.com.cn for the first half of 2012 in Qinghai Province, the ten most influential government agencies micro-blog award.

government micro-blog as a new channel of communication between government agencies and the public, a new way of service, widely loved by the masses. In March this year, the north of the city government through Sina and Sohu platform, opened the province’s first district level official micro-blog – north of the city government, while opening a government forum in the north of the city government".

north of the city district government and micro-blog forum open to open government information more timely, more transparent and more interactive, in addition to the society issued policy documents and information service, the public also loved the way and easy language, in-depth interpretation of the relevant government information, emergency information and policy. To clarify the facts, to dispel misunderstanding. read more

Xining residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance next month to pay for the next year

Next month, I began to apply for 2013 year basic medical insurance for urban residents, the new rural cooperative medical insurance payment, the same payment standard of urban and rural residents, the payment time is from September 1, 2012 to December 31st. In order to not affect the urban residents and farmers and herdsmen enjoy 2013 years of medical treatment, the city social security bureau to remind you that the insured payment on time, after the insured payment period will no longer apply for insurance contributions.

The rapid detection of edible agricultural products market has a unified standard

in the province’s large farmers market and the completion of ultra fast food inspection station is one of the important contents of the livelihood of the people’s livelihood this year, the provincial government identified ten facts. Recently, the provincial government for the implementation of the people’s livelihood division of tasks, promises to strengthen the market of edible agricultural products market supervision, the provincial food and Drug Administration issued a "rapid detection system" market of agricultural products, food, edible agricultural products and to develop a unified rapid detection of rapid detection and identification of publicity column chamber of edible agricultural products. This is the reporter learned from the provincial food and drug administration.

It is reported that

in the future, farmers market and super offering is the first responsibility of food quality and safety of agricultural products, equipped with inspection equipment and inspection personnel, or entrust a food inspection agency qualified to carry out sampling inspection of edible agricultural products, or rapid detection. The market operating households should to the market operators provide edible agricultural products quality and safety inspection (quarantine) certificate, or pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic agricultural products, geographical indications of agricultural products quality and safety certification certificate copy, no certificate of origin of edible agricultural products entering the wholesale market, the market will be opened testing, inspection qualified rear can be sold. read more

Xining seeks a path to Africa

"the fifteenth session of the China Africa tour ambassador · Xining speech will be held in July 21st in Qinghai hotel. Botswana’s ambassador to China, counsellor of the Embassy of Zimbabwe, counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Uganda will make a speech. African National Friendship Association director Yuan Mindao, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong attended the meeting and delivered a speech speech.

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The closing of the fourth session of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress of the twelfth session

1 27, the provincial people’s Congress of the four session of the successful completion of the agenda of the meeting, the successful closing of the conference center in Qinghai.


meeting shall be on behalf of the 393 party, to represent the 362 party, in line with the quorum.

Luo Huining, chairman of the Standing Committee of the

, Mu Dongsheng, and so on, and so on, and so on, chairman of the, chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, and so on, chairman, chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese people’s Republic of China,, chairman of the board of directors, and so on.

Hao Peng, Wang Jianjun, Luo Yulin, Ren Qing Jia, Dorje Geltan, Wang Lingjun, Wang Xiaoqing, Jidimajia, Ma Shunqing, Zhang glorious, Su Ning, Li Songshan, Dan, seated on the rostrum.

Mu Dongsheng presided over the closing session.


meeting of the chief scrutineer and the scrutineers; meeting by secret ballot elected Suning twelve Provincial People’s Congress deputy director of the Standing Committee, Li Juren by election for the twelve session of the standing committee. The meeting also followed by a provincial people’s government work report resolution on the 2014 plan for national economic and social development and the implementation of the 2015 plan of the resolution on the implementation of the 2014 budget and the 2015 budget resolution on the work report of the provincial people’s Congress resolution on the report on the work of the Provincial Higher People’s court resolution on report on the work of the provincial people’s Procuratorate resolution. read more

The provincial capital of Xining will be officially opened a new version of the new commercial housi

Recently, the reporter learned from the Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority, in accordance with the state housing and urban construction department, Xining city housing security and the housing authority on October 12, 2015 officially opened the 2014 edition of "commercial housing sales contracts", October 12, 2015 Xining city commercial housing sales contract system will be signed version update. New commercial housing sales contracts with nine highlights:

the new contract One divides into two.

new version of the contract of sale of commercial housing will be clearly divided into pre-sale and the sale of two versions. Because there are many unpredictable factors of pre-sale of commercial housing, and the old version of the model text of the contract is not on the pre-sale and are sold to make a distinction, the terms of the contract design is not clear, the difference between the two interpretations can not effectively, to avoid this phenomenon, so will the new contract form One divides into two. pre-sale contracts and sales contracts, two version.

version of real estate contract to improve the basic conditions of commercial housing contract, the number of commercial housing balcony is closed and made a detailed agreement.

also increased the new commercial housing mortgage, housing rights and the legal responsibility of contract breach of promise.

new contract to strengthen the pre-sale financial supervision, new commercial housing pre-sale Fangjiakuan shall be deposited in the escrow account funds for construction and the development of enterprises released regulatory agencies, regulatory accounts and account agreement. This will strengthen the use of pre-sale funds for the development of enterprise supervision, so the development of enterprises with rule-based, can effectively avoid the volume of unfinished building, the development of enterprises run away phenomenon. Clear commercial housing delivery conditions and delivery procedures

the new revision of the "commercial housing sales contracts" clearly commercial housing delivery has been made at least meet the completion of the construction project for the certification materials and housing survey report, but also clear the housing delivery infrastructure facilities and public services and other ancillary facilities should meet the standards.   

the new revision of the "commercial housing sales contracts increased prior to the completion of the delivery of commercial housing, buyers have the right to check the terms of commercial housing. In real life, the owners have not signed the property management agreement before the field can not be. Therefore, the owners after the completion of the formalities, even if the quality of the housing inspection, many developers are not to be repaired or processed. Prior to the inspection of the housing sector to increase delivery, to weaken the developers sold the house on the idea, to better protect the interests of buyers.


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Qinghai 15 million topographic map to achieve full coverage of the province

In July 9th, a reporter from the first national census geographic conditions of labor competition work to promote the exchange of experience and learned that in recent years, the national mapping Geographic Information Bureau strongly aid Qinghai basic surveying and mapping work, by the province to carry out the first census geographic conditions, the implementation of the Western Mapping Project, to fill the Qinghai about 250 thousand square kilometers of 1:5 million topographic map the blank area, for the first time in Qinghai province 1:5 million topographic map coverage.

Thanks to the government thanks to the party petition department for 22 retired workers seek justice

In September 6th, 22 retired from the original Xining halal food factory workers will write "thank the government to thank the party, thanks to the good work done" plaque to the City Council, thank them for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of retired workers.

this June 6th morning, Xining halal food plant personnel to the municipal government petition, they reflect the original Xining halal food factory in enterprises has reached the retirement age of workers were one-time placement, after the Chinese company coordination, these workers will be a compensation settlement out to social security, according to the former Ministry of labor in 1995 issued the document No. 262 "on May of retirees from enterprises to take a one-time settlement of retired notice", the staff believes this approach enterprises one-time placement of retired workers is not reasonable, 18 months from retirement to join and asking for social security wages during the. After understanding of the situation, the petition departments and timely report to the relevant leaders, the municipal government attaches great importance to the leadership, under the leadership of the city of the original arrangement, halal food factory workers reflect the situation led by the Municipal Economic Commission, in conjunction with the Municipal Bureau of labor and social security to solve. After investigation, the final 22 retired workers all get the wages. In September 6th, the retired workers will be delighted to plaque sent to the City Council, thanks to the government in such a short period of time for them to solve this problem. (author: Zhao Linsong) read more

Provincial Economic Commission to discuss the city’s ndustrial Development

the afternoon of February 20th, the provincial Economic Commission Director Zhu Jianping led the team members and related offices responsible person to do an in-depth research work in our city, the economic development of the industry in our city, and Xining city leaders to discuss the industrial economy of Xining, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone and County Industrial Park development. Mayor Wang Yubo, Municipal Standing Committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, deputy director of the Municipal Committee, vice mayor of the city of China, Zhang Dongqiang, vice mayor, vice mayor, attended the Forum on behalf of Mr. Xu Guocheng, vice chairman of the Municipal Committee of the CPC Central Committee, vice mayor of the CPC Central Committee, vice mayor of the CPC Central Committee, and vice mayor of the CPC Central Committee, vice mayor of the CPC Central Committee and the.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the industry is the pillar industry of the city’s economic development in 2013, in the face of perplexing the economic situation, in support of the provincial Economic Commission and other provincial departments, the quality and efficiency of Xining economy increase steadily, the main economic indicators of growth will be more in the city in the forefront of the country’s 26 provinces. GDP reached 97 billion 853 million yuan, an increase of 14.1%, accounting for 46.6% of the province, an increase of 1.4 percentage points over the previous year, the second added value of 51 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of 18%, accounting for 42.7% of the province. Industrial economy well drive, radiation, support the development of other industries, Xining economic and social overall showing steady progress, fast and good "good momentum of development. He is on behalf of the municipal government of Xining Provincial Economic Commission sincerely expect to continue to give strong support to help in policy guidance, project funds, let Xining in industrial economy "quality and transformation", the practice of the provincial government of "national circular economy pilot area development strategy in the forefront. read more

Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting

8 17, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting to convey the spirit of the provincial Party committee to learn the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the twelve. Party secretary Mu Dongsheng presided over the meeting and put forward the requirements of the study and implementation. Deng Bentai, deputy secretary of the Party group, Suning, Party members of the group, Cao Wenhu, Ma Wei, Jia Yingzhong attended the meeting. Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee cadres attended the meeting.

Mu Dongsheng pointed out that technological innovation should focus on the strategic objectives and priorities, to further clarify ideas, point to the work of the NPC and the innovation driven development strategy, actively promote the reform in the field of National People’s Congress, the rule of law provides the powerful guarantee for the innovation of out of line with the actual situation in our province driven development road.

Mu Dongsheng, the provincial people’s Congress Party organizations at all levels and all Party members and cadres to a high degree of political consciousness, conscious thought and conscious action, seriously study and understand, grasp the spirit; to focus on the goals and tasks, to promote the work of the NPC; to strengthen the play for, strengthen its own construction. The second half of the work tasks, we need to focus on the work of the deployment, provincial chairman of the spirit, do solid work, the full completion of the objectives and tasks to promote the Provincial Standing Committee, the NPC and its Standing Committee and agencies work continuously made new progress. read more

Promote environmental protection, clean travel to promote the province’s natural gas vehicles

In order to promote environmental protection, clean way of travel, try to avoid the pollution caused by automobile exhaust to the environment, and now all over the country are vigorously promoting clean natural gas vehicles. In August 25th the reporter learned from the Provincial Transportation Bureau, currently the province is also widely used in the road transport industry of natural gas vehicles.

it is reported that in order to respond positively to the national call for development of green recycling carbon transport, to ensure that our province energy-saving emission reduction targets are completed, the road transport enterprises to actively eliminate old fuel vehicles, increase capital investment, the purchase of natural gas vehicles. In 2015, a total of two transport enterprises in the province to apply to the Ministry of transport green transportation equipment projects. Among them, Xining City Public Transport Co. Ltd. and Weiyuan shipping group mutual Transportation Co. Ltd., a total investment of 18 million 121 thousand and 400 yuan to purchase natural gas (CNG) vehicles 118, used to update the old fuel vehicles and meet new capacity requirements, by the Ministry of transport inspection, public transportation, total national energy saving and emission reduction projects of special topics financial support of 420 thousand yuan, to the leading role for the province of other transport enterprises in energy-saving emission reduction work, effectively promote the natural gas vehicles in our province rapid promotion. Up to now, the province’s total number of 3363 buses, alternative fuel buses, accounting for 6.4% of the total number of buses: a total of 3901 vehicles, natural gas vehicles, accounting for about 65% of the number of taxis: a total of 12749, natural gas vehicles: 9436, accounting for about 74% of the total number of vehicles, accounting for about 218. read more

The world’s top 500 enterprises and Xining has a new cooperation Datang nternational hand east dist

following the cooperation with the world’s largest retailer of WAL-MART, the afternoon of November 19th, East District and the world’s top 500 enterprises of Datang International Power Generation Co, signed the "2× Datang International Xining City East District; 350 MW cogeneration project cooperation agreement. The investment of 3 billion yuan of cogeneration project will be built in the Eastern District of Jianguo Road Business District, Cao and Dongchuan economic and Technological Development Zone to provide centralized heating area of up to 14 million square meters.

at present, there are mainly two kinds of heating mode in east area, namely parts of heating and gas boiler for household heating, except outside the area basically no Zhou Jiaquan super large central heating system. Therefore, after contact, East District and Datang International Power Generation Co reached a cooperation agreement, decided to build 2× in the "12th Five-Year" period; 350 MW cogeneration project, after completion of the project is mainly responsible for the heating and power centralized East District of Dongchuan economic and Technological Development Zone, in order to meet the demand of heat and power with the new East District, and can supply power to the grid, can improve the city air quality. read more

Water ecological civilization city pilot program approved

reporter learned from the municipal water authority, shortly before the provincial government officially approved the implementation of the "Xining city water city construction of ecological civilization pilot scheme" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), marking the work entered a substantive stage of implementation. The specific goal of our city is to build a beautiful water ecological system, to build a safe and efficient water use system, the construction of water resources management system, the construction of regional characteristics of the water culture system.
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