Programmatic Continues to Take Over Ad Budgets

first_imgThe rise of the machines is upon us. Programmatic advertising now accounts for more than half of digital display ad spend in the U.S. for most marketers. According to an eMarketer report, “US Programmatic Advertising: Seven Things Buyers and Sellers Need to Know,” automation adoption rates have risen from 7 percent to 50 percent for nearly two-thirds of respondents (62 percent) in just two short years. eMarketer collected this data from a survey conducted by AdRoll in January. According to the survey, efficiency was amongst the driving forces for marketers to turn to automation. Beyond that, programmatic’s ability to target specific audiences and pair them with ideal inventory also appeals to marketers. So as programmatic continues to become more “premium,” marketers are more interested in shifting their investments into automation. Of course, challenges still exist. When marketers first started dipping their toes into programmatic, a lot of hesitation was due to a lack of understanding in how it worked. In other words, marketers needed to catch up on tech jargon and learn new processes. Now, marketers are more concerned with cross-platform measurement and ad blocking—not surprising given the rapid user adoption rates of ad blocking on desktop and mobile platforms.last_img

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