ONDH UNESCO and WB sign agreement on improvement of RAMED Tayssir

Rabat – The national observatory for human development (ONDH), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the World Bank (WB) signed, on Monday in Rabat, a partnership agreement to assess the performance of social welfare programs such as RAMED and Tayssir and improve public action in favor of the underprivileged. This tripartite collaboration concerns two things: the reinforcement of ONDH’s capacities in relation with the evaluation of the performance of targeting methods of social welfare programs in Morocco, and the assessment of the efficiency of RAMED and Tayssir’s targeting methods in particular.The agreement was signed by president of the ONDH and national education minister Rachid Benmokhtar, director of WB office in Rabat for the Maghreb Simon Gray and UNESCO representative for Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia Michael Millward. Regarding the reinforcement of ONDH’s capacities, the WB will organize, for the benefit of the ONDH, sessions for training and sharing international expertize on targeting methods, as well as training workshops on specialized software to evaluate the efficiency of social welfare programs, and put at the ONDH’s disposal international experts in the field.

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