Dati Shows No Sympathy towards Belkacem Says She Is Incompetent

Rabat – Rachida Dati, France’s former Minister of Justice, is refusing to defend Najat Vallaud-Belkacem against racist attacks she has been receiving after her appointment as Minister of Education. Both Dati and Vallaud-Belkacem are of Moroccan origin.During an interview with BFM TV on September 19, Dati was asked about racist attacks against the Minister of Education. Rachida Dati said she had experienced “much worse” and that she had not “come to complain”.Replying to a question posed by interviewer Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Rachida Dati said, “Listen, I have known much worse, much worse! I received little support; did I once come to complain? No.” “For me, I accepted the attacks; Otherwise, if it’s too hard and not easy to take in, I’m going to leave,” she added.Since the two are of opposing political parties, one may not expect Rachida to defend Najat, but being of the same national origin, it would be appropriate for Rachida to show some sympathy towards the newly appointed minister.Rachida did not stop at regarding criticism as a normal thing. She added that the victimization of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem is a way to “hide her incompetence and to keep her job.”

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