Moroccan Autonomy Proposal Very Good Formula to Settle Sahara Issue Hungarian

Rabat – The autonomy plan for the southern provinces presented by Morocco is “a very good formula” to settle the dispute over the Sahara issue, Hungarian Minister of Justice, Laszlo Trocsanyi, said.“We believe that the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco is a very good formula to end this longstanding issue, and we hope that the United Nations will also support this initiative”, the Hungarian Minister said in interview published Saturday by the daily “L’Opinion”.“We will support you on this issue, because we know that it is politically very important for the Moroccans”, said Trocsanyi, who recently paid a visit to Morocco during which he held talks notably with the Head of Government, the Minister of Justice and Freedoms and the Minister of Moroccans Living abroad and Migration Affairs. Regarding the ruling of the European Court annulling the Agricultural Agreement between Morocco and the European Union, last December, Trocsanyi said he also came to Morocco to “understand the stakes of this issue and what really happened”, noting that “the Court of first instance of Luxembourg which took this decision presented a dubious argument to justify its decision”.Noting that European states such as France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal have taken the Morocco side in this dispute, the Hungarian minister said that “we will also consider such a move once back to Budapest.”With MAP

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