The new environmental law bite to live in illegal environment

203 companies issued a deadline for rectification of the decision, issued a decision on the administrative penalty of 54 companies, the amount of punishment of about $3 million 800 thousand…… Provincial Environmental Protection Department on June 4th released a set of figures, known as the teeth of the new environmental law in this year from January to May has been bitten by a lot of environmental offenders.

According to reports, since the implementation of the new environmental law, the province’s environmental protection departments at all levels to increase the implementation of the new environmental law enforcement efforts, adhere to the full coverage, zero tolerance, iron pollution, severely crack down on environmental violations. The province’s cities (prefectures), county environmental protection departments to carry out environmental protection inspection, a total of 8321 people were dispatched to check the industrial enterprises and construction projects of 2459. Overall, the focus of the park, key enterprises in accordance with the basic requirements of the new environmental law, strict implementation of environmental protection responsibilities, but there are still excessive emissions of individual enterprises and environmental protection facilities are not functioning properly. read more

West District of Xining City, the third industry steady growth

in the west, the third industry thriving, in the three industrial structure, the proportion of the third industry accounted for more than 90%. In the first quarter of this year, the added value of the third industries in the region was $3 billion 450 million, an increase of 9%, stimulating economic growth of 8.6 percentage points, becoming the main force driving economic growth in the region.

at present, the third industry has become the main engine of economic growth in the western region. This year, the area around the building of modern service industry in the core area of the target location, with the construction of the province’s financial gathering area, headquarters economy gathering area and the city’s e-commerce center as the starting point, and actively cultivate and develop the financial insurance, headquarters economy, e-commerce, information transmission, cultural and creative as the leading modern service industry, to improve the modern service industry.

at the same time, increase the service center three production investment, and actively lead into the enterprise in a number of modern service industry, to build a modern service industry incubator; accelerate the building of headquarters economy, give full play to the role of building information management platform, overall planning of industrial layout, attract more corporate headquarters and building enterprises settled in the west, forming good situation of headquarters economy leading, industry extension, cluster together. read more

Xining families are willing to spend money on Education

In order not to let the children lose at the starting line, Xining parents to spend more and more money on education. Just one year old children need to be on the two classes every week, five or six year old children’s love to take up too much time to play, they have to learn the piano, some learn guzheng, some learn painting, some learn to go, etc.. Wait for the child to the junior high school, parents also need to find the school for their after-school tutoring. Reporters from the National Bureau of investigation team was informed that in 2015, Xining City, a large share of the family education spending in the early childhood education, tutoring, education services prices rose 7%.

has entered the winter, but in the streets, we can still see the students go to school carrying a bag. February 17th, just after the Spring Festival holiday, the city is located in the West Main Street, a training school has commenced. During the interview, Ms. Xu told reporters: this holiday, my child made up two courses, spent more than 2000 yuan. We also want to see the child’s physical and mental health, happy growth, but we do not dare to gamble, afraid of children lose. So we have to increase investment in education, so that the child’s starting line is constantly on the front."   read more

Standard of chain store location

chain stores and other ordinary shops, like the location is very particular about, if there is anything different, that is, the chain needs to pay more attention to the location of the problem. There is a word called "chain supermarket 3 key success, location, location, or location". Importance of location!

> analysis for the flow of the results of the survey course, the flow of people is an important factor in stores, but understand the passenger consumption target, is the more important work. To study the effective customer traffic is how much? For example, the Shanghai Yu Garden mall is a set of gardens, temples, as one of the commercial market, the daily traffic of more than hundreds of thousands, but most of the passenger travel, not a customer, tourism and catering consumption target. If you choose to open nearly 10000 square meters of large department stores, it is certainly not, should be expected to predict the effective amount of passenger traffic after the decision to buy.

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Xining migrant workers assistance action plan to help migrant workers solve problems

recently, the Xining Federation of trade unions launched the migrant workers assistance action plan to help migrant workers solve problems encountered in employment, entrepreneurship, training, rights and other aspects.

December 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining Federation of trade unions, as of now, Xining labor export migrant workers has reached 264 thousand people, of which the city’s 248 thousand trade union members, migrant workers there are members of the group of 102 thousand. For the long-term mechanism of the problem of migrant workers in Xining City Federation of trade unions to actively promote community (Village), industry and regional trade unions and trade unions in non-public enterprises set up the pace, to maximize the migrant workers into trade unions, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of migrant workers. At present, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions has a relationship with the 20 national intercity Rights Union City, sincere service is difficult for migrant workers, migrant workers migrant workers share, smooth channels of interest demands. read more

Xining municipal Party committee to grasp the three key, innovative organization pattern

With the "party building" the pace of developing, the Xining Communist Youth League to grasp the "three key", push forward the township (street) organizational innovation pattern group, to further strengthen the power of grassroots organizations, expanding grassroots League Youth contact and integration of resources channels, promote new achievements of grass-roots organization construction work my city

with the "party building" the pace of developing, the Xining Communist Youth League to grasp the "three key", push forward the township (street) organizational innovation pattern group, to further strengthen the power of grassroots organizations, expanding grassroots League Youth contact and integration of resources channels, promote new achievements in construction of grass-roots organization my city.

first, the key in people. is a township (street) group is the principal. adhere to the "meritocracy" principle, to do the township (street) the selection and appointment of the Secretary of the Communist Youth league. According to the current township (street) the actual situation of group work, appropriate to relax the township (street) secretary of the Communist Youth League age education and other conditions, and expand the vision and scope of the selection of cadres, the real ideological and political quality, coordination ability, enthusiastic chapters of career, young high degree of approval, outstanding performance the selection of excellent talents to the township (street) secretary of the Communist Youth League positions, focus on creating a role of outstanding and excellent comprehensive quality of the township (street) secretary of the Communist Youth League team. two is to let the township (street) group organization officer. Adhere to the "establishment and establishment with foreign minister, the combination of part-time , in favor of township (street) league play a role, is conducive to active township (street) group work principle, pays great attention from the party and government organs and institutions of the cadres and workers, teachers, young rural rich leaders, all kinds of young economy the organization responsible for the home business, outstanding youth, students village, outstanding volunteer groups, the selection of young love work, organize and mobilize youth ability, has a certain influence as a township (street) committee members of the team, in the streets, villages and towns with 9 – 21 preparation and Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League members. To further improve the existing township (street) structure of group of cadres, to ensure that the township (street) appoint someone director, able to succeed. three is to let the township (street) group organization someone steward. adhere to in accordance with the "party building, to promote party building work mission building, joint municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued the" on the strengthening of the new situation of the party building work of opinions ", the county and Township Committee actively to the party organization regularly report the group work carried out, so the township (street any party can understand the work of the Communist Youth League) trends, strive for Party committees in work activities, funding, staffing and other aspects of support, to ensure that the work of the Communist Youth League level one tube, someone asked. read more

Wisdom tourism Qinghai 4A scenic spots above 5 years after the free WF

The future, our province will vigorously develop the wisdom of tourism, actively promote the "Internet plus tourism", accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive information service platform in traffic, weather, public security, traffic information as a whole, to achieve as soon as possible attractions tickets, accommodation and catering, tourism shopping, car rental reservation and payment in line. Accelerate the construction of a number of city of wisdom, the wisdom of the area, and strive to 2020, Xining, Haidong, into the national pilot smart city of Golmud, Guide, Republic of the wisdom of the city built, all above 4A level scenic spots to achieve the free WIFI function, tour guides, electronic explanation, information pushing, enhance the tourism service level of informationization and modernization.

the province will do the area information, traffic grooming services, establish and improve the emergency response area, the peak of passenger flow mechanism, strengthen the tourism accident prevention, to ensure the safe and orderly tourism.   read more

Teacher’s Day approaching Xiguan Street primary school teachers to experience military life camp

September 9th, in the twenty-eighth teacher’s Day approaching, Xining Xiguan Street Primary School, the former Camp Street primary school teachers to Xining, the 93987 troops to experience the lives of soldiers and soldiers, and watch the literary fraternity party.

during celebrations for teachers also watched "the candle song yushuiqing" art teacher’s Day party, and 93987 units of hundreds of soldiers to meet the twenty-eighth teachers’ day.
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Xining city to become the first to create a happy family activities demonstration city

In December 25th, a reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission learned that in December 23rd, the national health and Family Planning Commission held in Beijing country to create a happy family activities to exchange experiences, premenstrual, provincial recommended to declare the national assessment and acceptance procedures, confirmation of Xining City, the national 32 cities (districts) as the first national demonstration city to create a happy family activities.

The government appointed 10 inspectors to jieduan

Recently, Li Binghan, Ma Yumei, Chen Fenglian, Zhou Ling, Li Yulin and other 10 people were Chengdong District People Club Bureau appointed members of the Council and the supervision of the masses issued letters of appointment to attend the first Jieduan forum, beginning of the agency’s work style, administrative efficiency supervision, appraisal opinions, advice, to find the problem, problem solving process, and improve the ability and level of government window units to serve the people.

10 members of the Council is responsible for supervision of the masses: collect opinions and suggestions to the masses of people club Bureau; the Bureau of cadres and workers of public affairs, government commitment, work time, service attitude, standardized terminology, work efficiency, service attitude and thorough investigation; bad style and act for the Bureau of cadres and workers to report complaints. On this basis, the supervision of the Council members will not participate in the forum, to reflect the problem, feedback, summary advice. The Council will monitor the problems found by members of the Council, the opinions and suggestions made to solve the problem, and effectively change the style of work, improve the level and quality of service to the masses. It is reported that the Bureau hired 10 people including members of the supervision Council party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, retired cadres, representatives of residents, community workers, cadres, workers, entrepreneurs, their long-term performance of their duties, in order to promote the "four winds" problem.   read more