The website promotion experience how to change the effect of the chain

is the number of sticking to the chain, or the chain in quality. Two simple points are two different ideas. Hard to force the chain extension, the ninety-nine percent should have the aversion antipathy. But from a practical perspective, is a kind of silent self stand. In this mode of thinking is very boring. That is, the chain extension, whether can effectively change the mode of thinking? The correct understanding of the role of the chain, find some knowledge from it? For example, consider how to improve the effect of the chain. The number of the chain decreased, but the chain has brought to the site effect is increasing constantly. Presumably, the chain effect that sense of power should be stronger.

The current status of the

2, not a single product promotion, reflect the needs of users. Now the Internet database, which put the amount of data is huge. But the quality is not poor, quality content, high probability of obtaining a database call. What is relatively useless, just a single chain, began to be clean, effective purification. Therefore, for this situation, the chain content requires a reasonable adjustment. For example, in the above products, can be introduced, and the following is the user’s view, give you the right to speak. This form of interaction, greatly can improve user activity, and will be the search engine spiders included, improve weight of its single chain. read more

The website is the optimization of the debate between the only proper course to take

Many webmaster in

correlation and user needs conflict how to do

with love Shanghai algorithm innovation, more and more friends will think that website optimization is an important prerequisite for a correlation between the correlation from the site outside the chain related to content, everything should take this as a guide, seems to leave a relationship, would love to punish Shanghai into the program at any time, website the ranking will become unpredictable, so the principle of correlation website optimization is in fact not necessarily follow? The author thinks that still need to be discussed in this regard.

so the direct correlation in the website optimization, and often can not eat, but also need to be involved in the indirect correlation, even around the industry, or take the rubber products as an example, in fact, rubber products can be further derived to the rubber products industry, such as the electronics industry, communications industry, transportation industry and so on, will use rubber products to all these devices, can be said to cover many industries, so the rubber products on the website can link to this industry to go around or derivative. This through the divergence of the industry application thinking can enrich the content of the website, make the Internet more website to recommend your site. read more

Xu Jin summary will be several search engine punishment

1, station links, to avoid too many dead links. Also a lot of people love in the weight of high in the emergence of a large number of keywords. Only the teacher’s word around a good can be done in accordance with this principle. In addition to the Links, why put it in the station. Often the webmaster do Links will attach great importance to the site, and included the snapshot weight. To meet the requirements of all exchange links. But after a time of sharpening, object and not all exchange links are developed along with you, there is little part of the site will be right down even by plucking. My blog recently had this experience, three friends of the chain is now cause trichotillomania is right down. So when the owners in Shanghai for the purpose of exchanging links to Phoenix, to Links own often check.

, a title

two, Meta and Descriptions

2, outside the chain, avoid the use of tools or software mass class

Three, the content of the website link


if the person is new, so that a search engine is also true. If there is a large number of online websites have some information, even if the weight of the good website will soon be included, after a little time included will slowly be K off. Is not to say that can not be collected, we can change the title and content. But with the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, the word may not shun way site subject to heavy penalties, direct pull hair. So this need to be cautious. read more

The importance of the work of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer

page code is following the W3C standard is one of the reference search engine ranking factors, may appear in general now need to consider issues related to the common market CMS are done in accordance with W3C standard, in fact, does not conform to the optimal representation. In the common DEDE as an example, the default template had many JS calls, the page still have the style attribute (does not conform to the structure and performance of the separation W3C thought) etc.. Although excessive consideration of these issues was a bit over the carp, the influence of the rankings is almost zero. But a good front-end Engineer in layout design when you take into account the relevant problems, realize the optimization of the page code, JS code to improve the efficiency, reduce the Cookies call with JS instead of iframe. A small stream to into a river, these seemingly small problem, but perhaps you ranked in front of you site is so poor.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry, the Internet has an argument, called the Shanghai dragon of low technology, low threshold, Shanghai dragon ER triggered public accusation, this view is one-sided, but had to deny that a considerable part of Shanghai dragon ER lack the most basic knowledge of programming, resulting in daily work efficiency is very low, sometimes because of do not understand the technology make some funny jokes. In fact, as a Shanghai dragon ER, do not understand the programming is not terrible, terrible is the lack of personnel and Technology (including but not limited to the front-end engineers, back-end developers and server maintenance personnel) the ability to communicate. Today, from the front end engineer said, talk about the importance in Shanghai Longfeng work front-end development personnel, technical personnel and look at reasonable communication to enhance the effectiveness of Shanghai dragon. read more

The interpretation of noble noble baby baby + search results bring 4 visual effects

then some people will doubt the information what is good for us? In fact, the reason is very simple, when our site appears in the noble baby SERP and authoritative knowledge or a multi brand share this page for us, this note will be easy to search engine to our site the trust will be a very good promotion site hits.

When talking about

Of course,

: in the notes on the

two: let the baby more personalized

SERP noble babyThis SERP noble

three: get some chain

we can find that the noble baby has been committed to the development of this year’s personalized search, search for personalized, simplyproviding suitable for their SERP is for different search. And let the noble baby + personalized search to get more progress. Especially is the baby then launched search plus your world (search plus your world) that we have to pay attention to effect of nobility for personalized SERP + baby. This means that if an ordinary search share one page of the words in his noble baby +, this will be a page in the search of the noble baby SERP to get a better ranking. read more

How to do the chain between the personal blog articles and articles

keyword rankingIf the do recommend related articlesIn addition to the chain do?

about the chain optimization two problems all the more common:

because the number of blog articles, articles and articles for there is no way to connect very well, the website hits are scanty, so early for a blog within the chain can not do, in fact, is not good to do, to the late gradually increased, we found that many articles appeared in some words or sentence, need guidance and interpretation, in order to better understand the user.

1, an article in the chain of

In the chain of

blog article, also need to do some relevant article recommended reading, because users generally play reading articles, will see what good article can learn, so in the end to provide these articles is a good method, the article provides some good or with relatively high correlation the. You can install the wordpress blog article nothing, this tool for browsing is very good, as shown in figure


personal blog Shanghai dragon relates to technology of knowledge sharing, we find its page browsing time than the general network station, jump out rate is compared to other type of website is much lower, if we can do well in the chain set in the article, then I believe that the blog will do in this area is more outstanding. Within the chain on the personal blog recently has been in the study, the last wrote an article in the article about the chain "from Lou song song blog learning website chain optimization", this essay is not very detailed, only some of the chain of ideas and opinions, today a personal blog in the chain a more detailed explanation: read more

How to quickly share the experience of the construction of the chain

four; every day to find 5 high weight forum registration account, forum where to find, love Shanghai local forum plus regional search, set character signature, AD, here AD, is a serious post reply, because the only serious reply to your post, will not lead to be deleted, reply posts when choosing choice, just released, you should pay attention to the top of the post is not advertising, if his posts have been deleted, you reply will be deleted.

seven; love Shanghai know, Search ask the chain of self construction, is the question and answer, recommended here over the weekend to the chain, not too much, the chain will not be deleted if there are conditions, the most important question.

new tools for rapid build-up of the chain is not wise, but also a way of danger. So the construction site the chain chain has the best manual, manual control. Before the construction of the chain, the first to do the planning. As the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, good work plan can make double your efficiency. Here I will talk about how I was the construction of the chain. read more

How to choose the target web site keywords

from the above tools you can understand the words you choose in the end how many people in the search, the degree of competition in

when choosing target keywords and target keywords to be able to accurately reflect the main content of your site.

can use the tools you need to select the following keywords and target keywords

3. target words in general on the site’s home page title.

2. target keywords that we want users to search keywords that what word into our website,

3. love Shanghai promotion background keywords tool (tuiguang.baidu贵族宝贝.) 360, sougou promotion background tool.

select the target keywords not too much, because too many keywords, website ranking is hard to do. It’s like you have 10 dollars, you average to 10 people, get 1 dollars so everyone. If you have 10 dollars, you send it to 2 people, then everyone will get 5 dollars. You 10 dollars as a search engine is assigned to your weight, your each person finally get the money as the final weight of each keyword. For > read more

review is how to do the first love Shanghai Jiangxi Crane

2, keywords layout, I was the only teacher practice Cardiff "around the word" principle, to increase the site keyword density, as for what is called "a word" can go around love Shanghai, there should be a lot of lies.

my official website should be the optimization of Changfeng crane starting from mid July, this site is new sites, site structure, product information is not complete, is almost an empty shell, website optimization before a month are not what ranking, Nanchang ranked number 60 in the crane always, Jiangxi crane in addition to 100 at that time, I was depressed, these two words how competition could not be a month of work I have is to update the article and the chain construction, Links also changed a lot, nor is ranked no change. However, in mid August, the website miraculously rushed to the first, Jiangxi Nanchang crane crane words are rushed to the Shanghai first love. So I want to say is, Shanghai dragon really not what just follow a certain pattern, persist will be successful. I remember a month on the site, like other Shanghai dragon like ER, mainly in the following points: read more

nvalid harm and disposal method of page Chen Xiang Shanghai dragon heart – in the web site

also, sometimes.

, a website in

4 pages, affecting the user browsing experience leads to the loss of customers.

website (the template text over page similarity is above 90%), such as a large forum reply page.

Invalid page definition of There are too many ads,

value of 6, for the user (demand) page, when a user entered into our web page, users find the content of the page is not what he needs, or the content of the page does not solve the problem he search keywords, or page advertising too much direct impact the contents of the page for the user to read, then this page is of no value or the user page does not meet user needs.

1, the search engine is of no value index page is invalid page, generally refers to the content page, including our website registration page, landing page, repeat page etc..


2, the page shows the contents of the user don’t want or don’t need.

Some duplicate page 3,

generally, the invalid page facing users, is of no value to the page, its main features are: read more