Earnestly fulfill the functions of the Communist Youth League to serve the key focus of youth groups

Recently, the provincial Party committee, led by the provincial people’s Congress and CPPCC members to participate in the Communist Youth League and the NPC deputies and CPPCC members face-to-face activities "research group to Xining on the" rich spiritual and cultural life of the new generation of migrant workers "were concentrated and in-depth research, group organization in Xining migrant workers are concentrated in non-public enterprises in the number of visits, visit

recently, led by the League Committee, the provincial people’s Congress and CPPCC members to participate in the Communist Youth League and the NPC deputies and CPPCC members face-to-face activities "research group to Xining on the" rich spiritual and cultural life of the new generation of migrant workers "were focused on the research, and further peasant workers in Xining area is centralized organization of non-public enterprises visit, visit. The municipal civilization office, bureau of SMG responsible for the related part of the migrant workers of state-owned and non-public enterprises and on behalf of Qinghai oil compressed natural gas sales Co., Qinghai Hotel, Minghao seafood restaurant, mingrun studios, Golden Bridge Hotel and other car nanny in Xining nearly 20 people participated in this research symposium. read more

2015 Qinghai province tour guide qualification examination registration this month

The reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, before this month 1 days to 30 days, Qinghai province tour guide qualification examination registration.

: written examination subjects and content for the "tour of the basic" and "guide business", "tourism policies and regulations", "tourism occupation moral and service etiquette.". Examination materials for the China Tourism Publishing House in 2015 published a series of tour guide examination materials, a total of 7; interview qualification examination qualified tour guides who can obtain the interview qualification. The interview is divided into two parts: (1) the ability of guide. (2) the tour guide service ability and the strain capacity; foreign language class examinee must carry the above two kinds of ability reported languages spoken test that tests the foreign language has made Putonghua guides qualification certificate candidates plus a foreign language, only tests the field simulation examination, examination qualified relevant foreign language tour guide certificate renewal.  
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At present, the province’s beef and mutton prices tend to be stable

This year, the province at all levels of the agricultural sector to strengthen the work of measures to overcome the impact of the price, the current production situation of animal husbandry is good, at present, the province’s animal husbandry 9 million 183 thousand and 800 offsprings head (only), 1 million 123 thousand and 900 slaughter pigs, milk production reached 176 thousand and 300 tons, livestock production is a foregone conclusion.

Our province of Qinghai Province – the continuation of Zhi newspaper

11 4, the main person in charge of the province’s 57 book and media writers, held in Xining to participate in the continuation of "Qinghai province · newspaper; Zhi" Compilation Committee of first meeting cum business training work. This marks the continuation of the "Qinghai province newspaper · Zhi" compilation work has been fully open.

Conference on good newspaper "Zhi" compilation of a comprehensive deployment, each bearing units should establish the overall awareness, sense of responsibility and quality consciousness, pay attention to "newspaper records" compilation from thought and action, strengthen the preparation of the newspaper "Zhi" urgency, overall arrangement, Cengcengbaguan, do the task to the people, the responsibility to the people. Firmly grasp the basic requirements of the province’s second round of revision work, adhere to the correct direction, adhere to the "quality first, adhere to a pragmatic and efficient, adhere to innovation and development, to ensure that the compilation of a has the characteristics of the times, excellent local records rich geographical characteristics and cultural characteristics and professional characteristics. read more

WeChat Taobao to knock on the door repeatedly with signal shielding breakthrough

June 18th news, Taobao and WeChat rivalry continues. After the user has been used to open any Ali link not to fight WeChat in the situation, Taobao has repeatedly tried to pry open the door to WeChat. Add the WeChat share button, WeChat opened the public number, allowing WeChat to share the code Amoy shop…… This series of measures, Taobao recently developed a "password unlock tool" type.

According to

was informed that before the Taobao WeChat breakthrough "Amoy password" began to emerge, Taobao mobile phone users can link to the commodity "Amoy password" in the form of share to WeChat friends, which can direct the Taobao mobile phone password to copy the product details page.

use this password is the basic premise of the user needs to install a mobile phone Taobao client. Users click on the Taobao A product "share" button, select "share to WeChat, will be prompted to" click Copy and open WeChat, then Amoy Taobao paste automatically generated password to the user B, user B to copy the text chain, open the Taobao mobile phone, you can directly buy goods. read more

Anti off germinal products ten brands list

both men and women, once the hair loss, it has become a very painful thing. Moreover, the hair on this piece, men are afraid of hair loss than the degree of white hair. White hair can also raise black, big hair can not be appropriate. But after the hair loss can not find other hair, unless we choose to wear a wig. Over the years, many of the head of the armed forces have a fantasy that one day the hair can grow back. The following small series and we analyze anti off germinal products ten brands list.

anti germinal products from ten brands list NO1- light 101

Beijing Zhangguang 101 Polytron Technologies Inc is a high-tech enterprise founded in 1987, the group based on the human hair health industry, famous hair expert Mr. Zhao Zhangguang developed Zhangguang 101 hair, nourishing hair, prevent hair loss and skin care products for the leading, adhere to the pharmaceutical industry as a leader, the development direction of industrialization, diversification and internationalization of business the company has about 1000000000 fixed assets, more than 10000 employees, more than 2 thousand and 500 101 professional hair chain consulting services. At present, 101 product marketing in the world’s 65 countries and regions, with a total of 16 overseas branches, has been the world’s 10 million hair loss hair removal of the pain, is the world’s recognized germinal famous brand. read more

Enhancing the city grade with cultural connotation

The natural atmosphere of the atmosphere of the Tibetan Plateau is the natural background of Xining culture, and the heroic character of the plateau people is the essential feature of the "cultural Xining". Today, whether it is through the cultural origins of the lens to see Xining, or through the lens of regional culture in Xining, a population of only more than 2 million of the city, the seat of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is a clean city, high-rise buildings, cultural prosperity, resistance to heavy goods.

as the center of the capital city, the political and cultural center, Xining is the intersection of the Qinghai ethnic cultural integration hub, blending intersection of grassland farming culture and culture, the folk culture xiangshengxiangchang, rich and varied, colorful, the most attractive is the cultural characteristics of plateau culture garden. Harmonious, inclusive cultural elements of its broad diversity, cultural atmosphere, the world shows a deep foundation of the culture of Xining, showing colorful puppetry fragrance, exudes charming fragrance! read more

Our province successfully issued the first batch of government bonds 19 billion 850 million yuan

recently, the Ministry of Finance in Beijing province through the issuance of treasury bonds bidding system for 13 general government bond underwriting syndicate members, successfully issued the first batch of government bonds in general 19 billion 850 million yuan in 2016.

issued by the province’s general bonds, the replacement of general bonds 7 billion 150 million yuan, the new general bonds of $12 billion 700 million. From the issue of the term interest rate, 3 year period of $3 billion 600 million, $5 for the period of 5 billion 200 million years, $5 billion 200 million and $10 in the period of 5 billion 850 million yuan, the successful rate was 2.46%, 2.66%, 3% and 3.04%. All the general bond funds the issue into the public budget management, which is generally used to repay the bonds replacement audit to determine the government bears the responsibility to repay the debt, the new general bond funds for protecting and improving people’s livelihood and support economic restructuring, give priority to the protection of major public projects spending, and subsequent financing of projects under construction. read more

Datong county leaders condolences Xun rang Xiang suppression point

since the autumn, the weather is changeable, especially the recent strong convective weather frequently, caused some impact on agricultural production, rural roots staff to hail a serious and responsible work attitude, always pay attention to weather changes, accurate judgment, decisive disposal, effectively prevent the bad weather disasters caused by agricultural production threats, well done the Hail Mitigation task, which allows a party to benefit the masses.

9 7 in the morning, deputy magistrate Ma Wenyi line to hail the staff condolences Xun rang xiang. Vice mayor Ma Wenyi on behalf of the county Party committee and government to all the staff always adhere to the position of hail hail, thanks to the township agricultural escort, he hopes to continue to stick to their posts, to contribute to agricultural harvest.

suppression staff said, the county government will live up to expectations, each class will stand a good post, strong backing for agricultural production, to make their own contribution to the economic construction. read more