DOPA to Xining City sub center

December 9th morning, pragmatic, win-win, as the theme of the development of metro metro project will be held in our city. DOPA Metro Committee carefully selected and packaged 11 plots of land to focus on the promotion, attracting more than 140 customers from the province to participate in. Municipal Committee, Huangzhong county Party Secretary Zhang Qiguang, vice mayor Xu Guocheng attended the promotion.

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16 provinces (cities, districts) of the young women’s athletic field

these days, the national sports training base of DOPA plateau is really busy, 2016 Chinese football youth football tournament (12 women) Qinghai Xining competition is being held here, the performance of female teenager who let everyone thumbs up.

this event is sponsored by the Chinese Football Association, the Football Association of Qinghai Province, the national plateau sports training base, Qinghai Province, a group of sports, Qinghai sports vocational and technical school. A total of 16 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, the autonomous region of the team will compete in the August 19th to 24 days of competition for a period of 6 days. The province’s young football team through this event, and the country’s elite teams learn to exchange, which will help improve the level of development and popularity of youth football in our province.

Legal Daily chief editor ray Xiaolu line interview social service management information command cen

October 22, 2012, the Legal Daily chief editor ray Xiaolu a line of 5 people in the provincial Party committee deputy secretary, the provincial comprehensive management office director Pang Runze, accompanied by the Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the city comprehensive management office director Ge Haibin, Lincheng north to interview survey social service management information Chengbei District Command Center work.
at the scene, the staff of the center detailed explanation

From China FRST Youth Film Festival in Xining, there are 1 days of the opening of the FRST Film Fe

since 2011, the Xining municipal government introduced the "Youth Film Festival – Students Film Festival", and upgrade it to create Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival ", which has four years of continuous running, after four years, Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival through the media publicity, sign system, film exhibition, University the festival theme activities as a platform, continue to let the outside world through the Xining Film Festival and cognitive, also through the activities of young volunteers, driven by a large number of young people, the movie star guests came to Xining, Xining, dedicated to the outside world will continue to bring into Xining at the same time, the city will also continue to play an active outside. Role in promoting Xining.

and the festival itself from the beginning of the little-known, to the influence of the rapid expansion of the festival, volunteer enrollment of over 10000, Xining become a large number of volunteers yearning for the pursuit of the goal of the film festival has, recruiting volunteers, including Chinese, the United Kingdom and the United States, covering more than and 600 college student enrollment, admission rate of one percent, in the Chinese rapid economic development today, the festival volunteer of this group is very active, the enthusiasm of tourism and consumption, and can drive more groups into the Xining tourism. read more

Atmospheric governance, we put on the environmental protection of public action restaurant billboard

"we firmly respond to the call of the government to do a good job of oil pollution prevention and control work." Xining Nanshan Road, a person in charge of the restaurant pointed to the wall pasted the city environmental protection commitment to the public card, told reporters.

it is understood that in order to do a good job of air pollution prevention and control work, to further improve the living environment and the ecological environment, the formation of long-term effective supervision mechanism, Xining City District Environmental Protection Bureau to the "five small industries" published in areas of "environmental protection" commitment publicity card, actively guide and mobilize the "five small industries" business households take practical action to participate in environmental protection in the work, and give full play to the supervisory role of the public, the formation of the whole society atmosphere of co management, make a comprehensive air pollution control work to push. read more

City day exhibition staged wonderful staged

August 31st afternoon, the city of Xining and the east of the city, the other day activities in the exhibition fair in full swing, with the national characteristics of the song and dance performances attracted many people come to watch Qinghai.

city day activities, with a distinctive regional customs of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau handicrafts, so that people from all walks of life to stop understanding. "I heard before Qinghai is rich in resources, travel to Xining just to the fair and just listening to instructors explain, really understand the unique products in Xining, I love the cordyceps wine taste, try to take back to my family." Ms. Ouyang told reporters from Guangdong, before coming to Qinghai, Cordyceps sinensis is only known to be a good medicine, but today at the fair to let her eye opener. Qinghai Tibetan culture always makes people from all over the country to bring the mysterious feeling, Regong Thangka painting, Duixiu Thangka, Mani stone, Nangqian pottery unbelievable production process let people come to watch the praise, the color is gorgeous, exquisite beyond compare fine handmade workmanship, addictive. This is where the charm of Xining culture, living in such a cultural atmosphere can only make us more love home." From Guoluo to reporters exclaimed phuntsog. East Sea city hall in front of the door, the fragrance of the wine makes people mutual smelling, Ledu spring to create plateau cherry, can eat healthy selenium enriched garlic sauce series of food to the public, in addition to food, DC slobber, Salar the Yellow River stone art is a beautiful legend, as if each fine stone will sing, sing out of tune, the East Sea development. (author: Zhang Mei) read more

A letter from the traffic police detachment of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau

driver friends:

you good!

in recent years, with the rapid economic and social development of our city and city civilization degree increasing, "civilized driving, comity three first" has become a conscious action of every driver, you in their respective positions on the hard, hard work, has made outstanding contribution to the construction and development of the whole city.

currently, the municipal government to speed up the pace of the construction of spiritual civilization in our city, put forward to enhance the quality of the people project ", which is an important part of construction management orderly, safe, civilized and harmonious traffic environment. However, with the city more and more vehicles and street traffic increases, honking contention channel grab the line, ignoring the comity and a series of uncivilized behavior is more prominent, motor vehicle noise pollution emerged gradually, the city road traffic congestion phenomenon began to appear. These problems not only affect people’s normal life and work order, more against the people’s health and safety of life and property, but also the overall image of the majority of drivers and the loss of city civilization. To improve the quality of the city to carry out the project, the municipal government decided that since August 1, 2009, in the city to carry out noise pollution control and traffic order rectification special action. This work has been carried out by the general public’s welcome and support, the effectiveness of remediation is increasingly significant. In order to consolidate and improve the results of rectification, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment hereby issued a proposal to the general driver: please obey the traffic regulations, the enthusiastic care and orderly traffic order, self regulate, restrict and supervise the uncivilized behavior. Especially when you drive in the beautiful Xining high streets and back lanes do not arbitrarily, please consciously whistle, do not fight road grab the line, do not drink driving, not speeding overloading, not Luantingluanfang, civilized driving, give way to pedestrians. read more

Pay close attention to weaknesses in the annual assessment of the city

In May 23rd, reporters from the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department held a press briefing was informed that, at present, from this year the national annual assessment and three months time, I hit the city of city work will highlight key points, pay close attention to the weak link, and strive to achieve the national evaluation and ranking large forward, in order to stage the crucial battle to promote the smooth implementation of the overall creation target.

it is understood that in the next three months, the city will strictly control the evaluation standard of the national civilized city to create work, to further consolidate the standard has not yet reached the standards to improve, weaknesses and problems in the specific work to create a civilized city exists, focused and difficult to implement the plan, to ensure that the create index standard. In accordance with the standards of civilized city, to carry out special rectification action focus, vigorously carry out environmental sanitation, illegal structures, outdoor advertising, traffic roads, residential areas, business premises and other special rectification activities, the full implementation of the "in front of three", "door standard, clean up non-standard adverse cultural phenomenon of outdoor advertising, text and feudal superstition stalls, traffic violations remediation efforts to strengthen governance, all kinds of traffic, strengthen environmental monitoring and inspection and control, reduce and eliminate environmental pollution, beautify the walls along the street and the building, and strive to purify and beautify the city, green lighting work, on the basis of the existing overall level, standard, new class struggle, to achieve relevant evaluation standard. To strengthen the city infrastructure construction, improve the supporting project, to ensure that the cultural venues, city sewage treatment, urban streets, residential building according to the proportion of public toilets, garbage cans, LAN, community schools, public places, public announcements and other cultural activities of city infrastructure and improve standards, strengthen the service function of the city. At the same time, strengthen the comprehensive management of public security, to create a safe Xining; carry out the credibility of credit activities, the construction of good faith in Xining. read more

Bus often change line residents travel spectrum, a text of the mayor Wang Yubo made instructions to

evening of July 3rd "bus line trip did not often change the spectrum" article editions, immediately attracted the attention of the relevant departments, mayor Wang Yubo instructions, requirements of city traffic bureau as soon as possible measures to improve public travel difficult situation.

"bus line residents did not often change the spectrum" reported in the paper the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market section of large vehicles transporting goods more often caused by traffic congestion, some of the original by Sea Lake Road, driving the bus was forced to temporarily diverted to other lines, seriously affected the residents along the railway. The problem in the afternoon Traffic Bureau leadership attaches great importance to immediately organize the city bus for site investigation, held a special meeting, and held talks with community members. Through field investigation and discussion found that large trucks Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market (trailer) around more often caused by road congestion, some buses in this section of pressure is serious, and there are a number of bus lines changed lines and some drivers ignore road patency without change line, meeting decided to take measures to solve the sea lake road the market people travelling to the surrounding area. read more

Huangyuan County Tax Bureau cadres to learn the small business accounting standards

recently, the Huangyuan County Tax Bureau organized all staff to take a variety of forms, learning the new "small business accounting standards".

Huangyuan County Bureau of cadres through textbooks, training courseware, network school, exercises and other tools, carrier and way on the accounting standards change and use positive discussion, to create a strong learning atmosphere. For cadres on the understanding of the standard and the use of the weak links, specifically invited to the provincial tax school teachers to explain in depth, and after the end of the training carried out a closed test.

in order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of small enterprises, to further standardize the accounting system of small enterprises, the Ministry of Finance issued a new "enterprise accounting standards" and in January 1st this year in the country within the scope of the formal implementation of small enterprises. (author: Cao Meng)

North District Urban Management Bureau to take a number of measures to celebrate eighteen

eighteen party held soon, in order to create a festive atmosphere and detail, establish a good and healthy social image, the northern city of urban management administrative law enforcement bureau to take a number of measures to promote festive atmosphere. Since the
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Operation Sonnenblume

these two days, there is a word in a lot of people spread widely, that is "sunflower". "Hello, ‘sunflower’," we look for ‘sunflower’, I come to donate"…… It turned out that the people in the mouth of the sunflower is the evening news sunflower city love action.

Following the

Evening News "sunflower" the first big love action volunteers "to send their children to a school" after the start of the hotline contributions donated to the public as one falls, another rises, in a continuous line, from the heavy love like tidewater, the summer corner fell stuffed to the brim.

just a week, the evening news sunflower city love action has gradually penetrated into the city’s various units, communities, families. "Evening news’ sunflower ‘action is too creative! The name of energetic and catchy, particularly good in mind." I did not expect the evening news’ sunflower ‘action as well as novel and unique logo, so the heart must be full of love." I hope the ‘sunflower’ action as the evening news volunteers love action brand, like the eye-catching logo, spread." read more

From 1 to May this year, Xining destroyed the drug gangs in the city of

"the new breed of drug users has slowed noticeably, the basic control of drug addicts on social aspects, gradually reduce the social harm of drugs, drug crimes are a powerful blow, 1 to May this year, the city destroyed 14 drug gangs." This reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment in June 26th.

it is understood that the drug control departments of the city to fight against drug crimes as a major task of public security work, has launched a special action to combat sporadic drug trafficking, the rectification of song and dance entertainment, a powerful blow to the drug-related criminal activities. 2010 1 to May, the city has cracked 62 cases of drug trafficking, the destruction of the drug gangs in the past, the destruction of a drug processing point, seized heroin, heroin, methamphetamine, 3476.98 grams of methamphetamine, and a total of 3393.35 grams. A case of human possession, drug trafficking cases uncovered in the armed drug trafficking cases, drug trafficking cases with mail. read more

80 poor patients will receive free treatment

Chinese Red Cross foundation, armed police general hospital, Qinghai Red Cross in mid January to start the new year to go grassroots – Qinghai bright line activities. In this event, 80 poor cataract patients in our province will receive free treatment. Up to now, 37 poor cataract patients in our province to get free surgery, surgical success rate of 100%.

the average elevation of 3000 meters above sea level, alpine hypoxia, strong ultraviolet radiation, the natural environment is difficult, the people of agricultural and pastoral areas due to the natural environment, the incidence of cataract is much higher than the rest of the country. The new year to go grassroots – Qinghai bright line activities in the implementation of the province, marking the Qinghai Red Cross humanitarian assistance has been further expanded the field of poor cataract patients with a new way of salvation. In January 23rd, the Armed Police General Hospital, vice president Liu Huiliang, Chinese Red Cross Foundation assistant secretary general Lei Shumin, executive vice president of Qinghai Red Cross Sun Lin, went to the Qinghai Armed Police Corps Hospital Visit condolences to our province to receive free treatment of poor cataract patients, postoperative recovery of patients with a detailed understanding of the situation, wish them a speedy recovery, donated blankets and other items for every patient, and invited well-known calligrapher in our province at the scene for patients presented writing couplets. At the same time to the hard work of the medical staff, especially the armed police general hospital ophthalmology experts fear the cold plateau, visit the front line to carry out surgery to express my heartfelt thanks. read more

Entrepreneurship to make money to ignite a good project to ignite the fire

a good project can change the entrepreneur’s life, seize the opportunity is to seize the success! So choose a good business to make money, seize the business opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking urgent!

the entrepreneurial projects for 25-55 years of age, more than the female high school education level. Initial investment of about 30 thousand yuan, for rent 50-80 Square Street Housing and simple decoration, the purchase of children’s toys, children’s books, small tables and chairs, etc.. Another need to hire 1 preschool professionals responsible for the implementation of children’s games, observation of children’s behavior, provide advice to parents. According to the actual situation to open up care, boarding and other services. Project investment is small, the risk is small, the return is stable, the annual rate of return can exceed 30%. />

if you know very much about the people in the community, you can according to their needs, set up a housekeeping service in the community, will be very popular. The establishment of domestic service agencies, less investment, small risk, quick effect, but also can be arranged for re employment of laid-off workers, good prospects for development. You can also be integrated single business projects, such as the creation of elderly care homes, kindergartens and primary schools shuttle service department, information service center, the marriage, delivery service, laundry service shops, these should be considered in your. />

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Accommodation catering turnover fell 2.1%

With the reduction of official reception, the city’s lodging and catering industry operating conditions fell significantly. The city’s economic operation analysis data show that in the first quarter of this year, the city’s accommodation and catering industry turnover of 188 million yuan, down by 2.1%.

in the entire society against the table waste, rigorously enforce thrift, our accommodation and catering enterprises in retail sales will be affected, high-grade tobacco related consumption has gradually reduced. Located in the vicinity of Xining Mansion, a business hotel waiter told reporters that in previous years, this time, the basic room every day guests, this year has been sluggish, it is expected that the weather is warming up the arrival of the tourist season.

it is reported that the accommodation and catering industry turnover decline is relatively rare in recent years, because of the rapid growth in the service industry environment, accommodation and catering industry has also been growing. Pull the hair and the whole body, accommodation catering industry operating conditions on the service industry also has some impact, in the first quarter, the city completed the service added value of 8 billion 815 million yuan, an increase of 9.8%, but compared with the same period last year dropped by 0.1 percentage points. read more

A quarter of the province’s fixed asset investment prices fell

Survey information Qinghai Survey Organization released in April 13th

National Bureau of statistics show that by the steel, cement and other building materials prices continued to decline and other factors, the first quarter, investment in fixed assets prices in our province continue to decline, down 3.1%. Construction and decoration, decoration engineering prices fell 3.8%, equipment, tools and equipment purchase price fell by 1.3%, other costs rose by $1%.

specific look, in the first quarter, the province’s material prices fell 8%, pulling the fixed asset investment price index fell by 3.6 percentage points. The seven building materials price survey "three or four down, wood, local building materials and materials prices rose 0.1%, 2.3% and 0.6%, steel, cement, chemical materials and other materials prices fell 19.4%, 1.9%, 1.6% and 0.1%; labor cost price and mechanical cost prices rose 3.4% and 0.6%. Price indices of investment in fixed assets rose by 0.6 percentage points and 0.1 percentage points for the total index pull, the effect is limited. read more

t gains considerable ZhengXin chicken

said ZhengXin chicken franchise is fire, Huang Bo personally for their endorsement. But such a fire chicken brand, market competitiveness is also great, really profitable?" This is a lot of chicken shops ready to join investors will have doubt, for this "profitable", small as we make the following answer.

ZhengXin chicken is joined in the popular delicacy snack industry, ZhengXin chicken has the exclusive secret chicken production process, delicious ZhengXin chicken in the market by consumers. ZhengXin chicken together chicken, meat string, tea drinks, snacks such as essence, comprehensive marketing model has a competitive advantage in the same industry. How about chicken ZhengXin profit

profits are as follows:

a pound of chicken profits in 75%, the per capita consumption of 10 yuan, calculated according to receive a daily average of 100 customers, then a day turnover of 10*100=1000 yuan, the 1000 yuan is estimated that, often every day reception number more than 100 customers. Remove the store monthly rent, according to 6000 yuan / month, the day is $200 rent, water and electricity consumption in the day of $50, according to the staff of 2500 yuan a day, the need to pay staff wages is $80. read more

Create a questionnaire survey of the public voice

along with the city to create a city to step up the pace of more and more powerful, the city’s citizens to participate in the creation of the city’s enthusiasm is also rising. In June 3rd, the reporter Bingfenlianglu carry out evaluation survey activities in Xining city civilization, mutual Road community workers and residents together to fill in the evaluation questionnaire of Xining city civilized city in Qinghai Province, at the same time, the reporter also at the center of the square were investigated with questionnaire. Reporters found that, although most people are aware of the city’s work to create a city, but there are still a small part of the public is not very clear what the specific content of the work of the city.

questionnaire is a platform to express feelings

such a good survey, the popularity of the city of knowledge, but also to the ordinary people a platform to express opinions and suggestions." A central square in the questionnaire of the public Mr. Lee said, "a lot of people through the Xining evening news and other mainstream media for a city to work, have a certain understanding of the needs of the public, is the foundation of a city, we expect to have a good living environment and a city is closely related to the questionnaire gave us a a good platform to express their feelings." read more