How to bake pig’s trotters Hongsheng

is accompanied by the improvement of living standards is the pursuit of the arrival of the era of quality, beauty and health care is a popular industry in recent years the rise of. Changes in people’s thinking has led to changes in consumer demand for food and beverage market products, people want to eat delicious at the same time also requires to eat healthy, eat a taste. Trotters as a rich collagen beauty health food, welcomed by the vast number of consumers. Roast pig trotters to join the election of what brand?

Hongsheng baked relatively high profits is pig’s trotters to join the project, but also in recent years, the catering industry is very welcome to join the project investment, less money, the market demand is great.

modern people dining in addition to eat a full eat, but also eat nutritious, eat eat are distinctive, with more pig’s trotters in protein, fat and carbohydrate for people of all ages, the elderly, women and blood loss surgery, the best diet. After joining joint research pig’s trotters baked Hongsheng professional R & D team, combined with the taste of the needs of people, create a variety of grilled spicy baked products pig’s trotters, pig’s trotters, honey roast pork, pig’s trotters, spiced with a high popularity. read more

What is the cause of the Fujian Housing nstitute, was stabbed to death

for the current society, although people’s living standard continues to increase, but with the common psychological problems are more and more, a lot of things happen, we are amazed by the beginning, and later used to. So, in the face of houses was stabbed to death in Fujian, what is the matter?

5 noon 11 pm, a man suddenly with a knife broke into the Pingnan County of Fujian Province, Ningde Housing Construction Bureau Fangguansuo director office, the director Zhang stabbed, director of the chapter after the hospital died. The suspect was captured on the spot.

Pingnan County Housing Construction Bureau staff introduction, 5 noon at 10:50, my colleagues heard the director’s office came a shout, they rush to see, director of neck blood, lying on the ground.

stands a man with a knife." The staff said, they will be surrounded by the murderer, then rushed to the police captured the suspect. According to reports, the 36 year old director surnamed Zhang, a 9 year old son, the usual good man. After the hospital died. read more

Just need to master the three location technology easy to open self-service barbecue shop

Korean barbecue is a lot of people love the delicacy, but also young people love the delicacy, many ways such as the Korean barbecue, barbecue, barbecue buffet has two strong selling point, is a self-help, two Korean barbecue, so they locked the project’s target customer base for young students, white-collar workers and other consumers. So how to open a Korean barbecue shop? Choose the right address, can also bring different results. The following is the location of the Korean barbecue buffet skills:

Korean barbecue shop location selection skills 1, food street

Korean barbecue buffet can choose to operate in a restaurant street, its advantage lies in the early business can get some other restaurant diversion, but note that the business and the surrounding restaurants are best not to repeat, and consumer specifications at the same price, can be slightly lower.

Korean barbecue shop location 2 skills, shops should not be too large

shop area of 40 square meters in the best to less than 60 square meters, do not need too much. One can control the cost, two is due to little shops, as long as there are few tables in the consumer, will be able to form a good sense of business travellers; the store is too large, if the publicity is not in place, but easy to fall into the vicious spiral briefless ". read more

Returnees entrepreneurs Hu Jie a 60 after the entrepreneurial story

every successful entrepreneur, behind the entrepreneurial road, presumably are full of hardships. Students in Shijingshan Pioneering Park, there is a third party free marketing platform – Amoy free single network. Founder Hu Jie is a "60 after", but he was specially selected on the day of the establishment of the Youth Festival in.

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Jiaxian go home and go out with the venture

farmers entrepreneurship is divided into two kinds, one is to return home business, and the other is to go out to start a business. Henan Jiaxian for the two entrepreneurial farmers have provided special help to create excellent results.

in the water diversion canal bridge Jiaxian safefine southwest of the town there is a small, high-tech enterprises. In the workshop, from the grinding, mud, forming process, to sintering, carbonization, pressure cap positions, more than 40 workers are busy. In November 5th, the leadership of the town government alion told reporters, the main production enterprises with the resistance of the ceramic substrate, its products are exported to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region, is currently the only one in Pingdingshan City, the production of such products, the annual output value of about 50000000 yuan, TV, ice box on the tube a lot is produced here.

this is called Pingdingshan City Taiwan electronic technology limited company enterprise, its founder, is a 37 year old farmer Cheng Jichao Ann Liangzhen home business. read more

How to do well in the WeChat era chain

WeChat users a wide range of people, so now many businesses want to use WeChat to do precision marketing. WeChat has affected all aspects of our lives, in the food and beverage market is more widely used, then, how to do a good job of Western media chain brand new media marketing? Here are some tips for you!

now WeChat users, everyone played WeChat, Western-style food franchisee to open more extensive sales network, we must know how to break the WeChat marketing, how to do the new media marketing Western-style food chain brand? The operator can increase such a promotion and marketing opportunities, as long as the first registered public account, apply for marketing certification after fans reached 500, because this is more conducive to the construction of business brand, also facilitate business push information and answer consumer questions, so you can build a free ordering platform, expanding the scope of marketing


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Suitable for office workers entrepreneurial projects recommended to go to work two

wants to have a stable job, but also want to have extra income, which is the idea of most office workers. What are some of the entrepreneurial projects for the office workers in 2015? Xiaobian for you to introduce a few, do not delay your normal work, but also increase your financial income, why not?

now for people to enjoy the pursuit of material is also very high, not only environmental protection has become a people’s pursuit, also have a certain demand for high-quality taste, for indoor clothes or flavoring came into being. This industry has been prevalent in foreign countries for many years of mature industry, and in the country has not yet arisen, imagine how much profit space will be

suitable places: dry cleaners, car wash, car beauty shop, cosmetics shop, perfume stores or manufacturers counter cooperation or sharing rent operation is a good business. read more

Small investment projects

a lot of people want to invest in small, one is to take into account the insurance, but taking into account the ability of a problem, here are a few suitable for you to recommend a small investment in the industry.

1, baby bath to big business success,

Project Name:

baby bath

the main content: the main baby bath service. Run infant clothing, supplies, toys, etc..

start-up capital: 30000-40000 yuan

employeesEstimation of

Project Name:

Introduction and market analysis of read more

How to teach you how to step on the road to get rich

people’s consumption level continues to improve, some of the traditional industries are in a stage of rapid development, for entrepreneurs at this time is a good time to join. Now living conditions are good, consumers for higher requirements is also more and delicacy, promoted the rapid development of catering franchise industry, catering market is more and more widely, many investors start to look at the restaurant to join the shop, open a restaurant franchise to help you quickly create wealth!

, investors should have a full understanding of catering join, especially without any food franchising experience lay people don’t blind investment in food chain, need to investigate clearly, can take you onto the path of prosperity. Food and beverage stores to get the favor of consumers, first of all let you store the delicacy unique, so food stores not only pay attention to the choice of materials, but also work in the production process, can let you store faster access to the industry of wealth.

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Nanjing Yurun 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis again

investment risk, financial need to be cautious. "Nanjing Yurun" due to various reasons lead to mismanagement, and thus fall into the 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis. So, what is the specific situation? The following Xiaobian take you to a detailed understanding.

13 MTN1 of the company in May 13, 2013, Yurun "the public offering of the year 2013 the first phase of medium-term notes (bonds referred to as the" 13 Yurun MTN1 "), the size of the issue size of 1 billion yuan, issued for a period of three years, the coupon rate is 5.27%, the bonds should be in May 13, 2016 officially expired payment of principal and interest, principal and interest. The current issue of bonds by the Bank of China and CITIC Bank as a joint lead underwriter.

had previously appeared short financial material breach of Nanjing Yurun Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Nanjing Yurun") or appear again 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis.

5 3, Nanjing Yurun released in the year 2013 the first phase in note (13 Yurun MTN1) holders meeting resolution announcement shows that the holder of this phase of ticket in April 26th through the off-site meeting through the form, including the request the issuer to provide a clear "13 Yurun MTN1" interest payment plan 6 bill. read more

O2O model to promote the rapid development of home services

no doubt, now is the Internet era, all walks of life in the 020 model, the home service industry is no exception. Home Furnishing service mainly refers to consumers of indoor environment and facilities renovation, installation, maintenance, cleaning and maintenance services, such as home decoration, or two times the local soft outfit design, household appliances, furniture cleaning maintenance update maintenance, with a professional and technical requirements. O2O model to promote the rapid development of home services.


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Walking street to open such a good snack bar

snack shop numerous, small investment how to attract big business opportunities? Location is very important. Take you laugh rice and vegetable roll.

you laugh rice and vegetable roll is a profitable snack business, but need to make gains in the right place to double. Walking street is a good place to go shopping, roadside shops not only beautiful, fashionable clothing brand, a variety of food shops and restaurants, is a place where you can easily enjoy the quality of life. You laugh to bring customers the rice and vegetable roll, originating in Taiwan Meng Meng Da rice and vegetable roll lovely shape, color collocation, rich variety, let the customer at first sight, could not help but taste them, in the flow of people and more pedestrian street, it is very popular. After 90 business investment, you laugh with delicious rice and vegetable roll yen value handed operation meet the new look, after 90, the trend in favour of delicacy. The pedestrian street shop, you laugh do make you delicious rice and vegetable roll continued income. read more

Take the name not to blindly follow the trend of personality

Chinese people like to follow a variety of things to do and copy, I do not know, the original competition is very intense, and then follow suit, leading to greater competition in business. Don’t know what time to start, walk in the street, with a variety of "Grandpa", "Uncle" and "aunt" suffix name, from time to time into the line of sight. These names have many "popular" shadow, creative or from the television drama, or from the field of brand success.

whether it is defined as "climbing relatives" or "popular", in essence, is the beginning of the cottage and vulgar popular culture projection. Hit the face shop, not only in Yangzhou, but also not only in the store, online and even more serious. For example, a "phenomenal work" came out, the name of the protagonist, used items, and many of its related debris, will be borrowed to become a unique business phenomenon. Some also know to change a few words, and some are simply "doctrine", the word does not change. read more

The new Huizhou Huimin policy to invest nearly 200 million yuan to buy public rental

housing problem has been the concern of urban residents, especially for urban workers, housing conditions are urgently needed to improve. In order to better improve the urban people’s housing problem, Huizhou invested 200 million yuan to develop public rental housing.

Huizhou in the country to start the first public tender procurement of public rental. The day before the bidding announcement, relevant public resources trading center in Huizhou City, Huizhou City, Hung said that the housing and urban planning and Construction Bureau to be respectively 114 million yuan and 85 million 500 thousand yuan budget to purchase 200 units of public rental and 100 sets of personnel of public rental housing, a total amount of 199 million 500 thousand yuan, down conversion of purchasing housing price reached 9500 yuan / square meters.

it is understood that 200 of the public rental housing and public rental housing units of the amount of the 100 sets of the amount of the tender from the previous $84 million, 72 million yuan raised to $114 million, $85 million 500 thousand. read more