Website optimization process how to use HTML tags to enhance the optimization effect

first, the purpose and significance of the rational use of HTML tags. We know that the search engines crawl the web content through the spider crawling web information extraction, when extracting important information is realized through the basic code, the main content to let search engines crawl the page conveniently and accurately, the need for ER Shanghai Dragon "artificial noise reduction. In fact, just finished the noise reduction step, still cannot guarantee the correct understanding of the search engine page. But after doing semantic layout, appears in the search engine at a glance the web structure, it’s good to see a user in typesetting articles, reading comfort and speed will be greatly enhanced.

third, we should pay attention to those problems in the process of using labeled? HTML tag is to enhance the basic interface layout optimization. In the process of using, we must clear each label meaning and usage, then note that the label of the nested problem, bilateral markers are paired, must write the end identifier, and unilateral markers we should also use the backslash to the end, the integrity of the code must be well reflected, "although it is composed of a lot of code, user >

as everyone knows, website optimization using HTML tags in the process is the basic problem must go through the code optimization, rational use of HTML tag is through the use of structure corresponding to the meaning of the Html tag to search engine recognition. We know all the HTML tags are has its own meaning, understand the search engine page is by way of the label, such as that is the title of the article, that is the main content of the web page, is a paragraph mark etc..

for search engines, the structure and semantics of the search engine spiders can smooth the understanding of the body of the page labels, such as those who are title, plus the B tag or strong tag is the need to focus on, such web page weight distribution of key details of search engines are able to express what you need clear very quickly, so Shanghai Longfeng maximum optimization you need to express something to play.

second, how to correctly use HTML tags. The author thinks that the web designers need to understand that we only label every meaning in using markers, the use and the layout can be reasonable in the correct position, such as a paragraph tag P, paragraph in the text will wrap, since it is a paragraph on the surface looks will wrap, but this is not the time to use go to the line, marking the treatment period of the line, the paragraph is marked by P more appropriate. H1, H2, H3 tags, H4, H5, H6 level optimization is more and more low, according to the website title, subtitle column page title and content of the page title as the case selection, news page list page or product list page label UL, ol, Li, select the appropriate label in the list.

Shanghai Longfeng friendship link optimization misunderstanding two must know

second errors: no change in the


on Links, believes that many webmaster know its importance in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Links to increase the weight of the website, but also plays a very important role, but anything is a critical point, in the end how much, how to exchange friendship link? I want you the introduction is about the friendship of Shanghai Longfeng optimization link two must know the mistakes today, hope the two can bring you help, let Links role play to the extreme.

page snapshot update slow

, for example, a web site keywords ranking in the sea of love home, but it is March snapshot or 09 years, but the date is very slow, for this website, we can exchange Links? I suggest you is like this website. You can exchange connection. The main reason is very simple, a manifestation of the weights of the website is keyword ranking. Keyword ranking flow higher then your weight is higher. Mainly to see the website weight is good to exchange friendship. Keywords and snapshot is not directly related to the snapshot update is not equal to rank well. When you change the Links how to know each other’s website weight high it is mainly to see the other side of what? The PR value, YAHOO snapshot, included, reverse link. These are not important, important is the rankings and related domain. The relevant domain name is the site of the domain, such as the Shanghai domian:www.***贵族宝贝 in love to get out of the results is called domain. So many friends in this area into misunderstanding. Another point is that it is.

web page snapshot update slow change, in practical work, looking for Links, we always ask the same PR, also included, the latest snapshot date, sometimes really rarely see keywords ranking, in fact, a web site keywords ranking is the most important.

webmaster according to years of experience, in fact, the weight of Links do more website pages share less. But Links do more on our home page keyword ranking the more favorable, because the weight of the home page will not affect the Links. Links do more will only affect the weight of long tail keywords. How much is the Links page weight does not affect, it is not by how many pages link to decide. Through these instructions, you should understand, do Links is helpful to our website, but need to control the reasonable quantity, in order to achieve the best effect, strictly speaking, the chain with the chain of small and medium-sized website to be controlled within 100.

first misunderstanding: Links better

Links better end is not so? A lot of new owners, often have such doubt, then Links can give our site with weight and diversion, it is not the more the better? But there is also a view that is less and less, or do not need to do.

Some factors affecting analysis and suggestions of website traffic conversion rate

3. website, if a web page can not see any contact information, company information, some websites even just a single page, if your customers do you think you will believe? In fact, blog positioning themselves a role, this role must be one of the the professional authority, so the user will further believe your station, there are some small details that can be put on their own.

1. website product category, Changsha Shanghai dragon personally feel that this is a very big influence users desire to buy, I see a user to browse my website after leaving such a sentence: "every brand makes you boast over, you want me to choose who to tell the truth, I am good? Thank you very much for this customer, awoken, speaks of a problem, there is the biggest website, a website is really don’t recommend many brands of products, each product recommendation says, this will only lead to a result: We guided by the customer has become the biggest obstacle caused by the customer is determined let the customer without direction, couldn’tdecide finally in vain a loss of customers. Take Taobao mall Taobao stores, personal feel pushed 1-3 flagship product line.


is a website to make a profit, the site must maximize the website traffic into the trading volume, the volume of transactions, will gain the benefits, the electronic commerce website can run normally, the electronic commerce website no trading volume is very difficult to survive. According to the China Changsha Shanghai dragon Internet data show that Chinese website survival rate is not high, many of them are untimely death, this is a very regrettable thing. There are many sites have a lot of accurate flow, there are a lot of people visit every day, but can not sell their products well; it is a website every day there are more than 3000 accurate traffic sites, but only a single turnover of 2, the conversion rate is so low, this is a lot of people do not want to see the results, is the webmaster friends deep. Changsha website optimization recently has been in the analysis of how the customer purchases and click rate into large volume, what factors determine the user’s desire to buy? The author through long-term observation with practical experience summed up the following points for your reference and exchange:

2. UI site must be humanized design, no website home in a large number of head films and video and music files, so as to enhance the user viscosity and enhance the user experience. When customers come to your website will not give a very fancy feeling, the customer must think that I have come to watch the pictures to watch video shopping is not going, they have a special web site can! So the website contents must correspond to the theme of the site and in the design of the site is on! Must the appearance of web design professional, beautiful, not fancy. The website must highlight the characteristics of their own, can only give the customer a copy of the aesthetic visual fatigue. Don’t insert a large number of advertising pages, especially annoying

Effective optimization settings page links


three, the precise layout of a web site under the angle of export link

two, a reasonable set of page links exist

you do not know whether the webmaster understand the site of love Shanghai spiders crawl, crawl through the log analysis I conclude that love Shanghai grab a spider web pattern is always after the first, the right to left. So we can see the love of spiders in Shanghai first web page than after ripping or finally did not crawl the page is 10 times stronger, then we should be an important web page layout on the left, the net station overall weight this is a reasonable layout of the page for links.

here to make an analogy, if the upper left corner of the link is * * * * link, and this link has been retained unchanged for a long time, so I think this website weight links to your site in the proportion is very high, on the contrary, if your web page links often change love, especially Shanghai spiders easily grab place often changes, I think Shanghai may determine the spider your site is not stable, so as a webmaster should learn to use bread crumbs set Web page links are time, I recommend that a link in the home, there is the best time in 3 months and this helps to optimize the basic link.

, a reasonable layout of the page link position

on the surface meaning of the bread crumbs can be seen as a small division accounted for the specific position of the bread, and the use of the site we can put the bread crumbs as page layout pattern of web page weight proportion of the site as a whole, but we want to do is to arrange the weight distribution, so that the entire website showing the healthy development of the situation.

four, set up effective domain name in home

web page link layout has been one of the owners are more concerned about the topic, how to do a good job of web page layout is a more troubling thing for many webmaster, web page links layout involves every aspect of the site, and the author of many websites to carry on the analysis, found that most famous website uses page link optimization form is the bread crumbs form, then what is the breadcrumb layout pattern of

is that we call the website home page, we.

? The domain name

website under the angle of generally outbound links, and this is the webmaster often called Links, Links all know that the site can promote exchanges between, can also cause the search engine spiders climb, and our website links derived layout must be precise, like bread crumbs once after bread with no change, Links once after the layout is not easily delete or change, and you exchange links Links website is not too much, I Links exchange, like a link to no more than 10 of the site is the object of my consideration, more than 10. I will take to ignore.

Website weight transfer skills Construction of weight transfer to home page!

today we’ll start page to transfer the weight of the homepage.

began to introduce the two problems I think we already know the weight of single link will decrease with the number of variable page link, enhance the weight of single link so reducing the number of page links can be indirectly.

, a depth decrease pageThe

two, to reduce the

then we need to know is the weight value of the weight value is a virtual thing, here we make an example, with specific figures to visualize. If I weight on your own website Shanghai Longfeng this page is 2, then this page in a total of 10 links to other pages or outside the station, then transfer the weight of each link is 2/10.

website weight can be transferred, in the website optimization process everywhere can transfer the weight, when it comes to transfer the weights of the website, no doubt you will think is the anchor text, this is no ground for blame. Whether inside or outside the chain chain, as long as there is in the form of links is the way to transfer the weight of the will.

at the same time the weight transfer or direction, for example on the site, home page by the inward transfer; transfer from page to page; on the site, outside of the transfer station to station by station outgoing transfer station. So do the site layout inside and outside especially important weight.

is the webmaster website weight has been very concerned about, and has been trying to raise. Weight is an abstract thing, although the weight of the website is not everything, but we must not ignore. Right in a sense, the search engine is a score on the website, and the score is also related to the web search results list ranking in the search engine.

page to transfer the weight of the home page and we usually do the hair of the chain is the method to improve the weights of the website is different. The inside pages to the home page of the weight transfer is in the chain weight will be directly transferred to other sites within the pages of your website, in order to enhance the weight of their own website pages, then weight pages to the home page links to improve the web page.

The number of links in the page In the

page is also reduced depth decrease directory level, the website structure is flat in the structure of the site said the. Not only reduce the directory hierarchy is favorable for transmission of weight, but also conducive to the search engine spiders crawl and crawl.

understanding of the two basic contents above, we need to layout above, and the work station.

has many webmaster page article on the site will do a lot of CMS module, compare "related article", "popular article", this page really neat, but the weight of single link value decline, and ultimately affect the overall site.


Analysis Shanghai dragon Er original article writing and publishing points

1. the original title is attractive and meaningful content on the site. (such as: people want to know but fell in love with the sea can not find it can be used to do the topic)

is a web site preparatory work ready (the contents of the site and filled to the site, then we set the title) the next step is to let love Shanghai visit our website, we grasp the content of the article. How to let the spider love Shanghai patronize? The key lies in the website content.

to write original articles and release will also pay attention to the following points of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques.

high quality of the original article is easy to attract the spider crawling, but also can improve the user’s lead.

3. original articles must have authenticity, not resort to deceit. Because users of your web page from your click title, stating the title of your attraction to him, but if you click on the findings from the article can not find the answer, then you will soon turn off the site. The next time you see the website will not click go to see.


2. the original title and content do not stack keywords. Because the accumulation of keyword search engines will be regarded as cheating.

7. original articles in the first paragraph, and at the end of words, may be appropriate to the key words in bold, underline, red etc.. Play a emphasize the role of search engine to tell the word, cause attention of spiders.

6. new sites updated the original article is best not to put too many links, can according to the proportion of words to add keyword hyperlinks. (an article is best not more than 5 links), because the anchor link more keyword density will be greater, will be loved in Shanghai that have suspected of cheating. And the original article written words must not be less than 500 words.

4. original articles to the contents of the logic through, easy to understand, can play a connecting role. Because the content to write if you can play a connecting role, a mind very easy to drive users, see the contents of the second paragraph from the first paragraph. And what does not appear too professional terms, because not all users are aware of these terms is what meaning, easy to understand the discourse is loved by the users.

5. is a fixed time every day to update the original articles. But why is there a fixed time? Asked the network the study found that the timing to publish the article in addition to let oneself have a good habit, every time published articles can also let the love of spiders in Shanghai to develop a good habit of grabbing. We can recommend this time to release (9 a.m., 11 noon, three p.m.)

(2) original article can have better ranking, can bring traffic to your site.

(3) at the end of the original article content into web site if it is reproduced, can increase the weight of the chain site and web site.

2010, Wangzhuan how many chancesMa Yun was mocked and Liu Qiangdong sold the dishes…… Guies Nort

2, angle of view.



this article is indeed revealed some phenomenon in the big city, but is no problem, but it looks like a sentimental girl keeps talking to you about life.

as a novice, Wangzhuan legality is certainly the most concern, this point I’d like to introduce an objective description, we are all under the leadership of the party, the party is not allowed to let us do what we can’t do what, but there is a friend to see the legal provisions are not allowed to do Wangzhuan if issued provisions, we also dare to pay attention to is not, even higher? Real expressly illegal MLM metamorphism and still have people do. That someone might say Wangzhuan mode like MLM, how do you explain? Feel shy, let me explain it to turn the laws of the state capital, I can only speak with the facts, the forum posts Wangzhuan Wangzhuan number is innumerable, the number is not clear, do Wangzhuan do not calculate, you know can not be calculated, evidence of a pendulum in front of everyone, don’t these people are fools, are all liars, are criminals, ha ha, the conclusion judge for yourself. In fact, I just do it also very worried about these problems, was also hesitated for N days, ha ha, up to now was psychological normal, but since it has been paid close attention to this aspect also has to understand that, what do not hesitate, after all, you do not, there must be someone else to do.

two days ago, an article about how 20 million people pretended to live in Beijing, instantly harvested about 4 million of the reading.

one night, on the streets of Beijing, he looked out of the window lights and said, "in a few years, >!"

was China Internet technology and information are concentrated in Beijing, in order to better promote the Chinese yellow pages, Ma resigned job as an English teacher, with Chinese pages marketing director heyibing, first met when the North drift, first Chinese first Internet Co "Ying Haiwei" founder Zhang Shuxin, to seek the opportunity of cooperation. However, Zhang Shuxin is not optimistic about the Ma, the two part. Not only is Zhang Shuxin, when Beijing’s first batch of Internet Co are almost no good ma.



1, legal point of view.


as a beginner on see the post that attractive advertising slogan "ten thousand" and "lying in bed will be able to make money, oh do not be confused by these signs, this time need to calm down, do you think there will be any good unearned, have heaven diaoxianbing thing? These are not those ads! Language is the predecessor to pay to get Wangzhuan after the action result, if you spend money to join, didn’t do what they thought they can become a millionaire, oh, no! So in membership after you should learn from your superiors, learning basic knowledge of network marketing and promotion methods, we often hear a word" success can be replicated "as long as you seriously have perseverance month million yuan is a phase, but don’t see that writing advertisements have a dream of getting rich, and a Impulse to join, so emotional added, often the result is the last to give up or lose confidence, so when you join in Wangzhuan to look at their own can not adapt to the group and the real pay, or otherwise do not contact, lest add not to earn money, they said do Wangzhuan are liars oh, there are such people, do not know if you contact it, I met many.

no way, no connections, no resources, Ma had to run around in Beijing, selling their own Chinese yellow pages, but no one ignored him.

, in the words of the media man Ho, is this:

Wangzhuan industry through the course of a few years, can see the day into the tens of thousands of millions of dollars a year full of news, but the sad only Wangzhuan talent to know, in the face of the financial crisis after 2010, you face and how much can grasp the opportunity, in fact, as long as you grasp 3 key points, can let you easily win in the Wangzhuan industry.

at that time, CCTV for MA in a documentary, in which ma comb eight separately, carrying a black shoulder bag, knocking at the door and said "I was selling China Yellow Pages", then please go out by the other side "". During the filming, a choreographer said to his colleague, "this man doesn’t look like a good guy at first sight."." Can be described as cynical.

it can be said that many things in society are not mastered by everyone

rich praise their own poor, blame society; five sets of wood, hard life and dogs; opportunities, and too high prices; success to immigrants, failure was cast; I work, this is your life.

read this several bigwigs of experience in Beijing, presumably a lot of people’s minds are filled with a thousand regrets. In fact, not only Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou also make people feel great pressure. The people here also laugh at themselves as "deep drift" and "wide drift"". But what about it,

3, the angle of consciousness.

in fact, Beijing is not a fresh thing, Ma Yun, Robin Li, Liu Qiangdong and other chiefs also worked as Beijing! They do not suffer? They are not tired? They don’t get homesick? They also bitter, tired and homesick, but they all boil down, finally got all their own.


1995, Ma Yun founded Chinese yellow pages, this is Ma Yun’s first career in the internet.

back to Hangzhou, brilliant career,

from Beijing taunt

Recommend several suitable for novice operation Wangzhuan projectStatus and Countermeasures of house

we all know the function of the blog, the chain can publish their own stable through the blog, do not have to worry about their own the chain is deleted by the administrator, therefore, is there a lot of webmaster to use blog the chain work, so the related issue is produced how to cultivate the high weight of the blog through their own efforts, so as to make yourself better and better release of the link to the search engines.

this is very important, collection of things do not send, certainly no effect, sh419 is not a fool. Ha-ha。 As for how content works, you want to have different ideas for yourself, and my content is from some essays and some of the instructional design of the course. This is the need for their own needs according to their own search, query their own article material, right?. This is also very important, if not even updated material, then talk about how to update it?.

once your early articles have been included, so remember to second days to update the regular, long past, the spider will love to climb, only do regular updates, found your article have been included in sh419. This work is still very complicated, and I feel that I still need a certain willpower to finish this thing. The daily update is really simple. It’s too difficult to do. There are also lazy moments, resulting in a few days of their blog has not been updated, I feel renewed again, found that included slowly, and therefore, the maintenance of the former is quite important ah.

first, the early days of blogging are especially important,

second, the release of original article, to ensure that the article high-quality

, personal advice blog content to keep every day in 2-4, if their own material enough, can be updated, but not recommended more than this value too much, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble, may lead to the administrator’s attention, that.


so, this problem is to how to strive to let the weight of their own blog increase, to better achieve the effect, you can make your link released and search engines, the following is pure, some of my personal views, if wrong, I hope you all the criticism.

third, blog early, do not add any of the chain and targeting text,

  at present, in the framework of China in electronic commerce, household electrical appliance enterprises or manufacturers, there is no real sense of participation, the majority of enterprises may be of e-commerce awareness is still inadequate.

has just set up a blog, don’t join any hyperlink and text aim, this can easily lead to my blog was closed off, and early and spider deal, after the proposal put to improve the weight of their own blog, then slowly adding hyperlinks, the process of personal control suggestions in 2 weeks later compared to the right.

fourth, control the number of updates in 3-4 articles

Ad4all Skype advertising announcementsh419’s latest five announcements today

recently found some websites still use informal pages for advertising, to induce users to download, affect the user experience, bring negative effects to Skype, such as found in the following statement on the alliance of all violations will be deducted from the data and close the account.

please be sure to standardize the advertising methods, if there is doubt or not confirm the place, please contact our customer service, and we really hope to cooperate with you for a long time, and common development!

1, dating, pornography, video, chat, video stations, will not be allowed to launch. If your site belongs to the above range, please immediately remove the ad code, replacing other advertising;
3, not allowed in sensitive pictures, content and text on the page, put the advertisement of Skype
5, welcome to download website alliance advertising Skype.

Skype advertising announcement

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distinguished League members, hello everyone!

A poor university students stand ups and downs

how hard it is for a poor student to set up a website. For their own interests to do their own stations, encountered difficulties and hardships, once I am afraid of the weather, and now, in order to live, I do not give up, really unwilling, really reluctant to say that: goodbye,


station is very hard, the majority of owners also have experience, all day to day ranking optimization, pay attention to their station, also do not see what development, ranking change even a little bit of all happy for a long time, but a long time dragged me across the very website, although it is love, but the poor so I can not support it now is not the right I stand to say goodbye……

began to learn, not to do a website, the hacker achievement, just started to spend money to buy a space, then get a program on the day to watch the day website, dozens of IP to 100 IP slowly a little happy, but found more and more traffic is so hard to find, in the school to see all other schools BBS doing nothing. I made a BBS of the school, do not want to let the school found me training meal, said my personal BBS, unable to get out of school, go to the domain name, the site shut down, so the school said don’t pursue my responsibility, I really helpless, this Chinese society.

destroyed the forum, can not, and made the information release stand, their record down, the school has not found my website now, but I slowly felt Internet is my own problem, no computer, every day to run the cafe, a day and 10, more than half a penny never seen on the website and believe that many webmaster have experienced the bitterness, slowly living tension, is not good to be home to consciousness, after all the family condition is not good, stay at home for a few days at home, my father and I was tired of school is wasted in the network I was cruel, decided to give up my website, do not have the ability to do, the heart is not the taste, and very reluctant to own website, although not do it, after all, have worked hard to give up.

sites are now rarely updated, very helpless at the website every day to go down, I can only say to yourself again after have the ability to pursue their own network, now still learning, the mind of his website says goodbye!

I will come back one day, not blaming heaven not complain but not their ability!