How to get free blog promotion website weight more awesome

is to eventually blog website Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, of which the most important is the blog weight increase >

for these blogs we give them to locate the appropriate and reasonable, so that it can not be in love with the sea sentences as spam and punishment. They should be in the service of website optimization, mainly is the chain network website construction, at the same time, with the high quality of the article click bring some traffic to your site. It should be noted that the blog content itself is a prerequisite for quality of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, we must resolutely put an end to high rate, not reproduced the freshness of the search engine. So, to improve the blog itself weight by the high quality blog, play free blog premise to improve site weight.

famous free blog has high weight, crawl speed, large number of users and other advantages, to improve the site weight, development has a very good advantage of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. However, for the love Shanghai free blog the adjustment has not stopped, especially for not only to add the chain and blog made greater efforts to intervene and cleaning quality content. Faced with this situation, how should we do in order to give full play to the free blog to improve website weight function? According to my experience, the webmaster insisted on doing so, it can avoid the love of Shanghai’s intervention and punishment, let free blog group promotion website weight more awesome! > , a

blog search engine only first in the evaluation system, after the search engine spiders crawl frequency is high, in order to better effect to improve the site weight up. So, we should insist on using the correct method of operation to improve the quality of their own blog.

blog to locate appropriate and reasonable

three, the rational use of the chain added in the blog to improve website weight skills

we can run a blog from a few aspects: one is to use the high quality content, fresh content of original or false original "feed" search engine spiders; two is the use of a regular update of search engine spiders promote trust, develop a regular crawl and crawl; three is the use of links to each other between blog, improve each other’s weight, to play the role of optimization to provide more favorable conditions; four is the proper use of the topic of speculation, the blog web page probability, increase the amount of reading, to further improve the weight of blog in the search engine by visiting more.

The purpose of

free blog group contains two meanings: one is that it is constructed with the help of like Sina, love Shanghai space, blog, NetEase, Sohu and other free blogging platforms, unlike the independent blog as required to pay fees and charges two domain name space; it is a blog group, because we need a sufficient number of chain Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, which need to use a number of advantages of blog group to create the chain network, so the quantity and quality is essential.

blogGet a higher weight

two, with the correct method of operation to improve the quality of the

From the ranking algorithms of search engines do station.

In the The

recently in some thoughts about search engine ranking, there are some immature ideas, to share out the discussion.

in the available data, I think that once Google PR value is the most close to reflect the weights of the page data, although a year has stopped updating. Love stand, CHINAZ and three party website of the Shanghai love weight is guided past traffic from Shanghai love the results as the standard to a certain extent, although the weight based on the reaction of domain name, but the results of the way that the problem is not too accurate, to mention >

page ranking, two part is particularly important, a page in the search engine is the weight fraction of inside, there is a important part of speech segmentation appear in the position of the page (title, the most effective area, I think the start) this two part basically determines the fraction in the position, wherein the weight fraction of the page proportion will be more (prefer to think that is the biggest, and other factors are much larger than the other part of speech word retrieval), such as adjectives, prepositions such words complete match appears will get a small part of the bonus.

search engine (here to search for flour design reference) in page crawling, content extraction, segmentation based inverted index, the segmentation of the search keywords, and extract the word as a noun, string and other important word to word index intersection set, which will get a includes the basic correlation page file collection, later will enter the page ranking part.

page weight fraction is also related to the time domain (site factors here I think is not just because the link exists time factors), in Shanghai love algorithm, the influence of weight the weight of the domain name and domain name on the page will be much larger than Google.

when considering the ranking algorithm of search engine, basically can determine most of the page is no chance on display in the search engine, this is because of the weight of possession of high priority in the search engine algorithm.

The weight fraction of the

completed these steps, will enter the last anti spam module, get rid of those more than a certain degree of cheating in the sandbox and integral page page, and then get the final ranking results.


page will be significantly different in different search engines tend to overall, are closely related with the link, link correlation relationship into effective link (website content, export link anchor text, the target site is highly correlated) and high trust links (from the web site, gov, edu etc. the pr value, the two link website) can refer to a specific Hilltop algorithm and Trustrank algorithm, the Hilltop algorithm idea is very interesting, in a patent version of the algorithm described in the page on the first set of search results again link correlation calculation, to further accurately in the highest range of words weight page retrieval.

2015 the six largest venture capital projects recommended

thousand dollars can do? Buy a high-end mobile phone are rigid, want to do investment seems to be talking nonsense. Everything is possible in this world, entrepreneurs should not give up the idea of thousands of dollars to start early, 2015 of the hottest projects in the capital of thousands of shares in this, so that we know that thousands of dollars can also be made into the cause of the cause of the six.

1. degradable environmental protection flowerpot

2. family small garden

with the city to the development of modern, high-rise, nervous rhythm of life, give people cause a dull feeling, sense of oppression. As a result, people living in the city are increasingly attached importance to the beautification of the living room and office, seeking to hate the natural green decoration. And this product is different from the ordinary flowers and plants bonsai, not only beautify the room, but also to the city people in the experience of planting fun at the same time, to eat their own novice planting vegetables. 1000 yuan how to start the business there is no similar products on the market. Products are mainly in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang sales, monthly sales of up to 30 thousand to 50 thousand yuan, the market prospect is broad.

3. baby temperature measuring spoon

4. dust absorbing blackboard eraser

5. mobile phone emergency charger

< >

Join liquor agents must learn to solve the conflict with the agency headquarters

New Year’s arrival, is the best time for the annual liquor business. Liquor in recent years to join the meaning of a slight decline, but there are still many development opportunities. Before you do this, you need to know how to deal with the conflict between the agent and the agent.

liquor agents conflict is a common problem in the management of distribution channel of star products. When dealing with conflict, be sure to understand what is the main cause of the conflict?

The reason

enterprises to join the conflicts among agents in the treatment of liquor must consider three questions:


Second, see liquor agents to join between malicious competition or mutual benefit. If it is malicious competition, enterprises in the processing, we must punish the malicious competitors, revocation of the right to sell; if mutually beneficial, to take a negotiated solution.

Third, the conflict is a threat to the interests of the enterprise. If the conflict between liquor agents to join a direct threat to the interests of the enterprise, or even cause great losses to the enterprise, the enterprise should terminate the cooperation can be solved through legal means, of course, generally do not take this means.


make liquor agents to join the inventory management of

because the star products better pin, relatively speaking, liquor delivery agents to join quantity and the rate of delivery is relatively high, some of the liquor agents that star products sold to the season even have no goods, so regardless of the consequence, has always been to the warehouse inventory. Of course, there are some business staff, in order to get the results, get the Commission, try to get the liquor to join agents to take delivery, do not consider the situation of liquor agents and market players. As a result of poor inventory problems, such as: product backlog, expired products, moisture damage and other issues.

so that enterprises in the management of liquor agents, the agents should also be liquor inventory management as an important management task. To do two things: first, to guarantee reasonable inventory liquor agents, of course, the 100% is reasonable also does not exist, there is a reasonable inventory formula in the industry: storage – order – order quantity of actual inventory balance = average daily demand X days + security order. Second, the correct storage and storage of goods.

Add recommended liquor

Home Furnishing jewelry shop named Wuji secret

now Home Furnishing Home Furnishing life, the demand for products, at the same time, a good Home Furnishing name can also bring a lot of good business for the entire Home Furnishing shop but at the same time, the best start to choose a name, don’t change.

a similar.

the same name first is no personality, not to show their shops unique side, and is easily confused with other names, so as to mislead customers, even let other tourists go shop.

two Jiyong polyphone.

to polyphone name, name two or more pronunciation will give people a call to bring a lot of inconvenience, easy to let the customer feel at a loss. For example: the "pleasure" is the two reading, reading Le, read Yue, so that people do not know what to read better, and for (Xing, hang), (Sheng, Xing,  ), (Chong, Zhong) (Qian, Xi), Dorothy, (Chao, Zhao) in etc..

bogey shengpizi.

The name is the best way to promote the

four semantic obscure.

meaning is obscure name too esoteric, others cannot read. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning. Or simply a meaningless name, people can not touch the mind, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not sensible choices.

In fact, the name of


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What are some of the tricks to prevent cigarette loss

cigarettes once damp or deformation is difficult to sell out, even if sold easily lead to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the loss of cigarette business is very large. If the owners don’t want to bear this loss, nature also need to do a good job of cigarette product security. In short, the retail customers in the business of goods, cigarettes is undoubtedly more valuable. Therefore, in the course of business, retail customers to prevent loss of cigarettes is very important. So how to strengthen the management of retail customers on cigarettes? I combine my work experience, to the vast number of retail customers to provide the following suggestions.

one is to prevent the cigarette damp, squeezed. Do not stack on the ground, do not close to the wall, where the storage of cigarettes to ventilate. At the same time, the cigarette, especially the soft packaging cigarette is easy to wrinkle by extrusion, so it is best not to put other items on it.

two is to put the cigarette and pungent odor items separately. If the cigarette and the pungent smell of the items placed together, it is easy to smell.

three is arranged to follow the "first in, first out" principle, to ensure that cigarettes do not take the oil, not moldy".

four is to prevent the cigarette stolen, was switched.

five cigarettes are sold, will not be returned. If the return is very easy to sneak cigarettes.

six is sent to the delivery of cigarettes, we must check the delivery ticket, to ensure that the above data is accurate and then sign.

seven is to avoid cigarette exposure to sunlight. Long time is sunlight, cigarette color distortion, even cigarette taste.

For the loss of

cigarette shop business development is very unfavorable, so a cigarette operators any only do related to cigarette loss prevention effect will make their economy will not be bigger. So, there are more than the small series of these content, if you are a cigarette operator, these tricks will help you shop management?

Share novice entrepreneurs need to learn experience

a lot of time, novice entrepreneurs will always be a little confident enough to feel that what they do not have confidence, do anything wrong. Novice entrepreneurs in the lack of experience is understandable, it is necessary to learn more experience. Today, we briefly introduce a few novice entrepreneurs need to learn the experience, I hope to help entrepreneurs want to help.

continuous improvement details

in the system perfect, you should do every day or every two days with the details of the improvement. Users like to constantly improve the site, if you follow their feedback rectification, they will also increase the goodwill of the site, because most companies ignore the views of users.

let users happy

The internal pressure of

efficiency is far more important than money


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Sanyou Decoction taste barbecue products how tongue the most authentic taste

food on the tip of the tongue, always very attractive. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join a barbecue flavor Sanyou Decoction? High quality delicious, worry free business, worthy of trust!

water fried meat become the new favorite in the catering sector, but to understand the history of the development of water flesh is very few, most people only know that it originated in South korea. When we visited Seoul, we thought so. Today’s topic, you may subvert the entire Korean fried meat dishes have a more in-depth view.

to tell you the truth, South Korea is the so-called water fried meat or something?

in our common people, will go to Seoul to South Korea, the first Ming, walking in the bustling streets of Myungdong, everywhere all the crowd gathered food stalls on the main road, has formed a "T shaped" snack street, when we collect various delicacy in Seoul but never heard Myeong Dong. The local people mention water fried meat.

in Korea there is no water fried meat? Those who love to eat do not agree with this statement, but it has proved that the country does not have water fried meat. That we usually see some of the South Korean fried meat and the like, in the eyes of diners, this food is?

When we are in search of

, but the accident found a news "in 2005, Mr. Kim Pak Hwa inventor and has the water fried meat (Mi Xi) taste a barbecue" patent, then, access to a large number of information records, from 2005, the city set off water fried meat boom.

data show that the Korean food management limited Sanyou Mr. Jin Zhehao developed and produced water, fried meat (Mi Xi) for a barbecue. And we know from the company to is the difference between traditional barbecue and water fried meat when we turned out to be such a confused concept. The traditional barbecue, regardless of taste or color, whether it is human (increase of staff) or material (carbon fire costs, not environmental protection), are the traditional drawbacks; it is precisely because of these drawbacks, Mr. Jin Zhehao developed for the Chinese people diet and taste – water fried meat (MI XI) a barbecue. The real meaning of the water fried meat not only to meet the requirements of the diners, at the same time, convenient, so that baked meat is not coke, not dry, delicate taste, and contains rich gravy. Therefore, the traditional barbecue is essentially defined as dry and wet barbecue.

water fried meat, a product of the main taste of barbecue has 3 kinds: one is the micro spicy type, one is strong, and the other is a light type. According to the 3 flavors to develop 5 different customers different needs of taste buds dipping, namely dipping sauce, fried meat, tomato juice, pure natural dip dry spicy, special dipping sauce, selected a dipping sauce.

Now the diners drink >

Stall to attract consumers is critical

a lot of people think that it is very simple to put a stall, as long as the spread of a plastic paper, put the things you want to sell on the OK, and if so, then you are still far from success. In fact, the stall is also very particular about the skills of a thing, this is a Knowledge has no limit. knowledge, said stall skills is very important, the key is to attract consumers.

In addition to the use of

In fact,

by the above understanding, I believe we have a new understanding of the stall, inside the skills you have mastered? How to attract consumers? In fact, there may be many ways, perhaps you may have a better way to attract consumers, but the most basic way to master.


How to open a new clothing store franchise to the cheap goods

supply is the need to solve the problem of opening clothing stores, especially for inexperienced entrepreneurs, a good source of money is the first step. Supply is the most difficult problem for the novice to join the clothing. Cheap clothing supply will bring more new clothing profits, but also means that the shop is more competitive. Now the problem is how to find these cheap and practical clothing to join the supply? Now the market roasted is very serious, so we must see more, more, more, more is to identify the roasted seeds and nuts.

1, roasted seeds and nuts must go and see more and more understanding, more

this is the most fundamental and most important. To be on the goods, do not come out every time rushing to catch the goods back. Business is not good, what is the use of time? Spend more than two or three days to sell women’s wholesale market have gone all the way, with contrast, not only can understand the price of the market, you can grasp the popular style. Sell mid-range women, only to the grade of the clothing market is also not desirable, have more than mid-range and low-end wholesale market are turning. For example, to understand the goods in Shahe, in order to identify the mid-range market speculation Shahe goods merchants.