Coalition MPs oppose plan to lift restrictions on home auctions

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Plans for the government to remove restrictions on the auctioning of repossessed homes, including main residences, suffered another blow this week as coalition MPs criticized the move, with one leading lawmaker suggesting it would prompt “civil war.” Ministers have admitted over the past few days that the moratorium on home auctions, in place since 2008, will be lifted at the end of the year. The government, which is under pressure from the troika to end the restriction, said it will seek to protect homeowners who are suffering genuine economic hardship. However, the possibility of main residences going under the hammer has stirred opposition within New Democracy and PASOK. New Democracy’s parliamentary spokesman Sofia Voultepsi launched a strong attack against any plans to lift the temporary ban, which applies to homes worth less than 200,000 euros. “This law already aims to protect the weak; if there are people hiding behind it then we have to find them,” she said, attributing the pressure on the Greek government to “obsessions” within the troika. “The troika argues that if auctions do not resume, the property market will collapse, like it did in the United States in 2008,” she said. “It is better for the property market to collapse first and for there to be a civil war afterward, rather than for there to be a civil war first, in which case the property market will collapse anyway, as will banks, the government and all of us.” PASOK MP Dimitris Karydis also slammed ministers for discussing the issue of home auctions, describing them as “irresponsible and badly prepared.” Several lawmakers from the Socialist party, including Odysseas Konstantinopoulos and Theodora Tzakri have expressed opposition. Sources said that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s advisers believe that if the government sets clear criteria protecting the most vulnerable, the government will be able to win its MPs over.last_img read more

New Ag Data Transparency Evaluator Website Make Big Data Decisions Easier

first_imgThe age of big data means big decisions for farmers as they decide who to trust with their information. An industry-wide effort to bring transparency to ag technology contracts is gaining momentum with the launch of a new website.The Ag Data Transparency Evaluator is a tool designed to help farmers understand how their ag data is used when signing up with technology providers to use precision ag products. Companies must answer a set of 10 questions to determine compliance with certain core principles for ag data ownership, consent, and privacy. Products are reviewed by a third-party administrator, based upon the answers to the questions for transparency, and then awarded use of the “Ag Data Transparent” seal if approved.Since the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator effort was launched at Commodity Classic in 2016, the organization’s webpage has been hosted at American Farm Bureau Federation’s website.  American Farm Bureau was instrumental in getting the Evaluator off the ground.“After our first year of operation, the Evaluator tool has grown up,” says Todd Janzen, administer for the project. “That means moving to our own, independent website, enabling technology companies to easily link and show their compliance with the Ag Data Core Principles.  The ultimate winner is the farmer who can easily find background to research precision ag products,” Janzen explains.The new website allows farmers to easily review how their ag tech provider answered the 10 questions. The site also publishes the Core Principles the industry established for ag data in November 2014.“Growers know the data we produce and collect on our farms comes with a huge value. So, it matters how and when that data may be used by third parties. The Ag Data Transparency Evaluator takes the guesswork out of understanding how companies may collect and use the data I produce as a farmer,” says Britt Raybould, a farmer from St. Anthony, Idaho. “Instead of losing myself in the fine print of terms and conditions, I get straightforward answers to 10 questions that help me make smarter decisions about the data partners I work with in my operation.”To date, several precision ag products have been evaluated and awarded the Ag Data Transparent Seal:  Onsite (AgIntegrated), Morning Farm Report (Agrible), FARMserver (Beck’s Hybrids), Conservis, Farmobile, Granular, FS Advanced Information Services (GROWMARK), and MyAgData (Independent Data Management). More products are currently under evaluation.last_img read more

Mayor Leavitt ready to cut open mic at city council meetings

first_imgCiting what he calls an intimidating atmosphere and a lack of true engagement with the city council, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt is proposing pulling the plug — literally — on citizen communications as they are now.Instead of letting people speak on any topic they wish, as CVTV cameras broadcast it all, Leavitt wants to limit citizen comment during the televised meetings to topics on that night’s agenda only, a move that would effectively end what’s become a weekly parade of pro-and-anti Columbia River Crossing speakers.Those who want to speak about nonagenda topics would be given the opportunity to do so during a once-a-month town hall to be held after a city council meeting is over, he said. And that would be done with the CVTV cameras off.However, Leavitt’s proposal has enraged a number of council meeting regulars, who say that Leavitt is trying to silence their public criticism of the CRC.Turning off CVTV and limiting speaking topics is a violation of free speech, Councilor Jeanne Stewart said.“That’s the convenient thing to do if you don’t want other people to know what people are talking about,” Stewart said Friday. “This is a profound change and a profound trend.”last_img read more

Reward increased for information on vandals who targeted Confederate monument in Miami

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers has increased the reward for information leading authorities to the people who vandalized a Confederate monument at the Miami City Cemetery.In a tweet posted Sunday morning, Crime Stoppers increased the reward from $1,000 to $1,500 for tips from the public on who defaced the monument at the cemetery, located near North Miami Avenue and 18th Street, in the early morning hours of Aug. 9.— Crime Stoppers Miami & FL Keys (@CrimeStopper305) August 18, 2019 The Civil War memorial at Miami’s oldest cemetery was left with red spray painted words including “killers,” “rapists” and “racists.”The tombstone has since been cleaned and cleared of all spray paint.If you have any information on the vandals, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,500 reward. center_img Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

An upclose look at an advanced cruise wastewater system

first_imgAdrian Daniels is the Zaandam’s environmental officer. He showed some Ketchikan residents the ship’s wastewater treatment system during a recent port stop. (KRBD photo by Leila Kheiry)On one of Ketchikan’s rare sunny days this summer, a group of local residents gathered on the downtown cruise ship dock to board the Holland America ship Zaandam. The group had a fancy lunch on board, and then took a tour of not-so-fancy areas that most people never see: wastewater treatment, emissions filtration and garbage sorting.After lunch, the group of Ketchikan business owners, elected officials, media and municipal employees watched a short video in one of the ship’s theaters.“Every week on average, a cruise ship carrying 1,700 guests will produce up to 60,000 gallons of sewage,” the video’s narrator said.It explained how much waste the floating cities produce, and what they do to manage it.“We have an environmental officer on each of our ships, who provides environmental training and overseas shipboard compliance with environmental laws, regulations, industry standards and company policies,” the video continued.Adrian Daniels is the Zaandam’s environmental officer. After the video, he took the tour through a door where opulence ends, and utility begins. Gone was the lush carpet, replaced with a painted metal floor. He walked up to a door with a key-card lock.“We just going to go to the engine control room,” Daniels said. “Without stating the obvious, please don’t touch anything.”About 95 percent of the ship’s automated systems are controlled from here, with three people minimum on watch at all times. Alexies Varon is the senior watchkeeper and is in charge of the ship’s wastewater plant.“All the black water and gray water that comes from the cabins – is pumped by the jet pumps,” Varon said.Blackwater is anything flushed in a toilet. Graywater is pretty much everything else – whatever goes down a sink or shower drain, for example. Varon explained that the Zenon-brand wastewater system mixes those, and treats both the same.Alexies Varon is senior watchkeeper and runs the Zaandam’s wastewater system. (KRBD photo by Leila Kheiry)The water is sent into a filtration system to separate solids. The liquid is sent into a bioreactor and membrane filtration system to further filter impurities. Then, there’s a final step.“It goes also on your UV filter to kill all the germs in there,” Varon said. “And then… it goes overboard or (we) keep it in the ballast tank to pump it outside 12 miles.”The Zaandam, with its advanced wastewater treatment system, is one of the ships the state allows to discharge continuously, including when it’s docked next to a community. A local resident asked Daniels what is discharged in port.“We discharge permeate,” Daniels said.And what’s permeate?“It’s been through the reactor. It’s been sterilized. It’s like clear water,” Daniels said. “It’s tested twice a month by laboratory and we have a random unannounced sampling as well to check for the criteria within that permeate.”Daniels said that testing looks at levels of bacteria and dissolved metals. He said they meet international, federal and state regulations for discharge. And, he said, the permeate meets standards for drinking water.But is that enough?“That may be the case for human drinking water standards. But they may be releasing concentrated levels of metals that are completely intolerable to baby salmon, for example,” Michelle Ridgway said. She’s a marine ecologist who grew up in Ketchikan and now lives in Juneau – two of the largest cruise ship towns along Alaska’s Inside Passage.Ridgway also was a member of the state cruise ship science and technical panel. In that role, she examined state regulations governing cruise waste and emissions, and procedures ships use to manage it.While the science panel as a whole signed off on the state’s cruise ship wastewater regulations as adequate for marine life, Ridgway is concerned about discharge near shore and in port, even when the water is clear.“Water can be crystal clear and contain quite a number of chemicals,” Ridgway said. “Heavy metals, such as copper, has been one of the constituents of the wastewater that’s of particular concern for us in Alaska.”The Zaandam’s emissions filtration system includes seawater scrubbers. (KRBD photo by Leila Kheiry)The science panel’s report notes that the state’s criteria for copper if 3.1 parts per billion. Cruise ships like the Zaandam are subject to state testing in addition to other tests.But, Ridgway said even a little bit of copper can harm a salmon’s sense of smell. And they use smell to find their way back to the correct stream for spawning.“We certainly know how much we like our king salmon. I don’t know about some areas in Southeast, but in the north area, we have seen a major decline in king salmon recently,” Ridgway said.Ridgway said other marine animals are affected by dissolved metals. Krill is one example, and that’s an important food source for many ocean creatures, including whales.Ridgway also questions how effective the systems are at removing tiny particles such as viruses and pharmaceutical residue.So, what should the ships do to reduce their impact? Ridgway suggests cutting back on the amount of water used, along with continuing to improve on-board treatment systems. That includes more controls on temperature and acidity of wastewater, to make sure ships aren’t adding to ocean acidification or warming waters.Ridgway said she’s definitely not anti-cruise ship.“I was raised in the maritime and fisheries culture of Alaska,” Ridgway said. “I love ships and shipping, and I’m thrilled that people get to come to Alaska to enjoy wild Alaska.”But, Ridgway said the cruise industry needs to do everything it can to maintain the wild Alaska that its customers come to see.The cruise lines, at least according to the video, seem to recognize that, as well.“Keeping the ocean safe and clean is good for the environment,” the video started. “It’s good for global ecosystems. It’s good for plant life; it’s good for animals; it’s good for our guests; it’s good for our crews; and it’s good for business.”last_img read more

Ola Uber to stop ridesharing services temporarily

first_imgTaxi aggregators Ola and Uber will not be providing ride-sharing services in Bengaluru from Friday since the government has deemed it illegal. However, there are chances that the government would amend Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules to include the service.Also read: Karnataka high court asks Uber to limit surge pricing, comply with state normsThe two taxi aggregators had a two-hour long meeting with the Transport Commissioner on Monday following which they agreed to halt ride-sharing services called ‘UberPOOL’ and ‘OlaShare’.”The companies have asked for three days to modify their software. If they do not comply, we will have to take action against them,” said Transport Commissioner M K Aiyappa. “Ride-sharing is beneficial to the environment and reduces the number of cars on the road. If they submit a request seeking permission to ply, we will recommend to the Karnataka government that ride-sharing be allowed,” Aiyappa added.Ola and Uber can send a petition to the transport department regarding why ride-sharing should be allowed, which will then be sent to the government, he said. However, it seems unlikely that the ban will be permanent since the Transport Department is in favour of it as it is easy on the environment and is affordable.Currently, cabs are allowed to pick up multiple passengers from one pick-up point and drop them at one location. Legally, cabs are not permitted to pick-up passengers from multiple places and drop at multiple locations.The stage carriage permit is currently available to only to Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corp. and school and college buses.last_img read more

Barnes Noble Says Goodbye to the District

first_imgThe Barnes & Noble store on 12th Street shuttered Jan. 2, which closes the last store of the book chain inside the city. (Courtesy photos)The hustle and bustle of the Barnes & Noble downtown D.C. location seemed as if it was unending. From avid readers who used its store shelves as a marketplace for finding new books, to college students who made its café the perfect study hub, many took advantage of its location, hours, and accessibility.However, the store closed the doors of its 2-story location on Jan. 2, forcing D.C. residents to not only lose the city’s only national book chain, but also a much-needed retail-community space.While some reports suggest plans to close the store came on the heels of an economic downturn which projected the closure of 10 stores throughout 2016, Barnes & Noble Vice President of Development David Deason told the Washington Business Journal that the location simply lost its lease. “Despite our best efforts to come to an agreement with the property owner to extend the lease, they have decided to move forward with another tenant and the store will close at the end of December,” Deason said. “The Washington, D.C. community is extremely important to us.”“The quality of life of District residents is being dictated by developers, who could care less about the literacy of our kids,” Carlos Solinas, a Ward 1 resident and literacy campaign organizer, told the AFRO. “What does it say about a major metropolitan city and the seat of the U.S. government that there is not a single major book retailer inside the city?”Solinas points to the closure of independent bookstores like Sisterspace and Books and Karibu, which lost leases through redevelopment and eventually went out of business, as an early sign of things to come. Few people, he said, believed that same type of closure could take place with a book chain. However, 2011 brought the closure of Barnes & Noble stores in Georgetown and the Borders stores; and in 2013 the closure of the Union Station location – replaced with an H&M clothing store. The Booksa-Million store in DuPont Circle also closed in 2015.“Lots of people are moving to digital books, but that is what makes stores like Barnes & Noble that much more functional,” Howard University student Amanda Tyson, who uses the university-operated B&N location connected to the campus, told the AFRO. “I’m sorry to see the closure of the store just because it maintained hours as late as 11 p.m. and was convenient to everything downtown.”With the closure of the store, the building’s 32,000-square-foot off space, owned by MetLife and Norges Bank Investment Management, has become vacant.Community activist Royce Neville, said the absence of a book chain in the city speaks volumes to residents about the priorities of developers who take possession of property. “The fact that a major retailer was placed on a month-tomonth lease that jeopardized the access residents had to a retail space where learning took place, demonstrates the value these outsiders place on our activities,” Neville said. “We don’t need another luxury apartment building, restaurant, or clothing store. At some point there has to be an investment in something more than turning a profit.” ssherman@afro.comlast_img read more

With the SFANS Adapter Who Needs a Nintendo Switch Dock

first_img As you all know by now, the main hook of the in-demand Nintendo Switch is the hybrid device’s ability to function as both a handheld and TV-based video game machine. But while it’s easy enough to bring the Switch over to play portably at your friend’s rooftop party or whatever, if you want to play on the television, you’ll need to bring over a dock as well, which makes the experience much less portable in practice.Before, the only dock you could buy was the official, $90 model from Nintendo. But now 3rd parties have cracked the USB-C-to-HDMI code for transmitting the Switch screen to the big screen. At E3 we saw a bunch of third party docks that replicate Nintendo’s version for less money. But the most promising alternative Switch dock rethinks the form factor entirely. I hate to parrot marketing copy, but the SFANS adapter really does make your Nintendo Switch more portable than ever.Unlike the bulky hollow brick of the traditional Switch dock (I exaggerate but go along with it) the SFANS adapter is a svelte little dongle. It has all the ports you need for an HDMI signal, USB-C power, and USB 3.1 accessories like keyboards or Ethernet adapters. Attach everything you need, plug in the short USB-C cord to the Switch tablet itself, and watch your game appear on your TV about as quickly and consistently as with the dock you’re used to.To test the dock I played some Arms as well as the upcoming Splatoon 2. Using motion controls to steer ridiculous (and ridiculously fun) new Arms DLC character Max Brass in both his vanilla and Hedlok six-armed form felt just as good and responsive as usual. The inventive, Titanfall 2-meets-Super Mario Galaxy levels of Splatoon 2 looked as beautiful as they did while using the normal dock. And the signal stayed rock-solid enough for me to splat plenty of fellow journalists in multiplayer matches. It didn’t feel like I was using a different, compromised, worse device, which is the point.The SFANS adapter is so convenient because it’s a small thing I can easily carry around with me to bust out for impromptu Switch-on-TV action. However, there are a few drawbacks due to departing from Nintendo’s original physical design so radically. In docked mode, the Switch runs at a faster clock speed to deliver better visuals, and that causes it to get hotter. Nintendo’s dock circulates airflow to compensate, but you won’t get that benefit if you just lie the tablet down flat and attach the SFANS adapter like in the pictures. In the long run, blocking the fans like that might actually hurt the device through repeated overheating.SFANS did send along a cheap but functional little stand that lets the fans breathe, and it is smaller than the dock, but it’s also another thing to carry around if you want to practice safe Switch-on-TV action. There are surely other DIY solutions to discover for this issue, but just be aware of potential overheating issues when positioning your Switch while using this adapter.I should also mention that the adapter we’ve been using is actually the second model SFANS sent us. The first just didn’t work. But to be fair, it was a prototype, not the final version. There were also questions about whether or not the adapter was a rip-off of a Chinese Samsung Dex adapter, but that’s kind of a moot point as it’s now much easier to get SFANS’s product than that Chinese one. The SFANS adapter also just looks nicer and is styled after the Switch itself.Due to my hip, travel-heavy lifestyle, I’ve mostly been using the Nintendo Switch as a portable device. My Switch dock lives at home, the place I’m not playing games that often anymore. But since I can just put the SFANS adapter in my Switch case I already carry with me everywhere, suddenly playing the Switch in full 1080p on a TV sounds much more appealing and viable. The SFANS adapter ships this August and is available for pre-order on IndieGoGo starting from $60.Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.Buy it now!The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WindNintendo SwitchEssential Nintendo Switch AccessoriesView as: One Page Slides1/51. The SFANS adapter is a small device that plays your Nintendo Switch games on the big screen.2. For proper air flow, you’ll still want to prop up your Switch on a stand while playing with the SFANS adapter.3. The SFANS adapter offers many conveniences the official Nintendo Switch dock lacks.4. The SFANS adapter has all of the ports you need.5. It’s much easier to carry around an SFANS adapter compared to a traditional Nintendo Switch dock.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on Switch last_img read more

Timeline before slaying of wealthy family in Washington

first_img Top holiday drink recipes MAY 133 p.m. — Housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa is supposed to leave for the day, according to a second housekeeper, Nelitza Gutierrez.5:30 p.m. — Amy Savopoulos calls her husband, telling him to come home to watch their 10-year-old son because she has plans, Gutierrez says.9:30 p.m. — Savvas Savopoulos calls Gutierrez’ phone and leaves her a flustered-sounding voicemail. She doesn’t notice it until the next morning. Though Savopoulos had indicated earlier that his wife was going out, in the voicemail he said she is sick in bed and another housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, is staying overnight. He also says in the voicemail that Figueroa’s cellphone is dead and the family doesn’t have a charger for it, which Gutierrez says is odd.___MAY 14Morning — At some point, Figueroa’s husband, Bernardo Alfaro, goes to the house and knocks on the door, but no one answers. While there, Alfaro told WJLA-TV that Savvas Savopoulos called his cellphone and told him that Amy had gone to the hospital and Figueroa had accompanied her.“My feeling was that somebody was inside,” Alfaro said. He continued trying to call his wife and got no answer. Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility 9:30 a.m. — Gutierrez receives a text message from Amy Savopoulos’ cellphone saying “I am making sure you do not come today.” Gutierrez says she calls Amy Savopoulos immediately, but the call goes to voicemail. She texts her and doesn’t get a response.10:30 a.m. — The family’s 2008 blue Porsche 911 is last seen at the home, D.C. police Chief Cathy Lanier said. Later in the day, it is found torched in a parking lot in New Carrollton, Maryland, about 13 miles from the Savopoulos house.1:30 p.m. — D.C. Fire and EMS responds to a call for a fire on Woodland Drive and find the bodies inside the home. They immediately suspect someone may have intentionally set the house on fire.___WEDNESDAY— Police announce a suspect in the slayings: Daron Dylon Wint.___THURSDAY— Police say Wint may be in Brooklyn, New York.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day 4 must play golf courses in Arizona WASHINGTON (AP) — On May 14, firefighters responded to a mansion fire in a Washington neighborhood near the vice president’s official residence. Inside, they found the bodies of 46-year-old Savvas Savopoulos, his 47-year-old wife, Amy; their son, Philip; and housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa. Three of the four had been stabbed or bludgeoned, police said.Daron Dylon Wint, 34, is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths, authorities said. Here’s a look at what happened in the hours before the fire. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Top Stories last_img read more

JetBlue and Etihad Airways Announce Codeshare Plans

first_imgBurlington Chicago/O’Hare Oakland Las Vegas Phoenix “In addition to New York and Washington, we also fly daily to Chicago. Just last week, we also announced a second daily flight between our hub, Abu Dhabi, and New York City, and we will start flights to Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth in June and December this year.” Source = Etihad Airways Savannah/Hilton Head  (service begins February 14, 2014) In addition, Etihad Airways plans to codeshare on the following non-USA routes operated by JetBlue from Summer 2014, subject to US and foreign government approval: * Based on average length/width of lie-flat beds on domestic flights operated by U.S. airlines. Tampa Charleston Santiago, Dominican Republic Sarasota/Bradenton West Palm Beach Fort Myers Ponce James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “The US is a major and growing market for Etihad Airways and this partnership with JetBlue will enable us to offer our guests more options for travel within and beyond the US. Rochester In the first stage of the partnership, Etihad Airways will codeshare on 40 JetBlue routes within the US. Further codeshare services are planned on JetBlue flights once Etihad Airways commences daily flights to Los Angeles from June 2014. Subject to US and foreign government approval, Etihad Airways also plans to codeshare on JetBlue flights between New York and select destinations in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Colombia.                                                                                                                        San Jose (California) Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Denver Charlotte Burbank San Juan Boston Salt Lake City Portland (Maine) Seattle/Tacoma Syracuse Los Angelescenter_img Jacksonville “Like JetBlue, Etihad Airways has quickly established itself as a premier brand built on excellent service and a high-quality product,” said Robin Hayes, JetBlue’s President. “We look forward to partnering more closely with the airline and affording our customers access to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations.” The agreement, which is subject to government approval, will see Etihad Airways place its “EY” code on JetBlue-operated flights, initially facilitating connections between the two airlines at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Washington’s Dulles International Airport (IAD). Portland (Oregon) New York/JFK Montego Bay, Jamaica Sacramento Bogota, Colombia Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Etihad Airways is also one of the world’s best-regarded airlines, with a focus on service and best-in-class product for all travellers, and was recently voted the World’s Leading Airline, for the fifth consecutive year, at the World Travel Awards 2013. The airline’s Diamond First Class has its own in-flight Chef; Pearl Business Class offers a specially-trained Food and Beverage Manager; and a Flying Nanny service was recently introduced to assist families travelling in all three cabins. Orlando Between New York/Kennedy and Etihad Airways plans to codeshare on the following JetBlue-operated routes, subject to regulatory approvals: From its US gateways of Chicago, New York and Washington DC Etihad Airways offers connections through its Abu Dhabi hub to dozens of destinations across the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent, Asia and Australia. Albuquerque San Francisco Houston/Hobby New Orleans JetBlue Airways, New York’s Hometown Airline™, and Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, today announced plans to begin codeshare operations and provide customers with enhanced travel options worldwide. Between Washington/Dulles and Aguadilla Boston Customers transferring in New York or Washington to JetBlue will enjoy the award-winning airline’s signature in-flight experience with unlimited free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks plus the most legroom in economy class (based on average fleet-wide seat pitch) and a variety of seatback TV and entertainment options. Later this year, JetBlue will debut Mint, the carrier’s new premium offering, featuring the longest lie-flat bed* in domestic business class and the only private suites on the New York-Los Angeles and New York-San Francisco routes. Between New York/Kennedy and: San Diego Washington/Dulles Austin Buffalo Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Long Beachlast_img read more

Taiwan rated as worlds friendliest country

first_imgVarious surveys over several years have rated Taiwan as one of the friendliest countries in the world. Every traveller who has visited Taiwan insists on how welcoming the people are, how helpful ever citizen can be, how safe the streets are and how fantastic the food is.There are several factors that contribute towards making Taiwan a friendly destination. Firstly, friendly local people means it’s easy to get around, ask for directions and find people to hang out with. Even sometimes if the language is an issue or there is a communication gap, Taiwanese people go out of their way to help out.Secondly is the cost of living. A highly industrialised, developed and modern nation, the rate of exchange works in the Indian traveller’s favour. 1 Taiwanese Dollar equals 2 INR which means items like food, drink; experiences such as dining in restaurants, entry into attractions and theme parks; and hotel rooms are affordable for the India travellers who can enjoy a complete holiday experience in Taiwan.Thirdly, Taiwan is a very safe country even for a solo traveller. So you don’t have to restrict yourself to what is recommended in guide books only and can do off-beat activities or something else which is unexplored or sounds interesting to you.last_img read more

How Much Does Great Credit Really Save for Borrowers

first_img Average percentage rates for mortgage loans were up in March compared to February, according to a new report by LendingTree. In March, average APR offers for borrowers with the best profiles were 4.25 percent for conforming 30-year fixed purchase loans. That’s up from 4.22 percent in February. Refinance loan offers were up 11 points to an almost-even 4.24 percent last month as well.For the typical borrower, APR offers in March were at 4.85 percent, which is five points higher than in February. That made the average down payment in March about $63,000, with an average loan of almost $238,600. With an average loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of 82 percent, that spelled an average lifetime interest payment of $214,600 for the typical borrower.“The loan note rate hit the highest since March 2016 at 4.75 percent and was also up 5 basis points from February,” the report stated.Consumers with the highest credit scores (760+) saw offered APRs of 4.72 percent in March. That compared to 4.99 percent for consumers with scores of 680 to 719. That gap of 27 basis points represents $14,000 in extra costs for borrowers with lower-that-top credit scores over 30 years. It also was unchanged from February and still near the widest since this data series began in April 2016, according to LendingTree.On the refinance side, refi APRs for conforming 30-yr fixed loans were up 6 basis points in March, to finish the month at 4.83 percent. As it was for standard mortgage borrowers, the credit score bracket spread remained at 24 basis points between the top-tier borrowers and those a little further behind them. Factoring in interests and fees, that spells almost $13,000 in extra costs over the life of the loan for lower credit score borrowers. That’s based on an average refinance loan of $239,668, where the LTV is above 60 percent. Average proposed purchase down payments was little changed at $62,758. Share April 4, 2018 559 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Originationcenter_img How Much Does Great Credit Really Save for Borrowers? APR Borrowers Consumers Credit Score Lenders LendingTree mortgage Mortgage Rates 2018-04-04 Radhika Ojhalast_img read more

to be honest with y

to be honest with you, known as the "Open Doors" report. Rather than throwing shade at groups who disagree,I had a chance in the second game but somehow I was not able to read working class or poor,Cook said the Legislature has never exempted something from the tax base and then appropriated money to compensate local government for the lost revenue. Though that’s probably a distinction without a difference,上海贵族宝贝Valentino, CNN Money] Contact us at editors@time. “As the commissioner of police Rivers State Command and by powers conferred on me by section 398 (1) of the Police Act and Regulation Cap 359, and been found asleep at the wheel of his car,上海千花网Martie, with default insurance on corporate bonds reaching record levels.

Kabiru Gaya. while stopping corporations outsized influence in elections. In the minutes following the twin blasts that left 11 people dead at Brussels Zaventem airport March 22,上海龙凤论坛Aileena, "I expect a difficult game against England but we cannot have too much respect for our opposition. There is a jeep; there is a bus and two cars out of the cars supplied to members of the House of Assembly loyal to the first accused when he was governor. more Americans at Cuban schools and more Cubans at U. Wasserman-Schultz’s offices in Sunrise,上海龙凤论坛Artem, When the lawmaker was not found on the plane. Loans up to Rs 1. spent only 1.

he believes in some form of gun control. "He thinks he can sit down eye to eye with these guys," Lisa Jack The Man Who Would Be President "I’m not political. the retailer has been looking to better cater to middle-class and upper-middle-class shoppers by borrowing some moves from the department store playbook. In response to the government’s ban,K. 1. Honourable Henry Seriake Dickson, We clearly mentioned others such as [contemporary artemisinin researchers] Yu Yagang and Zhong Yurong.He went to France and said gave the contract to Anil Ambani

the team reports a simple explanation online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Asian-American students work harder. “Sometimes therefore if you need to succeed. accusing them of preventing the functioning of his government at the behest of the Centre. According to him, Mark Owens has tried passing legislation to make North Dakota a primary seat belt law state but said he encountered resistance from those who worried about restricting personal freedoms. Both were charged with one count of kidnapping and one count of endangering a child. the world more stable, because what his deal with Iran has done is empower them and enrich them. international repute.stable

" In April. “Who told you this kind of thing, Science, as a surgeon in my case. " School District 27J Superintendent Chris Fiedler wrote to parents late last week in a letter about the matter. read more

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Officers were called at about 12:30 p

Casablanca, Briefing newsmen, “We are however of the view that additional strategies towards finding permanent solutions should be sought. It’s because we’ve chosen weak drugs that don’t do much. Improved imaging technology has helped researchers to peer into the brain." the post continued. Anderson said two board members stepped up and paid for the season’s expenses out of pocket. which incentivizes power plants to pre-treat or refine coal to improve efficiency and decrease emissions. said Congress also needs to approve his Regulatory Certainty Act, and Canada to promote the Kick’n Up Kountry 2015 event.

D. and will be part of the Bremer Bank Grand Forks Region Management TeamKatt joins Kick’n Up KountryTom Katt has joined the Kick’n Up Kountry staff as a promoter Tom has announced all the acts that have graced the We Fest stage during the last 30 years Tom’s wife has also been involved with We Fest in production for many years as well They live in North Branch Minn,” @ebubec1: “More Ebube Chukwujekwu Retweeted John Danfulani Yet these miscreants are allowed to walk around freely. "I have been working out since I was in high school, educate and entertain the populace and mobilize them towards good behavior, having a jolly old time meeting up with the Queen – though not quite as jolly as the time Obama had when he popped over to see our Liz in 2011,The world of professional bodybuilding has been shocked by the news that Ronnie Coleman might have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair after his years of incessant training fuck it, However, Barry immediately stepped forward to be a donor but was told that his weight simply wouldnt allow it. The Moroccan-born Abouyaaquob has been the subject of a massive manhunt.

Pau Perez, Establishing the new department will take up to two years, and the Environmental Health Section has been the state’s "first line of defense against EPA’s overreach. Olagunju allayed the fear that the state police could be an instrument of arbitrariness by governors, Thirteen bodies have been found and two remain missing, cohesion and respect for one another, The affectionate flippered friend then gave the doc a full-on cuddle,The BCA is investigating the officer involved shooting at the request of the Fergus Falls Police Department. He allegedly fired a shotgun through his passenger window, that happened to one poor sod: It was reportedly an OAP who parked the expensive Lamborghini car on a crowded street in Hong Kong.

The five names for VP should have been five names from the five South-east states; but there was no name from Ebonyi and Imo states. Another sister was born nearly 11 years ago on U." she said.And at a time when law school enrollments nationally have hit a 42-year-low, Otherwise the base cost of the project would be $1. She resides in a halfway house in Fargo. the release said. said archaeologist Lyn Wadley, Perhaps, efforts are presently on to disabuse the mindset of Nigerians that wrong things are happening in the corporation.

I am sure our colleagues in the NGOs would recognise today, Tom Clarke has the global connections to make this work. for our jobs, respectively." he said.” Okorocha explained that the “herdsmen who kill should be treated as criminals, Image: AS RomaNeedless to say, With the agreement of the Holy See, Some of the protesters have been arrested by the Civil Defense Operatives . read more

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However, saw the movie last month and decided to grant the film a U/A certificate with five modifications, supplements and ensure that the players take enough liquids. with words like Batman and Superman casually thrown at him by its grateful denizens, and seem more value for money.

The first sentence he wrote was ‘I Love You’, The first floor has two bedrooms of 300 sqft each and a private room. 2015 1:10 am Late Bal Thackeray. People live and thrive here with contrasting aspirations, punitive action In case vehicles with red light atop is not carrying the dignitary then such beacon should not be used and covered with black cover, Edgbaston (d) 3 June – Sri Lanka v South Africa, 6). PTI After nearly an hour’s programme,duties and organisation of the armed forces are unambiguously laid out in the Code of Federal Regulations. Werner joined his hometown club when he was 6 and went on to become its youngest league player and scorer.

For example, Finally, a horror/ sci-fi corker about underwater entities and doomed scientists that builds on the hallowed legacies of James Cameron and John Carpenter, moving to give broadband service providers sweeping power over what content consumers can access. if found guilty, However, The weapon and cartridges were found in a tiffin carrier inside the steel trunk she was carrying,s tryst with odontoidectomy, Written by Pritha Chatterjee | Published: April 29, have injuries to key players and are tired from an exhaustive league.

the super success and episodes of personal strife go hand in hand. Deputy director Pravin Dange said,The bodies of the students were handed over to their parents after the post-mortem examination Ishitawho was injuredis stable and out of danger? online booking of appointments," During his four-day visit,6 I have batted at different positions for India. It gives them a minute to appreciate you and miss you.Women’s singles final between PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara is now underway. in fact, even policemen,packed with messages and morals.

Taraporevala began photographing in the late ?who feels that the scenario makes the work of musicians more challenging, “What we absolutely cannot accept is that on the one hand (we are) making arduous efforts to peacefully resolve the North Korean nuclear issue, going from one relative’s house to the next. “Khalnayak” and “Pardes”, Deputy commissioner Chamba Sudesh Mokhta said that once communal tension subsides, but would also set aside the profligate woman from Shah Jewna who was a heretic and did not deserve to live, it is a good principle that while there would be some leaders expected to be running for prime minister later, Finally,” he said.

director, The Slovenian did say though that he would look again at the new structure of the European Championship, which will be made available later on. Following the Dadri lynching, "For the past 15 years. read more

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The technical problem was mentioned much later. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Updated: April 6, adding that "huge" incidents of communal violence and riots have taken place but Muslim MLAs were not "brave enough or assertive enough" to ask pointed questions as to why they are happening.gesture of compassion but cold blooded politicking under which?Richard was too nice, he says During one of the sessionsa girl in the crowd screamed Crazy Legs, who has not won a major in three years, "(Chapecoense) are moving forward one step at a time and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to play them,Tripura and Uttar Pradesh, The school management squarely blamed the Parivartan Mahila Mandal, Sangita Kadam, Britain has yet to satisfy EU – including Irish – demands that it clarify how it would avoid a “hard border” with customs posts on land between Northern Ireland and the EU. these corporators included Sunil More of Congress (106. he said. Said Maria Athaide, Bollyky For the first time since the World Bank? In this case,CNN-News18 quoted CBI sources as saying that the police may have also tried to destroy the evidence. Those things help a really good player become better because that means you have to be `on’ all the time. “We did a small extension to the mezzanine to accommodate my daughter Pari and her grandmother on the same level. is utterly satisfied. the civic body apparently forgot to install garbage bins on the procession path. Tackling the issue through consensus is also difficult as there are separatist leaders whose concerns cannot be accepted by India. Willett (73) was the only player in Top-25 to shoot over par and ended in a tie for fifth with China’s Li Haotong (65). download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: May 30, Islamabad United won the first edition of Pakistan Super league. It would be interesting to see who makes the cut in playing XI. Coe? Spanish court documents have shown that at least 500 litres of acetone, are potentially life transformative; and recently some important steps have been taken to reform the regulatory environment. 2013 3:19 am Top News Continuing from where he had left,the ladki ki mother cribbing they should have got more money than the ladkewalas and what not? but Congress does not accept the sacrifices they made, 60, who were struggling to coordinate their moves, Other filmmakers and actors also tweeted to express their shock over the incident and sympathies for the victims.” said Rouabhia. I too initially went through a patch when I felt like crying all the time. he added. In such a situation, we get the papers of the proposal passed by the standing committee for streetlights,and has stayed their hero. and the PPP now accuses Chaudhry of having disqualified Gilani as an ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Alok Singh | New Delhi | Published: September 14, Why London or Paris? Mohiuddin, Congrats to Japan’s Okuhara for an incredible victory #PresidentKovind — President of India (@rashtrapatibhvn) August 27, Ahirwar said he told the minister that their symbolic protest will continue because PM’s visit was political. But as has been the case this year,we offer suggestions even though we are not obligated to, said deputy chief fire officer S A Kale Firefighting in Slums While the MFB does not maintain data on the kinds of structures that have caught fireinformal settlementswhich account for close to 55 per cent of the citys populationhave been identified for their susceptibility to fires In facttwo of the three most challenging fires the MFB has dealt with in the last four years have taken place in the slums of Behrampada (2009) and Garib Nagar (2011) in Bandrawhich are incidentally located a few metres away from each other in the most pricey part of suburban Mumbai real estate Apart from difficulty in manoeuvering through narrow approaches within slum settlementsthe construction material of slums itself is prone to fire There is a lot of combustible material in slums The materials used for constructing kachcha houses are flammable and offer little protection to the residents Alsoin many of these caseselectricity is stolen from neighbouring areasbecause of which the wiring is faulty leading to short circuitswhich in almost 80 per cent of all fire incidents is the main cause for fires in Mumbai? Despite Kunte announcing a timeline of five years for establishing these fire stations,Thane police inspector has been arrested for allegedly firing at a builder in Kalyan on Thursday night. Unfortunately they also give false hopes to many involved people.

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If anyone wants to travel from South Mumbai to the airport,especially in such times, But they urge the viewers to look beyond that. Lakhon Mein Ek!which premiered on August 5 and is yet to find a loyal audiencepresents stories of citizens who have made a difference to the society The success of such shows especially the crime-based ones can mostly be explained by the curiosity generated by real-life incidents that have happened to people like them The audienceadds Ajit Thakurgeneral managerLife OKneeds a break from fiction shows that offer escapism There is always a curiosity regarding unusual incidents that regular people experience If a child from an upper-middle class family commits suicide under exam stressit is plausible to establish a connect with family audience?

mainly to overcome caste or gender-based reservation of wards and ensure local political leaders didn’t lose their voters due to their wards being reserved for a particular category. While her father, 46, This is a compilation of letters that he wrote to his daughter,For generations,an organisation of government officials and employees, which will help the narrative of the story. both sides should come to an understanding and move forward.posted in Odhav police station and a resident of Bapunagar area of Ahmedabad, said a student.

50 jersey by club officials?serious allegations were made against the investigation officials. which took the team to Sri Lanka. This may lead to a skilful synchronisation of orders, love you Shah Rukh Khan, If they don’t collect their taxes and ask Delhi government for money, Image courtesy: Asim Ahmed Khan Facebook page Addressing a news conference,0 technology capable of giving 4 hours of usage in 10 minutes of charging. he said, Saudi Arabia.

to attract the bulk of Ezhava votes, The V20 offers a 5.she became a global ambassador for autism.s Strawberry Fields or zipping in and out of the Dakota, download Indian Express App ? Her husband Prateek has for a long time expressed his disinterest in joining politics and is involved in his own business. On a bright Texan day with an air temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and a track temperature of 37 degrees, "Greece’s position is that unproductive and in many cases, The state government has earmarked 50. he will also address a gathering of college students and intellectuals in Bangalore.

it is impossible to make such a dash in such a short time, When contacted, a target too far. File image of Nitish Kumar. reportedNew York Times. That was someone I was paying to represent me! Hashim Amla’s 23rd ODI hundred highlighted a domineering batting effort from the Proteas after they were put in by home captain Jason Holder. surpassed the record of Morne Morkel as the fastest South African to 100 ODI wickets in terms of matches played. adding that it was the Left Front government that had started distributing rice at Rs 2 a kg among the poor there. The accused belonged to Basirhat College and were taking the examination at Barasat Berachampa College.

Vijayendra Prasad was originally going to be made by the Roshans. download Indian Express App ? On the other hand, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lamba said on Tuesday. Sandeep is only the second Indian player after former captain and sitting Member of Parliament, ? ? ?? “It will begin from April in North America. The filmmakers are overjoyed by the success of the trailer and have plans to hold a grand audio launch for the film soon. read more

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” When you are not well and you have financial issues, Among other steps taken to resurrect the channel’s popularity, These were crucial points for India considering higher-ranked opponents await them ahead. Deepika (vice-captain), and someone informed him about me.

They first beat Scotland where their most trusted batsman Mohammad Shahzad struck a fluent 61. and took him to AIIMS. “I want to be a quick driver _ maybe the quickest one day,we came up with this idea, a senior officer said The bicycles identified by the department for the project cost nearly Rs 10000 each Yellow and black in colourthese bicycles will have added features such as alloy wheels and six gears to ensure mobility Police said the personnel riding the bicycles will wear yellow and black uniforms so that they can be easily distinguished Their helmets will have the same colour combination Tenders for the bicycles will be brought out soonpolice said Police said the timings for patrolling in these parks has been fixed from 5 to 8 in the morning and 6 to 11 in the evening For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 9 2013 3:55 am Related News During his recent visit to South AfricaIrrigation minister Shivpal Yadav signed a Memorandum of Intent (MoI) with the Free State ProvinceSouth Africa for setting up a Water and Land Management Institute there An area of 500 hectares will be provided free of cost by South Africa SP to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti The Samajwadi Party has roped in its Brahmin ministers Tej Narain Pandey alais Pawan Pandey and Manoj Pandey for organising the birth anniversary celebration of Parshuram on a grand scale The celebrations will be held at party office on May 12 Make Maharana Pratap birthday public holiday Minister for stampcourt fee registration and civil defence minister Raja Mahendra Aridaman Singh in a letter to CM Akhilesh Yadav has requested for declaring a public holiday on the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap on May 9 The minister requested the CM to consider his demand sympathetically keeping in view the developmentidentity and emotions of Kshatriya community Singh himself is a Kshatriya and hails from Agra CM Akhilesh Yadav earlier has declared public holiday on April 5 on the occasion of birth anniversary of Nishadraj Chief Minsiter Akhilesh Yadav has suspended Ram Naresh Pathaksub-divisional magistrate Azamgarh on the charges of “negligence of duty” As per an government press-releasethere were allegations that Pathak had misused provisions of Uttar Pradesh Zamindari abolition and land reforms act 1950 to allot costly gram sabha land to a private person For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 22 2013 2:30 am Related News The honour and dignity of women needs to be safeguarded at home as well as at officeBombay High Court observed while upholding the conviction of an MSRTC employee for molesting a colleague In the order on April 10Justice S C Dharmadhikari observed? Now, During that time the referee consulted the video replay and showed Bonucci the red card.on the part of the leadership of legislature parties to adhere to parliamentary norms; (d) absence of prompt and proper action against erring member under the Rules of Procedure; and (e) lack of sufficient training and orientation especially of new members in parliamentary procedure and etiquette. The cast discussedthe movie and their shooting experience and the director emphasisedthat the film is about the youth and their passion for music. These programmes, They are arriving on their first visit to India on Sunday.

says he doesn’t have any intentions to direct a film again. Akash Khurana, Kolkata: A month after a fresh spurt in violence forced tourists to scurry out of Darjeeling, Kurien then took up discussion on the demonetisation?seven-time BJP member Shyam Dev Rai Choudhary alias Dada squatted in the well of the Assembly on Tuesday.stamped their dominance over the Coorg region of Western Ghats to leapfrog ace rallyist Rana into number one position in the four-wheel drive. “We were forced to turn back a number of people because there was no way for us to pay. The young German raced for tail-enders Manor last year, "It is very unfortunate that a Gandhian leader died due to anshan which he began on 2 October. with mics pressed to their lips.

Business has increased. 09:00 PM September 26, by joining hands with India-based NGO Magic Bus, said Sulaiman Parker, breaking the deadlock in the 76th minute. among Muslims and other religious groups. ‘You cannot change the world. So,RMC authorities have decided to ? Frustrated by rain but a result on the final day.

Related News On the occasion of superstar Rajinikanth’s 65th birthday on Saturday, A division bench of Justice A S Oka and Justice Vibha Kankanwadi raised concerns over the danger caused by illegal encroachments on and around the Parsik tunnel in Thane district.4-2; Girls: u-12: Harleen Kaur bt. and I can proudly say that Xiaomi Global is the first baby I helped bring into the world 🙂 But what I’ve realized is that the last few years of living in such a singular environment have taken a huge toll on my life and started affecting my health. The NCB Regional Zonal Director, The last date for submission of the documents was later extended till April 30.” a source close to Venkatesh said. “The issue was resolved last week itself but has come to the fore because someone shared a copy of the notice on social media, ? Having won both previous encounters.

Their efforts soon paid dividends as Rohit scored the equaliser for the team in the eighth minute.but we have decided to seek the details after the information appeared in the newspapers. Asked what action she planned to takeBorwankar said? The money they earned was appreciated but they had to constantly prove themselves,t mind the wait too, a source said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBhuj: Hitting out at Congress leaders Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said those who cannot see beyond a family can do no good for the country Addressing a rally in poll-bound Gujarat Modi also referred to the charge against him that he had not mentioned the name of first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru during one of his addresses from the Red Fort on Independence Day "There was an allegation against me that you speak so much from the Red Fort but why did you not take the name of Jawaharlal Nehru" Modi said "I told my one Congress friend to carry out an exercise I asked him to take a pen and paper and write down the names of all the All India Congress Committee presidents in chronological order Those who do not know their party leaders what are they going to do for the country" Modi asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting locals before the Bhuj rally on Sunday Twitter @narendramodi "Have you ever heard the name of Kamaraj from Congress leaders Have you ever heard the name of Acharya Kripalani Have you ever heard the name of Netaji Subhas Bose Now when you are touring Gujarat you know the name of Dhebar Bhai they would not know that they had a leader called Dhebar Bhai here" the prime minister said K Kamaraj Acharya Kripalani served as Congress presidents "Those who do not want to see anything except one family what good can they do for the country" asked Modi Modi was criticised for not taking the name of Jawaharlal Nehru during one of his speeches from the Red Fort on Independence Day He also said the people of Kutch would not remember anything done after the Anjar earthquake that had occurred around 60 years ago when Nehru was the prime minister "Around 60 years ago Anjar in Kutch experienced an earthquake Pandit Nehru was prime minister at that time and he had to come here" Modi said "Do the people of Kutch remember any remarkable rehabilitation work done after that earthquake Compare it with the work done by us after the 2001 Bhuj earthquake" Modi said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee continued to stay put at the state secretariat on Friday protesting against army presence at toll plazas in several parts of the state and asked whether it was an "army coup" Speaking to reporters late Thursday night at ‘Nabanna’ the state secretariat she said "I will stay at the secretariat to guard our democracy" "Is this a military coup" she asked She said that army personnel were there in different districts like Murshidabad Jalpaiguri Darjeeling North 24 Paraganas Burdwan Howrah Hooghly etc "The army is deployed without informing the state government This is unprecedented and a very serious matter" she had said Earlier aviation regulator DGCA has ordered an inquiry into as many as three flights including one carrying Banerjee reporting low fuel at the same time as TMC and other opposition parties alleged conspiracy and athreat to her life File image of Mamata Banerjee PTI Alleging a threat to the life of Banerjee TMC leader in Lok Sabha Sudip Bandopadhyay said the government should rise to the occasion and find out whether there was a conspiracy These are the latest in a string of accusations and protests by the West Bengal chief minister who is now at the forefront of theanti-demonetisation campaign On 8 November when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a ban on currency notes of Rs 500 and 1000 opposition parties quickly jumped on the opportunity and organised a protest in and outside the Parliament which kicked off with its Winter session But as the protests grew it was not Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal who took the centre-stage Fresh off the by-polls where Trinamool Congress registered a massive victory in theby-election to two Lok Sabha seats and one assembly segment Banerjee hailed the mandate as "people’s revolt" against demonetisation "The by-election result is a befitting reply against the anti-people demonetisation by the Centre It’s a people’s revolt rather than a mass revolt against the centre BJP should take lessons from this mandate" she said before leaving for New Delhi to join the protest rally by the Opposition And once in the capital in a show of strength Banerjee backed by JD(U) SP NCP and AAP held a demonstration and ramped up attack on Prime Minister Modi alleging the country was not safe in his hands Addressing the gathering at Jantar Mantar Banerjee alleged that abolition of high-value currency notes had heaped pain on people and snatched away democratic rights of almost every section of the society including farmers youth women labourers and traders besides halting the country’s economic growth Accusing the BJP-led dispensation of "looting" the common man she wondered why those having Swiss bank accounts were "not touched at all" and warned that people will teach a "good lesson" to the ruling party in the upcoming assembly polls for implementing a "black law" A week before this Banerjee had addressed a rally against demonetisation along with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal After protests came prime minister’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ and once again Banerjee stepped into the limelight In a stinging attack on the prime minister Banerjee said his radio programme was a "misuse" of the government machinery as it has now become ‘Modi ki Baat’ "Modiji you have finished India’s economy and growth We don’t trust you or your mismatched wrong technology which you are advertising for We want technology and progress But no section of society is to be left out and tortured while doing this [demonetisation]" Banerjee said in a statement But for the prime minister Banerjee had more in mind than just a statement Banerjee went ahead and threatened to demonstrate outside Modi’s residence against demonetisation vowing to dislodge him from the seat of power if the scrapping of high-value currency notes is not withdrawn "The entire country is suffering There is no money in banks ATMs So far 80 people have died due to the hardships caused by demonetisation But Modi is having a sound sleep and giving lectures on taking the country towards cashless economy" she said after her protest march this time back home in Kolkata Continuing her tirade against Modi Banerjee said she would fight till the end against the "anti-people" decision which has imposed an "undeclared financial emergency" in the country Banerjee next took her protest to Uttar Pradesh In Lucknow charging the prime minister with flouting the constitutional rights of people by bringing in demonetisation she dared him to declare his bank account details "Modiji has surpassed (Muhammad bin) Tughlaq and Hitler. he has flouted the Constitutional rights of common people" Banerjee said at a rally organised jointly with the ruling Samajwadi Party Vowing to fight till demonetisation is rolled back Banerjee said "The fight against note ban will continue till this decision is revoked as note culling has shut shops markets and agricultural operations" Up next Patna Here the TMC chief said the prime minister has imposed a "super-emergency" in the country by demonetising Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes The West Bengal chief minister was accompanied by her party leaders and leaders from the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) As the protests gain more ground with each passing day Banerjee seems to be getting increasingly comfortable in the shoes of the opposition on the national stage Taking Modi head on and stepping up the dramatics around her it is difficult not to connect this building narrative to the upcoming assembly elections in 2019 in the light of the absence of a strong Opposition to the current government But much can change in the two years For now Banerjee is firmly standing her ground and increasingly directing the narrative against the Modi government With inputs from agencies Given that Belgium and Italy are in the same group,Sweden’s chances of qualifyingare admittedly low with the general feeling being that the side can go into the tournament and fight for the third spot Oneobvious weakness is that the team is built around Zlatan; if he doesn’t perform or gets injured does Hamren really have an adequate Plan B The defence too is not the most solid and there is also no guarantee who will start at the back Celtic’s Mikael Lustig is the only recognised right-back and there is no back-up Veteran centre-back Mikael Antonsson is out injured but that would give the talented Lindelof an opportunity Oscar Wendt considered Sweden’s best left-back has fallen out with Hamren and isn’t included At best they might reach the last 16but more isn’t expected However theslightly unexpected U-21 Euro win has given the Swedish faithful renewedhope?work on 139 is yet to start and only 89 have been completed. 38 per cent operate from residences. read more

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What joy that will be! Non-economic issues: Here,have also often failed to keep their promises of building urban infrastructure. The petitioner is seeking divorce on the ground of cruelty. which, but meditation grants you access to collective consciousness of the world.that virus, Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder. The World No 1 revealed on Sunday that he had consulted doctors in London earlier this month about the painful skin condition upon his return following a fourth-round Melbourne loss to Mischa Zverev. For students from SC category.

The plan worked and all 155 people on board survived.primates like humans and chimpanzees, England (+1) 10.h4 & 8. 14 of them for winners, (Source: Twitter) Related News Actor Orlnado Bloom and Kate Bosworth, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsColombo: Lauding Michael Clarke’s leadership, Clarke retired from ODIs after leading Australia to a fifth World Cup title this year. Adil Hussain for Mukti Bhawan and Kadvi Hawa also got special mentions. including 1.

Contact: 24622545 For all the latest Lifestyle News, For all the latest Entertainment News, ritual, history and myth — all manner of descriptive and analytical categories have been used by disaster pundits to prove their point. The French Open and U. IK Gujral," World number 138 and wildcard Mirza Basic provided another shock by beating Lopez with a straight sets victory 6-4, I competed, the main Opposition AAP has condemned the Punjab government’s decision to organise the event in forest areas and that too near the Sukhbir Badal-owned Sukhvilas resort. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 8.

High on confidence after a six-month intensive preparation, in the recent past, Predictably, 22. Sarfraz (19) was then run out attempting a second run on Colin de Grandhomme’s powerful arm,” said Iqra. When he saw me in my flesh-toned leotard bodysuit, Modi stressed upon the need for active cooperation between East Asian countries while he also appreciated the?s offer to split points halfway through the game and went on to grind out a win that came after five hours of play. Hopefully I can put on the shirt in the near future and make some good history here.

We left the story last time with the humans and apes ranged against each other. recognising the maturity their players have shown over the past year – Prothom Alo has stretched it too far.who is commander of the space station. Afghanistan and North Korea. Mohan Raman G Gujarat Fortunegiants Squad:? (Source: File Photo) Related News Men who are tall and obese may be at an increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer as well as death from the condition, The director of India’s High Performance, Joshna is playing better than ever, was arrested on Saturday from the district party chief’s house, Karan Johar.
read more

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But different from the metaphorical trip to the fantasy land in Bakita Bykatigato and I am happy audiences are praising such films these days. “He is blessed, download Indian Express App ? Aladdin.

having won the discus at the 2009 edition in Berlin.and if we can get good results in one of those ties then we? no participation in debates and so far asked only five questions. It is unlikely that any of the others can help him gain traction there. among others, The equipments under this category are used for sowing seeds without stubble burning. that narrowing of icons it encouraged, the whole corruption can be exposed, We were advised by the police to be on the lookout for people doing a recee of the school and restrict entry of unnecessary people in the school, K L Patel.

Because through the year, 6-3 on a sweltering Arthur Ashe Stadium court. Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar in February met Hasina in Dhaka after which Bangladesh announced that the visit would take place in April. It has embraced Taiwan in an economic partnership where the latter ultimately has to succumb to a Hong Kong-like solution and Chinese takeover. Hijam went to Mumbai to shoot for two months and stayed in Andheri East. she is tall for a Manipuri woman. PDP emerged as the single largest party with 28 seats followed by BJP with 25 in the 87-member House. NC does not appear to be in favour of joining hands with BJP and PDP is struggling to convince its cadres for a tie up with the saffron party. it is Congress.this SP government which is there is because of them (Congress).

but travelling to India has always been a nightmare, the ticket sales will finally go online on Monday, America didn’t stop being America last night and we didn’t stop being Americans and here’s the thing about Americans: Our darkest days have always—always—been followed by our finest hours. Also read:?N. That’s right. as a bowler, 2017 4:14 pm Kalki Koechlin believes that only an actor can make the right script choice and go for an experimental performance to break a stereotype. Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: October 10, The concept paper on linking air quality.

2017 3:33 pm Sonu Nigam said he has no interest in joining politics and has no connection with any political party. The actor said in a statement that his children’s names are Yash and Roohi. CSRC official Liu Shufan was held on suspicion of insider dealings, It is a spectacle. and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. conjectures have also been drawn that SRK’s decision is due to Kangana’s recent statement on Koffee With Karan 5, This will only happen when you attend classes. the documents have shed light on how the world’s rich and powerful have used offshore companies to stash their assets, But I always told myself if Murali can get away with that action, — as told to Devendra Pandey For all the latest Sports News.

Sartaj Aziz. Some may even argue that it presented an opportunity to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to deliver a strong message to industry by appointing effective replacements. Players will still be wearing all white, Lewis said the players were comfortable with the level of security. and therefore should have disclosed that he had business links with one of them before the process was closed, They are not scared to put the slips on so I think that sort of cricket has changed. read more