Summary of the problems needing attention in enterprise website construction

in the Internet today, more and more enterprises have begun to join the ranks of e-commerce, enterprise website for shaping corporate image, enhance brand value plays a decisive role. It can be said that the enterprise website is a bridge to communicate with potential customers.

in the construction of the site, I found a few points need to note:

1, do not pay attention to trifles, the pursuit of form, content and customer experience.


website is put a lot of animation enterprises in the network "spokesperson" on the website, a lot of accumulation of information, so that visitors do not have very good customer experience, this station is detrimental to establish a corporate image. So the network company to guide customers, let us respect website visitors, constantly thinking of how to make it easier for customers to find the information he wants, how to maximize the value of enterprise website, how to let visitors can become our enterprise customers. I think if you think about these issues, corporate websites can do better.

2, the site does not update, become a "dead stop"

although some enterprises also do the website, but many websites become the furnishings. Website information is not updated in time, and no external communication with the purpose of enterprise. Such website can not get the effect of network sale.

in fact, we do very little work to bring the value of the site into play:

(1) makes keyword search strategies through site optimization. Let more potential customers find you through search engines.

(2) can also log on the industry portal and regional portal station to publish enterprise information, leaving the URL, so that it can play a very good publicity effect.

(3) looking for popular forum posting, expanding publicity.

3, stereotyped, does not reflect the characteristics of enterprises,

may talk about using the template construction enterprise stand here, this station fits, and no good website structure, are not friendly to search engines and customers, although the price is cheap, but since the choice of network marketing, if it saves the construction cost, and the loss of potential customers more, it is very not worth it. Therefore, it is recommended to find a professional art, independent design capabilities of the Internet company building website

4, website interaction is poor,

website lacks interactive links, visitors only passively accept the information, unable to obtain timely customer demand, such enterprise sites will lose potential customers, is a major loss of enterprises. We can carry out customer service mechanism on the website, such as joining the online conversation, website free hotline timely communication tools, let our visitors into our customers, let the website truly achieve the purpose of network marketing.

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valley software technology Co., Ltd. ( in Shijiazhuang

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What kind of local web site can retain users

Hello, I struggle, today to talk about what kind of local website to retain users? First off, my opinion may only be suitable for network coverage and Internet users is not very high quality area. Because of the popularity of the network, I have not tried the area, I dare not say, hey. Now the hottest local websites, in addition to categories, is SNS and forums.

first about the classified information website, the user sends the information, then leaves, then waits for the interested person to call. As long as there is no need to publish and find information, the basic will not come back to the site, this reason, in the final analysis or interactive problems, I think the pure classification information website, interactive is too weak. One more thing, authoritative statistics show that 80% of China’s Internet users spend their time on entertainment. Visible, entertainment in the proportion of Internet users, the classification of information sites do not seem to have any entertainment.

is looking at the SNS and the forums. These two things are good: SNS can link up all the users on the site, and through SNS, you can meet any stranger. Coupled with a variety of SNS applications above, making the viscosity of the SNS site is much higher. The forum is more like a public chat place, the openness of the information also attracted a lot of people who love to discuss topics. Both viscosities are exemplary in local sites.

then you’ll ask, is there a way for a local classified website? The answer is yes, you are: NO,

!In fact, the local

classification web site I feel is the place where Internet users need most things! Users are people, people have a very real problem, that is life! The local classification website and local users of life, but to retain customers, to make them willing to often visit our website, or to do some change! Such as classified information, but also has a lot of people are not willing to spend money to go to the top, you can recommend to the website add function information refresh refresh automatically routed to the first information. In this way, netizens are encouraged to regularly update their own information on the website to keep them in the most conspicuous position. There are many ways to retain users like this, so we can explore it.

there is one thing we want to know that your website is to classify the information as the main or attached to the body! Do not clearly to the classification results as the main body, and the integration of SNS and forum users to engage in classified information are sent to the SNS and the forum above! This is not conducive to the user experience, is not conducive to the management!

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What can I do if I cannot login to the Google Adsense account

landed at the Google Adsense backstage account at noon today and found that it was not able to log in properly. It has been "loading" four words, and it hasn’t landed in the background for a long time. For unable to login to the background, Google provides help, click "login" below the "cannot access my account" link, enter the landing page, select "help" I cannot login to my account ", is also full of English, I halo ah! My English level is too low. The content is as follows:

, I, can’t, log, in, to, my, account.

, If, you’re, not, able, access, your, existing, account, we, recommend, going, through, to, the, following,, checklist, of, steps.

, First, please, make, you, have, an, active, account., you’ve, recently, submitted, an, application, for, the, program, your, account,, may, still, that, be, under, If, review.

If you’re sure your account has been approved and you’re using the correct login, please try resetting your password. Visit Google Accounts to request a password-reset link. (Note that for security purposes, we can only send this link to the email address you’re using as your login.


, On, the, page, above, if, receive, the, error, message, ", There, no, accounts, in, our, system, with, E-mail, the, address, are, ", then, use, this, form, to,, reset, you, your, password, tr>, instead., Please,…

From the Pengcheng community to see the forum under the promotion of clever combination of Online

local forum website is optimistic about the future development trend of the Internet industry, many new owners want to try to do local forum website, but started not optimistic. The local forum website will attract more and more users only if it has a certain scale and popularity, and the website development will be more and more perfect. Taking Pengcheng community as an example, this paper analyzes the successful mode of Pengcheng community and draws lessons from it.

Pengcheng community was founded in 2004, has been 5th anniversary, and last week, the community held a "5th anniversary celebration party", a complete success. The community currently has more than 380 thousand registered members, with an average daily posting of more than 60 thousand. In Xuzhou formed a certain degree of popularity, Xuzhou is well-known local community forum website.

The establishment of

1 was earlier and the competition in the industry was relatively low.

Pengcheng community was established earlier, when the Internet belongs to the initial stage, the computer penetration rate is not high, the network consciousness is not strong. The earlier the establishment of community websites, the smaller the industry competition, the easier it is to accumulate users. Although the site is created early, it can avoid fierce competition in the industry, but the development of the initial stage, there is no object to imitate, you need to explore, while improving, while trying. Therefore, the new webmaster do not be discouraged, although you missed the initial stage of the Internet, but you catch the rapid development of the train; there are many predecessors website development model can draw on, you can avoid detours. Standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see farther.

2 line, offline, effective combination of activities to promote communication.

Pengcheng community forum is numerous, I love women, delicacy paradise, real estate, Home Furnishing bikers house is its main Bangui, popular active. The community conducts regular offline activities to promote interaction and interaction between users and communities. For example, friends of the home section of the car industry world activities. Organization of local drivers driving trips, exchange car care experience; instant photography salon forum photography enthusiasts, interactive photography, bring photographic equipment, similar to the outskirts of photography. With the name of the community organizations, members can get recognition, but also the promotion of community, improve visibility; strengthen the understanding of the members of the forum, to promote exchanges between members, let the virtual social network to the real life, strengthen harmony, close relationship between community members, too. The anniversary celebration of the community has been supported by a large number of users, and the party has been successful in making the opening DV, participating in the party volunteers, rehearsing the programme performances and so on.

3 enables users to provide fresh local information for the community.

community, I love food, real estate, home plate, a lot of information is provided by the user. The strength of the community staff is limited, but the power of the users is unlimited. It is an effective model for the community to guide users to provide more and more new information for the community. Community food, home sector are users spontaneous upload stories, so that more users to share. I love the food section and lots of Posts

Financial information website, but also to catch the Internet banking this fashionable Yes, there is


2013 for the first year of Internet banking, financial and Internet boundaries began to blur, cross-border action is heard. From the business class of small business loans pure, financial services to the popular P2P platform for the country, as well as the hottest Internet companies to apply for bank boom, Internet Financial play become both consumption and financing the new darling of the market, has become the object of venture capital chase.

recently, and announced the establishment of the financial network based on financial information internet financial channel, and developed its 7 major projects include the financial services matrix, to become one of the layout of Internet banking financial and other websites. And sina finance is also planning their Internet banking business, carry out information flow realization and fund product sales, logic and news coincide. Mainstream financial information website, in fact, have the impulse to carry out the Internet banking business, its logic is to use the browser and user base for data analysis and online traffic flow typical. So, how about their Internet environment and how should they go back?

internal and external shocks, the urgent transformation of

The prevalence of

financial information websites is the legacy of the era of portal websites. Earlier, professional information websites mainly provide information services derived from specific financial products transactions.

and finance and economics, the earliest from the stock market STAQ system turned over. STAQ is an over-the-counter market, and the OTC market is modeled on the NASDAQ system by means of the internet. From specific product transactions to financial media positioning change, financial information website won a bonus period of growth, but also accumulated a large number of relatively loyal financial users. Sina finance, Oriental wealth network also has long-term financial information integration and research experience, has a certain stickiness of customer groups.

so-called "as also Xiao Xiao loser, traditional media in the media transformation ideas and emerging social media under the impact, including the financial media by customers and the impact of large shunt. From the popularity of the small, WeChat and the rise of the media and the public media, the channels of obtaining financial information are diversified and the trend of precision is beginning to appear. As the mainstream financial media, both some professional and high-end financial loyal users, but also facing the industry and the outside user impact. Therefore, to provide diversified financial services become inevitable: not only access to information, users hope that the collection of information access, product trading and evaluation in a comprehensive information website, implemented in a field of safe and convenient financial closed-loop.


in the past, financial information website the profit is the portal flow in exchange for advertising revenue, and the value of internal information exchange, research reports, such as the stock market mechanism expert analysis software, financial securities, securities market information transmission and IT products etc.. Under the influence of the Internet financial shock, can the information website pass the user data, the flow and the number of the grafting platform?

Lao Wu Chen Malatang to join what are the advantages of

to join the selection of hot and spicy items, but also need to be very careful. How about Lao Wu Chen Malatang? High quality delicious, has been very attractive to consumers. Join the Lao Wu Chen Malatang, wise entrepreneurs, successful selection!



Lao Wu Chen Malatang can join? Lao Wu Chen Malatang join advantage?


profit huge community widely: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, enjoy life, good luck, spicy fun, flavor.



reclaimer wide Malatang Lao Wu Chen of the raw materials, auxiliary can be purchased at any time in the local, can keep fresh and reduce the cost.


is very unique: the connotation of patent material package, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, Lao Wu Chen Malatang self choice, feel deep features.


precise quantification standard procedure: all the dishes according to the standard configuration, the quantitative need not cook, lower operation cost.


produced rapid loss: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, produced fast, low loss, input-output ratio, shop sale + takeaway broad profit space.


easy location flexible operation: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, 4 square meters to 200 square meters, is also good. Can choose according to their own situation.


professional brand design: professional designers, to maximize the overall business space, Lao Wu Chen Malatang brand image design visual enjoyment.


generally, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is very love to join has many advantages of the project. For example, Lao Wu Chen Malatang to join the project selection. Join the selection of a lot of advantages, worry free business, worthy of trust!


Snow ice cream brand fashion.

said that although the hot summer is long gone, but as many chowhound who, summer is not important, the key is to eat ice cream on the line, indeed, in recent years with the development of the catering market, more and more distinctive innovative ice cream brand has various characteristics of the ice cream products by the introduction of a market, it received very well. Xiaobian recommend this shop is very good. The snow below, follow Xiaobian together to understand it:


balang snow? As many people can enjoy chowhound, capricious, can become a slimming family meal. It selects high quality milk, the more nutrient rich, calcium content is higher, is beneficial to bone health, but also does not contain any additives, greeted the ice cream shop art, affordable, full of delicious. Xinjiang district by Balaam snow, does not bring the same feeling for us!


balang snow? Expensive not expensive? Its price is very affordable, affordable, just a few dollars can taste so delicious ice cream. Sweet taste, that is the taste of happiness, so that customers enjoy the unique flavor of love. Lead the fashion pioneer, promote high quality life attitude, so that living in busy urban groups can relax the whole body and mind.

Baron snow is not only now the most popular on the market popularity of a top ice cream brand, not just a ice cream brand a very popular consumer it is a very good project investment a good opportunity. During the snow to join? The product style is very rich, taste is very much, the most important is that the headquarter has a perfect service to join the management system, can be very good to let every join investors more easily. The snow shop management.

What the most profitable online shop

is now in the online shop has become very common, at the same time in the whole network is spread across a variety of shops, at the same time, in the online shop has become a more important way of entrepreneurship for many young people, open online store what the most money?


millet said, in order to set up shop, she specialized in the production of Photoshop ", and the name of the more than and 400 items and a login to a web page.

three Vuko greatly Andy students major in marketing, now is also an online shop owner. He believes that doing business online, they can make their purchase, is the business negotiation; merchandise promotion and marketing is described; import account is the basic financial management; service delivery and customer service, interpersonal and customer management. Now, he has accumulated some experience in the operation of the network, in the vicinity of the school opened a physical store.

millet said, careful management, their brains, won a good reputation on the Internet, online shopping will attract more customers. "A month’s income is not less than the students to work."

Seven excellent field international education brand to join the project selection more reliable – Ne

in our lives, with the increase in the number of children. Parents for children’s healthy growth has always been very concerned about the development of good habits, parents are the biggest wish. How about the seven international education? By the parents of the trust, has a high popularity. Excellence in the seven field of international education to join the project, worthy of our attention and choice!

excellence seven field group under the jurisdiction of the top five business, early childhood education and training (excellence in the field of International Education), education product development (and the International Association for the development of potential cooperation), systematic research, online education, parents’ class in. We have no time to study, location, convenient for students to flexible learning; we should not, want to raise any children of 2-9 years old, can we let the students learning and training; learning autonomy is strong, let the students in the future in their own hands.

industry increasingly large scale, it is a good time to enter. Because parents are deeply rooted their Wangnvchenghuang, want their children can not lose at the starting point, children’s education market demand need to rise, the market prospect is good, contains great business opportunities. Coupled with the early education institutions into a serious loss of expertise and lack of systematic learning ability and emotional intelligence training teaching system and management system. No professional counterparts in the early education industry professionals, lack of talent, a serious loss, the industry lacks the standard system of how to quickly replicate the early education teacher. Excellent seven field international education opens a new page for you.

excellence seven Tian international education? Has been a very strong brand to join the project selection. For entrepreneurs, venture capital investment in the choice of the market, no doubt, is the best choice for our worry free business! If, you are also very excited, come to our website!