Love Shanghai frequently update algorithm, er Shanghai Longfeng not to upgrade on the night

is experienced in recent months love Shanghai updated Shanghai dragon Er, she will fall in love with the sea ah, really is to bring us the bitter Shanghai dragon cliff Er approximation ah, certainly not so alarmist, really thought about why love Shanghai continue to update the algorithm knows from a macro said, this is the Internet industry, every Internet Co are trying to progress, today you progress, tomorrow may be beyond the love of other companies, Shanghai is no exception, he is behind the 360, Sogou browser and so on in chasing, if done 360 and Sogou ranking Shanghai dragon Er will also be they found, as mentioned above in the importance of these points, because they do not improve the search environment, in the end is the result of the loss of users, reduce the purchase amount, from the microscopic to Say, for those of us not in love with every day every hour and moment in search of Shanghai to do the promotion of the people, so we cannot do without according to its rules to work, also confirms the biologist Darwin mentioned the idea of survival of the fittest "survival of the fittest in natural selection," the same years, ah, love is like a football game, as Shanghai the referee, it made the rules if you were illegal, may be booked, if serious may be directly by the red card is K off, you can only look forward to your good behavior, he may allow you to end game gives you the chance to play. Since the platform is set up to love Shanghai, you have to follow the footsteps of love Shanghai, always pay attention to it, if you need to rely on him to give you the products help, you still don’t with my temper, want to do what, unless you don’t rely on it to spread, that is another story, one day you with his things, you have to stick to it. "

Of course, if

love Shanghai in recent months, frequently updated, Shanghai dragon circle can be described as a One event succeeds another., first launched the "green" algorithm, give a heavy blow, most of the trading links well, I’m not going to buy links, I changed the chain of hair to do a lot of blog, Send a lot of forum posts and so on, Shanghai has launched a "love on the chain of judgment" and send more spam links, blog, forums and other meaningless content, the result is website ranking does not rise and fall, well, this doesn’t work, then I do multiple station, post the article, where to get what the lazy acquisition tool, to the site inside a day to collect dozens of articles, or get some pseudo original tools what add some of the content, do not love the sea station can do, I chain, blog, What the forum is not done, but I do, then you are wrong, love Shanghai has launched a "talk about the original project that something, what do you use collection tools or false original tools to make what you want content, shot, love will also be a blow to Shanghai, if not, it you are very lucky, but also love from Shanghai not far on, of course also launched the" back "of course, the pomegranate algorithm affected should belong to those rankings better, if you dare to put the rankings do not so much junk ads, popups function what you are looking for, then hit the muzzle.

Creativity is the soul of the Dragon label optimization in Shanghai

today I take heart printing 贵族宝贝 as an example, the author introduced the Shanghai Long Fengzhong label optimization experience, as well as the matters need to pay attention to the optimization of the label.

2, keyword optimization

Title Optimization mainly includes the following aspects: Title keywords, keyword contains number, keyword density, keyword hyphen and the title character, this is the most limited theoretical knowledge of Shanghai dragon ER and online are included, in addition, the title of the readability and is attractive for us to consider.

It is important to note that


title in the search engine algorithm and give the attention it is priority among priorities, whether in the past or now, the title is more dependent on search engine, so how do the title is the fundamental Optimization Website optimization.

META Tag Optimization

a good title to let the user know at a glance what is the web site, the site has what advantage, the name of the web site is what, so an unwritten title writing is usually the keyword 1_ 2_ keyword keyword 3- site name.


Optimization of the

is the key between the hyphen is "_" underlined, rather than "-", this is the author observed, everyone in the search key, if the page contains "-" love, Shanghai will be a key symbol, diluting the keyword density, you can own try to search. For example:

meta (title), including the title tag description (description), keywords (keyword), the three form we usually say there is a meta label, H label.

1, the Title Optimization of

keyword is actually fill in the title keyword, before the search engine is not perfect, we rely on the accumulation of large amounts of keywords can get good rankings. With the search engine.

first we need to understand, what is Shanghai dragon optimization label? The author’s point of view, Shanghai Long Fengzhong optimization label is nothing more than the META tag and label polymerization.

in Shanghai dragon, you have to do is to optimize the label, but also like to do. Online on the Shanghai dragon label optimization articles and theoretical knowledge very much, but according to the practice of optimization of the label, the content of a lot of too much emphasis on the theory, the lack of some personal ideas and thoughts, to better adapt to the development of Shanghai dragon to search engine, and the ever-changing user experience. Greatly affected the website optimization effect.

The website is the optimization of the debate between the only proper course to take

Many webmaster in

correlation and user needs conflict how to do

with love Shanghai algorithm innovation, more and more friends will think that website optimization is an important prerequisite for a correlation between the correlation from the site outside the chain related to content, everything should take this as a guide, seems to leave a relationship, would love to punish Shanghai into the program at any time, website the ranking will become unpredictable, so the principle of correlation website optimization is in fact not necessarily follow? The author thinks that still need to be discussed in this regard.

so the direct correlation in the website optimization, and often can not eat, but also need to be involved in the indirect correlation, even around the industry, or take the rubber products as an example, in fact, rubber products can be further derived to the rubber products industry, such as the electronics industry, communications industry, transportation industry and so on, will use rubber products to all these devices, can be said to cover many industries, so the rubber products on the website can link to this industry to go around or derivative. This through the divergence of the industry application thinking can enrich the content of the website, make the Internet more website to recommend your site.

first of all we have to analyze what is the relevance of the website, according to the literal meaning, for example, is is a kind of clothing site, so clothing materials, clothing and fashion women’s website is has certain correlation. It can be said that there is a direct correlation between the correlation and indirectly related to the two attributes and website content, but many of our webmaster in understanding the relevance most in direct correlation.

now do website optimization basically to the relevance of the website as a direct correlation, you run a sales of plastic products website, must with rubber materials, rubber processing sites such as chain, website content must be related to rubber or rubber theme, industry news. But when many optimization personnel in this way to optimize the site, but found that the enterprise website optimization too easy, because there is no what content, nor what the website to let yourself overcome, of course it could not raise the relative ranking.

can’t simply use direct correlation to understand the relationship between

When the

now many webmaster optimization were also engaged in the surrounding derivative correlation optimization strategy, may cause the user of the program, but if these products are simple and direct correlation optimization, then use.

the principle of the optimal relevance, but not consciously into the misunderstanding and the demand of the user resistance, because some relevant content and not consistent and user needs. Especially for the enterprise website, enterprise website sales of products are often fixed, of course, can also be diversified in the process of development, but relative to the information website, the user to enter the enterprise website, or more relevant and related products.

The interpretation of noble noble baby baby + search results bring 4 visual effects

then some people will doubt the information what is good for us? In fact, the reason is very simple, when our site appears in the noble baby SERP and authoritative knowledge or a multi brand share this page for us, this note will be easy to search engine to our site the trust will be a very good promotion site hits.

When talking about


Of course,

: in the notes on the

two: let the baby more personalized


SERP noble babyThis SERP noble

three: get some chain

we can find that the noble baby has been committed to the development of this year’s personalized search, search for personalized, simplyproviding suitable for their SERP is for different search. And let the noble baby + personalized search to get more progress. Especially is the baby then launched search plus your world (search plus your world) that we have to pay attention to effect of nobility for personalized SERP + baby. This means that if an ordinary search share one page of the words in his noble baby +, this will be a page in the search of the noble baby SERP to get a better ranking.

effect for the noble + nobility baby baby SERP when we can easily.

social network for personalized search also need to search on their noble baby account will have an impact, if there is no sign so noble baby will not impact on the SERP +.

is my baby baby + noble aristocracy launched a social network, we are very clear about its impact on the nobility of Shanghai baby dragon, but the specific details of many webmaster and no serious analysis. We do not know the specific nobility baby play in baby + nobility in the ranking algorithm, but we can already see the search results for the noble baby (hereinafter referred to as SERP) visual effects. Below we will see four + brings to the aristocratic nobility baby baby SERP change.


can be very clear in the noble baby SERP page to see the change, we SERP only the title and description, but the nobility noble after we launched baby baby + can be found in the SERP page content in some more comments. As shown below, we can see there is a sharing of the pages recorded in the search related information, the sharing of records can make a person or a brand. This information is some comments from the noble + baby.

Effect of top-level domain name of the site and two included

website. The premise is the theme of the site is closely related to the

Try to use the subdirectory

two level domain name will make the site more, but at the same time, the website becomes small (www.xxx贵族宝贝 is smaller than that of xxx贵族宝贝, smaller), sub directory will make a website more and more. The aforementioned search engine optimization is a very important point is the site content and site quality and its strength, the size of the site is one of the very important index. The bigger the site, contains more natural, to help users more trust, it has accumulated a higher.

of course.

The use of

two primary domain name and two completely different website

two primary domain name and two completely different sites, therefore, if there are two domain names, you need to be aware of your promotion is two network marketing website, all have to do it again, the website PR value, trust degree will be the two separate sites are scattered. But there are still two primary domain name and related, this requires us to recognize.

because search engines will treat the two level domain name as an independent site, that is to say: www.xxx贵族宝贝 and news.xxx贵族宝贝 are two independent website. The theme of the former may be extensive (such as the example above, the website may be about IT, health is just one channel) theme and the latter is focused on one point (News), of course, there may be soft.xxx贵族宝贝, sucai.xxx贵族宝贝 and so on. These two domains are independent of each other, each domain topic is also different. If you are a large site, such as HC, related to IT, life, entertainment, automotive, beauty and so on various aspects, using the two domain names is reasonable.

in the construction site in the process, many friends will be faced with the choice of domain problems, for example, the noble baby for a completely different product sub domains, such as news.贵族宝贝 or maps. noble noble baby baby贵族宝贝, for example, I wrote this forum using the domain name, the www.duique贵族宝贝 is actually the two domain names, domain name purchase cost the rental cost is not high, the domain name and my space for 125 yuan a year, the program is free and open source WordPress program, build a BLOG relatively easy, so if you want to have a place of their own marketing, build a BLOG for themselves and spend some thoughts to do network marketing for yourself is pretty good, if not want to build BLOG for themselves and want to build BLOG with BSP platform, choose a relatively rich, for example: the blogbus platform, he provided 2 domain names, BLOG’s skin is very much also. The search engine optimization master car east when they CTo, so I want to set up free BLOG friends can choose the platform.

The mass fundraising site is a fun tool, not suited for early start VenturesYiqifa advertising allia

people will choose to invest in products that have been proven to be viable, and generally speaking, users are willing to give flexibility to change the final product, but must be able to be made out of the product. IPhone peripheral equipped with i+Case is a failure example, this is a design full of aluminum magnesium alloy frame, did not expect the result is installed, incredibly let iPhone no signal, let the net friend is quite dissatisfied.

if you don’t want to know the process of packaging and transport, and the subsequent operation, it is best not to try to put on the Kickstarter platform for complex business process operation is likely to lead to the final failure. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank products, to provide a complete set of equipment at home raising jellyfish, jellyfish breeding can also enjoy the fun, immediately aroused people’s interest, fundraising amount is more than 54 times the preset threshold, on the point of view of financing is one of the most successful innovative ideas, the result is full of negative evaluation, the first is the development of production time the delay in the network, but without any response, but after shipment jellyfish in two weeks after the death, dissatisfied buyers have access to return. No matter what kind of product, please remember before the Fundraising: you can really achieve and deliver this product.




1, special preferential policies to attract users to buy. The financial sector dedicated to the production of a set of advertising materials for Yiqifa alliance site, including coupon code, up to hundreds of dollars of preferential policies to effectively attract the target user  

2, the current stock market hot, suitable for all site delivery. For example: BBS web site through posting, will verify the code tell the user, the effect is better!  ,
3, professional financial websites, brand advertising, stable long-term.  ,
4, high division policy, the stock software is divided into nine hundred yuan to 1000 yuan, a variety of levels, returns well.  

two, charging mode: the user by clicking on the alliance website, will produce a digital code, the digital code records alliance website ID information. When users contact the financial services staff by telephone or other means, the customer service staff will promote them, and the end user can deduct the corresponding purchase fees through the digital code.  

note: the digital code of deductible coupons, the sole channel delivery only in the league, newspapers or other media do not enjoy such preferential. Therefore, webmaster friends can be promoted in a variety of ways, as long as the digital code can eventually produce purchasing behavior. The same piece of digital code can be purchased by multiple users.   />
A, through the Yiqifa alliance website to the financial web site links to purchase;  
B, the financial sector by sending goods, and received full payment;  
C, did not reject or return the goods purchase behavior 15 day return period.  


3., your product prototype is not available, it is not appropriate to participate in mass fund-raising

, the most suitable product for fundraising activities in Kickstarter, must eventually be able to deliver an actual product that can be shipped to buyers, such as the smart watch Pebble, which records tens of millions of dollars in fundraising. If the enterprise is to provide product or service for the masses, fund-raising mode may not be good for you, you must consider not like consumer products can cause the public interest, and then decided to pay for support, it is best to convince them in venture capital is relatively more practical.

4. can not provide services within the promised time, it is not suitable for participation in mass fund-raising

1. can not provide a separate product, it is not suitable for participation in mass fund-raising

Network operators

startups are challenging, want to!

2. has not yet been able to understand the way businesses operate, and it is not appropriate to participate in mass fundraising


Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a well-known website Crowdfunding, raising the masses of users to see interesting business ideas, can directly provide a small amount of money to support the promoters of the idea, great American Dream American Dream the taste is more rapid raising method of investment gold or angel funding and quite different from the traditional wound. However, the Kickstarter model does not apply well to every new startup, for the following reasons:

Deep thinking why do we have no traffic

why is there no traffic? I think everyone has asked this question, just like Xiao Shenyang’s "why?"

has a positive answer, that is, you didn’t try to be serious about standing,

How does



station do I want very simple to download a simple source modify 1 hours to fix the register a domain name and get a host to add content and simple extension for BAIDU GOOGLE included the station even if I want to get throught a thing carelessly this is many webmaster used


how do you stand seriously,

?Don’t look at it more than the upper

word "serious" seriously, what is it? This word I think we all understand, but how to use in the station, I think we all understand, but the real to do something I want to have a few! Playing mahjong 3 by 7 luck do! The station will be 3 points by 7 points by technology seriously! You do stop technology in to spend, SEO do good in spend to make every day disinclined to carefully manage pattern in the United States only temporary


how serious? Everyone in the early to do stand to describe their children, what kind of parents take their children to take care of? Is the meticulous care! Time, education, health, do stand is the same, do not look for shortcuts, looking for shortcuts successful person will never succeed. Want to find a shortcut, rich people will not get rich! Do not experience wind and rain, how can you succeed, how can

make money?

below, I say how to understand, seriously do stand

first, we should form a good habit,

habit is really a tenacious and tremendous power, but it dominates the life of man. That’s not what I said. That’s what Bacon said,


a person who wants to succeed must form a good habit,

, for example:

What time does

get up early, when to sleep, when to eat, when to take a walk, when to shop and when to exercise


arrange reasonable working hours for yourself,

what to do every day, what should be done at any time, some bad habits get rid of, continue good habits

second, we want to have a healthy good body,


body is the capital of revolution, if not a good body if you go to work to earn money, must be on time to eat and sleep exercise every day, you are all I think a lot of time is not normal and I slept late, most memory decline? The meal is to eat eat, for a long time on your stomach broke. Do not go out to communicate with friends, do not exercise.

long time, health problems, so I hope we can have a good body,

third, we should see more, learn to think,


Mobile SiterWeaver system SEO optimization course

this is Webboy, founder of Mobile Networking Technology Co., Ltd., currently the chief architect of mobile software company CIO and mobile software, with more than 10 years of software development experience. The long-term research and practice in the first line of the Internet, pay close attention to the latest domestic and foreign development status of web content management and e-commerce system, is committed to bring the best websites and e-commerce solutions and related consulting, training and implementation services for domestic users). In the "easy to sail" official training room of the "easy to move" SiterWeaver system SEO optimization course.

video download (Telecommunications) video download (Netcom) attached: Mobile easy SiterWeaver system, SEO optimization lecture notes,


SEO factors fall into two categories:

1, affecting search engines included factors, mainly link optimization,

2, the impact of the rankings after the factors included, Meta keyword description, optimization, Page Title Optimization, website structure optimization,

today, I would like to talk about how to make the SEO optimization for the above two factors.

1, link optimization:

do not use HTML+JS calls, but with.Shtml and SHTML include the file function.

dynamic JS files are static JS files that are automatically generated when adding or modifying articles, so that when you call these JS files in other files, they have almost no impact on server performance. But as everyone knows, the JS file can not be directly displayed on the client, the client will also need JS code operation to display the final results, so when a page called multiple JS files, although there is no impact on server performance, but the client will speed the page opens a lot slower than that of pure HTML. The SHTML contains files that are merged on the server side, and sent to the client is pure HTML code. So the solution is to change the output of the JS file to HTML, the extension of other files to SHTML, and to change the original call code like this in the template to such SHTML that contains the code.

reference article:>

Read broken ten thousand monthly income 4K soft text, single writing experience sharing

We often say

to write original, but many people do not know how to write original, actually this is not a difficult thing, just to see if you are willing to do, or in the input-output ratio is given to spend energy budget. But in any case, writing is one of the skills that grassroots need.

June 30th A5 version of the chat invitation grassroots entrepreneurs – binary network (personal blog, shared writing skills and experience in his soft, the finishing part version welcome discussion.


binary network, formerly known as He Guijiang, 1988. Excels in the soft Wen writing, the website optimization, 21 years old starts contacting the website operation. Now write 3-4 original articles every day, optimize the service for the enterprise website, soft text income, 3000-4000 per month.

: the guest wrote a lot of articles. Let’s talk about your writing skills first.

answer: for soft Wen skills, this aspect has a lot of friends asked me, all say writing soft Wen will pen acerbity. In fact, it is this truth, writing a soft text does not matter, but if long-term writing down, it is difficult. I think the biggest skills are all reading, not only the knowledge of the webmaster, experience, and more extensive reading, and even literary works can improve their writing ability.

: how do you read that? How many articles do you read every day, and how do you increase your writing material and inspiration?

answer: daily accumulation, time is huge. Just like if Baidu collects the content of the website every day, 10 pieces a day, more than 3 months, more than 1000. Inspiration comes from discovery, and even when chatting with webmaster forums, it can sometimes inspire. Looking at a headline written by someone else can even lead to a different point of view, I think. Just like in the previous days wrote a series of "small and medium-sized webmaster should be in China", the nine chapter content, the title from a called "win in China" QQ group.

asked: wrote a lot of soft Wen, but many places have been deleted by the administrator, how to do?


answer: in fact, when we carry out soft Wen promotion, some administrators can not help but delete articles, but with skills can also avoid such a situation. With the development of web content as far as possible, note, such as " at the end of this article; I write this post is not only to promote their own advertising, it is hoped that things will give you hope, "ha ha, Mo delete management people are emotional animal. And a post plus a link is enough, learn to smooth cut into.

with the king of a sentence to answer it: "soft text" is to promote a very free and convenient way.

asks: writes the soft Wen to has no literature cell the person to be more difficult, the honored guest thinks,

?< >

How to display new cigarettes

a shop to the new product, if you do not do a good job related to the display, there is no way to attract the attention of consumers, want to sell the new nature is also difficult. In fact, to improve the level of cigarette display, enhance the image of the show, is to enhance the operating capacity of cigarettes, to promote consumer purchase, one of the effective ways to increase profitability. The author believes that cigarette display can be from the following aspects.

is a focus. Cigarette display can not be where there is a place where the new product, and sometimes not easy to see, may lose some sales opportunities. To highlight the key, among the many varieties, the current focus on nurturing the brand placed in the most eye-catching position, as far as possible with the center of the line of sight level.

two is enhanced visual effects. Sometimes, due to a variety of counter cigarettes, the focus of the brand does not necessarily allow consumers to pay attention, it is necessary to enhance the visual effect of key brands. For example, so that the focus of the brand and the surrounding varieties have a certain color, or an appropriate increase in the placement of the brand, the store can be placed in a large box 2-4 display smoke, the store can be placed in a small cigarette.

three is the focus around the brand to cooperate with other publicity. In order to highlight the key brand especially some just listed near the new products, we should do some publicity, which requires the consumers into the store within the field of view show the pictures of goods, attract the attention of consumers, some stores relatively large customers can put up some promotional materials.

four is to avoid the brand show old and overcrowded. Brand display to fully show the freshness of the brand, which requires regular replacement of cigarette display products, to ensure the freshness of display. In addition, the cigarette placement can not be too crowded, small store suggested to set aside a certain position to display cigarettes, to achieve intensive but not messy visual effects.

many shops do not sell new products are in place, which is actually a great relationship with the product display, how to display, in fact, plagued by many operators. So, with a small series of these methods, as the owner of you, now know how to do a good job on the display of cigarettes?