About Google included unstable reason analysis

Fuqing Shanghai dragon that the search engine algorithm it is not necessary for further research, but also because of their opinions, never open search engine, can only say that we do find some positive signs of Shanghai dragon to follow, a positive response for some calls on the search engine, do not do illegal operations, then the rest is execution and adhere to the problem, a little progress every day, summarize a little success,

if you are gray industry, then it is possible in violation of the law of Internet information security. If you use heimao, you may suffer from a devastating blow. If your web server downtime, the server is linked to the horse, website backdoor, website frequently revision, then your site included a natural problem.

if you visit贵族宝贝 or.Cn are to go to贵族宝贝.hk. And sometimes we visit the mainland Hongkong server is a problem, sometimes there is no way to display the Google snapshot, so China mainland website Google included estimates will be subject to fluctuation and influence.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon on the Google included unstable analysis of 5 aspects, we hope to help.

3, the content of the website is not high quality

is a web site of the internal links website management fabric, crawling is smooth with site navigation, the internal structure, the link has a direct relationship, imagine the spider to site all the way, she definitely on your site look, you called her. The chain of Google is difficult to do, Links as the chain more, because the quality is good enough, choose high quality soft article is also good the chain. If you think Google links out of order, so she won’t take you seriously, the normal fluctuations are also included.

1, Google exit Chinese server to the mainland market, Hongkong

, 4 links (with the chain chain) layout


by Fuqing Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon.Org/334.html 贵族宝贝fq the original address, welcome.

recent Google panda algorithm crackdown on site is quite wide, the chain of garbage, trash content, spam, cheating site, heimao Shanghai Phoenix will receive severe punishment. I love Shanghai and seemingly also imitate Google collected first re examination, Google now for the content of grasping ability is quite active, but the release was delayed a lot of time.

2, Google algorithm

point the day and await for it!The original

5, the website itself is a problem of

if your website weight is not high, to collect the copy some articles, Google collected first and comparing the database according to its algorithm and delete, this is Google advocate website update, continue to provide high quality content, with search engine play collection, pseudo original that there is no tomorrow today.

To adjust and update

The speculation and Countermeasures about the change of the website to reduce the right of template

recently, about computer technology right down the right to explain and view, for SEO I do not understand, I just published their views. Still have to learn a lot of older people’s practice. Here, I would say that the website recently dropped the right analysis.

site drop weight is roughly divided into

January 8, 2013 change template

January 14, 2013 snapshot update, no,

January 15, 2013 complaints snapshot, afternoon show snapshot of the day

January 17, 2013 weight dropped from 3 to the weight of 2

January 19, 2013 weight dropped from 2 to the weight of 1

these days have been looking for ways to remedy, of course, SEO can not worry. (mostly urgent, don’t know the remedy, heh heh.)

for the right down, I was in no hurry to modify what other things, just let the chain website more diverse, try to express something in some forums blog website on the back with what, let Baidu spider faster index to the site, in order to attract Baidu spider to the site, recently often removed from the search outside the ADMIN5 SINA blog blog Ali and other places, occasionally in the horizon AD, although the site down the right, but included or pretty awesome, according to the results of Baidu webmaster tools that are included in a linear upward, of course, every day to send some high quality articles or tutorials, Baidu included you what?


computer technology may be down the right reason to replace a website template, because the replacement of the website template, and some places are not satisfied and modified directly on the site, resulting in Baidu direct capture snapshot, by weight drop, current computer technology. Included is pretty awesome


here, thank you for supporting my friends, is that you let me have the confidence to go on, this site, although the right to drop, but for me, do not abandon, do not give up. This is my principle, one day will be OK, here also to some new website friends say, do not plan to do much, do a web site with a long time, but you have to do a website is not only the time to do so? Here to just contact the establishment of the friends said, good management of a website, your heart, it will return, imperceptibly, you will find your site in a sublimation! This site my business for two years, first with the discuz program, the back feel bad use, and revision, changed the DEDECMS, has replaced two times without changing the template template, actually do, but to pay more attention to the user experience, I decided to replace the template, drop right down the right, one day will be good. When a website does not feel like itself

What do you recommend to do a small investment venture new ideas

now many friends want to do business, small investment, high return projects, we are very much looking forward to. So, what is a small investment to make money? Are there any suitable projects recommended to you? Today for you to sort out some small investment projects.

The process of making

if there is no knowledge of art does not matter, pour the chocolate sauce into the mold can be dry, chocolate, all kinds of lovely chocolate made. Simple and convenient has become a major feature of the chocolate bar, coupled with the symbol of chocolate sweet love, so deeply loved by young people.

in recent years popular retro tide is very popular, has become a hot fashion, embroidery. Can rent a 20 square meters of facade, open a handmade embroidery shop. Rent plus renovation costs control in less than 30 thousand yuan, plus other fees, such as license, start-up funds of about $40 thousand.

embroidery color to be rich, trees, flowers, figures, animal will be welcome; in addition to improve customer service quality of service, maintenance and embroidery tell customers how to choose their own embroidery little knowledge, and try to help them free repair.

What are the process of opening the chain of maternal and infant supplies

now two child policy has been relaxed, so maternal and child supplies market is also very hot. Maternal and child supplies chain is a lot of people have some plans. So, how to join the mother and child supplies to join the chain? Here, take a look at the process.




open when the maternal and child supplies franchise stores, operators who want to make money, how to make maternal and child supplies franchise stores to make money? Combined with the necessary promotional activities can help promote good business. Shop marketing is the most effective way to promote the sale of maternal and child products to join the chain of people can learn from different promotional methods to help investors better business.

actually maternal and child supplies chain process is very simple, mainly is the pre location, the mid and late opening decoration, promotional activities, if you intend to open the baby products chain store, you must first clarify ideas, and then step by step.


Walking street to open such a good snack bar

snack shop numerous, small investment how to attract big business opportunities? Location is very important. Take you laugh rice and vegetable roll.

you laugh rice and vegetable roll is a profitable snack business, but need to make gains in the right place to double. Walking street is a good place to go shopping, roadside shops not only beautiful, fashionable clothing brand, a variety of food shops and restaurants, is a place where you can easily enjoy the quality of life. You laugh to bring customers the rice and vegetable roll, originating in Taiwan Meng Meng Da rice and vegetable roll lovely shape, color collocation, rich variety, let the customer at first sight, could not help but taste them, in the flow of people and more pedestrian street, it is very popular. After 90 business investment, you laugh with delicious rice and vegetable roll yen value handed operation meet the new look, after 90, the trend in favour of delicacy. The pedestrian street shop, you laugh do make you delicious rice and vegetable roll continued income.

selection of Southeast Asian rice green rice and vegetable roll you laugh, pork, and special formula makes the aroma and taste of cooked rice and vegetable roll out of the ordinary. You laugh in the domestic market innovation cooked rice and vegetable roll out colorful filling rice and vegetable roll burning of this product, the characteristics of Taiwan cuisine and around the world with flavor, bring the taste buds depth of new experience, so that consumers praise.

you laugh in addition to the traditional method of making rice and vegetable roll wrapped outside, will also be based on customer preferences of M group fried, fried, grilled, processing, selling is done now, that is to buy instant, diners can enjoy immediately. This combination of customer demand for the classic delicious, do not want to earn hard. You laugh with you laugh, burning rice and vegetable roll rice and vegetable roll series series, toast and material of rice, dried meat floss nearly thirty kinds of tea extract you laugh, can bring more collocation combination, more delicacy experience.

you laugh in the selection, both rice and vegetable roll process strictly follow the traditional desktop, but the taste modulation into the special collocation world flavor, enhance the quality of cooked rice and vegetable roll! You laugh the desktop animation store style rice and vegetable roll, add individuality and taste of cooked rice and vegetable roll, small and fine, China and feast, consumers see happy, eat comfortable, beautiful aftertaste. You laugh with skewers, snacks, rice and vegetable roll and curry rice, a traditional dessert and all kinds of drinks, 16 series of products of 100 kinds of single product, so you can easily make money throughout the meal, fast, is able to meet the needs of consumers.

Korean barbecue store promotional techniques

today’s catering market, Korean popular delicacy, especially Korean barbecue franchise business bursting, has attracted many customers to come to visit, which also makes many franchisees will start focusing on this industry. However, in the opening of a barbecue shop, the necessary brand promotion is indispensable, the only way to bring more business to the store, what exactly is the Korean barbecue store promotional skills? Next to a look at.

can also be distributed some discount membership card, of course this is limited, you can limit in 50 or 100, this amount must be booked for you to. After the cardholder can enjoy discounts, so that more people would like to know.

Convenience store investment analysis and business tips

convenience store to facilitate people’s lives, do you really want to open a convenience store? Want to let your convenience store can run smoothly, it is necessary to master a little business skills. Xiao Bian will take you to see how the convenience store profit, I hope to help you in the convenience store market to seize the initiative.

Analysis of

open a convenience store 50 to 70 square meters of convenience stores, generally require 200 thousand to 300 thousand yuan of money, spent mainly in the decoration of shops, buying all kinds of equipment and goods; housing rents are different due to different locations, on average, generally 200 to 300 yuan / square meters; in the management aspect, because 24 hours to run, so the general staff from 8 to about 10.

open a convenience store business tips: convenience store opened in order to facilitate the fixed customer shopping convenience, it shall guarantee that the commodity categories are as unchanged; the special offer commodity Duitou display stores should be eye-catching, Duitou shoulds not be too big, too complicated, so as not to affect the Duitou effect; the store aisle is set at 80 to 90 cm. To open a convenience store to arrange the goods store layout according to the peak, separating the difficult selection of goods and selling goods, in order to avoid the peak shoppers crowded aisle, not for other customers shopping; the shelf height should take care to need many of the women in the family, the heart shelf should not be higher than 165 cm, preferably not more than 6 layer. At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of the end of the shelf, because this is the store’s gold point, the customer in these places to stay the longest time, should be equipped with some of the best-selling products of high margin.

open a convenience store business start from the small office. It is understood that in each convenience store to spend less than 20 yuan per capita consumers accounted for more than $40, only $8%, basically no more than 100 yuan. Therefore, the convenience store to do a good job, we must start from small, do a good job in every business. Different from general supermarkets, convenience stores can sell daily necessities, but also provide a variety of convenience services, such as free supply, boiling water on behalf of the payment, mobile phone charging, for inflating a bicycle, to print digital photos, collecting dry cleaning, booking booking all kinds of flowers, concert tickets and set up self-service payment terminals, even for training registration, booking examination materials, the depth of community residents value-added services, help gather popularity.

in addition, because the main consumer groups to open a convenience store at the age of 30 students and office workers, for this group is easy to accept new things, the characteristics of strong spending power and the pursuit of fashion, so the store opened in the choice of commodities should pay attention to innovation and renewal, with themes of fashion.

open a convenience store to choose good location is particularly important. Investment convenience store, select the appropriate location is very important, this is the most important factor in the success of the convenience store. Convenience store has the advantage of convenience, so convenience stores are mostly located in the community and entertainment facilities more concentrated areas, making the customer shopping more

Fuyang college student village entrepreneurship training to help rural entrepreneurship

now college students entrepreneurship has become very popular in recent years, at the same time the students into rural areas of entrepreneurship, has also led to many rural areas of entrepreneurship and accelerate the pace of rich.

Sun Zhaohui college-graduate village official in Fuyang District of Hangzhou city

Liugu Bay, taste, shop No. 1 Fuchun mountain…… After the preparatory stage, the 10 teams participating in the WeChat platform opened a shop of different styles. In addition, the organizers provided 10 leading agricultural production of Dongzhou grapes, wine, sweet potato, Steamed Buns small hand peeling bamboo shoots and other dozens of agricultural products supply, at the same time for the participating teams, each team is allowed to contact, to determine the quality of agricultural products, expand sales channels.

Entrepreneurship to open some of the operating rules of the tea shop

China since ancient times is a tea drinking country, at the same time, there are a lot of people at home are fond of tea, the tea market China nature is also very good, every year the tea business can be said to be very good.



A survey from

Tian Yu Lin chief executive

how to manage the tea business to make money? In addition, the edge of the development and management of tea products have broad market prospect in the field of daily necessities, with tea as the theme of the toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other products by consumers; in the field of medicine, pharmaceutical and health care products made from tea polyphenols began to get people’s recognition in the field of food, tea; tea, tea powder, tea cakes, candy, tea has become a kind of fashion consumption.


Love of family property free to join quickly back to this good choice

now, our work pressure is very large, remove busy work, we rarely have time to clean our home environment. At this time, love home property worry about the advent of the business is very choice. Small business choose to join the love home property worry? Good project, good choice!

efficient management mode of operation, cleaning services, information technology, the 7 functions simple business. Customer order management. Home economics division of commission calculation, salesman performance management. Contract order management, customer data entry. Customer resource management, customer resource management. Collect customer service feedback, standardize the behavior of housekeeping. Daily work management, order tracking management. Official website order management, home management.

mainly for the activities of large appliances cleaning services, including central air conditioning, central fume hood, central kitchen equipment factory, such as large equipment cleaning. Owners of all kinds of furniture, floor maintenance services. Including wood flooring, sofa maintenance and renovation; stone floor waxing, renovation, penetration, mirror processing and other services. Mainly for customized VIP package services, including monthly, quarterly, annual, so you can increase customer viscosity, improve customer loyalty to the brand. Love home property worry clean join low threshold, low cost, wide range, support large, more ways. Precision helping entrepreneurship. Love home property cleaning good project, your good choice.

small venture capital love home property worry? Is a very business opportunities, has the strength of choice. If you love to join the home property worry project, is also a very exciting. Hurry up and move on! Come and join us to realize our wealth and life!