Shanghai Longfeng example 4 months will be 200 key words index a new website for the front page

in January 5, 2015 stopped, just after the so-called love Shanghai Ruili algorithm, we can see that "marriage counseling" has the key to the home page, but also a decline. In this four months, I in the form of a diary note of the website changes has the corresponding operation cut down, I will share my operation according to time sequence.

first make it clear that I am not what Shanghai Dragon God, even 5 months ago, I still don’t know what is what Shanghai dragon, a chance, let me come into contact with the Shanghai dragon, a psychological counseling company gave me a chance to try, let me take three months a new web site set up, and the keywords on the front page, but finally in four months. I know the keyword index of 200 for Shanghai Dragon God for industry so people can be an easy job to do, to make a detour.

in mid August 2014, the company will select a good domain, needless to say, is a little optimization consciousness are not in the domain name, then I took the actual password ZAC started the first keyword research in life. Finally, just love Shanghai index, hehe. After I began to study keywords completed, build websites, to tell the truth, as a novice, I study for a week before the site template selected, after that of the site layout, keyword layout, as well as the title of the set, the title set is the most important, want to have everyone knows the Title set way it is to seize the title and keywords difference accuracy. To this end, the first phase of the work.

at the beginning of the September, site after the basic shape, I will submit the URL of the website, to the entrance of the major search engines at this time, the information I got is the chain for the emperor, content is king, so I asked the company to edit the article even is not the original, but also to the high quality pseudo original, explore the industry long tail keywords, but was not too concerned about the long tail keywords, now it seems that it is very important to the long tail keywords. Well, to the point, the chain! Is really a sad topic, you can see my data, about three months, I sent tens of thousands of the chain, all is done by myself, I am looking for a period of nearly 20 can be sent abroad the chain platform, whether it is nofollow or not nofollow, I as long as is found in the other sites have a chain of the platform, then I will go back, of course, are also the most relevant industry. It took me nearly a month and a half.

This figure is about


to the middle of October or so, do not know what reason, I noticed that some sites do not have much outside the chain, still ranked.

started now, when I started this website, there is no basis, no resources, pure novice. All Shanghai dragon knowledge is obtained from the network. Nonsense not say, the first.

Case analysis of optimization effect of the chain of micro-blog

The first micro-blog

second to provide information to potential users need website information content, which is in the micro-blog search function, search through the relevant keywords in micro-blog, and the information to the private letter sent to each other, or to demand information review in the information exchange process, also played nature of the implantation effect of the chain.

love Shanghai page value mainly includes six aspects: one is the elements of web browsing; the second is the residence time of the user; the third is the number of pages to be shared; the fourth is the number of pages is the top of the page; the fifth content richness; six is the interaction of comments. The combination of these two elements will be able to find a micro-blog chain effect and value. We can also give the optimization workers play the micro-blog chain provides direction. So we can from the following three points to enhance the value of the chain of micro-blog.

third should adhere to and their fans interact, micro-blog account must have a certain amount of fans, these fans will be on your micro-blog content attention, through interaction can effectively and establish a relationship of trust and loyalty fans good, in this relationship will bring to the site more comments and share. In these interactions Web site also is the chain often have high value optimization.

operation should adhere to the development of a relatively large scale of fixed group, and the website information service, through continuous promotion of website information while leaving the corresponding URL, the URL is actually outside the chain, we can obtain a lot of non search engine PV, the PV value for the majority of users is natural you create it, apparently able to comply with the above six basic elements.

has the ability to read the love of Shanghai is for the micro-blog web site, then micro-blog’s website is not a chain, will become the optimization staff xiangbobo? The author conducted a series of verification, in order to get some of the data can be confirmed.

?In fact, micro-blog The algorithm for the calculation of

first love Shanghai for some micro-blog content included, but love Shanghai included micro-blog is the condition, according to the analysis with the two conditions, one is the recent hot micro-blog tuba, a Tencent of the micro-blog home page, if you are lucky enough to have with any kind of micro-blog of the two conditions, you will be a good outside the chain, the chain effect in the end how

business and website operation have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, is the so-called order in the world, and the world is a concept, micro-blog is relative to the home, and the website is relative to the world. If extending down from the concept, then the chain of micro-blog apparently has the same effect and site outside the chain, of course, if the site operation is not good, the outer chain is only the garbage outside the chain, if micro-blog operation is not good, so the chain will naturally become garbage. We first look at the search engine for the calculation of the value of the page.

Originality is not valuable Resources are more important than opportunities There is always a pit wa

Chen Yuze believes that vertical electricity providers to have a more refined brand differentiation, the establishment of multiple brands through different groups of positioning and price range contact users.

resource opportunism and opportunism

around us, often encountered two types of people, we call it entrepreneurship small white. Another kind of person, has not white, we call him entrepreneurship black.

vertical e-commerce can not die

Liu Qiangdong reminded the electricity supplier later who pay more attention to cash flow, inventory turnover problems. The investment of cotton and jumei micro-blog and other vertical e-commerce main judges well-known angel investors Xu Xiaoping believes that enterprise’s return rate, brand building is also crucial.

in fact, in the 1173 companies participating in many commercial enterprises, only in the last 10 have two egg network business enterprise, won the runner up, a bit out of the hot degree of how much and the reality of the "winter electricity".

, the other kind of opportunist, just doesn’t know whether this will work or not. Bet on it anyway. It’s very aggressive. Do they think Ma Jianlou do the electricity supplier, Ma Huateng Jianlou social, if I find I can do it.

Lei Jun once said, "tactical hard work can’t hide the laziness of strategy. We have a lot of entrepreneurs out of question, not that he is not diligent, but that he is lazy in thinking.". Because he didn’t see enough, he was not far enough.

in the success of this matter, some people think that successful entrepreneurs rely on resources, two rely on these. Embodied in the implementation, is the two kind of person.

there are many entrepreneurs in the beginning of entrepreneurship, simply can not see the reality, only with the brain to start business. There’s another kind of entrepreneur who sees reality, but sees only one side of the foot

nearly two years, the most sad reminder of the Internet business than the electricity supplier, the most small Internet business is nothing more than the mobile Internet: the former loss is not stopped, the latter did not find a way to make money. However, in the whole field of IT Internet, the two is the shrine of entrepreneurs chase fellow sufferers: industry not stereotypes, have the opportunity.

mobile Internet >

and the two choice in "electric winter" superior enterprises also have a different understanding, egg founder Cao Hui stressed the importance of "electronic commerce" concept, he pointed out, "we do not emphasize the electronic commerce, because electronic is a means, the emphasis is on this matter, the essence of the brand is the product". "Is looking for the blue ocean in the Red Sea in the maternal and child class business, the core point is safe, it is not there before". In fact, recently, the platform type mother and child class electricity supplier red children fell into decline and forced to sell rumors.

"vertical e-commerce will always have the opportunity", Jingdong mall chairman Liu Qiangdong interpretation of the "electricity supplier winter" still emerging e-commerce companies. As the 2012 "summer race horse contest chief judge, Liu Qiangdong will vote for a vertical e-commerce enterprise — egg net.

, resource opportunists, and opportunists are very dangerous for entrepreneurs. What we are talking about here is through a set of thinking and execution logic, using economics and strategic thinking to help you find opportunities for entrepreneurship.

industry competition is fierce, profits have not yet arrived,

visual force is a sales of American pupil products e-commerce enterprises, according to its founder Chen Yu disclosure, the company uses O2O model, establish offline experience shop, has independently developed 7 own brands.

lean start solve what? Lean startup is a set of execution logic, it is to guide you how to use the minimum cost and the fastest speed to verify the entrepreneurial opportunity, his theory is based on management efficiency in solving.


entrepreneurship white and entrepreneurship black

but entrepreneurship will know that in the process, creativity is not the most important part of the whole business. The most important thing may be a systematic methodology, to do one thing. In this process, from creativity to opportunity, and then to build a business model, and then to build a team, and then lead the team to promote the implementation of the integration of the value chain upstream and downstream, creativity, but the first step in the ten thousand step.

entrepreneurial small white, for the understanding of entrepreneurship is like this, he always felt that he has an idea, can subvert the world, everything is good, it is 50 million.

Abstract: small business always felt that he had an idea that could subvert the world, and that everything would be better than 50 million. But entrepreneurship, Hei hei knows, the most important thing in business is the methodology of the system. Creativity is only the first step in the ten thousand step.

lean entrepreneurship

, which was established in November last year, was formally launched in March this year. The B2C website has its own mother infant brand, and organic cotton clothing is also sold on Jingdong, Dangdang and other platforms. Liu Qiangdong on the network marketing and egg stock interest; and in the face of another vertical electronic commerce website as the mutual force, Liu Qiangdong also asked the inventory turnover rate problem.

, a resource activist, thinks I can start a business because I can manage certain resources. Because of historical factors, there are many small business owners in a business environment, enjoy the bonus system reform, with scarce resources, so Chinese entrepreneurial crowd is a large part of nationalist resources.

"any industry has ups and downs, electricity providers are the same", Liu Qiangdong believes that platform e-commerce enterprises will only last three, and vertical e-commerce will always have the opportunity.

QQ webmaster troubles, QQ class website how to do

Today we talk about the

QQ station QQ station webmaster mentality! How to development! Since Ma Huateng and his college classmate Zhang Zhidong formally incorporated in the "Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. launched QQ popular night! Many products produced. QQ games, QQ spaces, QQ games, QQ pets, including the recently out QQ farms, and so on. Tencent can be said that now the network giants, will the Internet people who is not a QQ number! Who do not know the effect of the Tencent in the QQ? Network industry! The network traffic is great! To do stand friends who do not want to share


in recent years, more and more people do QQ station, QQ station is just a search on Baidu a lot. But apart from a few early start QQ station such as (qqzhi, qqjia etc} flow, the other station is yaosibuhuo

!Of course, I

a QQ station in which can be said to get hands, no flow, no record, no rank, no income to see a QQ webmaster no faction in the QQ written in front of the station, may have many QQ Adsense like me is hard to find (flow, bitter day find articles, hard to find links, waiting for ranking, QQ 4 bitter pie.

recently found that Baidu in the collection of content collected by the content of the station, the content added yesterday, the day can be released, second days gone. When a friend asked me to stand in what is going on! Look at his new sites began to think it should be a normal phenomenon later found his 3 years of QQ station also began to study this problem! Do not know if you encounter this situation no! If you stand it when you the update of the multi processing or write some will be better.

Baidu is also want to clean up the garbage station, repeat station for everyone a good network environment, so we do stand friends can’t be lazy, want to have a good ranking, good flow. Good income must build a good web search! The content of high quality to win the favor of the netizens! Do a station to have good rankings, first of all depends on whether it can keep visitors! How to change the search engine algorithm then it is also possible to visit and repel back! If your site do this again! Congratulations on your website has a good ranking!

concludes: do you have a good site? See if his website is the answer that the browser wants and whether it can retain the old users!

this article by net name Daquan station webmaster original, reproduced please indicate the source,


Only lecture SEO experience sharing

yesterday in the QQ group saw someone said, "at 8:30 this evening there is only lecture," so, to the home, I paid attention to the lecture.

early in 2008 to hear someone say you can learn SEO to seowhy diving and the point, was registered a seowhy account, but did not go to see those things, because I thought too much, not sure whether to learn seo. In the seowhy forum, they become their object and their teacher. See the YY voice introduced:

husband, founded in 2007 in Shenzhen SEO based learning and communication platform SEOWHY.COM, because in just 6 months to achieve ranking and traffic, the industry’s first attention. Creative online SEO training model won the praise of the industry, has focused on training more than 2 thousand Chinese SEO elite, become the most Chinese students SEO mentor.

see this, I decided to listen to the lecture, this is the first time I listen to the teacher’s lecture. This is only to share on SEO knowledge and we use this way, or invite Qiushi, the lecture the audience of 1148 people, thousands of people to listen to the old K said, from the YY voice can be seen in the old K is how happy ah ha ha……

‘s lecture is mainly about key words. Key words are divided into: target keywords and long tail keywords. Target keywords: a website with the home page to optimize the term, called the target keywords. Long tail keywords: use the page to optimize, and can give your website bring the target user keywords.

for large and medium-sized brand websites (outdated forums), target keywords optimization of the main points:

The connotation of

five law is:

Article 1: is a certain URL important,


second: what keyword does a URL represent?

third: is the content on this URL up to date?

fourth: is the content on this URL original?

fifth: is the content on this URL popular with the user?

, around the word "


first: this keyword appears on the title of the current page;

second: the current page keywords, labels, description tags appear in this keyword (if the English keywords, please appear in the URL);

third: the content of the current page, and repeatedly appear in this keyword, and in the first appearance, bold;

section 4: this keyword appears in the anchor text of another page.

, let’s start these next time. Let’s write it briefly……

Those years, operators have made mistakes cat product director, talk about the user’s operation of t

editor’s note: the author of this article is Yan Hao, director of product operations director of mop net (@ cat cat class), which is based on personal experience, and has combed the mistakes made by users’ operating links. In his view, user operations are the most important and difficult part of the operation, the basic logic is very simple, but often ignore the details of the actual operation.

a lot of people asked me about some of the problems encountered in the user’s operation, and combined with some of my previous experience and experience, let me share with you.


operator is actually a very deep knowledge, like the military, not only in a flexible strain, the Suns to fight. Maybe a lot of reason everyone knows, but don’t do, did not do is equal to zero, only through actual combat, can really into your belly.

user operation is the most important and difficult part of the operation. The basic logic of user operation is very simple, that is the first analysis of properties and characteristics of your community groups, the establishment of user of the "Pyramid" structure, then each link is subdivided into "Pyramid", each point were found different breakthrough point, to find the same and different operating strategy and solutions.

The key to the operation of

lies in the details, the more details, the more likely to ignore, the more simple problems will not be done in place, the more repetitive things, the more they do not want to go deep. This is the difference between operations.

this article represents only the statements of a school, different people have different understanding, does not mean that I said is right, or that sentence, only hope that everyone can give some help and inspiration. Now get to the point —

easy to make mistakes 1: wait for the user, always keep the community user

class understanding: This is an easy mistake for many operators to get into the community. Remember, the best users are never waiting. The basic strategy of user operation is actually 7 words: station maintenance, station looking outside. A lot of people have been doing the first 4 words. It’s actually like fish farming. We’re going to be a fisherman, not a fisherman. The fisherman knew what kind of fish was suitable for the pond, and he knew how to spread the new fry regularly. Anglers will only make fewer and fewer fish in this pond.

user maintenance strategy is also 7 words, widely cast a net, focusing on training, and find the object of logic almost. The best users are always nurtured by your intentions. Definitely not waiting. Why? The reason is simple, because your community is not Facebook, not QQzone, there is no let you never clean the user, even if there is, relying on user data analysis background, can not help you solve everything.

solution: try hard and be a fisherman,


is apt to make mistakes 2: ignore the important time period of night

class understanding: a lot of people spend all their work on the day and often ignore >

He earned his first pot of gold by renovating his cell phone

on the afternoon of August 1st, I was chatting with my family at home, and suddenly I received a phone call. The familiar voice on the phone made me judge who was a friend I had not seen for two years.

Because the

in the field of entrepreneurship, I left home, he is choosing to choose red career in his hometown! He heard that I went home, so he invited me to go to the store to catch up, not seen for two years, really miss each other, so I rushed past


my friend was doing mobile phone repair, and two years ago opened a 10 square meters of small workshops, specially for others to repair mobile phones. When I arrived at his shop when all eyes bright blind my eyes, two years ago, the more than 10 square meters to 300 square meters of small workshop into the luxurious decoration of the small mobile phone mall, when I got to his shop door, a body of wealth he came out to greet me.


has not seen each other for two years, and everyone is very enthusiastic. After saying something to each other, I couldn’t help asking him,

, I said, "brother, you can’t see it for two years. Now the shops are so big. You’ve made a lot of money in the past two years."

he seems to be more anxious than I am, pull me into his store and show me his achievements. All kinds of brand-new mobile phones are full of counter, and there are also several small sisters who sell mobile phones.

I visited the next, do relatively professional, two years from a small workshop to do now, is relatively good.

I asked him how he did it, and he communicated to me without reservation,


: he said: "I was a mobile phone repair, and then long-term dealings with the old mobile phone, and know that the old mobile phone in fact has great value, you can tap.".

why? Because the old mobile phone is his old shell surface, in fact, his internal components are relatively new, but the ordinary mobile phone users they do not know these things, they feel like a new old mobile phone, many people will put their old mobile phone as to second-hand price to sell, I know the value, I received a lot of second-hand mobile phone, then the mobile phone shell change, mobile phone will become the new, in fact, the mobile phone with the new mobile phone no difference what.

just across the city network to fire up, I put my collection of second-hand refurbished mobile phone, then hung to the city to sell online, my surprise is that business is so good, every day I call more than 10 people 20, every day 10 mobile phone, then the 4 generation of apple, 4S fire. The two mobile phone, I specifically do very huge profits, every single profits are more than 300 blocks.

then I realized that China’s secondary market is actually very hot.

did so for two years, made a lot of money, and then made the store bigger, and the new mobile phone and second-hand mobile phone operation at the same time, and now I have 3 special refurbished mobile phone >!

On the new station ranking ups and downs of convulsions

today, Baidu has released a new algorithm — is about "the sale of two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate the entire station statement" serious may be implicated by even two directory…

"The sale of

two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate ZhengZhan statement" again to the majority of owners warning serious cheating, Baidu why to combat cheating? Because he affected the Baidu ranking algorithm, which reduces the search engine user experience. Recent big updates have told the webmaster a fact! Baidu began to develop the user experience!

!The relationship between the ambiguous

today to share with you a new ranking and user experience dry cargo is all said.


group have a friend for me to do diagnosis, he said a few days ago his website ranking on the home page, but after two days without ranking dropped from the home page to page fifth, page sixth, and often floating is not stable. I took a look at his website, the website is very simple, but the theme is very prominent, the H label nofollow "these maps are doing very well, but I check the domain name, instantly know the problem, the domain name registration date is July 10th, before I write this article for only 10 days, that is to say, his domain name registration. Only 10 days, I can only say that he was too impatient to do, is a kind of accumulation, as streams converge into the sea, no time precipitation, Baidu how to know whether your site has value to the users of


well, then, a detailed analysis of his website ranking floats.

one, Baidu’s temporary weight (temporary ranking) mechanism, resulting in fluctuations in site rankings

first, let us explain what is the temporary ranking mechanism, but also recently observed N new sites, occasionally drawn conclusions. The so-called Baidu weight (temporary temporary rank) mechanism is a new on-line test on the Baidu website, when your website is the home page even before three, for new sites, this is a big surprise, but not happy too early, if you read the website is not high, the user out rate. Exit rate is high, IP:PV is too low, residence time is too short, Baidu must determine the website user experience is not good, not the users want to find content, so it is possible to stop you into the abyss, then the station can hardly stand up. Write this article just want to tell you this new ranking problem, making a station with people contacts, are slowly accumulated slowly converging, you insist for a long time, the website back rate high, Baidu will naturally give you ranking. By all means, don’t cheat. Don’t take your precious time to play with the Baidu spider. He can afford it. You can’t afford it..

this article comes from: spiritual domain reprinted, please well-known source, thank you.

Investment in automotive beauty shop new business options

when the car sales performance is rising, the popularity of automotive beauty services are also rising, investment in automotive beauty shop has become a new choice for entrepreneurship. Under this premise, the investment is also more and more investors to open car beauty shop. Competition in the automotive beauty industry is also increasingly fierce competition. If the owners do a good job in the operation of auto beauty stores, in order to ensure that the store to get the desired income. Today to introduce several kinds of car beauty shop shop method. Hope to help managers. Let’s work together to find out.

and most of the industry, as long as the money to open a car beauty stores is not difficult, the difficulty is to stay in business, and produce benefits. Automotive beauty shop responsible person will be attributed to the possibility of success in the business of consumer trust and loyalty, which is the cornerstone of a good store.

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Store management also need to do emotional management

different people have different personalities, some people really temper is "a little", while others are always tepid, the way of getting along with people, sometimes we also need to do the management of emotions, and even more so the shop to do business. What is emotional management? Simply speaking, emotion management is good at self mastery, properly adjust the mood, caused by the contradictions and life events reaction can resolve to not overdo sth., optimism, humor and timely ease the psychological state of tension.

, however, it’s easy to say, hard to do. As a retail business customers, how to manage their emotions in their daily operations? Don’t bring bad mood to cigarette business? The following is the three from the rural retail cigarette retail customers, to share with you how to do a good job in their daily operations in the emotional management.

Yunxiao County listed Island Zhen Tang Hwa Jen grocery store

point of view: cigarette business wants good, emotional management is very important

people are easily affected by emotions, emotions are good or bad performance in the face. If a person is in a bad mood, easy to quarrel with others or lose his temper. Take me to the grocery store. If I’m in a bad mood, I don’t like to talk. When consumers into the store shopping, if consumers ask this question, I will feel very upset. That day, because of power outages, her mother forgot to turn off the tap, the results of the two floor was soaked, the loss of thousands of dollars. For an ordinary family, the loss of thousands of pieces is really distressed ah. But, as a daughter-in-law can say what, if it is the husband and the child, I can also and their temper, scold them a few words. But it is my mother-in-law, I can only endure, and want to give vent to hysteria.

I just opened soon, came to a consumer, that is to buy hard Hongqipilang. I took a hard Hongqipilang to him, he took the smoke in no hurry to check out, but with a cigarette looked up and down, left and right, after seeing asked me: "do you smoke is really the smoke?" I had a stomach gas, listen to him to say more gas. I take back the hard Hongqipilang said: "if it is false, don’t buy, I also do not sell!"

that consumers feel very face, but also angrily said: "how can not ask ah? You don’t sell cigarettes?" We quarreled in the course of contacts. I was angry, picked up the counter next to the cup, splashed in the past. A half of the clothes to see the consumers are soaked, I know that the disaster hit big, calm down all of a sudden. Just party secretary to the store to buy cigarettes, immediately stop the further deterioration of the situation.

back to the two floor, I was a reflection, although some of the consumer’s questions annoying, but we are the service industry, should not quarrel with the customer, the main responsibility in my. The reason is that the bad mood