The importance of the work of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer

page code is following the W3C standard is one of the reference search engine ranking factors, may appear in general now need to consider issues related to the common market CMS are done in accordance with W3C standard, in fact, does not conform to the optimal representation. In the common DEDE as an example, the default template had many JS calls, the page still have the style attribute (does not conform to the structure and performance of the separation W3C thought) etc.. Although excessive consideration of these issues was a bit over the carp, the influence of the rankings is almost zero. But a good front-end Engineer in layout design when you take into account the relevant problems, realize the optimization of the page code, JS code to improve the efficiency, reduce the Cookies call with JS instead of iframe. A small stream to into a river, these seemingly small problem, but perhaps you ranked in front of you site is so poor.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry, the Internet has an argument, called the Shanghai dragon of low technology, low threshold, Shanghai dragon ER triggered public accusation, this view is one-sided, but had to deny that a considerable part of Shanghai dragon ER lack the most basic knowledge of programming, resulting in daily work efficiency is very low, sometimes because of do not understand the technology make some funny jokes. In fact, as a Shanghai dragon ER, do not understand the programming is not terrible, terrible is the lack of personnel and Technology (including but not limited to the front-end engineers, back-end developers and server maintenance personnel) the ability to communicate. Today, from the front end engineer said, talk about the importance in Shanghai Longfeng work front-end development personnel, technical personnel and look at reasonable communication to enhance the effectiveness of Shanghai dragon.

with second bit similar, mainly >

1. good user experience

We know that the

3. upgrade site access rate of

2. site code orderly and efficient

This is

as a receptionist, to ensure a good user experience is the. A good front-end engineer through reasonable layout, clean and beautiful, clear color, can easily guide users to find the key part of the page, to complete the site to browse, the demand for information search in a very comfortable browsing experience. No doubt, to improve the site conversion rate, reduce the site bounce rate is very important. On the contrary, now the Internet with Taobao guest single page site, the page looks beautifully produced, but the user experience is poor, in most cases, users are not required content and delayed links, the conversion rate of the low as can be imagined. 2010 is the apotheosis of the single page mode is actually profitable in the low conversion rate under unbelievable, it is doomed to this pattern will not be long. In fact, recently in some forums often hear people complain about, with a single page website home rate is very low, this pattern has basically come to an end.

How to do the chain between the personal blog articles and articles

keyword rankingIf the do recommend related articlesIn addition to the chain do?


about the chain optimization two problems all the more common:

because the number of blog articles, articles and articles for there is no way to connect very well, the website hits are scanty, so early for a blog within the chain can not do, in fact, is not good to do, to the late gradually increased, we found that many articles appeared in some words or sentence, need guidance and interpretation, in order to better understand the user.

1, an article in the chain of

In the chain of

blog article, also need to do some relevant article recommended reading, because users generally play reading articles, will see what good article can learn, so in the end to provide these articles is a good method, the article provides some good or with relatively high correlation the. You can install the wordpress blog article nothing, this tool for browsing is very good, as shown in figure


personal blog Shanghai dragon relates to technology of knowledge sharing, we find its page browsing time than the general network station, jump out rate is compared to other type of website is much lower, if we can do well in the chain set in the article, then I believe that the blog will do in this area is more outstanding. Within the chain on the personal blog recently has been in the study, the last wrote an article in the article about the chain "from Lou song song blog learning website chain optimization", this essay is not very detailed, only some of the chain of ideas and opinions, today a personal blog in the chain a more detailed explanation:

two, not for the purpose of the

pure and as a keyword ranking, personally think that is not good, but in the form of the chain for the background directly set all the meaningless, because they are set in order to rank.

display pictures, can let the user experience to the next level of


, a pre temporarily set inside chain

website simply for the search engine, in order to rank, then will make site optimization excessive, and even the emergence of the phenomenon of cheating. Within the chain set the same, a large number of blog in the chain are ranked in order to set this practice, personally think it is quite reasonable, may not have a direct impact on ranking, ranking and deliberately in order to do, and even affect the user experience, click on the link back to the home page, there is no meaning to the user it.

personal blog, there are many articles have a lot of words or sentences can guide the user to read, but we can put all the relative plus should link? This is obviously unreasonable, will the user >


Search engine optimization picture to transfer more value

three: the picture in the page content optimization, search engine is how to grab the picture of love Shanghai picture index? The location also has a relationship with the picture, general picture content page or pictures around the correlation between keywords is more conducive to search engine classified index. Around the picture add picture keywords, can make the website pictures better ranking in search engines.

two: named on the picture, it is only the General Assembly upload pictures on the picture for the date of the renaming, but if related to the optimal angle for more pictures should transfer the information to the name of God, such as the picture is the expression of "wallpaper", the picture can be named "qiangzhi.jpg", or ".Jpg wallpaper" is also more likely to be understood by the search engines crawl, rather than automatically named "20110603.jpg" file name. And with the same file name Description in ALT tags.

four: optimization of image size, if it is a picture site, exactly how much more optimistic about the picture by search engines? For example: for example, your picture is a mobile phone wallpaper then according to the screen of the mobile phone standard, at the same time will expand the search engine is called "jpg JPEG," type pictures in front of.

is not a single picture transfer value, even if the search engines can identify what it is to pass the. Thus, even if it is difficult for the site to be included to weight or no flow. So we should do the following to change this transfer value:

: add keywords in the picture of ALT tag, this is what I do for a picture of the most important points in Shanghai dragon. Such as: < img; src= "www.*****贵族宝贝" alt= "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" > and the image tag optimization standard should contain: SRC, width, hight, alt, Title Five all according to the label, the label is one of the most important.

webmaster in website optimization is not how to optimize the fancy pictures, after all due to the picture of a single sexual transmission produced by the optimization results may be very little, but then the quantitative picture will also be on the part of the weight distribution in the main domain. A little but had to say, although the image optimization ranking on the site had no significant effect, but more consumption of server resources, but increase the exposure of a web site is still very effective. Website exposure enhanced, is also a successful search engine optimization. So, how to optimize our pictures? Many websites there are a large number of pictures, just use it to play the ornamental value? No, to picture more transfer value is we have to analyze the argument today.

five: avoid the chain chain, pictures stolen space caused by the traffic problems, the number of cases of severe.

Mastering these skills will make your restaurant more profitable

catering industry profits, many friends want to open a restaurant, but the restaurant is not so easy to operate, need to master a lot of skills. How to open a restaurant to attract consumers? In addition to good dishes, the consumer for the restaurant decoration, atmosphere, also has a high demand. So, how to run a restaurant? What are the operating skills of the restaurant?

1, site: try to choose a relatively large stream of people. As for management, I would like to strengthen the quality of staff and cooking techniques.

2, health: restaurant is a place to eat, therefore, health must be done! As he walked into the store at least do not seem very sloppy with bright windows and clean tables.

3, service: restaurant as a service industry, service attitude is of course very important. Guests come to your restaurant, the waiter’s attitude is the first feeling, if you feel good, the next time the probability of consumption will be greatly increased.

4, the type of dishes, dishes need to constantly updated, modern people eat about a Xixinyanjiu, so dishes need to have new tricks, in order to attract consumers. Look at people KFC, can do so in China, in addition to its unique management, is good at pushing out a new. This is a key point.

5, speed: serve fast. No matter where you go, especially now that the pace of life is speeding up, no one wants to sit in a restaurant and smell the fragrance on the other people’s table.

these management skills are very important, entrepreneurs to open a restaurant, have to pay more attention to this point. Of course, the restaurant business skills are also many, we talked about today is only part of the restaurant management skills more entrepreneurs need to continue to explore their own business process.


To the small entrepreneurship two strokes

many people are tired of white-collar life, want to start their own business. So what can do business with a small capital entrepreneurial wealth?

recommended project: there are many types of offbeat small mask. Manufacturers will not blindly production, has its market for.

when female beauty shops blossom everywhere, just the opposite, take care of a male, a man image design center. Two experienced emergency care Miss decoration after the recruitment, to the purchase of some men’s skin care products in the local branch of the cosmetics can be immediately opened. In order to give men’s skin care and guidance, also sell men’s cosmetics, can quickly attract a large number of male customers. In addition, in order to increase the tourist business, might as well do the article from the perspective of women, engage in some promotional activities in festivals, such as Valentine’s day to play " love him a surprise " card promotions. In short, often need to use their brains, change from passive to active.

two recommended items: health


if you have this idea of entrepreneurship, so I hope this paper can help you!

boutique projects recommended: Laura Nicky

high quality and inexpensive shoes

Jiaxian go home and go out with the venture

farmers entrepreneurship is divided into two kinds, one is to return home business, and the other is to go out to start a business. Henan Jiaxian for the two entrepreneurial farmers have provided special help to create excellent results.

in the water diversion canal bridge Jiaxian safefine southwest of the town there is a small, high-tech enterprises. In the workshop, from the grinding, mud, forming process, to sintering, carbonization, pressure cap positions, more than 40 workers are busy. In November 5th, the leadership of the town government alion told reporters, the main production enterprises with the resistance of the ceramic substrate, its products are exported to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region, is currently the only one in Pingdingshan City, the production of such products, the annual output value of about 50000000 yuan, TV, ice box on the tube a lot is produced here.

this is called Pingdingshan City Taiwan electronic technology limited company enterprise, its founder, is a 37 year old farmer Cheng Jichao Ann Liangzhen home business.

to create a good business environment, since this year, Jiaxian to promote entrepreneurship and accelerate employment as a new engine of economic and social development. They set up a leading group of entrepreneurship and employment, the development of the national entrepreneurship program. To solve the problem of shortage of funds business personnel through the issuance of financial discount small loans; by holding "in the part of the township entrepreneurs star" and "business model" on the recognition of activities, and actively cultivate entrepreneurship typical, broaden the field of entrepreneurship, optimize business environment, support and encourage successful home business, bigger and stronger economic return". At present, the county registration of individual industrial and commercial households and all kinds of enterprises in 15767, the county home business staff of more than 26 thousand and 800 people, 1 billion 800 million yuan into the venture capital, providing more than 50 thousand jobs for the society, the annual output value of 2 billion 800 million yuan.

in the bigger return economy at the same time, the county also actively carry out migrant workers employment service work, do strong "economic work". They set up the county, township and village three employment information network, fast quality for migrant workers to provide employment information; in Suzhou and the establishment of the Jiaxian migrant workers migrant workers outside the party organization, to build a platform for mutual assistance.

to improve migrant workers entrepreneurship, employment ability, the county according to the employment needs of enterprises, through the development of training and training to achieve seamless, training and employment posts; according to the classification of migrant workers will carry out the sunshine project training, poverty alleviation training, disabled employment training, training and skill training of rural practical technology. This year, the county has organized various types of skills training 22, training staff of 15500 people, after more than 85% of Vocational and technical training to achieve employment.

How to teach you how to step on the road to get rich

people’s consumption level continues to improve, some of the traditional industries are in a stage of rapid development, for entrepreneurs at this time is a good time to join. Now living conditions are good, consumers for higher requirements is also more and delicacy, promoted the rapid development of catering franchise industry, catering market is more and more widely, many investors start to look at the restaurant to join the shop, open a restaurant franchise to help you quickly create wealth!

, investors should have a full understanding of catering join, especially without any food franchising experience lay people don’t blind investment in food chain, need to investigate clearly, can take you onto the path of prosperity. Food and beverage stores to get the favor of consumers, first of all let you store the delicacy unique, so food stores not only pay attention to the choice of materials, but also work in the production process, can let you store faster access to the industry of wealth.

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Jewelry store to improve the quality of sales staff

fashion jewelry, you can dress up our lives, open a jewelry store is good. If you intend to start a business, Xiao Bian recommended that you open a jewelry store. So, how can the jewelry store business do better? Xiao Bian today intends to introduce one of the mysteries.

as sales staff often face a variety of different types of customers, almost all customers will have some complaints of goods. In this case, we must first have patience, try not to confront with the customer, but not to quarrel. In the face of angry customers, complaints to listen carefully. The following three points will not be difficult to solve.


Dessert chain stores operating notes which

dessert have high status in the eyes of many people, if you want to do business, this industry is also good, love to eat dessert consumers very much, so the market of the dessert chain stores is also a lot of, want to get rich through entrepreneurship, quickly opened a dessert chain stores! This will be the first step in the success of your business, then the dessert chain stores operating notes, you know how much?

dessert franchise business matters: leaflets

in order to expand the franchise’s reputation, the distribution of leaflets is a very good method, but also very common. How to operate dessert chain stores? If you do not have any quality leaflets, printing, design is not good, then how can you expect others to come?

Business matters

dessert chain stores: franchise stores catering chain stores in health, environmental health is very important, if the franchise store is not clean, not health, who dare to eat this stuff? Therefore, in the operation of dessert franchise stores, franchise stores must do a good job in health, to maintain a good environment, to give customers a good impression.

dessert franchise business matters: staff quality

dessert chain stores are very important, and some operators only concerned about the taste, in fact, this is wrong. In dessert chain stores, the taste is very important, but the quality of the staff is also more important. How to operate dessert chain stores? Now, many people eat dessert is the quality of this, if the quality of staff is not high, and how to win the trust of consumers?

shop easy to keep shop difficult, want to succeed in business. Need to pay attention to the details are many, I hope you can pay more attention, there are many open dessert chain stores for entrepreneurs, but not every entrepreneur’s success, in operation dessert chain stores, there are a lot of entrepreneurs need to pay attention to matters of the article, Xiao Bian has detailed introduce for everybody, you need to master in order to better get rich!

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Do you have any special promotion skills in a clothing store

clothing industry has always been the focus of attention of entrepreneurs in the field. How to spend as little money as possible, to achieve the best promotional effect, is the hope that each seller. What is a good dress to open a clothing store also has a special promotional skills.


clothing to join what? Open a clothing store, with limited ideas to highlight the tight promotional resources, enhance the promotion of the sense of value, in terms of investment can not talk about cost is the best, if not the relevant input requirements, the available "replacement" way to control the cost.

With the replacement of

for replacement. You know, can bring benefits to the clothing store is not only the form of money and goods, good form of activity is also able to bring benefits to the clothing store. For example, to gather popularity, with other categories of clothing store sales. In particular, such as "road show", "live demonstration", "knowledge seminars" and other activities that are easy to attract consumers.


clothing to join what? Open a clothing store, from the perspective of the law of value, the value of things and inversely proportional to the number of. In other words, the more scarce the material, the higher its value, the lower the. This is also true of the promotion. Therefore, the supplier should as far as possible to limit the promotion, to enhance the value of the promotion itself. The promotion will be limited to the following forms:

limited stores. Even in the same system in different stores, there is competition. If the other stores to get a promotion policy, but "not out", for the various stores belong to a system, is a very "losing face".

clothing system between small interest groups to join the competition, sometimes even more than the competition between different clothing store, ifheavier. So, don’t try to fix the whole, is also a good way to crush one by one.