Enhance user loyalty and promote diversification of websites, as I see it

small and medium-sized webmaster rely on search engine development has become an indisputable fact, basically 90% of all traffic from search engines. However, a single source of development will inevitably bring risks, such as search engine algorithm changes "manslaughter", even if done carefully may also fall into the abyss of the doomed eternally. Therefore, the website diversified development, to avoid the flow of a single source, is the development of the site to do big and big road. However, diversification is important to enhance customer loyalty. The most reliable what kind of traffic to the user? Remember you. Without landing direct punch search engine and the most reliable access to your website, the following we discuss "site to enhance customer loyalty, promote diversified development of website".

, of course, not only the diversified development and website is directly input address to enhance user loyalty, as well as a series of search engine, retrieval, classification, Links address input error (domain name selection skill), wandering with software. But the road or the "user" road, to win stability and sustained flow, do not rely on external forces exist. Therefore, "enhance customer loyalty" is the most important thing for the diversification of websites.

1: website should have viscosity

what is viscosity? Users need what you have, and naturally get the user’s viscosity on the site. The increase of website viscosity is bound to be dependent on users, so the inevitable factor is the improvement of loyalty. So, how do you improve the viscosity of your web site to users?

1, rich in resources. "Content is king" not only for the search engine, is the strong backing of website development of users is also the basis to distinguish excellent websites and spam sites often lies in whether the content is rich, whether can meet the needs of more users, if meet so congratulations you have won the most.

2, update frequency in time. To cite a simple example: I usually like to sleep in the middle of the night looking at the novel sleep, and habitually see whether the site has updated. If every day on time to see updates, no doubt will be on time visit, if the next day the difference between noon before they appear lazy, and will certainly be re site choice. Whether your website can be a sticky website or not, a big part of it is whether the update is timely and whether it can meet the new requirements of the customers.

3, convenient and convenient. The devil is in the details, the edge often jueshengqianli. What’s the fast pace of life? What’s the lack of users? It’s time. In the same website, you can meet the convenience of users, save the user, run more circles, will also be sticky users, improve user loyalty to the site. Many websites set up online customer service functions, and some live toolbars seem insignificant, but huge amounts of traffic can certainly accumulate many of the most loyal users.

two: let users willing to pay

allows users willing to pay, willing to go willingly for your web site to pay more easily to improve the loyalty of users

Quit, do standing and study half a month experience

on April 13th, I submitted my resignation to the leader. No. 15 officially departed, in the 5.1 labor day, I want to just want to resign or resigned friends some suggestions or ideas.

has been working as a stand for half a month, and in the past half a month I have been learning. In the face of outsiders do not understand, I also ignore, concentrate on doing the station. Originally wanted to work with colleagues to run business, looking for enterprises to do corporate Web site, but think of their own technology has yet to be strengthened, they will concentrate on learning and do their own two sites. I will not study more, mainly to learn their weaknesses. Today, say my website, give you inspiration.

              two web traffic in this half month time, and no one else said a month soaring 3000IP effect, I insist on updating every day, and it is pseudo original. But Baidu is not interested in my station, is still only included in the home page (almost a month’s time!) wrote here, I can not help but say: "grassroots webmaster refueling!"! GOOGLE is better, GOOGLE in my information included more than 50 articles, still pretty good, but unfortunately, GOOGLE is not the domestic boss! There are very few people come every day.

              when the people I have the hang XX advertising alliance what, but now the advertising alliance is not good to do, I am more famous in the domestic XX League to find a few CPA registered paid advertising. But found that half a month down, no one has clicked, no click, you do not have to register. Even if clicked, also should calculate 2% proportion what. In this way, I am not only half a month on the site earn a penny, still lose money and time on the site. I know it’s just the beginning. I haven’t given up on my dreams. I wrote these before, is to remind the preparation of resignation, and those who want to quit full-time to do grassroots webmaster friends, if you do not have strong ideas and team, it is best to prepare these two. Finally, we also need money, if we can not leave, money and life enough, this is certainly no good.

philosophy: "philosophy" is actually our view, view and belief in something. And faith is especially important!

team: when we have the concept, we must have a team. The team has the same philosophy, then it must be targeted, and success is a big step forward.

(why do you need a team, you imagine, if my website has 10 thousand IP traffic per day, I need to manage, update, review, etc., such a person can not do it. We should make a clear division of labor and assign personal qualities well. Even if you ask for one or two part-time jobs, you can do it.


money: many webmaster don’t need <

Learn how to choose a good project for you to analyze small

want to succeed in business, you need to choose the right industry, the right project. Presumably there is such a word, you must have heard: Women afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line! In business to get rich on the road, and to the two very important points, the election of a good business projects, this is the key to wealth, as long as the choice of, plus the effort will succeed.

Wang Huili Hangzhou beauty selling pork popular network

pork is often found on the table when we go to buy food, pork markets usually encounter sellers are dressed very casual, but looks very ordinary, but there is such a beauty, she also began selling pork, the pork in the eyes of beauty, the following together go to see her. />

12 – along with my parents to Hangzhou to fight

"we are very hardworking." Wang Huili opened the palm, hand full of thick calluses. The left hand forefinger, and a long scar. Chopped meat accidentally cut, almost broke."

New regional pattern and the strategy of Chengdu Chongqing Urban Agglomeration six positioning and s

city’s development is inseparable from the rational and perfect planning. At present, the government of Chongqing, according to its own characteristics, the implementation of accurate positioning, the future development and the new pattern of the shape of Chengdu has given a high degree of attention, and provides a blueprint for the realization of their own development.

4 month 28 days, by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Association of social guidance, sponsored by the Development Research Association of Chongqing City, Chongqing think tank Research Institute of the fifth "Chongqing think-tank forum" published monthly report "Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration six location and seven trends", as well as supporting research report "the transformation of Chengdu Chongqing city group government performance evaluation report". The current "think tank Chongqing forum" theme for the new pattern of regional and Chengdu Chongqing urban agglomeration strategy".

Chongqing think-tank

monthly report on the six location of Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration is the first to build a leading western development and opening up the city leading group; the coordinated development of the city to become the first Pathfinder group; and the western development strategy of the Yangtze River economic belt plate "meeting point"; western small and medium-sized city and small towns coordinated development "a new benchmark for the central and western regions; the" four modernizations "proceed" forerunner "; the upper reaches of the Yangtze River economic, social, cultural and ecological construction of the" bridgehead".


think tank for the Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration development of independent judgments of the top three trends for the development of Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration will be highly cohesive, the depth of fusion of the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision, reflect the policy implementation agreement; will obey the whole, win-win cooperation agreement, the strategic orientation of open; unified layout, classification guidance the matching of clear regional policy.

Show the other four trends of

Chongqing think tank for the Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration development of independent judgments: development of Chengdu Chongqing city group will be docking Chongqing five functional areas of development strategy, a group of Chongqing city vitality will be further released; the traction linkage development three big city group of Yangtze River economic belt; will be conducive to the two rivers area, Tianfu District comprehensive innovation deepen the reform path; relying on the national strategy of city construction group, Chongqing axis, Chengdu, overall planning vision.

Chongqing think tank director researcher Wang Jianing said in an interview, in view of the strategic position, economic volume, administrative levels and other factors, as the file description of Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration in extension and the actual operation has been shown to Chongqing Sichuan city group, with Chongqing as the axis and lead. He also believes that the comparative study of economic and social development indicators, Chongqing single county economic volume comparable object is the city of Sichuan city within the scope of the 10 districts of the city, rather than the relevant prefecture level city.

in addition, the Chongqing think tank also released a monthly research report supporting the Chengdu Chongqing city group government transformation efficiency evaluation report. The report thinks, Chongqing big cuts in the administrative examination and approval is the key to build five function mechanism of regional development, is "13th Five-Year" during the transformation of the government’s starting point.

According to

Ceramic sanitary ware franchise store how to operate in order to profit

for many people, Home Furnishing market opportunities is relatively large, and at the same time there are more opportunities, there are a lot of people in the business Home Furnishing industry, especially in ceramic sanitary ware contains business opportunities in the market is relatively large.

Sales of


in ceramic sanitary ware store store image design, not mechanically previously formulated standards to set, but need to visit shop itself and the surrounding situation, look at the flow direction, sunshine, obstacles, shop around color, style, and then according to the specific elements, according to the standard design. Now many of the ceramic ware franchise stores in the shop image design are very casual, but according to their own imagination or copy other shop decoration, no investigation shop in actual position at, let alone on the competition.

now shopkeepers to open a store in the ceramic sanitary ware should pay attention to the management problems have a clear understanding. Under normal circumstances, for the opening of a ceramic sanitary ware franchise store store management work. Presumably a lot of ceramic sanitary ware franchise store owner has been clear.

as an operator, now open a ceramic ware franchise, as long as the master of management, you can successfully operate. Ceramic sanitary ware franchise store owner who mastered the skills and methods of these operations, the rational use of ceramic sanitary ware franchise stores operating success is just around the corner.


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Datong County successfully passed the National Socialist New Rural Construction Archives

7 31, national demonstration county socialism new countryside construction archives work evaluation team by the National Archives Department Secretary Li Xiaoming, to examine the review for a period of two days in Datong County, Datong County passed the evaluation of national socialism new countryside construction archives work group approval.

  evaluation group thinks: Datong County under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development, in order to promote the simultaneous development of archival work and the construction of new socialist countryside, the file work into the overall planning, work plan and construction contents of the construction of new socialist countryside, efforts to establish a working system of rural archives and rural reform and development and new rural construction to adapt to the needs of the cover, the new rural construction in all aspects and all farmers; jianzhanglizhi, gradually perfecting the new socialist countryside construction archives work system and mechanism; leading the county’s new rural construction archives work in town, Qiaotou town outstanding demonstration towns, villages, and constantly improve the level of archives work in the construction of new socialist countryside; pragmatic, Ze Hui the people’s livelihood, carry out various forms of service, fully embodies the value and function of rural archives. Evaluation team pointed out that the construction of new socialist countryside in Datong file work in the province with the demonstration, the value and role of leading. (Ma Hongchun)

acceptance report

real file information



The new environmental law bite to live in illegal environment

203 companies issued a deadline for rectification of the decision, issued a decision on the administrative penalty of 54 companies, the amount of punishment of about $3 million 800 thousand…… Provincial Environmental Protection Department on June 4th released a set of figures, known as the teeth of the new environmental law in this year from January to May has been bitten by a lot of environmental offenders.

According to reports, since the implementation of the new environmental law, the province’s environmental protection departments at all levels to increase the implementation of the new environmental law enforcement efforts, adhere to the full coverage, zero tolerance, iron pollution, severely crack down on environmental violations. The province’s cities (prefectures), county environmental protection departments to carry out environmental protection inspection, a total of 8321 people were dispatched to check the industrial enterprises and construction projects of 2459. Overall, the focus of the park, key enterprises in accordance with the basic requirements of the new environmental law, strict implementation of environmental protection responsibilities, but there are still excessive emissions of individual enterprises and environmental protection facilities are not functioning properly.

the first case of environmental violations due to the person in charge of administrative detention cases

Minhe County Environmental Protection Bureau of illegal dredging cause water sluice gate downstream of the Huangshui River affected Venus hydropower station to the administrative punishment, and start the environmental administrative law enforcement and justice mechanisms, Minhe County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law on Venus hydropower legal administrative detention, the case is the first in our province because of environmental violations by the responsible person of the enterprise administrative detention cases.

the first implementation of the daily penalty, seizure and seizure of environmental violations

Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Qinghai gelatin Limited by Share Ltd and Qinghai nature carpet yarn Co., wastewater emissions exceed the standard of environmental law cases, were implemented in consecutive daily fines and compulsory seizure, the case is the province’s first implementation of the "daily penalty" and "sequestration" measures of environmental law cases.

the first case of environmental crimes transferred to judicial organs

Environmental law cases

Golmud Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Qinghai xinghaixing chemical limited liability company kangaroo underground pipe and pits discharge wastewater containing chromium to wasteland, the decision of administrative penalty of a fine of 500 thousand yuan, and transferred to judicial organs for its alleged crime, has been by the Golmud municipal public security organs of the main responsible person responsible and in charge of production the implementation of criminal detention, according to the program being held criminally responsible, the case for environmental crimes in our province first transferred to the judicial organ.