Personal examples to explain the two months before the three Shanghai new ranking love experience

two, website internal optimization

, an important preliminary work


site internal optimization I think is relatively simple.

site selection procedures: the structure of the program must be simple and clear, with the search engines love Shanghai love Shanghai, has defined the most with Shanghai Longfeng optimized website structure: the home column page content page, the details can be to love Shanghai webmaster information to check.

2, space choice: many webmaster friends to save money, choose some unknown space business, although the price is cheap, but can not guarantee the stability, speed and safety problems. An unstable site to do optimization is not possible in Shanghai dragon. It is recommended that you do not save money, choose some well-known business space.

1, the domain name choice: domain name registration should try to choose good domain name, number less, recommended贵族宝贝 international domain name, the domain name must be new, those who do not buy second-hand domain, because there may be some domain name into the love Shanghai blacklist, so after the optimization to bring great trouble. In addition, the domain name registration is also very important.

as a webmaster, I can understand a lot of confusion, as a grassroots, I can realize more optimization of the bitterness of Shanghai dragon road. Through my hard work and exploration, one of my two months of new sites, the main keywords (love Shanghai index 300) ranked second in Shanghai finally love, which means love Shanghai weight up to 2, daily through the love Shanghai search engine flow of import 200+. While some optimization is not in terms of Shanghai dragon master what, but I think for some Shanghai Longfeng novice, my experience is very valuable, I will share my successful experience for everyone today, hoping to help more people like me, also hope to exchange and progress together with you. In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will not put my station specific web site announced, directly share three points of my summary:

Shanghai Longfeng optimization on the website of the importance I think everyone is very clear, for the optimization of Shanghai dragon, that simple, hard to say. It is simple: it is the station outside the station optimization work, a little understanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends all know; say it can really difficult: by Shanghai dragon optimization ranking, web site traffic is not much from the search engine, it should be said that most sites are only a small part of the site give up halfway, success and gained valuable experience. Webmasters often did not have a spirit of sharing, not willing to share their valuable experience of success, even share also insert a lot of advertising, reduced credibility.

actually I’ve done several stations, without success, the success with the previous experience of failure is also very relevant, through the front several times of failure, I deeply appreciate the work site is very important. There are the following points:

The Forum on the chain blog website ranking is also useful


, is currently the Web2.0 era, more emphasis on the construction of the content system of user centered, more emphasis on the user in the page.

therefore, the vast majority of forums and blogs in recent years also continue to strengthen the fight against the chain AD efforts. After falling Forum blog, May 2012 Shanghai introduced the "anti spam Web2.0 love with Raiders", further requirements of many Web2.0 platform "about their doors, manage their people, refused to take the initiative to various content nonsense interspersed keywords" Shanghai dragon spam flood, the result is the major Forum blog AD advertising efforts more and more, the forum outside the chain of more restrictions — resulting in a "Forum blog chain has become more and more difficult, and this is the main reason for the" Forum blog links are available today do question the.

Forum blog the chain still use it


as everyone knows, the chain blog forum is the main way to the construction site outside the chain with a lack of resources outside the chain, but many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER now for no Forum blog the chain effect heart bottom, constantly asking around said: "the Forum blog links are available today?"

such doubts not Weakness lends wings to rumours. "search engine optimization, love Shanghai guide 2" constantly stressed: "(a large number of owners) by BSP, BBS and Web2.0 content of mass, content is meaningless with keywords" — although more webmaster do website promotion purpose (including Shanghai dragon), and not Shanghai love said "to lure users to download trojan", "released (fake) well-known company’s customer service phone defraud"; but the exponentially "chain" behavior also magnifies the search engine keyword index ranking depend on the chain of "defects", also attracted the attention of the major search engines a few years ago, so the search engine began to reduce the various forums, the anchor text chain signature and BSP blog – NOFOLLOW label Google advocate This is a typical performance of BSP and BBS to suppress the chain.

but, due to the vast majority of all kinds of "Forum blog content is meaningless with keywords" and "pseudo original copy acquisition and advertising information filled, which not only makes the search engine antipathy, and for BSP and BBS website itself for long-term development is also very unfavorable, it is definitely not BSP, BBS operators are willing to see the results.

though, but I think the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER who is still too anxious, indeed, the search engine BSP, BBS reduced the weight of the chain, but the search engine to fight only "content is meaningless with keywords" outside the chain, and not to direct against BSP, BBS content – especially can bring some original content to meet the readers.

Event analysis right down Ruili algorithm CN domain name


love Shanghai the degree of volatility, will affect a large number of webmaster webmaster circle, Jun Yang Shanghai Longfeng here suggest you be right down the use of white hat optimization technique, the webmaster have CN domain name website owners, relax, do what I do to love, this time certainly there will be a large number of experts and from the content, the chain structure, even the server started to write soft hang your chain. But writing is all useless, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, urine point. You can when these types of papers does not exist on the line.

previous love Shanghai algorithm


the first day after the new year’s Day Jun Yang Shanghai Longfeng work, just open the QQ, found several QQ group in the discussion of the love of Shanghai Ruili algorithm launched during the new year’s day, according to the content of your chat, the love of Shanghai large area of collective right down, causes approximately 5% sites ranked lower, included reduce the CN domain name is our domestic domain, many enterprises are in use, in addition to the most famous brand enterprise website. Search a few CN domain even search brand keywords, the first page is not found traces of the site. Launch several algorithm such abnormal events Oolong love Shanghai have occurred. The CN domain name range right down or cause the Ruili algorithm to adjust the incident.

this article from Jun Yang Shanghai Longfeng original products, 贵族宝贝shuijingta贵族宝贝/ welcome to reprint, and indicate the source

first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon has a word, content is king, the chain for the emperor, Shanghai launched the green love algorithm in February 2013. The move against the Links trading market, and launched the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools, let the webmaster check outside the chain, avoid the waste of the chain. Purify the network rubbish information, the chain group due to some extent in May, Shanghai launched the love pomegranate algorithm, mainly against spam and malicious popups, July, Scindapsus algorithm launched 2 more stringent, well-known portal site on behalf of the soft blow. These algorithms are cut from the chain, perhaps the Ruili algorithm is mainly for web content planning. What is not, the specific details in the official announcement of the quasi love Shanghai.

The realization of multi flow segmentation based on Hash computing

sampling is in accordance with certain randomization method, divide the line flow. This method refers to sampling can be divided, can also refer to a subset of the flow. Sampling is a small flow of special requirements, division of flow must guarantee the uniformity and randomness, and can filter out the demand that do not conform to the specifications according to the part, we put the sampling process is divided into two steps, screening flow and traffic flow segmentation, segmentation is to full flow evenly scattered, extraction the proportion of traffic flow is fixed, the flow of the screening aided segmentation, screening process is from the segmentation of good flow filters do not conform to the specifications, this paper is mainly concerned with the realization of flow segmentation.



do the commonly used method is single flow flow segmentation segmentation, segmentation of traffic in a certain way, namely flow segmentation. For example, we can according to the basis, the flow of cookie is broken up, or randomly scattered, scattered in different ways, the complete segmentation object is different, if we break up on the basis of cookie then, we complete the segmentation of the object is all cookie, if it is randomly scattered, then the object is the complete segmentation of our site all traffic.

site is new features or new strategy after the station, to evaluate new features or new strategies before the full flow line, the evaluation methods used A-B test, it is a small sampling two traffic in total, respectively take new strategy and old strategy branch branch, through the index difference comparison the two flow conditions, we can evaluate the new strategy, and then decide whether the new strategy of full flow.

single layer flow segmentation architecture diagram

1. introduces the background of

The above mentioned

2. single layer flow segmentation architecture

with the above idea, how do we achieve single flow segmentation? As shown in Figure 1.1, we follow the flow slit mode specified, the input parameters will need to go through a hash calculation, uniformity and randomness produce results is ensured by hash algorithm, the hash result process flow segmentation is not over, we still need to complete hash results corresponding to the segmentation object, implementation method is regarded as a complete object segmentation interval, then the results of hash correspond to the interval above, the interval size is the minimum size of the segmentation decision, for example, if you need the minimum size for segmentation 0.01%, interval we selected for [09999], the definition of interval, we can use the hash results of a numerical model, which is equal to the maximum interval 1, modulo after the results can be mapped to the complete object segmentation interval above only, so that we will all flow play >

Figure 1.1

Where the grassroots blog profit fulcrumWebmaster, choose the bride for your website, please

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, as the blog continues to promote and popular, more and more grassroots blog think of making money. Perhaps now is the network to make money really popular, but also difficult to distinguish between true and false, click on the network to make money mostly take the amount of money and the development of offline money. I write this article, the purpose is to want grassroots blog profit fulcrum personal analysis. Now, blogging has started, and whether it’s from BSP or from personal blogs, there’s probably not much to make and make money. Perhaps not profit, blog making money is really a confusion, the future can only be constantly explored. And grassroots blog making money has become a more controversial topic. Some grassroots think that their blog must be commercialized, it will make the blog full of money taste, especially that kind of advertising practices. And not to grassroots blog, should not go to make money, to profit! Where should we base ourselves on the fulcrum?

"shlf1314 alliance" if the normal channels, GG for the film site audit is very strict, but many of the movie website or hang GG advertising, that is they through a website in your application down, and then hung to his movie website, software the station, GG station advertising distribution are junk keywords >

blog traffic and blog clicks are also two different keywords. Does blog traffic bring blogs? The answer is not necessarily. Grassroots blog click refers to the effective click of advertising, and blog traffic refers to all the click of the blog page. Like now most of the grass roots think a good advertising, that is, to join the shlf1314 advertising, click to make money, in fact, did not earn much money. There are not many people who really want to sign this ad. Some grassroots in order to make money, reproduced some hot logs, enter the blog home page of the highest number of hits list, and then in the page to make pop-up advertising window, used to earn clicks. In addition to disgust, but even more sad. So, from the point of view of advertising, grassroots blog really can profit through their blog, advertising is not a good road. This is also one of the conditions for the establishment of the above.

to do the film if we rely on the traditional model to make money, especially the new movie website, then your profit potential is very small, if you can choose a good advertising alliance for your website, not only can make your site of interest value, can also maximize your interest here to apply for sh419 "shlf1314 alliance" alliance "" Mom "and" Qihoo "for example, tell how can you achieve your maximum site of interest.

"sh419 alliance" for the website quality and the IP requirements are relatively high, generally a new web site, or IP on less than 5000 of the site is best not to apply, the application also gets through the same movie website, some will be able to apply to "sh419 alliance" advertisement, and website application no, this is why? Who has studied for down sh419 union advertising website, the conclusions are as follows: first, a template website, your website template should be on the network rarely, or the one and only, copyright get good enough, then you can also apply for down sh419 alliance. If you use the Marx station, when they use the default template for "sh419" ads, will tell you the answer, you have tort, don’t believe that friends can apply to try, so I want to apply for it must replace the template. Second: play page, this is also very important, a "Marx kernel" I have seen the movie website, he played very good, even used one of Marx’s friends eyes did not recognize this is the Marx kernel, but when watching a movie is to see.

tip: if your film site can apply for the sh419 advertising alliance, you can significantly increase your website’s revenue. sh419 alliance hits the unit price but very impressive oh.

>, 3 grassroots blog profit; grassroots blog cash

blog and blog in cash, two concepts of the obvious difference, the former is generalized.

2, grassroots blog traffic < grassroots blog click

since the "Marx", a movie website is not so difficult, the Internet suddenly appeared a lot of movie website, but the Internet Movie Website market is so big, not to mention Thunder KanKan, sh419 video, broadband provider beyond count movie website, so relative to our film the website is not so popular, not to mention with the movie website to make money, this is not to say that the movie website has no future, the future is still there, if you update speed, good quality, and can follow the times, ensure your smooth broadband network, so in the movie website or promising drop. The key is for you. Please choose the "bride" for your website – good advertising alliance.

1, grassroots bloggers make money =

grassroots blog why this equation? Strictly speaking, blogging and blog are two different concepts, the money does not mean profit, but the profit represents money, so now a lot of BSP, are no longer used money to describe the profit for the benchmark, to blog profit oriented. It’s easy to understand the difference between making money and making profits. It’s not difficult to make money, whether it’s a blog portal or a blog custodian, but finding a viable pivot point is difficult. From servers, maintenance of capital to blogging, research and development, from network log editing to selection of content, all that needs money to fill. The grassroots blog is different, free blog space, free blog service, as long as they can find the money on the fulcrum, can be profitable, only spending is to manage the blog, improve the flow and quality. This is the origin of this equation.

The most important thing to do is not technology, but marketing

believe that we all know that the Internet is not now the Internet before, and with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more open source code online, better and better. Now many people still make it a difficult thing to do it. Here, I tell you, you are behind in your thinking. My forum Chongqing College Network ( is to write their own? Really as a personal webmaster to do a website, unless your technology is very good, whether you are tired of doing a website, it’s better for me to spend two minutes under a change, so do now only second cards, I give you focus on what is most important to do.

believe that we all know that a successful website success, in addition to innovation, is to promote that marketing, I believe we want to succeed in doing web site to innovation, all know, and we will focus on marketing.

judge the site is an important basis for good and bad, that is included, ranking, PR, traffic, and I will turn to you about these factors in turn. First of all, to collect the good website design after the first do not rush to the line on the website, carefully examine your own website and not what the place you want to modify, if not sure what to need to modify where you can start to add data.


do not collect any data, must be absolutely original, there is no need to add a hundred pieces of data, as long as dozens enough, but must be absolutely original.


data is added to the dozens after you can go online, here again remind one: good website should be carefully test what else do you want to modify the place before the line, determine there is no line, because of the short time after the line on the website is not modify anything, a code will not work, can only be added the new data.

a day after the original one month, you can 5 original, 15 collection, so believe that included you are no problem,

ranking is a basis for your promotion, domain name for ranking is very important, we try to use top-level domain name, search engine optimization, keywords, and so on,

for the majority of web traffic is the lifeblood of their survival, so do let them know your website, how can let him know? I believe that everyone has their own promotion here do not know, we introduced them one by one, I believe we already understand, do the most important technology of others already done. This time we need to do is


now the Internet era is the era of resource sharing, we share their promotion to know about it, let us go forward, come on,


How to catch the customers’ appetite

near the end of the year, many people are buying in a variety of special purchases for the Spring Festival, Wine is indispensable special purchases for the Spring Festival,. Well, at the end of the year, how to create a rich wine franchise?   wine stores how to "catch" the appetite of customers? Let’s take a look.

now China’s Wine market products, the brand is the development of methods, Wine franchisees want to get better must find ways, so now the needs of consumers but is very picky, Wine franchise operators, first find the target consumer groups, will be able to gain good results, Wine the franchise to how to seize the customer’s interest?

said Wine franchise business, product quality is a key to open, so the operator must have strict requirements for the quality of the product, this is the most basic knowledge, and Wine stores neatly, product variety, but not complicated, so that consumers can easily shopping is the foundation, do a very eye-catching store layout is also good. Will be able to attract the most attractive product display to enhance the desire of consumers into the store.

end promotion is the most commonly used means of operation, but also the important means of taking Wine join to attract consumers, so Wine stores under normal circumstances, the off-season discounts often than in the season, when the discount promotions, the owner of the It is quite common for, sales promotion needs diversification, various marketing activities for customers the group, Wine stores increased competitiveness!

Compared with


Open a money making soup stores to do what all

is such a delicious soup has a very large market demand, however, now operating the same store very much, resulting in industry competition is very fierce. Therefore, if you want to open a lucrative soup stores, there is a natural need to do related work in place, so that it can ensure that businesses are profitable. Then, open a lucrative soup stores to do what?

nowadays, along with the soup has been welcomed by consumers in the market, many entrepreneurs have shifted to the eyes of the soup franchise project, thus joined the market development of soup shop project is very good. Some good ideas to entrepreneurship for all entrepreneurs to introduce today, invest in soup stores how to realize the money?

1, open stores — money soup items     Xiao Bian had said the soup franchise is a good choice for business, because in this variety of restaurants with the society, a fancy store is certainly will attract the public eye, you might think, are the same everywhere the shop, suddenly there is a characteristic shop print in your eyes, you will not choose it? The answer must be yes. In fact, it is so intuitive that we store the benefits of soup.

2, open stores do make money selling dumplings     now do is soup stores, then certainly have their own unique selling points, such as some of the main health, some of the main local dishes, some main seafood venison and so on, all have their own attractions, let people see this shop will be able to think what is the specialty of the house selling point, which is the sign products popular, so take this point the soup store is very good.

3, open stores to make money — a new variety of     now we are not just to eat dumplings to eat delicacy so simple, but also have a new requirement. We love all creative things, these are our soup It’s only human., stores will seize the people of this mentality, because their products are all stores with innovative characteristics of soup, is unique and creative, not afraid to imitate others, this new delicacy can attract the public eye.

of course, the real operation of a shop to relate to work very much, and here Xiaobian just introduced at several points below the current market environment, investors need to pay attention to the operation of the franchise soup. So, if you are a soup franchise operators, more than three points that will cause your attention?

Suitable for one hundred thousand yuan of entrepreneurial projects which

a lot of people in the time of entrepreneurship have been limited by the cost, so many people do not have enough money in the hands of the time to give up entrepreneurial opportunities. So today I want to tell you, in fact, even if you do not have so much money in the hands of a lot of projects are entrepreneurial.

5-8 million venture project recommended: Handmade yogurt bar

yogurt is a handmade yogurt as the theme of the concept of products, product line of yogurt, drinks, desserts, baked baking compound creative store! By hand for real quality characteristics, adopt a transparent to do now is to sell the business model, the traditional preparation method of dairy products into the store of modern culture create a quick nutritious yogurt culture! Do now is to sell, fast production, health and nutrition, refused to add the number of probiotics yogurt shop! Activity up to 20 billion, so that customers really feel intestinal probiotics live! To standard shop 30 square meters as an example, the basic investment of about 50 thousand yuan.

5-8 million venture project recommended: Youth Hostel


5-8 million venture projects recommended: Health bakery



5-8 million venture projects recommended: Aromatherapy shop

sesame oil, vanilla, incense, incense, fragrant sachet, ornaments, these delicate aromatherapy products, not only can decorate the room, also can adjust the mood, so popular with white-collar workers of all ages. The rise of SPA, yoga and other leisure activities, but also to promote the sale of aromatherapy products. Therefore, the aroma into the Shanghai market, although the time is not long, but has already become a kind of fashion, has a good market prospects.

aromatherapy shop by commodity winning, appearance, flavor, aroma quality, packaging products, often determines the success or failure of business. Therefore, the operator must take care in the supply organization, suggestions and many suppliers, the introduction of new and unique products, such as SPA special fragrance lamp, slimming essential oil, aromatherapy bath salt flavor; in choosing to have followed the trend, such as lavender, rosemary, Green Tea flavor flavor, can absorb.

In the first half of Guangxi 90 thousand people enjoy employment subsidies

Now people around the

in order to promote public entrepreneurship activities have given entrepreneurs launched a series of venture capital subsidy policy, many entrepreneurs have to receive some subsidies for their own business.

8 18 days, reporters from the Autonomous Region Department of finance social security department was informed that this year, the autonomous region governments to increase the employment of capital investment, a total of 1-7 months to raise 869 million yuan in special employment funds, an increase of 9.7%; for the central financial subsidy funds 738 million yuan, an increase of 7.1%, urged me to a new area of employment step.

to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, autonomous region actively raise special employment funds, timely and full payment of all kinds of employment subsidies, according to statistics, access to all kinds of employment subsidies benefit up to 90 thousand the number of people on the first half of the region.

raise funds to support the employment assistance month "spring action" and "private enterprise recruitment week" college graduates employment service month "and other special activities to promote employment, employment assistance should be given to key employment groups. Among them, carried out around the spring action for a total of 870 thousand and 400 rural workers to provide free public employment services, the organization of the transfer of employment of 202 thousand and 700 people.

In fact, for the


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