Love is not the first Shanghai domain what it means

recently, love is not because of Links problems domain is not in the home, thought it was normal, just look at the key words after the discovery of all keywords no ranking; Internet, query over lots of information, on the forum, seen roughly domain is not the first time, many new sites will appear no ranking the phenomenon of; for the old station, the result of domain is in the first few days have little effect, will return to normal.


network station that domain is on the site of the warning, for many new sites, if the chain is not stable, or collect too much or Links problems, or problems, are prone to the problem of domain is not in the home, although this time site still results in the first place. However, what the snapshot keywords ranking may not keep up the pace; if you find timely correction, then domain results will return to normal, less a few days long half month, half a year or even longer did not change.

at first, love net webmaster is very agree with that argument, after all, just get the chain chain query results, and the causal relationship between the keywords ranking is not much; we like the domain station network, after the inquiry found that the website stationmaster net result does not appear in the first place, only is the weight of stationmaster net is allow all doubt. In addition, we domain NetEase; 163, also did not appear in the first place, the same evidence query chain and weight there is no relation between.

we all know if in the search engine site a web site, the site is not the first means right down; in fact, many times we are not in such a situation, many websites from included over yuan down to a single digit site included, or find the URL appears in the first. This shows that site down the right and not completely corresponding relationship, most of the time. Site appears in the first does not necessarily mean Everything will be fine.

, of course, for the old station, although the results of the site is domain strange change warning, but the old station is the old station, the weight of love there, just to remind Shanghai, not what is right down the action, Bi >

site, owners often use is the domain command, use the domain command in the search engine can approximate the chain query website. Many times, we still find the result was domain. Appeared in the first; only occasionally, we will find that domain do not result in the first.

In addition to

we all know love Shanghai’s search results are ranked according to the weight, this is not that the site is down right? Although many webmaster think domain just check outside the chain is not much practical significance; as long as the keywords ranking, what what snapshot the chain is floating clouds, don’t you see a page on flow over a million

This love is not

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon means algorithm changes required to keep pace with the times

3. love Shanghai stepped up efforts to combat the Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai as a business organization, profit is their ultimate goal. If the website by Shanghai Dragon technology to the front, is bound to cause a certain crisis in their. Moreover, Shanghai Longfeng optimization station is not the user experience degree higher than the other station. As mentioned earlier, the Shanghai Shanghai dragon hit love reflected in the optimization of obvious traces of new love, Shanghai included a very slow even not included. Optimized obvious traces of the old station may be right down. Love Shanghai search page ranking is also showing a random, with a station may refresh in a few minutes will be found in different locations. Different IP have different rankings, these are the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon to intensify the crackdown performance. So, to the webmaster, sites have some luck in front of it, is not to say that the original + the chain do well will have good rankings.

2. show love Shanghai polarization to the railway station. Some new sites included very fast, as fast as possible as long as half an hour will be love Shanghai included, which may slow months are not included. I recently had two stations, which included a day, while another more than 20 days are not included. While the two website is the original article, two station day update two articles, the chain is almost the same. The reason is because the station optimization traces not included more obvious, keyword density is relatively large, and the title of title are also long tail keywords, keyword appears in the article where do the anchor text, so love Shanghai refused to included.

4. love Shanghai algorithm is more and more too profound to be understood. I have a website main keywords "breath" in Shanghai second page three >.

love Shanghai recently algorithm update, the webmaster forum can see a lot of people about the sex Shanghai optimization more and more difficult. In the past we have always believed in the "content is king, the chain for emperor" seems a bit outdated, simple pseudo original and every day the chain has been unable to win the love of Shanghai "". The following is the two month since I observed to love Shanghai algorithm and love Shanghai website optimization practice summed up some views.

1. love Shanghai to strengthen the original article requirements. Many owners complained that the new article love Shanghai very difficult to collect. In fact, if the original copy is online or simply modify the head and tail, replace synonyms pseudo original means of published articles, love Shanghai has a discrimination mechanism, which is the key technology of fingerprint, love Shanghai spiders will automatically extract some words from the article, and then with the data in the database for if you find the same comparison, more than 80% words extraction and database, love Shanghai might refuse included. Of course, we cannot know the love of spiders in Shanghai is to extract the words, because any words in the article are likely to be the love of Shanghai as a fingerprint recognition word. So, if you want to be loved, Shanghai included, only through their own handmade original.

Shanghai Dragon Technology self zero based learning Shanghai Longfeng not as simple as you think

learning is relatively large, before I spent half the time to self-study Shanghai Longfeng, results a waste of time not to say, only learned about the foundation, but also spent a lot of energy, the reason is self once the direction of bias, is used, and online information are not full. The real dry cargo most people don’t share it, so in the online learning point of fur after the beginning of out ghost, be wise after being reality mercilessly several times later in the face, Shanghai dragon online training, learn from the biggest disadvantage is a waste of time, do not understand in the previous time precious time, the wasted time in the above, no studies, is distressed.

is the biggest advantage of Shanghai Longfeng self-study training institutions of the save money, avoid being hurt, and now the Internet Shanghai dragon training institutions innumerable, high tuition fees worry that they can not learn, so choose self-study, before I know some more cattle, through self-study to master a lot of technology, but they are really hard, when others play, they still global access information on the Internet, so they are successful, or they have a good base, so choose self-study.

two, pay Learning >


, a study of the advantages and disadvantages of Shanghai dragon

if you want to study in Shanghai Dragon technology, a few suggestions you may wish to listen to the author, is also to help you learn, first, the first in line to buy a "Shanghai dragon combat code" to see, which tells the Shanghai dragon is very comprehensive, suitable for beginners learning, many of my friends are watching this the book about Shanghai dragon; after reading most only stay in the level of understanding; second, can do a website to optimize the operation, many novice will build a website, in fact it is not difficult to do, do not write the code can be built on the establishment of the website template, online video is more, the author the establishment and operation of online video technology is through unremitting efforts, but also not proficient, just know! The third step is thinking, thinking of the needs of users, Thinking on the profit model, value creation, continuous mining users precise flow, do this step, it is not limited in Shanghai Longfeng technology level.

But the disadvantage of

Shanghai Dragon Technology at present to a well-known Internet promotion and one or two people, most of them are not so strange, companies need to do Shanghai Longfeng, cost savings, so Shanghai Longfeng post was born, and encourage employees to learn; graduates need to do Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, because want to find a high paying job need to strengthen their skills Shanghai; grassroots webmaster to do not work because the dragon, is his ideal, and this technology is difficult to Shanghai dragon, that simple, focusing on whether fully learned a few days ago, a reader sent me a message, ask whether Shanghai Longfeng self-taught, my answer is: if you are a genius! Or have enough time.

To live or die Mobile Internet start-ups forkNet interest to celebrate the 2008 car, large membershi


"mobile Internet application is the most investment to profit through the application of the normal exit, VC is nothing more than three kinds of path, pull new investment into each other, looking for the application of merger between the buyers and the investment company." A senior investor described this year’s investment path, "in short, the project can not be rotten in hand."."

"I’m not paid as much as I do in cool 6, CTO."

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transformation, business into a dilemma

VC days are not as good as they used to be. Over the past two years, Sequoia Capital, Jingwei venture capital, IDG and other institutions in the mobile Internet investment radical, but two years later, it is difficult to quit. On the one hand, they are looking for investment opportunities for new projects, and more energy on how to quit.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

, many entrepreneurial projects have become public projects. So far this year, the early teams didn’t have any good projects. Or 10 out of a year, but there are 500 VC waiting there." Beans fruit network founder Wang Yuxiang said.


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most entrepreneurs, even after the experience of executives of large companies, most of their own business suffered after the product development is not expected, barely maintained or forced to transition pain.

but most entrepreneurs are doing the long tail applications just need outside of the application, these self generated revenue is difficult, the promotion and operation also requires a lot of capital, looking for giant acquisitions or strategic investment has become the best path of. Once acquired or invested, the application entrepreneur enters the security zone. But mergers and acquisitions are only a small number, more entrepreneurs in the hard support, and seek transformation, it really can not go on business, can only choose to close down.

mobile Internet is regarded as the largest in the next 10 years of entrepreneurial opportunity, however, throughout 2013, the gold industry entrepreneurs are experiencing is hard to survive, even quietly give up intensive acquisition of the Internet giant. It is found that the real smart phone standards and star applications are only a small number, typically such as WeChat, micro-blog. There are applications to cut into a sub group, you can gain a large number of users, such as singing, unfamiliar street and so on.

you webmaster Hello:

        celebrate the 2008 large membership cashback activities, fun car network was officially launched!

        activity time: January 7, 2008 to February 3, 2008!


        single consumption reached   99–198 yuan, immediately preferential 10 yuan, returned 10 yuan

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        single consumption reached   599 yuan or more, the immediate preferential 72 yuan, returned 48 yuan

        detailed link address: carsfun/sales/shouxin080104/index.shtm The application of

, the two start-up window of the mobile Internet is coming to an end, the second generation mobile Internet start-ups have come to an end." He Xiaopeng, co founder and President of UC, told Tencent technology.

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mobile Internet entrepreneurial window from the smart phone demographic bonus. Intelligent mobile phone to accelerate the popularization, whether large or small and medium-sized Internet Co, entrepreneurs in the mobile terminal and the data continue to push, to bring their ideas and opportunities into mobile Internet applications.

has experienced the mushrooming of competition over the past two years, and mobile Internet startups have found it difficult.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported December 31st

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


Entrepreneurial genes may have doomed OPPO, vivo and hammer differently in the futureExpose cheats,

below is a dialogue between myself and him,

in fact is you give 190 joining fee! You began to brush his software! You will find really can brush money! According to at least 0.05 yuan each time the highest 0.15 yuan each price range!! I suppose to compromise! Every 0.07 yuan! About every 10 seconds once is completed this is me! 0.07*6 is equal to 0.42 yuan per minute 0.42*60 equal to 25.2 yuan an hour! I’m going to brush every 8 hours for 25.2

you probably earned about $50-80 a day at the beginning. It’s no problem making 100-150 every day when you’re familiar with the process.

entered September, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are crazy again. In glory, Mito busy at the fashion week catwalk when OPPO and vivo began to promote the brand concept, millet positive for the upcoming new propaganda, even a hammer, but also because of possible acquisitions has become the focus of.

smartphone in the Chinese market "first year" about 2011, the market shipments have jumped from 118 million at the time to 430 million last year. But just five years, the pattern of the domestic mobile phone market has changed again and again, from the initial Chinese cool alliance camp to millet led Internet mobile phone brand, and now to OPPO and vivo created sales myth. Investigate its reason, still need to go back to mobile phone manufacturer’s operation strategy.

to recommend people who go! His answer is: "you have to develop their own downline, the 1 will be reduced to each development commission limit! What is the limit! It is you get more than 500 hits 500 or 0.07 according to the power!! you have to to 35 yuan! If you really recommend 5! That is 175, then you will say well!! I made myself + brush to 50 is equal to 225 I earned 35 yuan below in detail

in fact, after a round of reshuffle and elimination, whether it is in the sales line to occupy the first-line giant, or small and beautiful two or three line brand, have found a temporary home". For example, OPPO and vivo represent deep line channels, a symbol of Chinese innovation strength of HUAWEI flagship technology licensing, often known as ecological and conference LETV, and do business in the vertical self field beauties.

out of this relationship is easier to understand mobile phone brand marketing behavior, such as the first mentioned fashion week debut, glory is perhaps in order to deepen its influence among young people, and the figure may.

OPPO and vivo in 2016 to become a leader in the domestic mobile phone market, self-contained line operators on a variety of naming and celebrity endorsements of the skilled online has a high brand awareness, and won the two or three line of the city line more than half of the share. In contrast, in the sales volume as well as HUAWEI and millet, the former by consolidating the marketing behavior of a series of "innovators" image, and become the eyes of some people the national pride, which began with the "new Chinese" marketing to stimulate consumers, so compared to independent innovation or domestic brands dedicated consumers. Select or millet, or HUAWEI. By contrast, hammers and beauties give people a sense of "small and beautiful". The hammer is more sensational, early attracted a large number of hammer powder, Mito vertical bias in the crowd, only "self portrait" has won a lot of loyal users.


in the final analysis, the emergence of this phenomenon and the choice of the market are not unrelated, but in essence is still the domestic mobile phone brands combined with their own advantages of differentiated operations decisions.

I say it seems to be Internet marketing,

from the tone of the brand, the domestic well-known mobile phone brand seems can be divided into three categories, with OPPO and vivo as the representative of the invisible giant, HUAWEI, millet as the representative of the domestic department and a hammer, etc., Mito mobile phone vertical "feelings" brand. It is not difficult to find that the three types of mobile phone brands have different operating styles.

recommended reward system: when you recommend someone else to join, you will be able to receive an additional 1/5 of the commission he earns daily as a referral award.


brand differentiation brought about by changes in market patterns

!When you ask

, his answer,

this >

is 201.6, such a day of income, but a lot of! A month is 6048! That is a high salary! Some people will not do anything, brush money every day. I was the fastest 1 hours brush more than 21! When you brush to around 50! this 50 yuan can get back, I said back in detail are generally so! I brush to 53 blocks! Will prompt you to click on the current user by the commission every time limit! The highest 0.004 yuan, the lowest 0.001 yuan this 1 minutes! 0.0025 yuan will be 0.015 yuan! With your previous highest 0.15 yuan how much? You brush every day 8 hours is 7 dollars a month! More than 200! If you use electricity and Internet! I believe you will be

everyone has to recommend five people. The five people you recommended. Not recommended. They can’t brush it. They’re not stupid. Definitely going to recommend people

stopped you already very tired, take a look at the following text! Look at your hard earned if you deserve benefits! " shlf1314 wizard 2009" written on them ", only part-time to complete daily work, without the need to invest a lot of time.

Wangzhuan is such. Raise everybody’s enthusiasm, everybody makes money. Otherwise, the general project. Go alone. Exhausted you. You can’t make any money.

Rookie webmaster Dede two days to make the entire station make only superficial changesAdult supplie


home integration >

was born in 1985, Huang Tian Cai, after graduation to enter a local bank, although has the good performance, with a generous salary, but he was still in the many people do not understand the eyes chose to resign, founded a local group purchase website. In 2011, the national group buying website rose, the public comment, the United States group, litters, glutinous rice defeated one after another small group buying network, Huang’s group buying site is no exception. This year, he sold the group to Wo Wo Group. After getting millions of dollars from Wo Wo Group, he started a O2O project, "province," but eventually, because of funding, talent and other reasons, the project failed.

as a result of the long feudal culture, sex is still a hidden topic for modern Chinese people. It can only be used, but it can not be said. Then as the rigid demand Adult supplies, how to break the traditional concept of open up their own price? Huang Tian Cai have their own ideas.

2014.7.4 fifth issue Author: Han di

"we moved the computers and printers to the village, rented a house, and five or six people lived together, 1800 a month."." Huang told reporters, "I wonder if you’ve ever lived in a house like that. It’s built in the city, and it lives in a lot of people."."

from bankers to business failure, and then start the 1985 young man took to "uncle aunt who engaged in the Adult supplies industry? The entrepreneurial mind tells you Huang Tian Cai road of entrepreneurship.

living in the village is monotonous and repetitive. Huang Tiancai will wander around the village when he goes to work or work. The village collects all kinds of people, every kind of shops are crowded in the narrow alley to attract business, rotten fruit, 4 dollars a bowl of noodles, street Stinky tofu taste mixed together. Huang Tiancai saw a different world than ever before. In the narrow wet alley, always see several bright red ambiguous stores, half open shutter, the other half curtain covered, as is not to let people know what line of business, the door is hung with flashing signs, >

I’m a rookie, and at the same time, I’m a World of Warcraft loyal gamer.

ok. Here comes the page. Began to integrate with the Dede template function to integrate the home page. It was an imaginary difficulty. My way is to find the index page, find the head and body, insert all the body code I in between, and then refer to the Dede default code, which is found in Dede specific label code, copied instead of my own code to get a static page. One of the biggest lessons I learned during the process was to back up. Otherwise, accidentally delete some important code, really want to cry without tears. I’ve tried this, and I’ll have to reinstall the Dede system and start all over again.

is different from other Adult supplies electricity supplier price, only the mobile terminal, no PC and no line shop, but is such a APP, annual sales reached about twenty million. Backed by the tide of mobile Internet, Huang Tiancai found his own wealth in adult products.

was a bit excited to think about doing the website. Usually see other people’s Web site, do these websites really can not do anything. Although it’s all about school at school. World of Warcraft but know too much, truancy. Nothing was learned. so I spent almost 2 hours in the Baidu search ah search, finally know now do not have to find someone else to do the program, the direct use of CMS content management system can make an entire station! I took a look very good dedecms. Think it over him.

money to burn almost, the team only five or six people, the company once broke down. The plight of Huang Tian Cai had to be from Xiamen downtown building out, in the vicinity of the village rented a private house, for the staff of the office and the use of life. He also moved out of his rented apartment and lived in a village in town where he had never been in.

that morning, I plan to do a website, and at noon, I played the "no eating, no drinking" style in the Warcraft, and spent a whole day pondering it. Finally, I’ve figured out some of the basic features within Dede and the most important modifications to template functionality. Perhaps at that time the brain is hot, always feel oneself how to say, also learn CSS birth, with the default page is not good. Even if not entirely designed, to learn other people’s pages to design a new page, or ah. At least don’t let friends see the website and know it’s Dede’s.. So I made it on the homepage style page that night. To be honest, the page was pretty simple at first. But many places don’t fit in with Dede’s background tags. Many imaginary functions Dede can’t help me achieve. Without any experience, I spent a lot of time in many of the modified page is above, hope that the webmaster take this as a warning.

template and said I was so simple, in fact many details of the place, I will not detail here. As a matter of fact, once I get familiar with some of the labels in Dede, I can guarantee that you’ll get started soon.

This process is the integration of

do cost-effective half a year, just dare to tell family

a few days ago, World of Warcraft finally closed F, many bored friends asked me whether I want to play a World of Warcraft, I feel tired, so I refused them. Perhaps it was a flash of thunder at that time, and Kung Fu novels often seem to say so. So I have a flash of insight, I intend to do a World of Warcraft web site, because those days always have friends, I recommend World of Warcraft. Why don’t I just make this kind of distribution station and make it easier for my friends,

Nanjing Yurun 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis again

investment risk, financial need to be cautious. "Nanjing Yurun" due to various reasons lead to mismanagement, and thus fall into the 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis. So, what is the specific situation? The following Xiaobian take you to a detailed understanding.

13 MTN1 of the company in May 13, 2013, Yurun "the public offering of the year 2013 the first phase of medium-term notes (bonds referred to as the" 13 Yurun MTN1 "), the size of the issue size of 1 billion yuan, issued for a period of three years, the coupon rate is 5.27%, the bonds should be in May 13, 2016 officially expired payment of principal and interest, principal and interest. The current issue of bonds by the Bank of China and CITIC Bank as a joint lead underwriter.

had previously appeared short financial material breach of Nanjing Yurun Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Nanjing Yurun") or appear again 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis.

5 3, Nanjing Yurun released in the year 2013 the first phase in note (13 Yurun MTN1) holders meeting resolution announcement shows that the holder of this phase of ticket in April 26th through the off-site meeting through the form, including the request the issuer to provide a clear "13 Yurun MTN1" interest payment plan 6 bill.

however, the motion of "two" and "Five", respectively is the issuer default for daily penalty, and require underwriters to provide liquidity support to the bill, because there are 270 million yuan holders voted against the holders agree accounted for less than 3/4 was rejected.

investors have told reporters, in April 8th held a meeting of the holders of the scene we all the holders of the scene voted against. However, the announcement of the resolution, as well as 280 million yuan of investors voted in favor, of which the holders of the 270 million is not present in the BOC international."

also said the investors, Bank of China is currently the most rain? The loan line, is the current period of the Underwriters, but also the most votes in this period? Hold? , with the current period of 270 million? Folk coin. Due to holding? The meeting of the bill by the need to hold more than 3/4? Forehead? Hold, in? This actually holds? The meeting was formed in an absolute sense Vote veto. So the suggestion? Financial avoidance hold? To vote or to make a reasonable explanation of the conflict of interest and to disclose to the market.

reporter many continue to call the Bank of China is responsible for the bond underwriting, and this issue in writing to the Bank of China head office official confirmation, as of press time, yet to receive a reply.

10 billion ticket cashing in doubt

Nanjing Yurun is recommended

Suitable for a good project to get rich in small towns recommended

there are a lot of young people began to return to business, which, in some county, good infrastructure, the population is more, more suitable for business, recommend a few to do business in the county a good project for everyone, there is always a right for you.

1, rural tourism industry

2, agricultural fruit shop

3, natural fertilizer industry

natural fertilizer is referred to as farm manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improve the quality, but also to meet the market demand of "green", this is the basic requirement for the market of agricultural products. On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is the ultimate destination of urban waste, natural fertilizer production can be artificial, factory, industrialization.

4, old clothes restructuring shop

the project to break the traditional big change small, fat thin, fill the holes in the scope of services, mainly to provide creative design restructuring clothing for customers, while providing restructuring accessories, such as ribbons, beads, zippers etc.. The reconstruction does not fit or style of clothes behind the style, or to be discarded clothes changed into other items, such as dolls, headrest backrest, Home Furnishing accessories etc.. Small shops should not be large, the investment cost is not high, but the owner of the creative design capabilities and skills have certain requirements.

5, handmade embroidery shop

in recent years popular retro tide is very popular, has become a hot fashion, embroidery. Can rent a 20 square meters of facade, open a handmade embroidery shop. Rent plus renovation cost control in less than 30 thousand yuan, plus other fees, such as license,   start-up funds of about $40 thousand. Embroidery of the color to be rich, trees, flowers, figures, animal will be welcome; in addition to improve customer service quality of service, maintenance and embroidery tell customers how to choose their own embroidery little knowledge, and try to help them free repair.

&nbs recommend

The electronic sphygmomanometer ten brand list – the whole

may be due to the improvement of living conditions, in short, by the blood pressure of the crowd is more and more. The electronic sphygmomanometer can effectively and accurately measure the blood pressure at all times, can effectively control their blood pressure, prevention of hypertension. Follow the small series to see the ten major brands of electronic sphygmomanometer bar, so as to be able to buy or hesitate to those friends who want to provide some experience and reference.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO1- OMRON

OMRON, OMRON, OMRON (Chinese) Co. Ltd., ten brands of electronic blood pressure meter, thermometer ten brands, ten brand blood glucose meter, A Well-Known Trademark in China, the world famous brands, famous Japanese brand, the leading brand in the world, the world famous automation control and electronic equipment manufacturers.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO2- security


nine medical electronic Limited by Share Ltd, ten brands of electronic sphygmomanometer, electronic blood pressure meter, a global leader in sales of brand blood glucose meter, listed companies, one of the most important global supplier of household electronic medical and health products, high-tech enterprises R & D, production and sales.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brand list NO3- Panasonic


(China) Co. Ltd., Matsushita, ten brands of digital cameras, electrical appliances – ten brands, the world’s top 500, one of Japan’s most famous manufacturer of electronic products, the world famous comprehensive electronic technology international enterprise group, in home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products and other fields in the leading worldwide.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO4- Microlife

microlife medical Polytron Technologies Inc, the ten major brands of electronic blood pressure meter, thermometer ten brands, industry well-known brands, with digital medical measurement system and health service as the main biomedical technology companies, domestic first-class company medical measuring equipment.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO5- diving

Jiangsu Yuyue medical equipment Limited by Share Ltd, oxygen machine ten brands, ten brands of sphygmomanometer, ten medical equipment brands, A Well-Known Trademark in China, industry well-known brands, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, medical oxygen supply industry leading enterprises.

electronic sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO6- KINGYIELD

Shenzhen KINGYIELD science and Technology Co., Ltd., the ten major brands of electronic sphygmomanometer, industry famous brand

Do characteristics tea business services and quality than the important location

China is a country that attaches great importance to tea drinking. A pot of tea, smell the flowers, this is the ideal life of many people. However, many people love tea, tea, but not many people may not be able to choose their own tea. In the market space, from the love of tea 80 Wu Xueyan opened a German girl "in tea", with the "characteristics" of tea business.

first entrepreneurial story to accumulate social experience and then start

now tea shop more and more, why choose in Dongfeng Road instead of the traditional popular commercial or residential business? In this regard, Wu Xueyan will be her business ideas one by one: people looking for tea tea, place is not the most important, more important is the good products and services.