The realization of multi flow segmentation based on Hash computing

sampling is in accordance with certain randomization method, divide the line flow. This method refers to sampling can be divided, can also refer to a subset of the flow. Sampling is a small flow of special requirements, division of flow must guarantee the uniformity and randomness, and can filter out the demand that do not conform to the specifications according to the part, we put the sampling process is divided into two steps, screening flow and traffic flow segmentation, segmentation is to full flow evenly scattered, extraction the proportion of traffic flow is fixed, the flow of the screening aided segmentation, screening process is from the segmentation of good flow filters do not conform to the specifications, this paper is mainly concerned with the realization of flow segmentation.



do the commonly used method is single flow flow segmentation segmentation, segmentation of traffic in a certain way, namely flow segmentation. For example, we can according to the basis, the flow of cookie is broken up, or randomly scattered, scattered in different ways, the complete segmentation object is different, if we break up on the basis of cookie then, we complete the segmentation of the object is all cookie, if it is randomly scattered, then the object is the complete segmentation of our site all traffic.

site is new features or new strategy after the station, to evaluate new features or new strategies before the full flow line, the evaluation methods used A-B test, it is a small sampling two traffic in total, respectively take new strategy and old strategy branch branch, through the index difference comparison the two flow conditions, we can evaluate the new strategy, and then decide whether the new strategy of full flow.

single layer flow segmentation architecture diagram

1. introduces the background of

The above mentioned

2. single layer flow segmentation architecture

with the above idea, how do we achieve single flow segmentation? As shown in Figure 1.1, we follow the flow slit mode specified, the input parameters will need to go through a hash calculation, uniformity and randomness produce results is ensured by hash algorithm, the hash result process flow segmentation is not over, we still need to complete hash results corresponding to the segmentation object, implementation method is regarded as a complete object segmentation interval, then the results of hash correspond to the interval above, the interval size is the minimum size of the segmentation decision, for example, if you need the minimum size for segmentation 0.01%, interval we selected for [09999], the definition of interval, we can use the hash results of a numerical model, which is equal to the maximum interval 1, modulo after the results can be mapped to the complete object segmentation interval above only, so that we will all flow play >

Figure 1.1

The user, search engine keywords and links

A member of the Beijing

second page description, description page code in

the most important page name, also is the page code in the title part of

and keywords to determine the title and description, the following considerations, the following with a page for example:

from Shanghai Longfeng perspective to define these elements have a common name: keywords.

these words as the core of the entire page, namely d>

Party: Beijing OpenRice member

search engine from the point of view of search engines on a page included the following contents:



page is the main reaction information is as follows:

love is a tool, although it is very great, but as people looking for information on the network tools, the most basic principles it follows is the user’s reading habits. The user to form love Shanghai needs is the most direct love in Shanghai search box through words, phrases, sentences and other elements of a few links through. The love for Shanghai is that it needs of users, the largest part of the how to meet the needs of users, this is the origin of love Shanghai algorithm.

in Beijing OpenRice OpenRice network organized the fourth delicacy Street visit to win love, made a delicacy tasting in Beijing that cafe.

[Fourth] love street dinner visit — that cafe 贵族宝贝openrice贵族宝贝.cn/beijing/article/detail/1425.htm

organizers: Beijing OpenRice + the cafe

Reflect the

content: the shop taste

users through the keyword search to the most specific information is: "the display of title+description as follows:

on some pages, because the frame problem may appear description is shown on this page: bread crumbs navigation, the bottom information, here involves the web frame structure, temporarily do not comment.


to see from the whole, the core keyword is the entire page, the keywords keywords derived title and description.

we work very much and is related to web content, web content can meet the needs of users can bring traffic to your site. We have most of the flow from love Shanghai, and here will introduce you to Shanghai for the influence of love ".

web content for:


He Mountain Jade can attack the stone chain analysis of Shanghai Longfeng cattle station

The recent historical data, the chain of 2, the basic information of The continuous adjustment of !

1, the station main keyword difficulty! Look at this data, but is losing weight keywords, the difficulty of the word you should know

4, use the domain command to see the specific situation of the station chain. Perhaps a webmaster will love Shanghai domain command is not allowed, but this does not prevent us from see come probably, to see the trend, this is enough! This station outside the chain construction mainly divided into the following categories:





3. It is very stable, there are fluctuations, but very small, not so in the webmaster online complaints could be cut down the middle half. What? That outside the chain of high quality! Be few, increase the stability of


see a cattle station, a single page of Taobao keyword weight class guest website Shanghai dragon! Everyone knows, love Shanghai now do not like Taobao station, so this can highlight more station level! This station is worth learning in many places, but this time I carefully look at the construction of the chain part

1): video website, and almost in the chain in the majority. The video site outside the chain is not unusual, but do so much may be a bit surprised many webmaster expectations, but according to my observation of a chain of many websites have begun to tend to the video site class. Video site outside the chain it is convenient, and the chain is stable, but the higher bandwidth requirements of owners, after all.



station! Love Shanghai weight 6, that not only the home key to do good, long tail keywords is still outstanding, it certainly cannot do without the construction of the chain powerful! Love Shanghai in August 16th to check the snapshot August 1st snapshot, you don’t seem too superstitious this snapshot included 485, according to the domain name! Age, every day is not to one, you should not rely on the number of original content to win the original station, estimation of high quality, and is reproduced, bring chain! See the chain, estimates that many webmaster will be very disdain said, only more than 10000 ah!!, more than 10000, although love Shanghai the chain allowed, but no error is so large, the chain of only more than 10000 stations, will lose weight class competition keywords worst home second (the first is the inside pages of the NetEase), together with the long tail keywords ZhengZhan Shanghai love weight to 6. The construction of the chain which is more worthy of our careful study of this station

some time ago love Shanghai so many owners outside the chain drop, a time of complaints as one falls, another rises. But the opportunity for those who are prepared, when everyone complains, but need to calm down and think carefully about the countermeasures. OK, I think there is no clue? They take a shortcut, imitation is not a master? Let’s go through the road, time-saving and safe

How do the breadcrumb navigation

general background is directly with bread crumbs label, do not have to write.

list breadcrumb: home page can be changed to want [Key words] [> > > ––] [] [symbol title]

breadcrumb style: home > > > > Shanghai Longfeng share; breadcrumb navigation

breadcrumbs to tell the visitors they present in the website of the position and how to return.

breadcrumb navigation code

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

! for holding down the Empire

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


Optimization of

we usually browse web page, click N. If there is no bread crumbs navigation, users do not know where

usually I manually write. How to change the breadcrumb navigation

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

> Shanghai Longfeng share / now how the construction of the chain chain to resolve the problem of

you can according to their own background label or code written in their manual


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain The front page of

because the home page anchor text breadcrumb, writing is home. Taking into account the chain, each page will point to the home page. But this is not what we want to do keyword. So to optimize it

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

website right down topics:


what is the breadcrumb navigation


code generally refers to: the home page link, the location of the link. Which is the standard a tag

on breadcrumb navigation

content page crumbs navigation: home page can be changed to want [Key words] [> > > ––] [] [symbol!] [Title > –title–]! [content page title]

secondsWebsite optimization


In 2017 ten new board conjecture market polarization, 500 companies delisted……Chinese ten outspo

2016, the new three board suffering from liquidity, a total of 250 trading days, more than 80% trading day trading volume of less than 1 billion yuan.

for 2017, read the king has ten major conjectures. 12 months later, when you look back, the forecast is accurate.

any similarity is purely coincidental.

as one of the share transfer system the core of the work task, liquidity package will be launched this year, the specific time point should be around May, with the launch of this time is this year’s innovation layer.

conjecture 1: Mobile package solutions will be announced before May Day


conjecture two: innovation layer will inevitably select the selected layer

read, Jun calculated that the new three board in 2017 on the signing is very Tailai – 2016 three new board’s fortunes are poor, but in 2017 will be completed Jedi counterattack.

ten outspoken character, is the "time weekly" list of figures. What is the title of outspoken character? It is not a big beauty, handsome 1234 according to this degree of order, which all kinds of people have some obvious, belongs to the pain grandmother uncle does not love people. Let’s see each other one by one.

row in the first two are government officials.

and Hunan, the Loudi municipal Party committee secretary Cai Lifeng, 10 times of unannounced visits to folk, expose collusion scandals; Beijing city CPPCC member Zhang Weiying, known as the "Wulong gunner" in order to avoid him, too many people in Beijing, proposed the population access system, fall down some notoriety. Chinese Academy of Finance researcher Yi Xianrong stunned, he said "Shanghai prices fell 50%, 30% decline in prices in Beijing." First, he said that the real estate bubble there are many, many, many people who are not anxious to live, do not buy a house. The real estate business must hate S!

"is a good thing, outspoken person can live well, it is a good thing. Like or hate, without them, the world is too quiet.  

three new board ushered in a new year.

, the absolute number of enterprises in the innovation layer is too much.

read Jun, but also pinch fingers calculation, 2017 new three plate fortune.

the new board of the wolf of Wall Street existed for a long time, they often played the role of Cheng Meinv not really beautiful, using the WeChat phone, various way of screening out those of three new knowledge, but also want to get rich investors, it is nothing more than "soon to be listed", "double profits next year." so, with the trade agreement is much higher than the actual value of the stock sold to investors.

, even if it is the number of 1560 innovation layer companies, is far more than the Shanghai stock exchange, less than 1200 listed companies, close to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the number of more than 1800 companies. Innovation >

package will include private equity market floor, block trading system landing, as well as public funds into the market and other policies, will be launched in 2017.

liquidity, this troubled three new board has long been a problem, will be completely resolved in 2017.

first layered in 2016, more than 13% of enterprises went into innovation layer. Assuming that in April 30, 2017, the new three Board reached 12000 companies, then innovation layer company in 2017 at least 1560. Consider the maintenance standards of innovation layer is lower than the entry standards, enterprises are more familiar with the innovation layer standards, this year, the number of innovative layer only a lot more.

read Jun predicted that after the package announced, the daily turnover of more than 2 billion yuan will become a common phenomenon, a single day turnover of more than 5 billion yuan will also appear.

private equity market initial public offering for landing, into the city for a long time, the State Council and the Commission on the new board repeatedly mentioned, 2016, three new board improvement in the liquidity policy, is "everything is ready".

Not included how to create a visit to 500IP station

The content of the website This paper focus on the promotion of

(one). The user experience is the first one, a novel placed pop ads in the early do not stand, the user first to see pop, you think second times will come? Love Shanghai spiders also think so. This is a good point, or inline, spiders will be lost. The best is the spider in your site around to do not let him out, it would be good for the collection oh.

I feel not garbage collection, maintain and update the content focusing on the timing point. Love must be submitted before Shanghai is rich in content, do not think that 3 data entry will be included in your love Shanghai station, is not so simple in the test period will give you the page snapshot. The station today submitted love Shanghai, about 4000, all collected.

1. site positioning target

(two). At the early stage of urban Marshal website without snapshot, not included, and others exchange Links is gone, but there are a lot of website can be. This paper recommended self-help >

index of the Shanghai love a commonplace talk of an old scholar, you can define the key content. All new, don’t worry about the definition of key words.

this is the priority among priorities, no target sites do you think you do? Do the standing of Shanghai 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/ index or search love daily attention to love Shanghai billboard, find your best keyword start position, generally found in daily visits to the ten thousand to start the City Marshal Search Volume 18 thousand, I get the spelling COM domain name for love optimization in Shanghai has been a big step forward.

today to tell you how to love in Shanghai not included, no weight under the condition of build day visit to 500IP, this promotion should be applied to most of the new site. Most entry-level webmaster is expected to work, we hope to help. The following are examples to explain, take my new novel as city marshal.

entering the website operation, everyone with all kinds of hopes and dreams, but since the love Shanghai May 2011 update algorithm a lot of traffic station killed all station group website collapse batch, garbage station only starting from content, decide on what path to follow, but new sites want to spend smoothly in Shanghai love test period, is very difficult, all not included, all is K, so we grassroots webmaster dream to exit the website operation reduced to fragments, ranks. People watching movies, novels, type QQ station, the one hundred thousand, millions of IP, why do we do this? We are too stupid, or what place do not place, I have engaged in the Internet part-time job for 4 years, also have tens of thousands of IP, advertisers chasing ass looking for me to do advertising. Miya!!!





For most resources outside the chain of history


intitle: powered by bbsmax

intitle: Powered by Discuz

(Note: limit the scope of the search in the title)

intitle: Powered by phpwind

chain resources are looking for you just love Shanghai beyond count, you will be able to see N, but today I want to share is a personal experience for many years Shanghai Longfeng hope that we launched in the chain today Scindapsus algorithm, the website weight becomes very little under the condition of hard to read the search engine then also arrive however you multi platform released outside the chain, many manufacturing high quality chain etc..

5, open directory


1, the most simple and direct domain: Web site, this can see the opponent the chain of information, in the course of love Shanghai webmaster tools platform launched today we can also query the better effect in this. Because here you can see the site all external links.

we get right: These are 20 kinds of chain for

website chinadmoz open directory sites, 35 categories, as the output class web site, because of the particularity of the website itself plus the limited open directory sites, so this kind of resources to become very precious.

website: hao123, the output.

Methods the

Powered intitle: by Discuz

site go9go Links Chinaz station platform, trading platform, need to find more direct search for "love Shanghai Links platform" can. Links with site navigation station, this station is connected sites often weight are particularly high output, this kind of website is usually included and quickly, is a high quality of the chain.

site navigation station

4, Links platform

advertising! Keywords

3, with friends to exchange resources

Keywords 2, learn to use Intitle

intitle: powered by Dvbbs

A5 did not come for a long time to publish the article, during in Shanghai dragon training work, today the author in her spare time to share a "method" for the whole history of the chain resources.

in Shanghai dragon industry friends all know that their man is not looking for much outside the chain of high quality resources, this time we need to exchange resources with our friends.


[six] on the basis of judging the website keywords ranking advantage

On the basis of the four specific

information search

. On the basis of a precision :



according to the value of keywords transaction > information > addressing words. And the long tail theory is the same.

attractive would certainly have ranked second, ranked second word is typical regional words, such as: you do is Wuhan moving, moving Shenzhen is ranked second term, users may not find remote services, regional word rejection is the most obvious, if the second row of words appears in the title that will greatly affect the target keywords ranking.

to search related information according to the website, can not directly generate transaction search, such as: what is Stinky tofu

Keywords According to

strong purpose, such as: Taobao, China bank

two: attract

good? At this stage,

website optimization than is user construction and content construction, and construction quality content need to choose between keywords, content construction of the title, description, keywords, keyword content directly determines the ranking and user behavior, and has advantages of ranking keywords set more webmaster favorite, so how to judge whether the site keywords ranking has advantage? We look at the following six bases:

precision is that the search of the word user is not your users, this is mainly based on the user’s search behavior: addressing search, information search, search transaction.


: on the basis of the three row of

products of the same kind / phase contains put together to do keywords, there is correlation between keywords, words don’t different products, not related in



considered attractive relationship between each other, between keywords will contribution will help support auxiliary support. Such as the Shanghai dragon and attractive website optimization is very big, but the Shanghai dragon and product sales attraction is not closed.

: on the basis of the five time

washing machine, such as different kinds of TV products do not specific, should not be placed in a column to do. Flat screen LCD TV box on the line. A company has a lot of different products, the product correlation is not high enough, you can establish different races, different sites according to different products, or put in a different directory optimization.

can directly buy information through the search term, the accuracy of the highest, the strongest value. Such as: Changsha Stinky tofu

timeliness refers to with the passage of time, the user needs change, the timeliness of the typical case is the Taobao 11.11 last year, today’s Day is coming, go to two eleven words, of course, the timeliness of keywords is only suitable for some sites. < >

Follow the principle of website external links

is a normal web site may not all be good links, and not common, even relatively poor quality links. External links construction, should also be roughly the external links to a natural, random, wide source, showing the characteristics of normal, otherwise the search engine is likely to be identified as deliberately position, it can not achieve the effect.

high quality content can bring high quality links, and the link is not your site content, so in the end is unable to obtain high quality external links. That is like a tongue twister, simple speaking is to want to let the other links to your site, you must provide value for each site, the most important is the value of high quality. There is no free lunch, no high quality content, the link is only exchange, purchase or spam links.

is looking for external links, the content related to the most important criteria of sex. The content of the website directly to the value of each other than those not related website, the same industry website of the external links between quality is very high, the effect will play to the maximum. So many people have access to other people within the same industry blog and message, communication and mutual support, to become active participants in the industry is very important.

is the fundamental content content

three, the correlation between

in the external links do note that the diversity of Web sites, blogs, forums, new website all types don’t fall. Don’t ask for the PR value.

, a greater degree of difficulty, the higher the value of

external links is the search engine one of the standards for the weight of your site, external links resources can help you easily improve the search engine’s weight, so that your site included, get better effect ranking. But in the construction of external links, need to follow the following principles, can play a multiplier effect.

four, the source link widely

some weight high website does not accept Links, only to know you, I believe you, I can give you a one-way link. This process may take several months, more difficult to get this link, it is more effective.


but in general, the more difficult the links, the better. Shanghai Longfeng personnel must not because the first contact is to get disheartened and give up. Many times get links from high weight blog, news sites, forums, need to contact with each other for many times. Sometimes can’t come up for a link, but also to make friends with each other, to help each other, there is certain after links between the request, to become natural.

actual operation of Shanghai Longfeng people know that the original content and external links are two difficulty, are time-consuming work. External links and even to guarantee a devotion to output, good external links is more difficult.

From the statistical data on how to optimize Shanghai Longfeng effect

2. statistical data from the improvement and optimization of the chain site

website placed advertising, I try to constantly adjust the position and style of advertising, combined with other webmasters experience so as to continuously optimize the online advertising revenue, and according to the traffic statistics web site, I also did not simply put these statistics by, and is to take some time to look at it carefully which contains information through careful comparison and analysis, I discovered that in fact from behind the statistics can tap into many help to further optimize the webmaster optimization effect that website of Shanghai Longfeng, today I put in this experience to share with you:

after a period of development, some of the web site keywords have been able to get a good ranking, but want to further consolidate these rankings, you need to keep the attention of their owners, and completes the consolidation and maintenance work. I just play through the statistical data comparison of two days or even longer period of time, to bring changes in flow keywords, to timely understand the ranking changes in some key words. For example: in some traffic statistics, in the first place keywords bring traffic flow caused by the sudden drop, so naturally need immediate attention to this issue and take measures; and in finding new keywords suddenly bring traffic rises, more timely to consolidate the achievements, increase the optimization of the new keywords. Build.

The distribution of

3. from the statistical data of different parts of the speed optimization

throughout the site outside the chain can continue to bring traffic, but there are some time and the weight of the chain will change, through the statistical data in the "detailed source" view and analysis, and analyzed the detailed source site for a period of time, we can see the high weight and low weight the website chain situation clearly, we can know better the chain effect which brings from the forum, which can be more targeted to release the chain, the layout of the new. I also discovered some unexpected traffic sources, such as some of the website link on their blog users, and what I’ve ignored that the weight of the lower station, through continuous discovery of new traffic sources outside the chain, the chain can make more diversified layout of their own, to further enrich the chain website a.

1. from the statistical data shows that the advantage of

as a personal webmaster, I have many webmaster like other habits, such as: open the computer after the first thing is to see the website advertising revenue, the second thing is to view the site traffic statistics, the third thing is to open the A5 forum, probably has nothing to do with the site that is fourth what. But every day to repeat the same action, the same behavior will lead to some thinking to do more, like the so-called "quantitative cause qualitative change, do a long time you will want to do it better, not just stay in a simple repetition, piaffe level.

According to website keywords