Those years, operators have made mistakes cat product director, talk about the user’s operation of t

editor’s note: the author of this article is Yan Hao, director of product operations director of mop net (@ cat cat class), which is based on personal experience, and has combed the mistakes made by users’ operating links. In his view, user operations are the most important and difficult part of the operation, the basic logic is very simple, but often ignore the details of the actual operation.

a lot of people asked me about some of the problems encountered in the user’s operation, and combined with some of my previous experience and experience, let me share with you.


operator is actually a very deep knowledge, like the military, not only in a flexible strain, the Suns to fight. Maybe a lot of reason everyone knows, but don’t do, did not do is equal to zero, only through actual combat, can really into your belly.

user operation is the most important and difficult part of the operation. The basic logic of user operation is very simple, that is the first analysis of properties and characteristics of your community groups, the establishment of user of the "Pyramid" structure, then each link is subdivided into "Pyramid", each point were found different breakthrough point, to find the same and different operating strategy and solutions.

The key to the operation of

lies in the details, the more details, the more likely to ignore, the more simple problems will not be done in place, the more repetitive things, the more they do not want to go deep. This is the difference between operations.

this article represents only the statements of a school, different people have different understanding, does not mean that I said is right, or that sentence, only hope that everyone can give some help and inspiration. Now get to the point —

easy to make mistakes 1: wait for the user, always keep the community user

class understanding: This is an easy mistake for many operators to get into the community. Remember, the best users are never waiting. The basic strategy of user operation is actually 7 words: station maintenance, station looking outside. A lot of people have been doing the first 4 words. It’s actually like fish farming. We’re going to be a fisherman, not a fisherman. The fisherman knew what kind of fish was suitable for the pond, and he knew how to spread the new fry regularly. Anglers will only make fewer and fewer fish in this pond.

user maintenance strategy is also 7 words, widely cast a net, focusing on training, and find the object of logic almost. The best users are always nurtured by your intentions. Definitely not waiting. Why? The reason is simple, because your community is not Facebook, not QQzone, there is no let you never clean the user, even if there is, relying on user data analysis background, can not help you solve everything.

solution: try hard and be a fisherman,


is apt to make mistakes 2: ignore the important time period of night

class understanding: a lot of people spend all their work on the day and often ignore >

What kind of novel sites attract users

now I found on the Internet there are many novel sites, these novel website through copy to copy to update the content on how to profit, I see the most is the pop-up ads, the network pop market is 5 yuan /1000, the novel high PV type sites such as it is indeed a good practice, but I don’t know these owners have no consequences, I believe that the flow of a novel site only in the hands of others, for the vast majority of the people, for the sake of a few money and make your own website by the user as the founder of hate, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan, obviously it is very unwise, these people do not understand wide grain, slow kings of truth, in order to benefit a small ruined long-term interests. Let me tell you about what kind of novel site the webmaster should build.

‘s novel website advertising over the day to fly, many users already tired, not only is the user, to some extent, the search engine also tired, so, you have not thought about building a no popups advertising novel website, so the user experience is good, such as free space, popularity come naturally about, because there is no profit model, do, I said here is my idea. Popularity, traffic, my idea is that early transition, pay for the author signing, slowly transition, thus avoiding the copyright issues, at the same time also will gradually grow, there are a few bad places in this method, the first is to have a lot of money, no money is absolutely no, secondly, to consider the promotion, although the outstanding website without advertising, but early kept in purdah no knowledge ah, the necessary promotion is a must, suggestions about GG’s advertising or other pop ads, the price is quite cheap.


website after the transition, an important starting point of profit model, although there are industry giants such as profit model for reference, but I do not recommend the site used as the profit model in transition after the transition, you must consider is why users will visit your site to spend money to see the VIP section, if the problem cannot be to solve, then you must find another profit model, specific to the profit model, I am here to say a reference for everyone: you can use existing video game making fiction novels, then in this part with the video page ads, specifically determined by the novel itself factors, such advertising should be cooperation and game company, or can develop third party plug-ins to provide other value-added services, can also be considered a book, this is the demand that the rich support, so it is not suitable for small owners to do.

The tip of the dancers four years of struggle of the millet team, and can take courage once more

summer and autumn, and when the mobile phone manufacturers collective noise of the hammer broke the nuts, the old week our ripe, HUAWEI Black & eager and millet conference, more and more intensive, guies turns platform is the norm, not least the game of rhetoric, but the observation of a person or a business and you can never listen to what he said.

International Conference Center, conference, Lei Jun is still powerful, but a spectator looked, millet is a totally different company. Millet has gone through two stages of development, and to have a fever the spindle has created a successful mobile phone brand, when Li Wanqiang presided over the first MIUI hardware line, made it work; since 2013, the new TV router, millet Lei began to emerge in an endless stream, China Internet BIG4 advance.

millet war on the traditional home appliances, to create a complex relationship, Lei Hunan patriarch Hu Linyi to carry forward the "statecraft philosophy thunderbolt, which was kind heartedness, also follow the expansion of old Roosevelt" the originator of a moderate tone, holding a stick "to" the enemy had little to do a lot of friends. "In the millet seems dominated by those old technology companies in the market as the dilapidated building, just smashed a glass, the house will become the destroyer of heaven.

millet launched on the traditional industries dimensionality reduction attack or on behalf of the poor is a war strategy, the latter is colonization of raw materials and production base, the asymmetric war led to two extremes, one in the United States as the representative, while saying that "city people really can play", while anxious gestures; another kind is GREE, want to learn Su Wu, suffering from the net, but also Chijie unyielding.

Millet’s colonial impulse really let it go deep in many lines of scenes, but it is not apple, after all, will suffer fierce resistance, the process also implies the risk of invalid expansion of the system.


= the insurgents destroyer

when the Mongolia cavalry gallop Eurasia, most good psychological operation, "the war, and by chaos, so the beginning of each ride to battle, team size sudden enemy, after being moved, regardless of Zhonggua, in one hundred thousand, although the enemy, also can not support". Lei Jun millet quite refined this, each new Internet Co must rally, accustomed to this, but the traditional industry for each of the confusion in disarray. The conquest of Mongolia defeated in soft power shortage, millet on the contrary, it creates a counter elite mobile phone culture, but it is not a technology driven company, in the domestic peer also like HUAWEI has a system of accumulation of technology, relying on the fan driven millet lack of cross industry Apple’s penetrating power, can not form a barrier in the related areas of consumption.

Lei Jun in exchange for 1 billion 266 million of the United States for the overall support of the ecological chain of millet smart home, which is willing to use the Internet concept to brand blessing. But the two sides of the first crystallization – Smart air conditioning how to see is beautiful, and Ali cloud things, and Jingdong wisdom cloud play left concept, millet joined in addition to the bracelet and other tasteless products

What kind of local web site can retain users

Hello, I struggle, today to talk about what kind of local website to retain users? First off, my opinion may only be suitable for network coverage and Internet users is not very high quality area. Because of the popularity of the network, I have not tried the area, I dare not say, hey. Now the hottest local websites, in addition to categories, is SNS and forums.

first about the classified information website, the user sends the information, then leaves, then waits for the interested person to call. As long as there is no need to publish and find information, the basic will not come back to the site, this reason, in the final analysis or interactive problems, I think the pure classification information website, interactive is too weak. One more thing, authoritative statistics show that 80% of China’s Internet users spend their time on entertainment. Visible, entertainment in the proportion of Internet users, the classification of information sites do not seem to have any entertainment.

is looking at the SNS and the forums. These two things are good: SNS can link up all the users on the site, and through SNS, you can meet any stranger. Coupled with a variety of SNS applications above, making the viscosity of the SNS site is much higher. The forum is more like a public chat place, the openness of the information also attracted a lot of people who love to discuss topics. Both viscosities are exemplary in local sites.

then you’ll ask, is there a way for a local classified website? The answer is yes, you are: NO,

!In fact, the local

classification web site I feel is the place where Internet users need most things! Users are people, people have a very real problem, that is life! The local classification website and local users of life, but to retain customers, to make them willing to often visit our website, or to do some change! Such as classified information, but also has a lot of people are not willing to spend money to go to the top, you can recommend to the website add function information refresh refresh automatically routed to the first information. In this way, netizens are encouraged to regularly update their own information on the website to keep them in the most conspicuous position. There are many ways to retain users like this, so we can explore it.

there is one thing we want to know that your website is to classify the information as the main or attached to the body! Do not clearly to the classification results as the main body, and the integration of SNS and forum users to engage in classified information are sent to the SNS and the forum above! This is not conducive to the user experience, is not conducive to the management!

time rush, first talk about this, next time to talk about my QQ:10880377 station: oilfield life network (, this article in the webmaster network first, the author struggles, reproduced please indicate the source!


What can I do if I cannot login to the Google Adsense account

landed at the Google Adsense backstage account at noon today and found that it was not able to log in properly. It has been "loading" four words, and it hasn’t landed in the background for a long time. For unable to login to the background, Google provides help, click "login" below the "cannot access my account" link, enter the landing page, select "help" I cannot login to my account ", is also full of English, I halo ah! My English level is too low. The content is as follows:

, I, can’t, log, in, to, my, account.

, If, you’re, not, able, access, your, existing, account, we, recommend, going, through, to, the, following,, checklist, of, steps.

, First, please, make, you, have, an, active, account., you’ve, recently, submitted, an, application, for, the, program, your, account,, may, still, that, be, under, If, review.

If you’re sure your account has been approved and you’re using the correct login, please try resetting your password. Visit Google Accounts to request a password-reset link. (Note that for security purposes, we can only send this link to the email address you’re using as your login.


, On, the, page, above, if, receive, the, error, message, ", There, no, accounts, in, our, system, with, E-mail, the, address, are, ", then, use, this, form, to,, reset, you, your, password, tr>, instead., Please,…

Site user experience analysis good interfaces are invisible

really good user interface will be ignored, and bad design will force the user to pay attention to the interface, rather than content. Users are visiting websites with their purpose: buying new books, learning JQuery, sharing an article with friends, discovering new music, writing novels, or just looking for the nearest destination. They won’t just play with the interface. In fact, users don’t care about interface design at all. Over the years, the lack of a desktop system set up model and interactive tools, make people start thinking about user interface, how it works? How to make the design add or minus points? But the user really need to care about these


users are already familiar with the patterns and components of the interface, but they don’t mind at all. Over the years, web designers have spent hundreds of hours on buttons, colors, projections, borders, and gradients just to make the interface easier to use and beautiful. But in fact, the ultimate form of an excellent user interface is not easy to use, but invisible.


you probably know that mobile devices are the highlight of recent years. The advent of multitouch devices has led to a sensation that the user interface is a series of clicks and events on content, and the rise of mobile devices makes the human interface more natural. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but to operate directly on the content, and abandon the outdated figurative things (like those in the desktop) gives these devices easy to use interface, because they almost disappeared.

, however, we still need to work with desktops and notebooks, and we also need to browse the web and use the web application. The magic and multi touch technology and its more natural new user interface do not necessarily come in handy. So, since it is not for us, we will continue to create those outdated and "inconvenient" UI elements? Of course not, contact interface should be each UI designer and developer of the target.

interface, not barrier



interface should not be an obstacle for users to browse content or achieve their goals. Users don’t need to experience UI traps and randomly choreographed navigation before they reach their goal. Over the years, we have been using and inventing various UI barriers. On the face of it, they seem to solve some problems, but they add more burdens to the users. Bread crumbs are an excellent example. Bread crumbs are generally considered a good choice for users to understand where they are in their application. But more often it just adds unnecessary UI elements that affect the normal user experience.

although bread crumbs do not directly burden users, it takes up valuable space resources on the screen, which should be used to guide users in achieving their goals and displaying content. It’s better to try to solve the problem of navigation by adding crumbs to the navigation problem. To fix some UI problems, you’ll often introduce >

Blog money independent blog + Taobao guest mix play mode

Oh, have recently been expert advice, suddenly begin to understand more, read some tutorials, added a lot of fresh knowledge, especially the way of thinking, I think these two days I harvest things, than after I graduated from college until now combined, the views of the network is greatly improved. That feels like a qualitative improvement, oh, these things only to be sensed, not explained. In order to be able to study quietly, QQ is not big, all the host has been my customer service is doing, and now almost, and for those theories, I will slowly and personally to practice it.

now a blog to make money, a result of this blog blog how to make money in the said I have a plan to focus on the blog, blog marketing, blog and blog to make money, the idea is now to each point to write a series of tutorials, written from scratch, and take this opportunity to a good practice, and then write down their own practice and analysis of the results of other people for reference, if you are interested, can focus on my blog.

, first of all, talk about the blog’s first way to make money. In order to avoid too simple, so from relatively moderate, simple in the future will still say.

is now doing a lot of Taobao customers, basically free or charge Taobao guest procedures, the general way is through the acquisition of Taobao data, do keywords optimization, through the rankings intercepted traffic. Because all the procedures are similar, mode of operation is similar, but the repeatability may be relatively large, if your SEO is not very good, and generally get less than what oil, and Baidu is not included, made a single product exhibition stand, and what no one browsing, it can change a thinking, with the theme the blog to recommend Taobao customer products.

uses blogs as an advantage for Taobao customers:

1: in a certain program to solve the search engine dependence.

2: you can add some additional quality content that users are interested in.

3: more interesting, user-friendly, you can precipitation some loyal users, guide users consumption.

4: if you own a Taobao store, you can easily change into your own image blog.

blog main profit point:

1: through the promotion of Taobao customers commission.

2: if the other Taobao stores do not Taobao customers, if an article can be attributed to a different categories of 5 products, respectively for 5 Taobao stores, and they talk about, you say, your article will be released in many forums, exposing them to a product, only 10 dollars is not high, the difficulty, and inexpensive, Taobao stores don’t mind the 10 dollars, then you write an essay of at least 50 yuan, if you blog traffic high popularity, more channels, but also can improve the price.

this blog!

Grassroots webmaster foothold Road

The popularity of

SEO technology, has brought a lot of garbage sites, we need to define the station to spend time analysis, thus, innumerable sites, is a bad news for the grass-roots webmaster, however, is not only the bad news, GG for sale promotion China area, domestic union buckle quantity serious, Baidu to promote the theme to open the sub threshold is high, slow, what? I don’t want to enumerate, now grassroots webmaster problem is:

Of course, a

flow less if you have 100 thousand IP, you may not be regarded as grassroots webmaster, although there are not a minority of these IP, but it is still a lot of grass roots, such as the word QQ space station I do or you can find a hot point word search 10 pages is the home page, what explains this? Very competitive, will make a station, all have some knowledge of SEO optimization, which depends on the details, who is a good deal, who is original, who weight high, who will have the better keywords layout, traffic, page difference flow, the difference in the world, then how should I do? QQ with dozens of group, every day there are people who will call in locomotive acquisition? DEDECMS acquisition who help me? Collection now really useful to you, to the station you want to tens of thousands of traffic? Not to mining, mining The number of mining, the newest automatic production, a NICEWORD so you hundreds of thousands of articles, a day to 10 thousand IP, also about 100000, there are a lot of things in the operation of the master, although the flow is not stable, but when the traffic has to earn enough for this, a new domain name too heavy, or don’t pick, do you stand, keyword analysis, adhere to the original article every day, analysis of some of the top few stations, with nothing to do a few links, send the chain, these you do every day? If so, hold on, no more than a few months, you the flow is enough for you to eat enough of you for a few months, you can go straight towards well-off, SEO practice is the most important site, to love him more, right, there is a natural effect, also recently discovered that many people in the other mirror site, hey, I Do not say more, meaningless things, can not come a few IP, traffic is a little bit of accumulation, and do something meaningful.

two to make money to make money to a natural, what, to the money, where the money for the station page, It differs from man to man., although the GG promotion is reduced, but there is a lot to do alliance, or official looking for you to do the promotion, these can be done, so the first good intentions of station traffic the money, there is a natural, don’t lose confidence, so webmaster to how to live? There are a lot of students, or for various reasons do not have the money to live, how to operate a station, in fact many ways, the most is the practice of labor, I do not want you to move bricks, the website can toil the site, toil has several advantages, one is that you can make money to maintain your life, second can learn successful website promotion methods, and can master the exchange, Why not??

He earned his first pot of gold by renovating his cell phone

on the afternoon of August 1st, I was chatting with my family at home, and suddenly I received a phone call. The familiar voice on the phone made me judge who was a friend I had not seen for two years.

Because the

in the field of entrepreneurship, I left home, he is choosing to choose red career in his hometown! He heard that I went home, so he invited me to go to the store to catch up, not seen for two years, really miss each other, so I rushed past


my friend was doing mobile phone repair, and two years ago opened a 10 square meters of small workshops, specially for others to repair mobile phones. When I arrived at his shop when all eyes bright blind my eyes, two years ago, the more than 10 square meters to 300 square meters of small workshop into the luxurious decoration of the small mobile phone mall, when I got to his shop door, a body of wealth he came out to greet me.


has not seen each other for two years, and everyone is very enthusiastic. After saying something to each other, I couldn’t help asking him,

, I said, "brother, you can’t see it for two years. Now the shops are so big. You’ve made a lot of money in the past two years."

he seems to be more anxious than I am, pull me into his store and show me his achievements. All kinds of brand-new mobile phones are full of counter, and there are also several small sisters who sell mobile phones.

I visited the next, do relatively professional, two years from a small workshop to do now, is relatively good.

I asked him how he did it, and he communicated to me without reservation,


: he said: "I was a mobile phone repair, and then long-term dealings with the old mobile phone, and know that the old mobile phone in fact has great value, you can tap.".

why? Because the old mobile phone is his old shell surface, in fact, his internal components are relatively new, but the ordinary mobile phone users they do not know these things, they feel like a new old mobile phone, many people will put their old mobile phone as to second-hand price to sell, I know the value, I received a lot of second-hand mobile phone, then the mobile phone shell change, mobile phone will become the new, in fact, the mobile phone with the new mobile phone no difference what.

just across the city network to fire up, I put my collection of second-hand refurbished mobile phone, then hung to the city to sell online, my surprise is that business is so good, every day I call more than 10 people 20, every day 10 mobile phone, then the 4 generation of apple, 4S fire. The two mobile phone, I specifically do very huge profits, every single profits are more than 300 blocks.

then I realized that China’s secondary market is actually very hot.

did so for two years, made a lot of money, and then made the store bigger, and the new mobile phone and second-hand mobile phone operation at the same time, and now I have 3 special refurbished mobile phone >!

Hope that the original article was included in Baidu is not difficult

often says, "read books, read skins, read newspapers and read questions."."

although this is not comprehensive, but from an angle to see the importance of the title, just in Baidu blog registered an account: literally published a few articles, less than two hours immediately included. Look at the picture below:


summarized as follows:

1. write unique content, do not steal from other people’s Web sites, do not copy other people’s articles. This is indisputable. Your readers want new content, and by writing something good and unique, it will be a great help to your website optimization, and you will be rewarded.

really can not do, pseudo original, but also the original content changes, plus a summary of what, or according to the original meaning of the content to write a better.

2. content as far as possible is of high quality, can do the best, because this is a search engine and users are the practice of love, but now many webmaster is not a writer, not Chukouchengzhang, so do not learn the above method to practice it slowly.

3. title, try to include keywords, which can help search engine spiders crawl, help your article index in these keywords, and help readers to retrieve content. You can do some keyword search, and then write articles based on the hot keywords you get.

4., when writing articles, must pay attention to the uniqueness of the title of the article. When the best search in Baidu search, whether there is. And then decide the direction of the title. Soft text must be attractive, can arouse the reader’s taste.

5. words not too much, there are 200 to 500 words is enough, now the materialistic society, the fast pace of life, work pressure is full, most people do not have so time to see you two or three thousand words.

above is only the author to do the experiment to get the effect and perception, if there is a better way, please and I explore the soft Wen charm.

In this paper,

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