How to catch the customers’ appetite

near the end of the year, many people are buying in a variety of special purchases for the Spring Festival, Wine is indispensable special purchases for the Spring Festival,. Well, at the end of the year, how to create a rich wine franchise?   wine stores how to "catch" the appetite of customers? Let’s take a look.

now China’s Wine market products, the brand is the development of methods, Wine franchisees want to get better must find ways, so now the needs of consumers but is very picky, Wine franchise operators, first find the target consumer groups, will be able to gain good results, Wine the franchise to how to seize the customer’s interest?

said Wine franchise business, product quality is a key to open, so the operator must have strict requirements for the quality of the product, this is the most basic knowledge, and Wine stores neatly, product variety, but not complicated, so that consumers can easily shopping is the foundation, do a very eye-catching store layout is also good. Will be able to attract the most attractive product display to enhance the desire of consumers into the store.

end promotion is the most commonly used means of operation, but also the important means of taking Wine join to attract consumers, so Wine stores under normal circumstances, the off-season discounts often than in the season, when the discount promotions, the owner of the It is quite common for, sales promotion needs diversification, various marketing activities for customers the group, Wine stores increased competitiveness!

Compared with


Sliced noodles to join the brand choose Jin Xiao Er can not make money

Sliced noodles has good taste, nutrition is delicious. On the Sliced noodles brand good? The second Sliced noodles called traditional brand.

Shanxi 2 Sliced noodles since ancient times through the ages, the Qing Dynasty of the world Lian Li first Yu Chenglong ancestral home Shanxi Yongning, Shanxi 2 Sliced noodles Sliced noodles to eat what his childhood love of hometown. He in the official, in case of a noodle shop opened, surface smooth taste, long aftertaste, small stores hospitality service, was asked by the old home to the noodle restaurant waiter. Joy more than emotion, Yu Chenglong called the store to fetch text, wrote the "Jin Xiao Er" three words. The second Sliced noodles how stores that Yu Chenglong identity, profusely, treasure, the title of "Jin Xiao Er" made noodle plaque.

Shanxi Sliced noodles began in the Yuan Dynasty, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the more modern people are respected, Jin Xiao Er Sliced noodles become one of Shanxi’s most representative place to eat. "Jin Xiao Er" catering Co. Ltd. of Shanxi Sliced noodles followed the authentic flavor, Jin Xiao Er Sliced noodles join merchants hospitality, small business adhering to the business concept, how will the two Jin Sliced noodles, delicious and affordable smile to every customer.

there are many foreign guests especially love the taste characteristics of the local food, would rather give up the luxurious banquet, also want to come here special taste. It is said that the most busy the shop one day to sell more than 2 thousand bowls of Sliced noodles. Thus Sliced noodles in the Datong charm really is as the acme of perfection. The second Sliced noodles by the majority of consumers


Open a beverage store only need these three steps

does not love life of workers, do not want to live that day in and day out of nine to five days, how to change your life, but only business, but they have no idea what a good idea of what to do, no capital, Never mind, catering business is a good platform for entrepreneurs to join, drink less investment, the risk is low, but also to meet the business when the boss wishes. Open a beverage store only need these three steps.

a clear in the end what kind of drink to open a store

beverage stores in fact still a more general concept, in accordance with the sale type can also be divided into tea shops, tea shops, fruit drink shops, coffee shops etc.. Each has its own characteristics, investment is also different. First, I want to know what kind of beverage shop to open, and then a rough calculation of their ability to open, whether the funds support. Currently, most tea shop, small cost will have a big reward, but the fierce competition; the coffee shop is good, but the investment is too large; tea shop gradually on the rise, but only some people can accept the taste of tea; fruit drink shops is also rising, it is healthy, young and old. If the investment is not great, and hope that the future can have a better development prospects, then the fruit shop will be a very good choice.

two, to determine a good store

store location determines the success or failure of the shop, although this is not absolute, but it is not difficult to see the importance of the store. To a certain extent, the business depends on the size of the surrounding consumer groups, and the location of the store determines the size of the consumer groups. Generally speaking, in the following areas would be better to open beverage shop: 1, commercial areas, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, commercial pedestrian street; 2, dining area, such as the taste of delicacy street; 3, entertainment area, such as playgrounds, large entertainment plaza, tourism scenic spot; 4, the campus area, such as universities, schools and so on; 5, business district, Central Business District, such as office buildings, etc..

three, choose the right shop model

shop model has two kinds: one is the independent shop, is to fix everything on their own, whether products, materials or equipment; but to join the brand, which investors join a brand, and then by joining the company for investors to provide a variety of services. Select the first shop mode, they must be very understanding of the industry, there are channels to solve a variety of raw materials and equipment problems, but also their own R & D products. If you can not solve the above problems, investors still choose to join the insurance.

Ornamental jujube planting fruit growers good way to get rich

in addition to home for some common plants, now many people begin to choose some kind of potted fruit, such as jujube pot is a kind of people love, also let the business people earn a lot, if you want to know this content, look at some information about pot!

1. jujube miniascape optimum varieties

View branch, view of dried jujube miniascape: Long Jujube and jujube branches. Among them, the dragon has long jujube jujube varieties in Hebei, Shandong long jujube, jujube and Henan jujube Dali dragon dragon.

: Gracilaria jujube. Growth is weak, development branch, branch and branch off of the results of both bending and torsion growth, branch shape peculiar, dragon claw, so also known as dragon jujube and jujube. The fruit surface is often uneven and distorted.

2. culture soil preparation and selection of container

3. seedling selection and basin

How to display new cigarettes

a shop to the new product, if you do not do a good job related to the display, there is no way to attract the attention of consumers, want to sell the new nature is also difficult. In fact, to improve the level of cigarette display, enhance the image of the show, is to enhance the operating capacity of cigarettes, to promote consumer purchase, one of the effective ways to increase profitability. The author believes that cigarette display can be from the following aspects.

is a focus. Cigarette display can not be where there is a place where the new product, and sometimes not easy to see, may lose some sales opportunities. To highlight the key, among the many varieties, the current focus on nurturing the brand placed in the most eye-catching position, as far as possible with the center of the line of sight level.

two is enhanced visual effects. Sometimes, due to a variety of counter cigarettes, the focus of the brand does not necessarily allow consumers to pay attention, it is necessary to enhance the visual effect of key brands. For example, so that the focus of the brand and the surrounding varieties have a certain color, or an appropriate increase in the placement of the brand, the store can be placed in a large box 2-4 display smoke, the store can be placed in a small cigarette.

three is the focus around the brand to cooperate with other publicity. In order to highlight the key brand especially some just listed near the new products, we should do some publicity, which requires the consumers into the store within the field of view show the pictures of goods, attract the attention of consumers, some stores relatively large customers can put up some promotional materials.

four is to avoid the brand show old and overcrowded. Brand display to fully show the freshness of the brand, which requires regular replacement of cigarette display products, to ensure the freshness of display. In addition, the cigarette placement can not be too crowded, small store suggested to set aside a certain position to display cigarettes, to achieve intensive but not messy visual effects.

many shops do not sell new products are in place, which is actually a great relationship with the product display, how to display, in fact, plagued by many operators. So, with a small series of these methods, as the owner of you, now know how to do a good job on the display of cigarettes?

Lao Wu Chen Malatang to join what are the advantages of

to join the selection of hot and spicy items, but also need to be very careful. How about Lao Wu Chen Malatang? High quality delicious, has been very attractive to consumers. Join the Lao Wu Chen Malatang, wise entrepreneurs, successful selection!



Lao Wu Chen Malatang can join? Lao Wu Chen Malatang join advantage?


profit huge community widely: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, enjoy life, good luck, spicy fun, flavor.



reclaimer wide Malatang Lao Wu Chen of the raw materials, auxiliary can be purchased at any time in the local, can keep fresh and reduce the cost.


is very unique: the connotation of patent material package, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, Lao Wu Chen Malatang self choice, feel deep features.


precise quantification standard procedure: all the dishes according to the standard configuration, the quantitative need not cook, lower operation cost.


produced rapid loss: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, produced fast, low loss, input-output ratio, shop sale + takeaway broad profit space.


easy location flexible operation: Lao Wu Chen Malatang, 4 square meters to 200 square meters, is also good. Can choose according to their own situation.


professional brand design: professional designers, to maximize the overall business space, Lao Wu Chen Malatang brand image design visual enjoyment.


generally, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is very love to join has many advantages of the project. For example, Lao Wu Chen Malatang to join the project selection. Join the selection of a lot of advantages, worry free business, worthy of trust!


Mastering these skills will make your restaurant more profitable

catering industry profits, many friends want to open a restaurant, but the restaurant is not so easy to operate, need to master a lot of skills. How to open a restaurant to attract consumers? In addition to good dishes, the consumer for the restaurant decoration, atmosphere, also has a high demand. So, how to run a restaurant? What are the operating skills of the restaurant?

1, site: try to choose a relatively large stream of people. As for management, I would like to strengthen the quality of staff and cooking techniques.

2, health: restaurant is a place to eat, therefore, health must be done! As he walked into the store at least do not seem very sloppy with bright windows and clean tables.

3, service: restaurant as a service industry, service attitude is of course very important. Guests come to your restaurant, the waiter’s attitude is the first feeling, if you feel good, the next time the probability of consumption will be greatly increased.

4, the type of dishes, dishes need to constantly updated, modern people eat about a Xixinyanjiu, so dishes need to have new tricks, in order to attract consumers. Look at people KFC, can do so in China, in addition to its unique management, is good at pushing out a new. This is a key point.

5, speed: serve fast. No matter where you go, especially now that the pace of life is speeding up, no one wants to sit in a restaurant and smell the fragrance on the other people’s table.

these management skills are very important, entrepreneurs to open a restaurant, have to pay more attention to this point. Of course, the restaurant business skills are also many, we talked about today is only part of the restaurant management skills more entrepreneurs need to continue to explore their own business process.


Join liquor agents must learn to solve the conflict with the agency headquarters

New Year’s arrival, is the best time for the annual liquor business. Liquor in recent years to join the meaning of a slight decline, but there are still many development opportunities. Before you do this, you need to know how to deal with the conflict between the agent and the agent.

liquor agents conflict is a common problem in the management of distribution channel of star products. When dealing with conflict, be sure to understand what is the main cause of the conflict?

The reason

enterprises to join the conflicts among agents in the treatment of liquor must consider three questions:


Second, see liquor agents to join between malicious competition or mutual benefit. If it is malicious competition, enterprises in the processing, we must punish the malicious competitors, revocation of the right to sell; if mutually beneficial, to take a negotiated solution.

Third, the conflict is a threat to the interests of the enterprise. If the conflict between liquor agents to join a direct threat to the interests of the enterprise, or even cause great losses to the enterprise, the enterprise should terminate the cooperation can be solved through legal means, of course, generally do not take this means.


make liquor agents to join the inventory management of

because the star products better pin, relatively speaking, liquor delivery agents to join quantity and the rate of delivery is relatively high, some of the liquor agents that star products sold to the season even have no goods, so regardless of the consequence, has always been to the warehouse inventory. Of course, there are some business staff, in order to get the results, get the Commission, try to get the liquor to join agents to take delivery, do not consider the situation of liquor agents and market players. As a result of poor inventory problems, such as: product backlog, expired products, moisture damage and other issues.

so that enterprises in the management of liquor agents, the agents should also be liquor inventory management as an important management task. To do two things: first, to guarantee reasonable inventory liquor agents, of course, the 100% is reasonable also does not exist, there is a reasonable inventory formula in the industry: storage – order – order quantity of actual inventory balance = average daily demand X days + security order. Second, the correct storage and storage of goods.

Add recommended liquor

To the small entrepreneurship two strokes

many people are tired of white-collar life, want to start their own business. So what can do business with a small capital entrepreneurial wealth?

recommended project: there are many types of offbeat small mask. Manufacturers will not blindly production, has its market for.

when female beauty shops blossom everywhere, just the opposite, take care of a male, a man image design center. Two experienced emergency care Miss decoration after the recruitment, to the purchase of some men’s skin care products in the local branch of the cosmetics can be immediately opened. In order to give men’s skin care and guidance, also sell men’s cosmetics, can quickly attract a large number of male customers. In addition, in order to increase the tourist business, might as well do the article from the perspective of women, engage in some promotional activities in festivals, such as Valentine’s day to play " love him a surprise " card promotions. In short, often need to use their brains, change from passive to active.

two recommended items: health


if you have this idea of entrepreneurship, so I hope this paper can help you!

boutique projects recommended: Laura Nicky

high quality and inexpensive shoes

Innovation and entrepreneurship education can not only rely on Colleges and Universities

in the management of activities open, the whole society is called for the strengthening of the entrepreneurial education, colleges and universities are educational reform, entrepreneurship education will be incorporated into the teaching plan. However, in the days before the 2015 Xinhua Education Forum, vice president of Beijing Normal University said that not all expect the innovation and entrepreneurship education.

in Ge Jianping’s view, innovation and entrepreneurship education needs a complete industrial chain, government and social responsibility should also be clear. He expressed his concern: "now the community is more recognition of success, publicity is also a winner. A student fails to start a business, and if he can get a lesson, I think he’s a success."

"interactive innovation and entrepreneurship students and teachers, colleges and society, is a kind of collaborative innovation, the whole society to cultivate innovative cultural environment, namely" Houzhi public entrepreneurship, innovation of the soil ". Wang Xiaomei, Deputy Secretary General of China Higher Education Association believes that the whole society needs to form a tolerance of college students entrepreneurship, allowing the failure of the cultural atmosphere.

universities are constantly strengthening entrepreneurship education of university teachers, but mostly no entrepreneurial experience, for the start of the lack of practical experience, which has some obstacles for entrepreneurship education. It is not advisable to push the burden of innovation and entrepreneurship education to colleges and universities. It is necessary for the society to cultivate innovative talents.

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Home Furnishing jewelry shop named Wuji secret

now Home Furnishing Home Furnishing life, the demand for products, at the same time, a good Home Furnishing name can also bring a lot of good business for the entire Home Furnishing shop but at the same time, the best start to choose a name, don’t change.

a similar.

the same name first is no personality, not to show their shops unique side, and is easily confused with other names, so as to mislead customers, even let other tourists go shop.

two Jiyong polyphone.

to polyphone name, name two or more pronunciation will give people a call to bring a lot of inconvenience, easy to let the customer feel at a loss. For example: the "pleasure" is the two reading, reading Le, read Yue, so that people do not know what to read better, and for (Xing, hang), (Sheng, Xing,  ), (Chong, Zhong) (Qian, Xi), Dorothy, (Chao, Zhao) in etc..

bogey shengpizi.

The name is the best way to promote the

four semantic obscure.

meaning is obscure name too esoteric, others cannot read. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning. Or simply a meaningless name, people can not touch the mind, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not sensible choices.

In fact, the name of


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2016 is still profitable prospects of the industry inventory

to do business must choose the promising industry investment, if the entrepreneurs missed the 2015 profitable prospects of the industry, so in 2016 the prospect of making money industry can not miss, first identify the industry, take on the project, then the entrepreneurial wealth industry will have overnight.

nowadays popular industry! May to one or two dollars about women to buy food, in order to make themselves more beautiful, but it is not soft money, especially in cosmetic care, slimming beauty etc. the concept of continuous violent campaign, almost aroused every woman beauty day sexual desire, thus boosting the rise of female beauty industry.

Analysis of

Open a money making soup stores to do what all

is such a delicious soup has a very large market demand, however, now operating the same store very much, resulting in industry competition is very fierce. Therefore, if you want to open a lucrative soup stores, there is a natural need to do related work in place, so that it can ensure that businesses are profitable. Then, open a lucrative soup stores to do what?

nowadays, along with the soup has been welcomed by consumers in the market, many entrepreneurs have shifted to the eyes of the soup franchise project, thus joined the market development of soup shop project is very good. Some good ideas to entrepreneurship for all entrepreneurs to introduce today, invest in soup stores how to realize the money?

1, open stores — money soup items     Xiao Bian had said the soup franchise is a good choice for business, because in this variety of restaurants with the society, a fancy store is certainly will attract the public eye, you might think, are the same everywhere the shop, suddenly there is a characteristic shop print in your eyes, you will not choose it? The answer must be yes. In fact, it is so intuitive that we store the benefits of soup.

2, open stores do make money selling dumplings     now do is soup stores, then certainly have their own unique selling points, such as some of the main health, some of the main local dishes, some main seafood venison and so on, all have their own attractions, let people see this shop will be able to think what is the specialty of the house selling point, which is the sign products popular, so take this point the soup store is very good.

3, open stores to make money — a new variety of     now we are not just to eat dumplings to eat delicacy so simple, but also have a new requirement. We love all creative things, these are our soup It’s only human., stores will seize the people of this mentality, because their products are all stores with innovative characteristics of soup, is unique and creative, not afraid to imitate others, this new delicacy can attract the public eye.

of course, the real operation of a shop to relate to work very much, and here Xiaobian just introduced at several points below the current market environment, investors need to pay attention to the operation of the franchise soup. So, if you are a soup franchise operators, more than three points that will cause your attention?

What are some of the tricks to prevent cigarette loss

cigarettes once damp or deformation is difficult to sell out, even if sold easily lead to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the loss of cigarette business is very large. If the owners don’t want to bear this loss, nature also need to do a good job of cigarette product security. In short, the retail customers in the business of goods, cigarettes is undoubtedly more valuable. Therefore, in the course of business, retail customers to prevent loss of cigarettes is very important. So how to strengthen the management of retail customers on cigarettes? I combine my work experience, to the vast number of retail customers to provide the following suggestions.

one is to prevent the cigarette damp, squeezed. Do not stack on the ground, do not close to the wall, where the storage of cigarettes to ventilate. At the same time, the cigarette, especially the soft packaging cigarette is easy to wrinkle by extrusion, so it is best not to put other items on it.

two is to put the cigarette and pungent odor items separately. If the cigarette and the pungent smell of the items placed together, it is easy to smell.

three is arranged to follow the "first in, first out" principle, to ensure that cigarettes do not take the oil, not moldy".

four is to prevent the cigarette stolen, was switched.

five cigarettes are sold, will not be returned. If the return is very easy to sneak cigarettes.

six is sent to the delivery of cigarettes, we must check the delivery ticket, to ensure that the above data is accurate and then sign.

seven is to avoid cigarette exposure to sunlight. Long time is sunlight, cigarette color distortion, even cigarette taste.

For the loss of

cigarette shop business development is very unfavorable, so a cigarette operators any only do related to cigarette loss prevention effect will make their economy will not be bigger. So, there are more than the small series of these content, if you are a cigarette operator, these tricks will help you shop management?

Do you know how to start a brand clothing store

In fact,

business is divided into many kinds, common house is the chain form, this business is relatively secure, but also can get started as soon as possible, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the process of entrepreneurship, chose to open a clothing store brand. Clothing as a necessity in people’s lives, has a huge market demand, opening a clothing store, will bring good market and hot business. But if you want to make money, but also need some skills. The following entrepreneurial brand clothing store to make money tips, with everyone to understand.

consumers to pay more and more attention to the effect of clothing brand, clothing brand in the market development is very rapid, invest in a brand clothing stores to gain wealth in the industry is a lot of entrepreneurs, industry competition intensified, opening a clothing brand alliance shop is how to be able to succeed in the peer? If the market does not need the product, it is clear that there is no market. These are brand clothing chain operators need to master.

investors operating a brand clothing stores, to very reasonable purchase and distribution, according to the city, where the different levels of consumers to choose different goods business. Brand clothing chain selected goods must pay attention to cooperate with grade and price, and the operation of the brand clothing must meet the needs of the market, consumers need to make the product, this is very important.

brand clothing entrepreneurial design is also very important. In order to provide a series of effective business ideas and operating methods for the brand clothing franchisee. These hard won experience to fully serve the sales channels, so that it tends to improve every day and healthy. To form a common sales alliance. Innovation is the embodiment of the ability and strength, it is the perfect combination of advanced technology and consumer demand.

just started, a lot of people are not what experience, but we don’t have to worry about, because the headquarter will help the business to open the brand clothing store, there are a lot of skills, I hope you can pay attention to. After reading the above about entrepreneurial brand clothing store to make money after the introduction of skills, but also hope that we can bring help to recognize the entrepreneurial skills to open a clothing store, good business, make money.

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Store management also need to do emotional management

different people have different personalities, some people really temper is "a little", while others are always tepid, the way of getting along with people, sometimes we also need to do the management of emotions, and even more so the shop to do business. What is emotional management? Simply speaking, emotion management is good at self mastery, properly adjust the mood, caused by the contradictions and life events reaction can resolve to not overdo sth., optimism, humor and timely ease the psychological state of tension.

, however, it’s easy to say, hard to do. As a retail business customers, how to manage their emotions in their daily operations? Don’t bring bad mood to cigarette business? The following is the three from the rural retail cigarette retail customers, to share with you how to do a good job in their daily operations in the emotional management.

Yunxiao County listed Island Zhen Tang Hwa Jen grocery store

point of view: cigarette business wants good, emotional management is very important

people are easily affected by emotions, emotions are good or bad performance in the face. If a person is in a bad mood, easy to quarrel with others or lose his temper. Take me to the grocery store. If I’m in a bad mood, I don’t like to talk. When consumers into the store shopping, if consumers ask this question, I will feel very upset. That day, because of power outages, her mother forgot to turn off the tap, the results of the two floor was soaked, the loss of thousands of dollars. For an ordinary family, the loss of thousands of pieces is really distressed ah. But, as a daughter-in-law can say what, if it is the husband and the child, I can also and their temper, scold them a few words. But it is my mother-in-law, I can only endure, and want to give vent to hysteria.

I just opened soon, came to a consumer, that is to buy hard Hongqipilang. I took a hard Hongqipilang to him, he took the smoke in no hurry to check out, but with a cigarette looked up and down, left and right, after seeing asked me: "do you smoke is really the smoke?" I had a stomach gas, listen to him to say more gas. I take back the hard Hongqipilang said: "if it is false, don’t buy, I also do not sell!"

that consumers feel very face, but also angrily said: "how can not ask ah? You don’t sell cigarettes?" We quarreled in the course of contacts. I was angry, picked up the counter next to the cup, splashed in the past. A half of the clothes to see the consumers are soaked, I know that the disaster hit big, calm down all of a sudden. Just party secretary to the store to buy cigarettes, immediately stop the further deterioration of the situation.

back to the two floor, I was a reflection, although some of the consumer’s questions annoying, but we are the service industry, should not quarrel with the customer, the main responsibility in my. The reason is that the bad mood

What do you recommend to do a small investment venture new ideas

now many friends want to do business, small investment, high return projects, we are very much looking forward to. So, what is a small investment to make money? Are there any suitable projects recommended to you? Today for you to sort out some small investment projects.

The process of making

if there is no knowledge of art does not matter, pour the chocolate sauce into the mold can be dry, chocolate, all kinds of lovely chocolate made. Simple and convenient has become a major feature of the chocolate bar, coupled with the symbol of chocolate sweet love, so deeply loved by young people.

in recent years popular retro tide is very popular, has become a hot fashion, embroidery. Can rent a 20 square meters of facade, open a handmade embroidery shop. Rent plus renovation costs control in less than 30 thousand yuan, plus other fees, such as license, start-up funds of about $40 thousand.

embroidery color to be rich, trees, flowers, figures, animal will be welcome; in addition to improve customer service quality of service, maintenance and embroidery tell customers how to choose their own embroidery little knowledge, and try to help them free repair.

How to run a good adult store


now choose to shop investors a lot, however, does not mean that every shop investors can make their own shops to get successful operations, natural also need to have a better business strategy, so that it can ensure the success of the store. So, how to run a good adult supplies store?

I think a lot of my friends are confused about this question, and I will combine my personal views as follows:

1, the first Adult supplies shop to choose, remember that this is a very important factor, it can let you choose after the thing is half, otherwise it will be inverted.

2, simple decoration, highlighting the theme of the characteristics.

3, if the adult supplies store clerk please be sure to have a good knowledge of the product, do not ask three do not know.

4, Adult supplies store products to show good collocation, set up a good effect, inflatable dolls engage in several series, put some more fun, as for the oral Bushen impotence products such as if a score is enough, it is similar to the.

5, often do this to engage in promotional activities, Adult supplies store popular upgrade soon. Of course, do promotional activities should pay attention to creativity, otherwise the effect can not be guaranteed.

6, choose one to two products we all need to pull popularity, do not consider these two profit. Continue to do, to help people, but also to allow consumers to think that you are really an adult store.

although everyone’s thinking is gradually open, however, after all, adult products is a special market, if you want to run well, we need to be able to master more skills. So, with the small series of these presentations, now if you want to open a good adult supplies store, know how to do it?