The analysis of the six characteristics of the web site is down right and end treatment measures

below by the summer wind to tell you there may be several reasons to be right down, and from the site covered some details and treatment practice days in right down to share with you, for you to troubleshoot problems, let down the right treatment become easier, but also for the problem an antidote against the disease.


2, website snapshot stagnation or retrogression, the site included a large number of reducing: in fact, the above problems appear webmaster should say minority. My website cover it, because is a novel type of website, is to be collected, it is difficult to do original or false original (can’t change it to change the content sections of the novel. In June, 5) last time there has been a lot of stories not included, snapshots from the next update to update a few days, the most severe cases occurred 1 months to update a snapshot of the home page. As can be imagined because a lot of the acquisition of the cause site is down right and how deep. Of course, the above statement is possible, but not certain, just keep doing it, love Shanghai weight, even if the acquisition, love Shanghai will be a large number of collection and timely snapshot, we must first love the face of Shanghai ninja, especially to eat by love in Shanghai, don’t scold love Shanghai. For the website snapshot of stagnation or retrogression, I have met many times, has It is often seen.. The main reason is because of a "

1, for the love of Shanghai search engine, we must learn to see the love and love of Shanghai Shanghai included snapshot command, site and domain. Site is in love with the sea included query command statement amount, if there is no site website home page first, then there might be a lot of right to be reduced, because we know the home page for the search engines will be regarded as the page of the weight is higher than any web page, if not in the first place, then there might be a lot of right to be reduced. The domain command is a reverse link query of your web site, if not in the first row, which is a manifestation of a web site is down right. Here to make you, so in turn, when we exchange Links, must through the two command to query the website of the other side are in the first row, if there is no one in the first place, can not do Links. To drag their site is down right.

want to say that the site is down right and the site has been K concept is not the same, the site is down right can be considered as the site problems lead to decline of the weights of the website, and to search engine punishment, recently love Shanghai relatively large adjustment, many sites have emerged snapshot stagnation or retrogression, this may also be the site is down right performance, so we want to know the site has been down right, the way to know what the

solution: if you have any of these problems, we need to check the site where there is a problem in many aspects, including whether Links is normal, or server space stability, whether there are down of every two or three days.

Shanghai dragon do Sitemap map to note

?I personally think that the Sitemap

5 new sites, does not recommend the use of cycle is longer than daily, so as to avoid the problems. All of the pages.

2, if your website is not static, not entirely pure pseudo static and dynamic website, then sitemap map URL parameters do not appear, such as mark, sign these special symbols, that is to say these special symbols with no parameters. We can solve the parameter symbols through the conversion form, because the question mark and sign character is the need for the corresponding code.

3, recommend some important URL. As far as possible on the top, such as column page URL, channel page URL, page URL, of course, what kind of URL page, is decided by the website itself, I here are just a few examples, why should the important URL on the top? As we all know, the spider is from left to right, top to crawl under the law, for example, before a peer to a deleted channel submitted to the site map, but also on the front page, results all of this deletion column are grasping, while the other is not delete column is not many but because of "grasping.

with the search engine technology continues to improve, more and more depth crawl web content, to promote the CMS system and the structure of the site more accord with search engine requirements, in short for search engines crawl the content more easily, under normal circumstances is not submitted to a search engine site map, also can get good included, so the Sitemap map is to search engines crawl and help

map to help search engines crawl the content is still very large, especially on the new station and help capture content, it is worth noting here a little, because the site size, structure and type are not the same, so when we make the Sitemap map will be different, such as the information website, because the content is huge, it is recommended to do TXT format maps may be better. The points to note are as follows:

4, if your site for some reason, some of the station after making the map and has been submitted to the search engine page to delete, but sitamap maps in the URL and not with the website synchronization and delete, then there will be 404 pages, so in delete the web page at the same time, must be synchronized to delete the sitamap map in URL.

1, under normal circumstances, we in the production of sitemap, suggest that you use the XML format, we do not recommend using HTML and TXT format, if your site is the electricity supplier or the information website, a very large amount of information, and the structure is complex, the page is also very much, this time you can consider using TXT format. Because the txt model can not set the update frequency and weight it is not recommended to use this mode.

Domestic web game promotion alliance CPS big recommendationDo Wangzhuan need a good mentality

if your station traffic is small, when advertising can not earn what money, if you do CPC I want to click the ad revenue in general experience, if you do CPA advertising, most of the alliance will be deducted from your weight, of course there are more or less tricky. Do CPM pop, too influence their station user experience, you can’t earn it.

disadvantages: personal feeling can also, did not find any shortcomings, I do not know whether to buckle my volume. But user spending has limited time for me. And the effective allocation of different channels is not the same.

do Wangzhuan process both to make money, but also a process of learning. All kinds of technical learning, learning attitude will have a direct impact on the learning effect. Wangzhuan is no exception, but higher learning has more fun than other techniques, that can learn to make money. We entered Wangzhuan this industry, has experienced "excited", "vision", "disappointed", "low", "cheer up" in several stages, in front of several stage is not necessary to consider the problem of "learning attitude". Until a few months later, already can see the essence of Wangzhuan, the heart that make million dream disillusioned, this time will enter the grey "low period", if you give up in the "low period" have no choice to snap out of it, then consider the problem of higher learning attitude it is timely.

divided into ratios: 20%-35% ranging from

divided into proportions: 50%

summary: divided into higher, in my alliance should be the highest, but the user divided into limited time.

disadvantage: the game is too simple, maybe the system has just been on the line.

SP that year, so many people mad earned a sum of two years of web games also make a lot of money. I want to promote the Internet, from CPM, CPC, CPA, to the present, although CPS according to the form of consumption into is not acceptable to most people, I want to see the rest of this article is to earn money because CPS people have laughed in. Well, no more talking. To sum up a number of domestic web game by CPS into the platform.

below the rank, regardless of order, for reference only:

has a lot of people in the Wangzhuan "low period" chose to give up, give up is not necessarily wrong, especially give up wangzhuan. There is no best industry in the world, and even the best industry is not suitable for everyone. Wangzhuan is a chaos arena, is achieves guku million battlefield. Don’t think it is proper to take it up and put it down, ask your heart, it will tell you insist on or give up, if it has hesitated, did not have enough confidence, you have to stop it, lest the deeper, all roads lead to Rome, you don’t get involved in this.

2., nine dimensional promoters and alliances:

more than 1. extension system:

the rest of the people, is what I said that "cheer up," you like me silly, like. What we need to do is to keep interest and persevere. Since the decision to persevere, we must persist in the end, and also adhere to the wrong. I am a person, learning from childhood is not good, but I never think I am stupid than others, I always think that as long as I seriously go to school, the exam will certainly be admitted to the top 5 in the class, although I have never seriously studied.

3. bubbles play league

advantages: the new platform seems to have just recently opened, invited to participate in the system testing, earned a few hundred dollars, because the new game, you can play a larger space, divided into proportion, seems to have not been finalized.

advantages: platform games, and can promote more surface, the game can bind domain name, their station users higher credibility. Provide some operational functions, including new card issuing, activities and so on.

disadvantage: to tell you the truth, I didn’t make any money.

divided into proportions: 30%

advantages: more games, mobile network under the plug-in form, also has domain name binding function,

remember when I was in high school, are not interested in what class, but I love algebra, then we learn "positive" and "negative", I do not know why it is the "negative number of" special interest, each lesson the teacher I have listened to me very carefully. After class is also actively looking for the teacher to ask questions, I remember that I was so many years since the first time for the teacher to ask questions after class in school, and only time. When I took the monthly exam, I failed many subjects, but I got a good second in the whole academic year. That’s the power of interest, but, >

address: http://t.duowan

address: http://u.9weee

summary: I don’t know

summary: divided into general, in the alliance is not high, nor is it low. Mostly new, platforms are new, and games are new.

in fact, in a class, the students are almost the same IQ, most children are very smart. So why do some students study well and others learn poorly? In fact, the difference between them is "interest" and "method". First interest, interest is the main motivation for learning, interest will make the brain get excited, make the brain in a positive state of the work, do not feel study is a burden, but will be in an intoxicated or pleasure.

address: http://union.popwan

Doing your website is just like your marriage

I’ve done two websites, 8 months, 23 days old. The biggest feeling is: the website must be like a child, the heart, patience, keep!

more than half of the owners have tasted life, sour, sweet, bitter, hot. The idea of giving up so many times was over, because I didn’t know how to do it, and I had no idea at all. Friends countless times discouraged, pumped up, gave me confidence. I turned back and looked for the reason. Yes, because the same template used by the two stations, the domain name is similar and part of the content is repeated. This is the reason why two stations have been K, one of which has been K 3 times. I know I made a big mistake, I just know that I keep on updating and don’t diagnose the website.

I did not give up, go to Baidu every day, Google search: SEO this word. Ranking of the previous site, usually have skills of the webmaster, those stations have a lot of really good content. I read every day, study, more than half a month, I use the point of view I see, and slowly applied to their own web site. More than a month’s time has finally taken a turn for the better.

now two websites IP can maintain more than 3 million, monthly income can also maintain in 1800 yuan or so, although not too much, but gave me to continue to do the confidence of the webmaster. Because I have a fixed job to support themselves, or no problem, I also put the site’s monthly revenue into the new site construction. Now I have a total of 7 different sectors of the site, the new station of the IP are not too much, maintained between 150–400ip. I will stand on my feet, like farmers on the field, sowing in the spring and harvesting in the fall.

as long as you insist on learning how to regenerate your web site, you’ll definitely get good results.

3 major problems encountered when the webmaster here

do webmaster, sometimes really will encounter many problems, and most of the problems are more difficult, it is difficult to solve! I will set up on their own Baotou talent network problems listed for your reference!


1: Baidu has not included.

maybe many Webmaster Station just have this problem, the word site: everyone in everyday use! According to my observation and study, found that if your domain name had not been used, but did not punish Baidu, Baidu will be very careful included, that included a quite long time general Baidu! Included time within 20 days! The second is the server, if your space is free, or spend less to buy, you should consider is not the server problem! Because the waste often redirect server, Baidu is more than the bridge, not love very much! There is your site if landing slowly or not open, I suggest you go to buy a regular service provider space


you should also continue to update your website, best original content, Baidu spider love original and constantly have new things like the website, people also hope to see new things every day, so that the spider once noticed you, would be very ordinary to visit your site, and update the snapshot in time


Links is also very important, if you have the weight of the website and website links, a search engine that is important to you, your weight will be gradually improved, is conducive to the site’s ranking, if the other site links to update ordinary words, the spider to the ordinary, will follow the link to your site it is included in the website. Avoid spam links!!!


published articles in major websites, you published articles in major websites, and bring your link, the opportunity to visit your web site spider greatly increased, the weight will also greatly increase!


2: keyword selection

The important thing about

SEO is the selection of keywords.

Select the

title for example! Do you choose talent network, talent network, talent recruitment, talent market, job! But this will be very broad, the competition is fierce, how to do? You can join your local names, such as: Baotou talent network, Baotou talent recruitment, Baotou talent market as such! The competition will be greatly reduced, but also can find the real


Keywords selection here you can choose similar keywords, but not more than 5! More than on the contrary, to choose your site closely related words! Here is not to say,


Description selection! Here should also include keywords, such as:

3: website promotion

        Description;     the selection of! >

Some advice for novice webmaster friends

in this era, network and many friends joined in this group, in the majority of grassroots camp there are many and I just novice entrance. Here to the novice webmaster friends a few suggestions, are personal these two months experience.

one, it is essential to make a domain name space, but you must find a reliable space and domain name. An unstable space or domain name will kill your station. For example say my station and fly pose computer technology website, just on the line, I site domain name, Baidu is often to take pictures, this is good, as long as there are good content is not afraid of it not included, it is only a matter of time. But one day, received the space merchant’s message room maintenance, two days down to go to site, my domain name, website home page disappeared, and so far has not recovered. What’s more, if someone else opens your website and shows that the page cannot be displayed, I’m sure it will be boring. Choosing a domain name associated with the site name is also important, which is conducive to future rankings.

two, new sites do not care too much about the site’s collection, search referral included a new station, the station will have a evaluation period, in this period will be included less, but will often update snapshot. As long as you are good to do the content, and more original, subject specific content, and other evaluation period, you will find a lot of content will be included.

three, new sites don’t do too much optimization, if your ranking too fast, will be Baidu stare, be stared at, will be bad……

as long as the meta, title, and so on, plus the key words on the line, do not deliberately use some means to optimize.

four, frequently updated, this is important. If you update it once a month, I’m sure the search engine will be like you.

five, exchange links, find some type of same level of Web site links, pay attention to don’t look for those messy websites. Of course, if you have the ability to find some of the higher PR website exchange links, then the best.

six, to observe their website, specific content to attract visitors, in the beauty of the site, practical research.

seven, see statistics report, find a good statistical tools, many online free recommended by CNZZ, 51LA, access antecedents and search keywords website traffic changes, which is the development of the website is very helpful.

above is a personal experience, I hope to help novice webmaster friends, sell a AD29510458 I built the exchange group, we can come together to communicate!


The site is no different from the traditional industry

In fact,

personally, as a webmaster actually can only be regarded as a rookie, but in doing more than others in principle, I also have a little bit of their experience as a station not much time, out to share with your friends here.

first I want to say is I this time one of the biggest experience, that is the website and restaurant, selling clothing these traditional industries, in essence, the difference is not large, You reap what you sow., as a newcomer to believe accumulate steadily. Don’t think of their hits, or in the GG account $suddenly like a rocket soaring, such things do not rely on SEO, as well as not to cheat, as a newcomer, if you want to get more than others only able to do more than the others, think more.

you do, except for a small part, more and more people or to income, we do not discuss the League here, I just want to tell you the truth, is what is unreliable, only click rate is really (except the dumpster, or double). So, how do you improve the click rate? There are many articles in this field, but I would say that there is no shortcut to increasing the click rate. Your only effort is to do your own website better. In order to make some basic things, such as the basic SEO, submit the chain some basic, in Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, forums posts, other more important is to do their own website, do you want permanent promotion time over time the station you do it yourself, instead of cheating on SEO one or two, it is better to write original articles for it, for example, we can look at this website:, I do this site I although the flow from no explosive growth, but in the keywords ranking and IP on the growth is very stable, and the sticky web (PV, IP) more and more, although in the early days I have been looking for a lot of opportunistic approach, but later in the day, I finally found you, no matter the high technology, rather than spend time to Study on those measures, not to spend the same time to do their own content, so your site’s growth is the real growth, we can see in the forum, many of the veteran in the repeated content first, and many of those new methods in the study are novice, as a rookie, why do we need to think about it.

to tell you the truth, I don’t know what I think. Is that right? It’s just a matter of fact.

Stationmaster talk about website originality is not important, executive the most important

also some friends around to join the network, but a lot of friends into a misunderstanding, the hot total disdain tracking network, and always keep the creativity of the website to look too important, but I think now do a good job of domestic sites are basically no good ideas, including the four major portals, including network the game to earn a lot of money, they do not have what unique things, but constantly chasing hot spots, such as Sohu, on a hot chase, has two listed companies, but also the focus of the real estate may be owned by independent listed real estate portal, the game, it is not a unique focus? Something foreign, but most of them are not necessarily to the domestic situation, this is the home network. My friend and I said, to try to cater to the grassroots, if users love the game, do not do the game, not because you are not interested in the game, hot spots have become the hot spot, is not no reason for it, would you consider a unique creative, perhaps as long as one day, but no creative things execution may be a few years of hard work, do you think what is the value of head in the day time is reflected in a few years you work hard? Everything has a logical, not logical thing you believe?

I do not exclude

hot sites, do their own 26youxi network now is good, perhaps some people say small game station is doing too much, do bad, but the reality is that this station still has a large traffic, and easy realization of user stickiness, I also optimistic about the web game, SNS. The field of mobile phone related industries, is also optimistic about the mode of the website, but it is for those who claim to be the one and only the creative station is not interested in this station are some elite music, they tend to have a very high degree, rich experience in the workplace, they may love to drink coffee at Starbucks, but always do not understand why so many young people love to play the game, they chase tens of millions of venture capital, the venture capital as the only objective, but just do not understand why Li Xingping alone The power of one person will make a price of 50 million hao123 and 4399 again made the game very successful, I think this is ironic, as many people said, Chinese website master in private, not in an ivory tower, not those well-dressed veteran.

creative station is not successful, just as many people think it is necessary, not because of the development of creative mode you recognized station is hot rejection station mode, Admin5 is creative? There is nothing more than the conventional ideas? All operations to do well in place, only this.

this article was created by’s webmaster.

How to do well in the WeChat era chain

WeChat users a wide range of people, so now many businesses want to use WeChat to do precision marketing. WeChat has affected all aspects of our lives, in the food and beverage market is more widely used, then, how to do a good job of Western media chain brand new media marketing? Here are some tips for you!

now WeChat users, everyone played WeChat, Western-style food franchisee to open more extensive sales network, we must know how to break the WeChat marketing, how to do the new media marketing Western-style food chain brand? The operator can increase such a promotion and marketing opportunities, as long as the first registered public account, apply for marketing certification after fans reached 500, because this is more conducive to the construction of business brand, also facilitate business push information and answer consumer questions, so you can build a free ordering platform, expanding the scope of marketing


a new media, will promote the development of related industries, now WeChat has not only chat tools, a platform or businesses to do marketing. How to do a good job in new media marketing? We said some of the above experience, when it comes to the actual operation, each operator or to adjust according to different situations.


How to retain customers underwear store

underwear choices related to the health of women, high quality underwear can make women more healthy, driven development of female underwear market, an underwear store is certainly a very good investment choice, for operators to choose this industry, if you want to quickly win the market, how to cultivate loyal consumer groups, businesses need to pay special attention to the problems caused by.

underwear shops in the past two years of development speed is very fast, there are several main reasons: one is because of the improvement of the living standard, women have more and more requirements for underwear, and the growing needs of the market, the store has become an effective and necessary sales channels, three is because some underwear brand the price is more suitable for store sales of this model, the four is to open a store because the threshold is not high, the financial pressure is not large, far from competition and clothing jackets so fierce, so it attracts more and more investors.

underwear underwear underwear products in the consumer loyalty is much higher than the fashion, clothing often have too many styles, colors or seasonal choice is easy to let women’s interest in the transfer. The style change and choice of underwear to be relatively small, underwear is personal items, more easily in wearing and women feeling, usually, the female consumer brand underwear, usually buy in the number of about three brands.

training loyal consumers is the need to work, women have more good stuff to share the characteristics of the decision, proved a loyal consumer at least brings about 5 consumers to buy, and these new consumers are likely to become loyal consumers to you. This underwear stores can gradually form a huge stable sales .

so, lingerie stores often with the feelings of the old consumers to close the distance is a good course to open a good shop. The old can often provide consumers with some unique services, as well as promotional gifts, send a greeting card or send some birthday or holiday time, promotional information timely notice, regularly organize some old consumer fashion salon and other activities, the consumer groups firmly secured.

business underwear store, want to retain the success of every customer, entrepreneurs to be able to firmly grasp the customer’s needs and preferences, ensure the underwear product quality, business success requires businesses from many aspects under the foot, in consideration of the fundamental needs of consumers, to provide better products and services for them, so natural guest like cloud, unlimited resources.

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