How to change the domain name DZ forum after the restoration of rank and weight fast


1, website content (either the original or false original)


website domain name, will be within 24 hours included home www domain name, top-level domain name will be included within 48 hours, in the next month, we’ll have to be careful, pay attention to the following points:

2, the high quality of the chain (must be of high quality, rather than not indiscriminate)

belongs to the trouble, the Chinese Wangzhuan forum reminded all the chain of friends, but half of the chain is not back, here to replace the domain name in the chain of friends say thank you.

.The normal update


if you stick it out, there is no way, can only wait for 2 months, the new domain name you have good weight and included again to remind each other, if not change, you can have, is just beginning not, because even if not changed, will give us. Delivery weight, because we had done 301.


many people are lazy, go to Taobao to buy the chain service, but the chain for the website, not only harm the benefits of a good quality of the chain is much more than 10 or even 20 garbage outside the chain, therefore, must be high quality, rather than not indiscriminate

love Shanghai audit for a preliminary audit new website at around 3-7 for 301 days, the old site redirection is enough for 24 hours. When our new domain name on the line, will be immediately submitted to love Shanghai, can use real-time push or manual submission.

A5 owners, major marketing websites blogs are very good outside the chain of high quality publishing platform, adhere to a publishing original content to these high weight website every day, persist for 1 months, after a month, enough to make your new domain name included 1000, the weight of 1~2.

3, the Links will remind you to change your new domain name.

The release of

last time for everyone to share a "detailed DZ forum for domain name and note", has been published in the A5 station network, today to share how to change the domain name after the restoration included, rankings and weight fast. We have to do a 301 redirect to love Shanghai, and submitted 360 Sogou domain name change, this relatively than a new web site can better restore the weight and included.


during this period do not modify the site Title, KeyWords, Description. As for the content of the website, as far as possible to improve the degree of the original, there are too many forums to Chinese Wangzhuan forum copy the contents of this point can not be avoided, only let it be.

Huaxia Wangzhuan forum is ready now about 301 to 20 days, following Shanghai love included:

Xu Jin summary will be several search engine punishment

1, station links, to avoid too many dead links. Also a lot of people love in the weight of high in the emergence of a large number of keywords. Only the teacher’s word around a good can be done in accordance with this principle. In addition to the Links, why put it in the station. Often the webmaster do Links will attach great importance to the site, and included the snapshot weight. To meet the requirements of all exchange links. But after a time of sharpening, object and not all exchange links are developed along with you, there is little part of the site will be right down even by plucking. My blog recently had this experience, three friends of the chain is now cause trichotillomania is right down. So when the owners in Shanghai for the purpose of exchanging links to Phoenix, to Links own often check.

, a title

two, Meta and Descriptions

2, outside the chain, avoid the use of tools or software mass class

Three, the content of the website link


if the person is new, so that a search engine is also true. If there is a large number of online websites have some information, even if the weight of the good website will soon be included, after a little time included will slowly be K off. Is not to say that can not be collected, we can change the title and content. But with the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, the word may not shun way site subject to heavy penalties, direct pull hair. So this need to be cautious.

Meta and Descriptions information is two information points initial understanding of web spider crawling. Previously also wrote a story about a lot of sites Meta and Descriptions why not write. Two labels in the search engine optimization effect, basically be the mainstream search engine algorithm is reduced to 0 or lower. Optimization method of accumulation of keywords blindly, will only play a negative reaction to search engine optimization. Over on the optimization, the light is right down, heavy hair.

novice error: exposing the Shanghai dragon chain tool’s true colors. "

a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng too act with undue haste, some accidents will inevitably occur. Shanghai Longfeng mostly rely on search engines to get traffic, and rely more on China is love in Shanghai. Often there will be punished by search engine, in order to enable more people to avoid detours, here is a list of points to avoid search engine punishment case.

most of the time Shanghai dragon ER in order to optimize a large number of keywords the accumulation in the title, more than allowed by the words of the title. 3-4 keywords can, can certainly use the segmentation principle to do the title, such as "the title of Anhui Hefei Shanghai dragon _ _ e-commerce network marketing" by segmentation principle, there will be a lot of keywords. The weight is not high in the case do not often modify title.

Shu Hong search the kernel power inside the forward movement of the engine system (two)

said this is actually our webmaster every day now, in the network above meet, the highest frequency of use, thinking of something. Shu Hong below to do is in the front of a lot of the configuration attribute. When the configuration is complete, so that a proposition is preaching the end.

then you need to add the original what function? The best can bring the chain for your website. In the first world war. The German general staff hair odd repeatedly stressed: must make a right across the channel. Have the largest marginal effect.

however, in order to your site in the search engine system in forward motility, as a webmaster you have to seriously address the problem of the chain. This chain is doing hard, is a concept of labor. And。 This time, facing the chain your question is "talk and laugh with Ru, sed NIAM senkona diskleroros." Like attracts like., people and the group of points. You want to go to the website that is very difficult to panlongfufeng Shu hong.

after your objective effort, can achieve the release of original content in the mainstream of the purpose of the website. In many browsing, reading, and a considerable part of the same identity than Adsense or a large network company personnel. Their task is to people from these mainstream websites, forums or manual software acquisition. This is the objective result, formed the outer > on your web site

write their own article with respect to the content owners to engage from the outside, is the concept of the original. For the original spider where the benefits? According to the special Hong experience: the most direct response is the snapshot of your site and included the situation has improved significantly.

one of the most powerful locomotive is one of the collector. Something about this, it may be several hours to resolve.

Hong: the webmaster to write their own. Because it is a grassroots webmaster, so I do not speak of how to ask someone else to write this.

article here but Hong it will be divided into two categories: plagiarism, and write your own. If it is copied, reproduced, so we need to do the job is a pseudo original work. Because the webmaster, especially private owners don’t love very formal, system, series to do turn, unless, in some strict stressed that types of network location. When it comes to pseudo original, webmasters have the means and methods, the network also has a lot of auxiliary means, high level, hope that the webmaster can buy good pseudo original software service.

It will be

if you want to achieve this tactical target, which needs to solve the problem is: in addition to the website in your own unknown to the public, to Internet related authoritative website or forum to publish your original articles. This is online submission under article. Only to the mainstream media, your original content will produce greater reading value.

is not here in Hong pseudo original technology more elaborated.

He Mountain Jade can attack the stone chain analysis of Shanghai Longfeng cattle station

The recent historical data, the chain of 2, the basic information of The continuous adjustment of !

1, the station main keyword difficulty! Look at this data, but is losing weight keywords, the difficulty of the word you should know

4, use the domain command to see the specific situation of the station chain. Perhaps a webmaster will love Shanghai domain command is not allowed, but this does not prevent us from see come probably, to see the trend, this is enough! This station outside the chain construction mainly divided into the following categories:





3. It is very stable, there are fluctuations, but very small, not so in the webmaster online complaints could be cut down the middle half. What? That outside the chain of high quality! Be few, increase the stability of


see a cattle station, a single page of Taobao keyword weight class guest website Shanghai dragon! Everyone knows, love Shanghai now do not like Taobao station, so this can highlight more station level! This station is worth learning in many places, but this time I carefully look at the construction of the chain part

1): video website, and almost in the chain in the majority. The video site outside the chain is not unusual, but do so much may be a bit surprised many webmaster expectations, but according to my observation of a chain of many websites have begun to tend to the video site class. Video site outside the chain it is convenient, and the chain is stable, but the higher bandwidth requirements of owners, after all.



station! Love Shanghai weight 6, that not only the home key to do good, long tail keywords is still outstanding, it certainly cannot do without the construction of the chain powerful! Love Shanghai in August 16th to check the snapshot August 1st snapshot, you don’t seem too superstitious this snapshot included 485, according to the domain name! Age, every day is not to one, you should not rely on the number of original content to win the original station, estimation of high quality, and is reproduced, bring chain! See the chain, estimates that many webmaster will be very disdain said, only more than 10000 ah!!, more than 10000, although love Shanghai the chain allowed, but no error is so large, the chain of only more than 10000 stations, will lose weight class competition keywords worst home second (the first is the inside pages of the NetEase), together with the long tail keywords ZhengZhan Shanghai love weight to 6. The construction of the chain which is more worthy of our careful study of this station

some time ago love Shanghai so many owners outside the chain drop, a time of complaints as one falls, another rises. But the opportunity for those who are prepared, when everyone complains, but need to calm down and think carefully about the countermeasures. OK, I think there is no clue? They take a shortcut, imitation is not a master? Let’s go through the road, time-saving and safe

Fifth videoinfo Chinese CPA price hikeNine wins gift CPA advertising network registration suspended

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

League address: the5v/

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.


nine wins advertising alliance


more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

advertisers, advertising gift net registered CPA from 07 years in December 24th to suspend delivery, please promptly withdraw advertising code, in order to avoid advertising waste caused by unnecessary losses, advertising will reopen, notice to inform you, thank you for the support and cooperation of

distinguished League members, hello everyone!

> OICQ:105617

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

, everybody:

Ctrip’s troubles low prices and mobile Internet double impactHow can I be a successful Taobao custom

operating environment macroeconomic uncertainty have not been eliminated, Ctrip rival elong full-scale hotel market, where the network attention ticket booking services, a number of new mobile application companies do a stampede in Ctrip online travel market, the dominance seems not guaranteed.

Ctrip in 2012 second quarter, Ctrip total operating income was 1 billion yuan $162 million, an increase of 16%, but its operating profit was 168 million yuan $26 million, down 37%. At the same time, the operating margin for the quarter was 17%, down 15% from 32% in the same period in 2011. Recently, the world’s largest Exchange Company NASDAQ micro-blog group announced changes in the NASDAQ -100 index – Ctrip has been excluded from the index range. Because in the past two years, Ctrip’s share price showed a downward trend, shrinking nearly 70%, or greater than the overall trend of China’s stocks.

In the

"back to war" and "buy" war…… Ctrip, eLong, the same process, mango and other online travel companies are constantly pushing the price war to the boiling point.

is currently on the Internet Wangzhuan project, Taobao customer profit model is a bellwether, why Taobao will be just two years so the fire? It is because Taobao guest let traffic into cash ratio to far beyond some of the advertising medium, so most of the small owners to join them. Even large websites have hung off Taobao promotion link, Taobao is off the temptation so great! In our real life or in the virtual world will have success and failure, there will still be a lot of people unable to gain wealth from Taobao customers, then to give you a brief analysis if a successful Taobao guest.

three, dig long tail keywords


transformation of some long tail keywords rate tends to be much higher than the rate of conversion of single keywords, so when choosing keywords might add some long tail keywords, long tail keywords benefit is less competition and easy ranking, the conversion rate is also good, is worth us to explore. this article by aiqimi webmaster original, starting A5, reprinted please indicate here, thank you!

one, learn to adapt

but when the same is Ren Xin of Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni in Sina micro-blog to Ctrip CEO Fan Min wrote a long message, expressed on Ctrip this ship reverence, and that their operation is a very small enterprises, the emergence of a new model is also good for the entire industry hope, fan min can give the living space. But Fan Min did not hope to get to this friendly little juniors respond.

as of March 31, 2012, Ctrip cash and short-term investment balance of $819 million. As share prices continue to fall, Ctrip said it will spend $300 million to buy back shares, and then put in 500 million U. S. dollars, began low-priced promotions. Buy in Travel >

two, pay attention to user experience,

time passes very quickly. In July 26, 2012, Fan Min led the Ctrip, eLong, where to go to group purchase search, tonight hotel special offer as the representative of the new model of Tourism under the impact of many online, has been faced with the continued decline in performance problems.

in the real world, the customer is God, and in the virtual network in the visitor is God, we should use the beautiful, simple page, and the contents in the station to keep visitors, let them remember our website, so that next time you can also visit our website. So pay special attention to the user experience.

he is worried that a new model of online travel they just launched the i.e. tonight hotel after 6 Weifang through mobile terminals such as mobile phone with low prices will be blocked Ctrip booking. Because at that time, a unique Ctrip has a strong control of the hotel, in accordance with the agreement, and Ctrip co-operation of the hotel and dare not privately cooperate with other hotels.

October 2011, tonight hotel special price, United founder Ren Xin is anxious very much.

we all know that L-carnitine slimming medicine good promotion, high commission, many people choose this diet pills to promotion, is Taobao customers only L-carnitine is involved in the promotion? Thousands on thousands of goods waiting for you to discover, why go to extremes? And others thought we can learn, but to avoid competition with others, we want to achieve success in the shortest time, so as not to waste a lot of time and energy.

, ctrip Nasdaq:CTRP, hereinafter referred to as the "Ctrip" of the online travel market dominance is still there, but the opponent is no longer the follower was weak. In the competition of strangulation in Ctrip increase cycle.

Ali mother will always let Adsense sadGo your own way and earn someone else’s money

, I won’t imagine this world as perfect, so innocent, and go my own way and let others torture me.


they don’t look at it. Just click the mouse to send the machine automatically,

go his own way and earn someone else’s money,

today this life, no justice, no transparency, no human nature.


as a personal webmaster, every day must do, in addition to the daily update, maintenance site, I care about, 1., the site traffic has changed; 2. advertising fees have?. Do not say I am vulgar, I believe most of the webmaster, like me, looking forward to more advertising costs, nourishing their little days. Mr. Ma Yun said, "today is cruel, tomorrow is cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, and most people die tomorrow night.". In order to strive to see the day after tomorrow’s dawn, we still adhere to, and stick to what is, or for the Internet tomorrow, a harmonious society, who knows?. In fact, to make money for us this site only a few months of people, it is really difficult, we do not build the station garbage flow, do not jump, with their own cavity enthusiasm. Often see such a post, said a webmaster day arrangements, as if to see their shadow, can not say the sad and helpless, since chose to go this way, or go on, is not it?.


finally, I chose to do a travel advisory website because of hobbies. Often, sometimes feel oneself is a young cynic, would love some false things, such as wandering free walking image of Jack London Hemingway according to the disillusionment of what the baby, I want to let more people have something for free, perhaps not the mainstream thing, but how many representatives of some people’s voices. Besides, tourism is a necessity for the younger generation. Do the station is not easy, and update, post promotion, a little improvement at last day, this is the expected thing, after all, web site traffic and love you in.

lived a hard life and lived happily ever after. With a little bit of happiness, we can live at ease.

is always in the palm of the big business., that 300 yuan ad cost is gone.

, do you know how many sleepless nights the small Adsense paid for

and then ask the system to send an email saying that your account is blocked, I wrote a complaint, and then it came back from the system,

initially do actually want to do e-commerce site, do the mall B2C this, everyone says it and think about how much money, China Internet users, online shopping more and more powerful ability of this group, we felt excited. University is the electronic commerce, it is the successful experience of worship of Mr. Ma Yun, of the Alibaba concerned about Taobao, to see Chinese course of development of the Internet, the Internet of the future Chinese that firm is the best market in the world. To practice when a friend told me something that I decided to do the 1. many individual or enterprise has already paid attention to ah ah what the new Jingdong, and mall traffic and trade is a very difficult time. 2., do personal standing, if you do not have good enthusiasm and knowledge of this industry, it is difficult to do, and instant success, there must be no return, it will only make you incisively and truly exhausted. The quality of the flow, upstream of the mall 3. need to focus on delivery, logistics, customer service and so on, it is difficult to control, before you do not do it, no one is willing to throw money to the individual owners, this is a question of trust mechanism. I think he has a point there.

received emails from Ali’s mother today, and it made me sad,

a domain name, an account, you do not like the eye, the mouse a little, 88,

webmaster query tool tool.admin5

small Adsense interests, forever, are not guaranteed,

I didn’t cheat. You said it was a letter. Why,

I really feel like a not rely on abandoned, helpless, lonely and helpless.


Rookie station a month experience

for me, a person is still quite a lack of knowledge of the network, the establishment of a web site is a very difficult thing! Only had the website experience from a friend of the forum, held over a period of time the administrator is in him! Post, delete delete spam can be said! On the website later this site utterly ignorant of fundamental! Due to various reasons closed! In order not to lose this station on friends and members, I decided to build a


below, I said, I have this rookie site for a month to experience it:

The first is the

domain name, because I am in Yangzhou, so I want to build a Yangzhou forum, we all know that good domain name had been taken up, can’t leave you, because it is not difficult to understand, I used the yzsh0514, originally called Yangzhou, later changed to elegant life in fact, this is a blunder, a little experience will know, the beginning of construction sites and submit the search included the case, will affect your collection! So I collected a certain period of time reduced by half! So here I remind you, must be considerate the domain name and the name of the site, some of the best people think, unfamiliar words, or choose to search site search before you want to use the name if you have a lot of people are using, if you still think that to a

!Fixed a

domain name is registered, do not recommend their filing, of course this is the rookie, if no experience, general now returned a great possibility, even if not long before the batch is to back down! I was able to record 2 times by the first time, is their record to be returned, the reason is simple, my website names with the forum words, this is not wrong, especially as a thorough investigation period, through the probability is very low! It is best to let the experienced people help you submit, or direct money to solve, is not very expensive, as long as 3 days can be approved, said the 3 hours the group also has, to see how you find the master

!During the

record second times, in order to pass, I shut down the site for 10 days, so the official said to my station made 20 appearance, I have never used the collector and other tools, but now included normal, not including the site shut down during reduction were also included, with 20 pages, this is why


record at the same time, to start to each big search engine website to submit your site, to be included, this is very simple, it is important that this time to update your website, so you can start a very short period of time through the audit included, it is best to write some original content, writing is not good relationship is the original, it is not, you can copy the contents of a title, a little change of content and so on, these are very easy to do! I stand about 3 days after the submission began during this period included, of course, I also do a lot of work, to each big search engine website application a personal blog, send some soft, but not too much, also listed as "

The present situation of advertisement profits in novel websites

today, talk about the status of the novel station,

I started 06 novels stand, made for almost 3 years, 07 years in December began a full-time website, there are currently 2 novels, novels stand than those who do keep going by painstaking effort, the cattle X predecessors, far worse, if you write well, don’t hit me.

novel station because access threshold low, very mature program, get everyone’s attention, so that a certain period of time, is a webmaster is a novel, but recently this time environment, many station transformation or closed, but money expert or some, do not understand, did not dare to comment.

novel station profit can not be separated from the advertising alliance, so the main thing is to make money through the advertising alliance. At present, I am doing the following ads, although I did not make a few money.

one, GG

novel cannot do without GG, but now GG price is very low very low, and now the dollar price of the RMB is more and more low, so GG for novel station, basically do not do chicken ribs, unfortunately, and no money. Of course, cheating isn’t here. I know how to do it, but I don’t study it. I don’t want to say anything about it. For ordinary webmasters, the golden age of GG’s money is gone.

two, Baidu

what I’m doing right now is promotion and search, and I want to get a click of 10 Fen. I think it’s better than GG. Of course, this promotion account is very hard to pass. For the novel station.

, but if you have Baidu promotion account, if you take seriously, I think Baidu promotion is good, at least make money than GG.

I found a lot of station ignored Baidu search, in fact, if you are intelligent enough, you will find the search for money is not much less than the promotion, mainly to make use of the rules of the game, Baidu game rules.

three, first video

video is currently the first winter, so the first video for money is the winter of money, but also had to go, and the first video canceled the original sound, so put on after all can earn more money, life is to continue

four, popups

window, I hung up propaganda, easy, only hanging chapters, pages, basically do not tube, and occasionally go up to see how much money earned today. Lin Yun Matthew, wounding, and other people hang, not as good as I find the merchant, earn more than pop.

five, thunder express


novel download can be hung or express the thunder, I hung over all the thunder and thunder download to express, is money, is the express installation + download to money, I’ve been hanging is fast, up to a day to earn a few blocks, but you need to pay attention to is that the thunder is the mainstream, so come on you download novels are not installed express, they must be installed to express, and download.

These years, QQ space gives me the inspiration for optimization

The new Baidu

algorithm, I said, we still don’t depend too much on Baidu webmaster, if you really want to use the network, it should make full use of network marketing methods, search engine marketing is just one way only, in fact, we can make full use of blog marketing, micro-blog marketing (a person think micro-blog is marketing requires a very long time accumulation, and play micro-blog) e-mail marketing, I run the website is a local forum of local decoration company in Zhuzhou I think e-mail marketing is a very good method, what promotional activities, we can email the target customers, we are basically every few days to send a piece of mail, and, through the background statistics, a majority of people are into my net by mail Station.

my site is a local decoration materials category forum, so I think QQ is a very good example of learning, also, I can put the decoration company in Zhuzhou this forum is defined as a community, our goal is to build a kind of home building materials furniture Zhuzhou best, we in the jar you can put the jar, as your home, like the QQ space, you can get a lot of decoration materials such knowledge is learned in our jars, here we can find some you need the baby, then again, how to stand in the QQ space to do optimization, I or from the station and station to foreign.

play QQ number should be very large, even with the bright younger generation MSN, Ali Wangwang, WeChat, QQ, Fetion, but the position in most eyes should be ingrained, a friend asked me why I don’t play MSN, I said, my friends are in QQ, QQ played for several years. To change the communication tools used, this is the so-called user stickiness, hehe.

, let’s take a look at Baidu’s big story:


8.23 and a big update, this update has 5 major contents are 1, random collection content, statement is unreasonable, the reader cannot obtain needed information from 2, although the content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other websites, no original content itself. 3, "with accumulation of keywords or articles are not related to the topic, in an attempt to deceive the search engine to search relevant keywords the user without the help of the essence of 4, posing as official website to deceive users, in the title and meta tags in the statement is not true, 5 sites have a large number of illegal or fraudulent content, may cause the user property loss. As always rely on search engines for SEO people, for Baidu algorithm update not nervous, as long as a really good content, have real value to the user experience, adhere to the correct practice of ranking sooner or later.

Baidu 360 World War

from the following aspects of QQ space to my optimization inspired