The first lesson in online money making the ten great truths shlf1314 discoveredWhat is the value of

The basic flow of


3. is better than slow.

interface is clear and easy to use; web pages are loaded quickly; absolutely not to sell search results in the rankings. The ads on the website should provide relevant content and will not affect the user experience.

1. is user centric and everything else comes in.

creation, shlf1314 was the central task of providing the best user experience. Although many companies advocate the priority of customer interests, but it is difficult to resist all kinds of temptations, often sacrifice a small amount of customer interests to increase shareholder value. shlf1314’s consistent attitude is that if changes made do not bring any advantages to web visitors, they will firmly refuse:

shlf1314 has earned 100 billion by these ten truths. How much did you make? – three



network earning first lesson: the ten great truths shlf1314 discovered:

technology blog PandoDaily Sara ·, Lacy Sarah feel a little strange, so she compared some other large e-commerce and group buying website in the past year’s monthly independent user visits.

. The best way to


2. is to do one thing at an acme.

shlf1314 has always maintained the "user first" concept, thus winning the most loyal user groups from the internet. The growth of user groups is not achieved through television advertising, but through the praise of users.


shlf1314 has to do is search. shlf1314 doesn’t do constellation predictions, do financial advice, or chat. But with the world’s largest R & D team, intentnesses to solving search problems. shlf1314 knows what he is good at and knows how he can do better. By consistently exploring difficult problems, shlf1314 is always able to solve complex problems that puzzle others and continually improve the best service that has been recognized as the best on the web. With the help of the shlf1314 program and the shlf1314 toolbar to correct typos and other innovative tools through which users can search shlf1314 from any website makes millions of users can enjoy fast and perfect information search experience. All of shlf1314’s staff focused on creating ", the perfect search engine, ", and worked tirelessly to achieve this goal.

, don’t say you’ve seen it. The key is how much you’ve done. – two

Zulily’s basic traffic is currently only 2.5% of Amazon, and Amazon is a company with a market value of up to $105 billion. But Zulily’s monthly independent user visits are far beyond Gilt Groupe.


this article compiles from businessinsider

At the very beginning of .The ten great truths found by

shlf1314 believes in the joy that comes in an instant. You need to answer >

Zulily is currently only 2.5% of the Amazon have reported that maternal electronic commerce and group purchase website Zulily just in the new round of financing, with an annual income of $500 million $1 billion valuation.

: as you can see from this chart, only three companies have exceeded industry averages: Amazon, Fab, and Zulily." "The valuations of the latter two companies may still be radical, but it helps explain why investors think they’re doing better."

See the love sea than we imagined powerful love from Shanghai

mentioned in the love of Shanghai’s original spark program now a major role in the article above, now for the original product recognition degree is not so high, so now there is a general weight website if you are updating time, then the general love of Shanghai snapshot will be updated, this point in some weight B2B the site is particularly evident. But for the relatively more stringent, the general is designated to release time, not updated with updates, but fell in love with the sea will do special labeling.

the love Shanghai snapshot, first love Shanghai time snapshot and describe the annotation time is the same, but the second is not the same, love Shanghai snapshot time is 2014-02-12, but the description tagging time is 2014-02-15. I have not found such a case, it was found by accident when I was included in the today the 2014-02-12 query, this time I remember clearly I release this news time, 2014-02-15 this time is my site is the latest trends, will call the website for the latest release of the contents, I remember my website has a new application case, is some pictures of things, but know the content on the website construction especially love Shanghai is not very significant, so I might as well have previously released news update date is The 12 news release at No. 15 >

Two news

love since Shanghai last year released a series of new algorithms, especially the original spark program released, one of the original identification will be used to update the snapshot snapshot, so unlike before casually, the previous snapshot is updated with the love Shanghai more new, such as Friday update, then will you show a snapshot of the day on Friday, but now the love of Shanghai snapshot update seems difficult many, some long time the website snapshot not update, as much as half a year no updates to the site are in, as in the end how to update the snapshot did not seem to say clearly, some say that the content is updated spider, often, the website included snapshot will update faster, faster; some say love Shanghai will refer to some digital snapshot of things, such as your home page snapshot, hypothesis Have the date of your home page, it is very likely that your snapshot is the date, for example you update an article, the article produces a new date, there might be a snapshot will be updated as of this date, but things are not absolute, like two cases just mentioned does exist, but not universal some people, the site every day, update the content, but also included is also good, but the snapshot is not updated, although some released a new article, the emergence of a new date, but the snapshot is not updated, my understanding is probably the case, two cases mentioned for a new snapshot of the front that is a plus the premise is to love Shanghai enough recognition of your site, such as your site has a certain rank, have a certain weight, a certain amount of access, only then appears in front of the Two cases that is updated snapshot.

How to set up the Shanghai dragon chain combination health

10. not only the chain to the home page, also want to link to the content page, if you all the chain to the home page, it is very easy to search engine to determine if K is cheating, it’s the station so much to The loss outweighs the gain., a column page, content page, product page, this is a must and reasonable.

1. as far as possible from a different domain, and the best domain name suffix to distinguish, such as com, CN, edu, net and so on.

6. from the station link.


9. there is a part of the chain is not related to your site from the theme of the site. For a natural site outside the chain, it will be more or less in related sites, such as the chain game site may appear in the sales polishing machine forum.

? 8.

5. from the forum, although many forum links for the nofololow property, and the value is not high, but we have to do is to link the natural, a natural site will not only good links as a link? If so, it will be the search engine that deliberately human.

source website weight level collocation, not all websites from high weight website, this is not natural.

4. has many links from directories, directory of the web site is an important source of search engine content, will be submitted to the directory link on the website, is very conducive to the search engine website content fast and multi frequency crawling.

3. from the blog link, the trust degree of the search engine on the blog and friendly degree is far more than the general site, so, from the blog link is very necessary.

7. from the Social Web links to social networking sites, now it is too important, a normal website, if the link is no with it on the social networking site outside the chain number will occupy the site of the chain number a most general.

to answer the question posed in the title, we must first understand what is connected health? According to Shanghai dragon predecessors, healthy connection should be a combination of the source of the chain has diversity and diversification, because of the search engine, the user experience is always the core of the first, for those outside the chain of nature the distribution of the website, search engines will think they are really being approved by the user, has a good user experience, so the search engine will naturally prefer these sites to better rankings.

11. do not use only one anchor text anchor text, if all of a keyword, the search engine is likely to be judged as cheating, will naturally do anchor text >

2. source sites distributed in the world, using a different IP address. (mainly for the global Google search engine)

have to do to realize the chain combination of health

The correct method to enhance the flow of the long tail keywords

love Shanghai is the most authoritative screening methods, including the Shanghai index and love love Shanghai encyclopedia which brings together a long tail a lot of words, the author detailed explanation:

short, extraction method of long tail words very much, in daily life, the network in any words.

2, the Shanghai Encyclopedia

here may have to ask someone, love the Shanghai encyclopedia can also choose the long tail keywords? How should I do? As a webmaster must understand that love Shanghai Wikipedia is now on the Internet the most authoritative database related knowledge which are obtained in favor of the love of Shanghai. From the long tail keywords love Shanghai encyclopedia above title is also extending from the users often search words. Only need a certain processing, you can experience a good word.

also believe that some Shanghai dragon Er has noticed, using love Shanghai search engine users usually have a habit, is with doubt tone to search related things, as a qualified ER in Shanghai Longfeng do the long tail word is best as far as possible the use of interrogative sentences. This optimization can meet user tastes.

and the combination of words into a combination of long tail words, this is the most basic method of enterprise products, this kind of words not only includes the industry attributes, and the conversion rate brings to the enterprise is very high, when users search for this kind of words, have fixed this small range of industries. Of course, in doing this kind of words should also remember to use the love Shanghai index, otherwise there is no human search, even more is useless.

love Shanghai index of words every day search volume heat, there are detailed instructions, usually love Shanghai for the index of 50-100 words can be used as the long tail keywords, competition index is too high too difficult, too low index search volume is too small is not necessary. So the moderate index is the best goal we choose. I believe that Shanghai dragon Er all know.


is an extension of the long tail keywords and target keywords, keywords and even number can be used to describe many, it is not a long tail keywords should be optimized to detail, to increase the weight? This is not correct, the same need of optimization of long tail keywords, or a person’s energy is limited, can not take care of to every word. Here again, the emergence of new problems, how to choose the long tail keywords

index of love two, extracted from the product ?

1, Shanghai

believe that the long tail keywords webmaster to understand what they mean, the total flow of a web site at least 80% from the long tail keywords, so increase the optimization of long tail keywords, increase website traffic, increase customer conversion rate is one of the Shanghai dragon Er is really doing. The target keywords and long tail keywords biggest difference: one is to build the brand, a brand which is extended from the build out flow.

, a Shanghai extraction from love in

For most resources outside the chain of history


intitle: powered by bbsmax

intitle: Powered by Discuz

(Note: limit the scope of the search in the title)

intitle: Powered by phpwind

chain resources are looking for you just love Shanghai beyond count, you will be able to see N, but today I want to share is a personal experience for many years Shanghai Longfeng hope that we launched in the chain today Scindapsus algorithm, the website weight becomes very little under the condition of hard to read the search engine then also arrive however you multi platform released outside the chain, many manufacturing high quality chain etc..

5, open directory


1, the most simple and direct domain: Web site, this can see the opponent the chain of information, in the course of love Shanghai webmaster tools platform launched today we can also query the better effect in this. Because here you can see the site all external links.

we get right: These are 20 kinds of chain for

website chinadmoz open directory sites, 35 categories, as the output class web site, because of the particularity of the website itself plus the limited open directory sites, so this kind of resources to become very precious.

website: hao123, the output.

Methods the

Powered intitle: by Discuz

site go9go Links Chinaz station platform, trading platform, need to find more direct search for "love Shanghai Links platform" can. Links with site navigation station, this station is connected sites often weight are particularly high output, this kind of website is usually included and quickly, is a high quality of the chain.

site navigation station

4, Links platform

advertising! Keywords

3, with friends to exchange resources

Keywords 2, learn to use Intitle

intitle: powered by Dvbbs

A5 did not come for a long time to publish the article, during in Shanghai dragon training work, today the author in her spare time to share a "method" for the whole history of the chain resources.

in Shanghai dragon industry friends all know that their man is not looking for much outside the chain of high quality resources, this time we need to exchange resources with our friends.


Very period, stationmaster should do a few work

is now a very special period of "pornography and anti pornography", and the relevant departments of the state have focused on strengthening the governance of the Yellow mobile websites. It can be said that this country is determined to make great efforts to focus on remediation. For many webmasters, and therefore affected or affected are not in the minority. Baidu at this time and introduced phoenix nest system, the algorithm has made great changes, it can be said that Baidu has entered the turbulent phase with the arrival of this period. As the new and old webmaster of this period, how to face a variety of unpredictable factors with a good mentality and strategy?

Guangzhou SEO thinks, very period stationmaster should do the following job:

1. Strengthen self-discipline and cooperate with relevant departments for inspection. No matter what a man or a station must be, only the strengthening of self-discipline and self love will be respected and recognized by others. If necessary, check with relevant department.

two, a thorough examination of the contents of the website. If the content is illegal, or conflict with the laws of the country, or article messages and links have problems, be sure to clean up in time. If there are links to the site itself, the problem has been ordered remediation, or by the search engine K off, your station will be more or less joint and several liability, become an accomplice, become their victims.

three, check the website space. Many websites now focus on sharing a virtual hosting space, with fewer than dozens, hundreds, and any type of web site. Of course, there are no violations or K website, if the alleged violation of the site was shut down, then you will be facing the space machine was ordered to rectify or cut the fate of electricity. For a website that runs normally, especially the e-commerce site, such a hit is undoubtedly fatal. Therefore, should be done in the first place, this time more backup your site, in case of a rainy day.

four, check the website for the record. For the record, please show your record number at the bottom of the page, plus the link of the Ministry. If there is no record, you need to intensify the filing. After all, for a website, survival is fundamental, and survival is the only way to develop. While the established rules of the game can not be changed at the moment, we have to strictly comply with the implementation of the ability to have their own space.

five, stand ready to work at the moment. That is the main Baidu, without any problems in other aspects of the case, by all means to keep the site, because there is no what than this pool our efforts we deserve more love to stand (except for women of course! (*^__^*)). Domestic traffic, mainly from Baidu Adsense need to pay attention to. We do Guangzhou SEO optimization this line of personal experience, many around Guangzhou site optimization friend station has recently been Baidu crazy K drop. Many people say that the impact of Baidu’s "phoenix nest" server instability is short-term, and in Guangzhou’s SEO view, Baidu has apparently begun to crack down on SEO behavior. These sites that disappeared from Baidu might be back for a long time

Share the feelings of attending DISCUZ webmaster conference in Jiangsu!


DISCUZ! 10th anniversary Nanjing webmaster General Assembly held in Nanjing Huamao Kokusai Hotel, I just go to school in Nanjing, so this opportunity can not be missed. It’s necessary to attend. To tell you the truth, this webmaster conference has taught me some ideas and ideas I didn’t have before. It made me very happy. The Master share many dry cargo it is also full of awesome. With examples to guide novice webmaster or local webmaster direction. Here, I want to say, besides SEO, there’s still a lot to learn.

this conference is divided into four stages, and these four stages can also be regarded as a theme, namely, the introduction of 1 and DISCUZ, and the function of DZ X2.5. 2, round table – local forum related issues, thinking and sharing. 3, Tencent, micro-blog, Xu Zhibin’s speech on micro-blog. 4, round table – to explore the direction of the small webmaster. Let’s share them one by one.

DISCUZ! Product introduction and X2.5 features look ahead

for DZ products, I want to do BBS webmaster friends are not strange, DZ as can be said to be China’s largest open source BBS software provider, since 2000, has helped 1500000 adsense. We don’t say much about that. Let’s talk about the new features of X2.5.

The new features of

X2.5 are divided into six areas.

new community dynamics: This is mainly 1, @ function, realize micro-blog small function in BBS application realization, 2, pay attention to function and first points a bit similar, 3, micro-blog comment and community review interoperability.

professional portal system: 1 portal can generate static files, is conducive to website optimization. 2, push the data, you can cut the picture online. 3, visual template data editing (DIY), and so on.

mobile Internet: DZ version of the mobile version and client optimized, so that the effect is better.

new technology: 1 background automatic updates vulnerability patch, 2 online upgrade version of the background, for BBS change is not very big, especially beneficial. 3, the background plug-in platform automatically updated, reducing the webmaster search plug-in resources time.

anti irrigation: 1, the field post audit system, to prevent violations posted. 2, registered mandatory password strength. 3 scans weak password users to notify or freeze. Increase member stickiness. 4, cloud security processing.

cloud platform: on the basis of X2.0 better optimization, there will be the emergence of DZ advertising alliance.

local forum related issues, thinking and sharing

In the following part of the question,

focuses on 2 issues, namely, these two issues have also led to heated discussions.

1, is the vertical class site right?

Innovation and entrepreneurship education can not only rely on Colleges and Universities

in the management of activities open, the whole society is called for the strengthening of the entrepreneurial education, colleges and universities are educational reform, entrepreneurship education will be incorporated into the teaching plan. However, in the days before the 2015 Xinhua Education Forum, vice president of Beijing Normal University said that not all expect the innovation and entrepreneurship education.

in Ge Jianping’s view, innovation and entrepreneurship education needs a complete industrial chain, government and social responsibility should also be clear. He expressed his concern: "now the community is more recognition of success, publicity is also a winner. A student fails to start a business, and if he can get a lesson, I think he’s a success."

"interactive innovation and entrepreneurship students and teachers, colleges and society, is a kind of collaborative innovation, the whole society to cultivate innovative cultural environment, namely" Houzhi public entrepreneurship, innovation of the soil ". Wang Xiaomei, Deputy Secretary General of China Higher Education Association believes that the whole society needs to form a tolerance of college students entrepreneurship, allowing the failure of the cultural atmosphere.

universities are constantly strengthening entrepreneurship education of university teachers, but mostly no entrepreneurial experience, for the start of the lack of practical experience, which has some obstacles for entrepreneurship education. It is not advisable to push the burden of innovation and entrepreneurship education to colleges and universities. It is necessary for the society to cultivate innovative talents.

related recommendations

Never silent carrier business opportunities

medical industry is a huge market will never be replaced, people can not be a lifetime not sick, for investors to invest in the medical industry from the perspective of the market is absolutely impossible without the "money map", then investors still etc. What?

list of reasons: the relationship between the people’s livelihood, sustained growth, non periodic, stable and profitable medical, will be the three 2009 IBM company to focus on." A IBM insiders have publicly stated. In the face of 850 billion yuan health care reform opportunities, IBM, SIEMENS, CISCO, GE and many other multinational companies have to act up. From the 12 new venture capital industry promotion point of view, the health care is generally optimistic, there are IDG, Qing Branch, Softbank rich, Qiming venture capital and other 9 to promote the medical industry, and gave a high score.


list in the medical industry, is the general level, which contains three aspects such as the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, medical service. From the statistics released by China investment perspective, since February 2008, the year of the year, the investment cases occurred in the medical industry up to 48, involving an investment of $610 million. We can see from the medical industry has become venture eyes "xiangbobo".


How to choose a better car beauty shop

car beauty shop is now more and more, open a car beauty shop where the location is very important, then, where to choose to win a good income? Xiao Bian on this issue for us to do a detailed introduction.

large residential area

car beauty shop how location is better? The owner of the car home after you can find professionals to dress up a new car, without any extra go astray, this means provides a convenient and timesaving shop is a natural sign, with various real estate supermarket in a sense.

gas station and auto repair shop near

car beauty shop how location is better? Shenzhen is a lot of car beauty shop is located in the gas station and auto repair shop next to. Owners in the refueling and overhaul, when the car is running a long way, when the car is also natural maintenance.

traffic is relatively large near the highway

as a result of the location of the owner is easy to find, and secondly because of the lot is important to attract the eye, the formation of influence.

The above is about the

car beauty shop to open in some where, only choose a good address, so that we can easily join the shop, then a car beauty shop on the site, should pay attention to the problem, believe that the above three aspects is very worthy of your attention to your store can! Have good performance, the location of

is the key!