Some details for the optimization of the impact of reduced reasonable revision

the right way: during the revision of a copy of the web page you need to modify the file, modify the file copy, when the local test is correct in the upload to the server deployment.


three: breadcrumb navigation changes

for the site for crumbs both play an important role in the Shanghai dragon or UEO. General breadcrumb navigation will provide the current position. For example: Web page » & search; Shanghai dragon » several details for the optimization of the impact of the reasonable reduction of revision. Some of the more experienced staff may be in the revision of optimization during the breadcrumb navigation bar on the next article will use, such as: "the A5 Adsense nets page » & search; Shanghai dragon » some details reasonably reduce the revision of this form for the optimization of the impact of". This change may seem not much, but the search engines don’t think so. Because of a relatively large sites, such as A5, this slight change means that tens of thousands of pages will be changed.

for the optimization of the site, we often encounter H1, H2, ALT, Title mark information, this information is more sensitive to search engine, when our site for revision upgrades, should not make too much change in the tag information, if much of sensitive information change is likely to be the search engine that is a kind of cheating, and cause unnecessary punishment.

four: dynamic pages into a static page.

for problems will inevitably be the revision of the site in the process, not a successful modification. If the direct online changes when you receive the error, not only will affect the normal user access, user friendly experience caused by the decrease of the degree, but if the search engine at this time also visit your site, it will have a negative impact on your site weight.

two: reasonable discretion of the page changes

in order to improve site security, improve the user friendly experience, upgrade the function of the website and so on, the revision for each site is inevitable. But this time if your site has good ranking. The impact caused by the revision is inevitable. We know that the impact will have a negative impact on the site of the rankings, while it may be the search engine K off or pull hair. So how do we reduce the revision for the site according to the impact? The author will share their experiences in the following several.

: during the revision should not directly modify the file

the correct approach: sensitive information changes should try not to be a big change or too frequent changes.

the right way: if the site content of extra large, to minimize unnecessary changes.

Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin if Shanghai Longfeng enterprise website optimization and process

Select the

five, the website structure optimization


code optimization

six, the domain name space

three, descriptionconfigures [description]


, a title set [title]

site is divided into two aspects, one is the physical structure, logical structure is two. Here I do not specifically say, love will appear in search of Shanghai answer.

(1) for the website optimization, the title is a very important work, because the title relates to something very much, want to write the title is not a simple matter, website title to attractive, can attract the user’s eye. Need to involve key words more important to most front, the length of the title in 30 Chinese characters within the proposed control.

(2) Shanghai dragon will know that "love Shanghai" does not know the word principle, friends can love Shanghai, it involves too much content is not specifically say, is simply a passage into a plurality of specific keywords, to study it themselves.

now has a lot of Internet companies in the front, do not understand the search engine optimization, in the production of static pages, there are a lot of junk code will in fact, junk code for the website optimization, or there will be no small impact. At the time, to see whether the site with respect to junk code, if there is time to delete. (junk code refers to useless page code)

two, set [Keywords]

­ ­

Keywords The

Hello, I am Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin, it has been more than 2 months not to A5 for submission, submission is August 2011 last day, because of the recent busy work, in addition to personal blog and website to optimize, so there has been no time for today Yang Lin time, a small "enterprise website should be if the Shanghai dragon" optimization optimization method of this article is in the enterprise website. The following is a personal opinion, please leave a message.


settings are more specific websites related to service, let love Shanghai more clearly your website is doing what, described in 100 words that Chinese characters within.

four, "

keyword is divided into 3 kinds of "core" Keywords "keyword related keywords" "long tail keywords", here is how the keyword specific operation, have love in Shanghai, the number of keywords is recommended by the 3-5, not too much or too little.

enterprise website optimization is actually very simple, basically divided into 2 stages, one is the station optimization, one is standing outside the promotion. Shanghai dragon enterprise website: time + perserverence = success. Below I talk to specific for each operation.

The new station two months up to 2 PR optimization experience sharing

as everyone knows, "the website is king" is a topic of Shanghai dragon circles a commonplace talk of an old scholar. This is precisely the common problem, after my investigation found that many Shanghai dragon Er did not really pay attention to it, the friends in the online copy + paste or slightly modified, that one or two does not matter, this is their lucky heart some search engines have the. My site is basically the original, of course I don’t have all the original, I usually practice is: to find on the Internet website and similar articles, and then read a few articles, in the light of their own experience, in a few minutes, an appearance of original articles can be completed.

3. build chain circulation network


through a lot of practice I found that before and after the search engine more website visitors included more frequently. So friends can use their website traffic statistical analysis user access to the peak and then publish the article in the peak before the number of sites according to their own strength to consider. Don’t send a N, then a few days aside. The best time is updated every day, and every day in the above mentioned articles.

by the webmaster tools to check me a website (here AD) comprehensive information website, found that PR value soared to 2. I said the surge is a certain reason, because this is my new on-line in June of this year, rose just two months PR is really a surprise. In Anxi, I also calm my summary of optimization work in these two months, now the optimization of experience to share with everyone, hope to bring value to your work in Shanghai dragon.

On August 5th at

2. update of

4. the chain to adhere to

1. content need to implement

a lot of friends and the quality to publish original articles, that is the end of the release. In fact, an article on the Internet has a quality article is the need to have more in the chain, and are closely related to the station. Within the chain how to do? A keyword, a title can add links, link address is a special column, can be an article, can also be a tag cloud. Of course, the general is the main station in the core keywords and links.

although I stand on the line for two months, the chain number but love Shanghai now: 1540. Maybe you will feel the chain difficult, in fact, the chain important trying to send, and release time also pay attention to. Suggestions to weight high website soft, chances are deleted is relatively small. How do I do? First, I still insist on, second, I choose the weight of high site, such as Admin5, because I not only share the valuable experience for everyone, the chain also can get higher weights. If you really feel difficult, reverse link can see my site, so you can do the same.

The user, search engine keywords and links

A member of the Beijing

second page description, description page code in

the most important page name, also is the page code in the title part of

and keywords to determine the title and description, the following considerations, the following with a page for example:

from Shanghai Longfeng perspective to define these elements have a common name: keywords.

these words as the core of the entire page, namely d>

Party: Beijing OpenRice member

search engine from the point of view of search engines on a page included the following contents:



page is the main reaction information is as follows:

love is a tool, although it is very great, but as people looking for information on the network tools, the most basic principles it follows is the user’s reading habits. The user to form love Shanghai needs is the most direct love in Shanghai search box through words, phrases, sentences and other elements of a few links through. The love for Shanghai is that it needs of users, the largest part of the how to meet the needs of users, this is the origin of love Shanghai algorithm.

in Beijing OpenRice OpenRice network organized the fourth delicacy Street visit to win love, made a delicacy tasting in Beijing that cafe.

[Fourth] love street dinner visit — that cafe 贵族宝贝openrice贵族宝贝.cn/beijing/article/detail/1425.htm

organizers: Beijing OpenRice + the cafe

Reflect the

content: the shop taste

users through the keyword search to the most specific information is: "the display of title+description as follows:

on some pages, because the frame problem may appear description is shown on this page: bread crumbs navigation, the bottom information, here involves the web frame structure, temporarily do not comment.


to see from the whole, the core keyword is the entire page, the keywords keywords derived title and description.

we work very much and is related to web content, web content can meet the needs of users can bring traffic to your site. We have most of the flow from love Shanghai, and here will introduce you to Shanghai for the influence of love ".

web content for:


How do I operate the Yuncheng elite network

2006 I and several classmates came to the most active private capital city – Zhejiang Wenzhou, at the time when it is the development of Wenzhou electric, a few people put all sorts of things together borrowed 200 thousand yuan join the low-voltage electrical industry, after a year of operation, a small scale, the beginning of 2007 with the increase of Liushi low voltage electrical factory does not expand you need to recruit all kinds of talents, electrical, while the Wenzhou market recruitment channels mainly rely on the talent market in Wenzhou, not only for the high cost and time-consuming, the effect is not ideal, just this time a friend proposed together to engage in electrical network professionals, after three days of time thinking eventually sold the shares on the low-voltage electrical factory, it embarked on a road of talent network. In the first half of 2007, the electric talent network was formally launched. As a result of doing nationwide, coupled with just entering this line, the result was that after a variety of reasons, I quit the electrical talent network. At this time although I was out of the electrical network professionals, but I am not willing to, from a long-term perspective, the network recruitment must be selected talent intermediary, the way I choose is not wrong, just want to choose a suitable for their own, after selection and observation after a period of time, I decided to decided to go back to my hometown in Yuncheng founded Yuncheng network of excellence.

in September 18, 2007, with Yuncheng across the network of excellence on the line, I hope, in the local network recruitment industry is not very familiar with the case of television advertisement investment large, the thought under the advertisement wanton Yuncheng talent nets brand will quickly on red, but did not think that the network awareness of Mainland enterprises the coastal city is relatively much difference, they are a skeptical attitude to complete online recruitment, and even some enterprises that we are liars, on the other hand, with the advantage of resources in Yuncheng recruitment network and on-line operation, which brings huge impact to the newly founded Yuncheng network of excellence, accompanied by a low return after the huge advertising investment rate and strong competition pressure, at this time I almost to despair, was the worst of the company Financial accounts even did not have a penny, the company’s front-line sales staff normal wage distribution are difficult to maintain, Jiujiang recruitment network can develop to today, entirely dependent on everyone’s unity and hope for the future. Here, I would like to thank all the staff who have come with me and say thank you to them,

in the first half of 2008, the company timely adjustment of marketing strategy, for business users, we had invested in advertising costs spent for enterprise recruitment and selection of talent recruitment effect, 100% of enterprises that in any talents intermediary advertising are not important to the recruitment effect, we let the customer experience just to the effects of network recruitment and our service, for individual users, we use low cost propaganda posters, campus activities, sponsorship, and registration of individual members to send gifts activities related to the collection of personal meaning member, the first member of the sincere service.

in 2009, after more than a year of trial and error, Yuncheng talent network uses low-cost operation mode and >

Stall selling what can be more than 8000 yuan monthly income

a lot of people want to put a stall, but some of the stalls can earn three or four times the profits, some people put a stall but lose money, why there is such a big gap? You will learn a lot in the process of setting up a lot, not only can profoundly understand the society, but also exercise their own! Want to start a business, there is not much money, there are not many shop experience. Then do a little business, put a stall exercise yourself! Want to take a part-time job, earn points outside the block, but also enrich their own lives, it also do a little business, a good life experience!

, a street vendor selling fashion

to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common, profit doubled, it depends on how you choose clothes, there will be sold.

books and magazines, a ten yuan, the purchase price of five yuan, a lot of the supermarket there, you need to find a good place, can sell very well, but also can be sold for a long time, just started a little high.

healthy diet

pictures of a healthy diet, the wholesale price of 2 yuan a set, generally sell 10 yuan, the majority in the market to sell, more and more people are facing the health of the body, but also good profit. But there’s a market for you, and not many people are selling.

capital is empty disk prices, of course a little manual fee. Prices are not fixed, and some earn on sale. Many in the market to sell, you can also sell activities, it is best to buy a speaker. When you want to know what to buy good sell in.

How to handle customer objections

every customer wants to use the same money to buy better products, so they are very picky, "said to be looking for a bone in an egg" is a bit too, this time many businesses could have problems in processing, and ultimately impossible to do business, but also to offend customers. So for the handling of customer objection is key, here Xiaobian to introduce to you the way!

to improvise in hand, objection handling customer, can often encounter customers against the daily list of comments, one by one; in fact, the jewelry industry to meet the objections, nothing less than the following:


Open a curtain shop to pay attention to what matters

set up shop in the current has become the choice of many people, however, no matter which industry to choose, if you want to shop success, naturally have more attention. For entrepreneurs who should pay more attention to the attention of the place, so that it can make the business of the store to get more prosperous development. So, open a curtain shop to pay attention to what matters?

open a window shop is not open grocery store, a lot of technical things, you need to learn, to have entrepreneurial hardships to prepare, it is recommended to open a shop to do a few months to do a free look at how people do.

secondly, to understand where you are in the market situation, mainly the development of housing, the truth is very simple, the new housing should be installed curtains ah. There is a level of consumption, which determines how your future curtain shop location, at what level do you sell thousands of meters, estimated the curtain is not opened.

selected you shop address, the preferred downtown decoration company in many places, or places curtain shop more, because of the decoration decoration company basically is to find ah, house decoration company can take a look at your curtains. There are many new developments in the area, the best real estate lots.

material channel. Curtain cloth has three channels, imports, Guangdong curtains and Zhejiang curtains, imported mainly from South Korea and Europe, the price is high, make money, but not easy to sell. Guangdong goods is also good, a lot of imitation of Europe, the price is also high. Zhejiang is basically the imitation of Guangdong, the price, but the quality is definitely worse.

of course, we can not get the goods directly from the manufacturers, we generally take the goods from several large wholesale market, the North’s friends can consider Zibo, Zhoucun, the largest cloth wholesale market in the north, the majority of Zhejiang goods. Zhejiang, of course, went to Shaoxing. Wuhan Hankou wholesale market is also very large, Zhejiang, Guangdong goods are. Go to Guangdong in the south. Accessories are also available in these markets, it is recommended to find an experienced person in the shop to do the curtains for you.

shop, big shop sign is your key to success. Any commodity is a truth: no one I have, I have gifted, gifted people I special. You don’t have to be like anyone else. Regardless of your curtain shop is high or low grade, any grade have consumer groups, do not have to do high school low-grade, then finished. Store decoration or find a professional company to help you engage in it, so there is a feeling, of course, is to compare the grade shop……

business, curtain shop owners and decoration companies mainly rely on good relations with people know that the house had a decoration company as we all treasure ah, so, good relations with these companies will make a good fortune. And then your own skills will come in handy, if you know the government

2017 – the whole project which suitable for women entrepreneurship

is now more and more women to be self-employed, for women who want to venture, many entrepreneurs do not know how to choose the project, in order to select projects to help women better, the whole Xiaobian will introduce in 2017 which projects for women entrepreneurs, help women give advice and suggestions.

for female entrepreneurship: lottery station

for female entrepreneurship: convenience store

for female entrepreneurship: milk bar

in the game to make money, must be a game player game player can collect life life, life material, trafficking in life skills do the task items. Daily necessities are usually sold in the game.

2017 business boom is better, in the face of such a huge business needs, a good project can quickly seize the market, for female entrepreneurs, to choose a suitable project is the key, small hope that through the above on 2017 which projects for women entrepreneurship, to enlighten women.

related recommendations

Korean barbecue buffet restaurant – why good business

barbecue investment projects in recent years, it seems very fire, of course, has become a very popular investor projects, which is a very popular Korean barbecue buffet investment projects

Korean barbecue buffet why good? See below:

barbecue snacks in the country’s major cities are hot, it is fast, convenient, delicious and won the favor of consumers, the streets can be seen on the roadside barbecue figure. It is not difficult to see that barbecue has a broad market needs. In the capital of food – Sichuan, at the foot of Leshan Giant Buddha, barbecue is a blend of Sichuan flavor characteristics, creating a distinctive feature, long taste, with a unique flavor of Korean barbecue franchise.

Korean barbecue stores have been of Sichuan and the National People’s favorite, is one of the representatives of Leshan, or set up stalls or shop management, have achieved good operating results, of which there are a lot of barbecue has become a brand chain management, illustrates the market space and development of Korean barbecue stores this feature is very broad.

how to open grill? Cooking in Sichuan has been to focus on the details and alternative ingredients known, this in Korean barbecue stores which is more prominent, raw materials for special taste yards and dipped short, pickled, including a knife handle to have a unique style, Korean barbecue stores than other barbecue in taste more mellow in taste more delicious and attractive.

Korean barbecue franchise in the long run into the essence of a large number of Sichuan cuisine, y diversified in the variety, rich. A change to other barbecue can only be roasted beef, mutton and a small amount of vegetables, the phenomenon of traditional barbecue has long been a single species, narrow drawbacks, so that more consumer choice. As for different ingredients, Korean barbecue shop there are different external processing technology, to ensure that the delicious features, and to a large extent retain the nutrients do not lose. Due to the variety of species, the diversity of food ingredients, Korean barbecue shops can also be referred to as a certain degree of nutrition barbecue, which is not able to do other barbecue.

The above is the simple introduction of the

Korean barbecue stores, if you’re interested in and join the brand, to open a shop of their barbecue buffet, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.