The application in the enterprise and chain wheel learning with pictures of the group of standing

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can see this is a simple jewelry blog, site optimization is almost done, outside the station of the link is not to do too much, as long as the stable, quantity, extensive degree can be very workable. And because the website keyword bearing Limited, page is not much, so we can use the simple round chain strategy, such as:

if the individual to take out the two class website, will find that in fact practice and independent blog and enterprise website practices are the same, only just expand the scope of the whole link. But there is no similar sites between the chain wheel, in order to avoid risks between stations. If the site more words suggest that divided into three groups, the central idea is the same.

we put the site number, we registered Sina blog B1, NetEase B2, blog for B3, a Shanghai love collection classification directory for B4; suggestions when doing the construction of the external links to each registered account record, slowly accumulated resources, and account backup to the website.

OK! Then began formal construction round chain: blog, we can use the module to increase links to A1, the article published form A1 and website column page or the article page links. This collection of all of the important page down. Next we do according to their own records, an external links cycle from top to bottom: B1 B2, B2 B3, link link B3 link B4, B4 chain back to B1. It forms a cycle of ascension weight.


, a small blog or website

understand that small blog and website do external resources round chain method, then the station group also is very easy to understand. According to our records to block home: for example, we have 5 sites (simplified as 5), a website based website, the other 4 to two sites (a website target keywords two website long tail keywords). The link to the form as shown in figure

. .



system Linkwheel (chain wheel) has been used in the stations and station construction of the external links, this strategy will link the overall external links to the right, and do a good external link planning. Especially the new station when there is no external links too many resources, the site itself and no weight, unable to obtain similar website support, if the use of external links for the whole chain wheel will be right, then it would be easy to survive early. Due to the mixed chain operation is too complicated, today we have small sites and stations for a detailed explanation of how to do the chain wheel.


station groupIf


Not included how to create a visit to 500IP station

The content of the website This paper focus on the promotion of

(one). The user experience is the first one, a novel placed pop ads in the early do not stand, the user first to see pop, you think second times will come? Love Shanghai spiders also think so. This is a good point, or inline, spiders will be lost. The best is the spider in your site around to do not let him out, it would be good for the collection oh.

I feel not garbage collection, maintain and update the content focusing on the timing point. Love must be submitted before Shanghai is rich in content, do not think that 3 data entry will be included in your love Shanghai station, is not so simple in the test period will give you the page snapshot. The station today submitted love Shanghai, about 4000, all collected.

1. site positioning target

(two). At the early stage of urban Marshal website without snapshot, not included, and others exchange Links is gone, but there are a lot of website can be. This paper recommended self-help >

index of the Shanghai love a commonplace talk of an old scholar, you can define the key content. All new, don’t worry about the definition of key words.

this is the priority among priorities, no target sites do you think you do? Do the standing of Shanghai 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/ index or search love daily attention to love Shanghai billboard, find your best keyword start position, generally found in daily visits to the ten thousand to start the City Marshal Search Volume 18 thousand, I get the spelling COM domain name for love optimization in Shanghai has been a big step forward.

today to tell you how to love in Shanghai not included, no weight under the condition of build day visit to 500IP, this promotion should be applied to most of the new site. Most entry-level webmaster is expected to work, we hope to help. The following are examples to explain, take my new novel as city marshal.

entering the website operation, everyone with all kinds of hopes and dreams, but since the love Shanghai May 2011 update algorithm a lot of traffic station killed all station group website collapse batch, garbage station only starting from content, decide on what path to follow, but new sites want to spend smoothly in Shanghai love test period, is very difficult, all not included, all is K, so we grassroots webmaster dream to exit the website operation reduced to fragments, ranks. People watching movies, novels, type QQ station, the one hundred thousand, millions of IP, why do we do this? We are too stupid, or what place do not place, I have engaged in the Internet part-time job for 4 years, also have tens of thousands of IP, advertisers chasing ass looking for me to do advertising. Miya!!!





Follow the principle of website external links

is a normal web site may not all be good links, and not common, even relatively poor quality links. External links construction, should also be roughly the external links to a natural, random, wide source, showing the characteristics of normal, otherwise the search engine is likely to be identified as deliberately position, it can not achieve the effect.

high quality content can bring high quality links, and the link is not your site content, so in the end is unable to obtain high quality external links. That is like a tongue twister, simple speaking is to want to let the other links to your site, you must provide value for each site, the most important is the value of high quality. There is no free lunch, no high quality content, the link is only exchange, purchase or spam links.

is looking for external links, the content related to the most important criteria of sex. The content of the website directly to the value of each other than those not related website, the same industry website of the external links between quality is very high, the effect will play to the maximum. So many people have access to other people within the same industry blog and message, communication and mutual support, to become active participants in the industry is very important.

is the fundamental content content

three, the correlation between

in the external links do note that the diversity of Web sites, blogs, forums, new website all types don’t fall. Don’t ask for the PR value.

, a greater degree of difficulty, the higher the value of

external links is the search engine one of the standards for the weight of your site, external links resources can help you easily improve the search engine’s weight, so that your site included, get better effect ranking. But in the construction of external links, need to follow the following principles, can play a multiplier effect.

four, the source link widely

some weight high website does not accept Links, only to know you, I believe you, I can give you a one-way link. This process may take several months, more difficult to get this link, it is more effective.


but in general, the more difficult the links, the better. Shanghai Longfeng personnel must not because the first contact is to get disheartened and give up. Many times get links from high weight blog, news sites, forums, need to contact with each other for many times. Sometimes can’t come up for a link, but also to make friends with each other, to help each other, there is certain after links between the request, to become natural.

actual operation of Shanghai Longfeng people know that the original content and external links are two difficulty, are time-consuming work. External links and even to guarantee a devotion to output, good external links is more difficult.

Another upstart after 80 jumei, Chen Ou’s businessTaxi application spring really arrived

for a booming application, having the market and not being able to profit from it is the worst thing. China’s electricity suppliers are also many examples of the fall. In addition, we can also observe the most popular two social applications in recent years, micro-blog and WeChat. Users of the two applications is a super large number, while Sina and Tencent behind in order to maintain the normal operation of the two applications and spent a lot of manpower and resources, but because of the profit model is not clear, Sina micro.

one, the market immaturity has been full,


"after 80" is known as "bitter force" generation. More than 10 years of hard study, after graduation, but with unemployment, can not find work; find jobs, income is not high, can not afford to buy houses and cars; now many people still have old single, reduced to "left male 3S lady". Under such pressure, the embarrassment of life can be imagined.

two, market chaos leads to vicious competition,

has no clear solution to the barriers to competition, access to more taxi software also led to some vicious competition, such as offline promotion personnel malicious uninstall other software to fast taxi and shook his trick car outbreak PR slobber war, this industry is not big before, had been caught in the whirlpool of malicious competition. But on the other hand, because the taxi behind are managed by the taxi company, the application effect of taxi software to direct the deployment of taxi taxi companies, taxi companies will find ways to combat the impact of software such as taxi, taxi software launched its own, with its own unique advantages in resources such as fleet resources, market supervision the characteristics of traffic control, to curb the impact of software taxi taxi companies, taxi software to break the geographical barriers to form their own resources is not an easy thing, this is also to some extent hindered the taxi software development and maturity.

in fact, earlier, Chen Ou’s entrepreneurial ideals have been sprouting. "The third and fourth, when graduate soon, everyone is looking for a job, but I really don’t know what to do, I don’t want to continue reading, and then master and doctor after graduation to find work, so follow the prescribed order is not suitable for me. The entrepreneurial story of the Internet inspired me, and I chose to start a business." Then, in the fourth year of college, Chen Ou started an online game platform with a notebook, and Garena successfully accumulated the first pot of gold.

three, the profit way is not clear,



, that’s a bad omen. Because the full market will lead to a high threshold to enter, but the market share of the company and the market can not develop into a mature market, or this will take a long process. Look at the taxi market, the first is technology company launched a taxi applications, due to the application of design is relatively simple, after the pilot began to enter the field of taxi and success, more technology companies saw its strong market potential, the influx of the taxi software has more than 30 models, and this number will maintain a certain growth potential. However, if the taxi software cannot break due to geographical and space caused by the barriers to competition, access to more taxi software will only make the taxi market become chaotic, directly affect the development of the taxi market.

is not called "frustration failure episode it just start on the road encounter, is a small stones in your way, you can put him away, can also cross the past, as long as the trip is good." What’s behind this description? What about Chen Gull? What do you mean after 80,

since the second half of last year, taxi applications gradually entered the people’s view, perhaps by the spring has just arrived that wisp of spring breeze, taxi applications also become hot in the major cities. From the beginning of "shook his trick car taxi drops fast taxi up to 30 now quite a variety of applications," such as the night suddenly spring to the pear tree open feeling. However, a hot market behind the taxi company means considerable income and good prospects for development, I do not think so.

talked about the motivation for entrepreneurship, Chen Ou told reporters: "before going to college in Standford, we have a business school atmosphere: Change, lives, Change, organization., Change, the, world.". Change your life, change your organization, change the world. This style has profoundly influenced me, and entrepreneurship is just to achieve this goal."

studying abroad, Stanford University, MBA graduate, returnees entrepreneurship…… These experiences reveal the personality of Chen ou: unwilling to accept arrangements, hoping to play their own piece of day. Jumei, which he founded, has become a popular cosmetics shopping site for many women, and his entrepreneurial dream has inspired many of his peers. "You" in Tianjin satellite TV program, Chen Europe with its handsome style to attract a large number of job seekers has become one of the guests impressed the audience.

"I hope that in any case, we should maintain an optimistic attitude and struggle together. We must not be defeated by the pressure of life."." In front of the 80 upstart, jumei, CEO, Chen Europe to 80 cheer". Sunshine, vibrant, passionate, full of positive energy, this is Chen Ou’s impression, and that is exactly what he wants to convey to the post-80s generation.

this reporter bean rising

jumei has undoubtedly changed people’s lives, and Chen Ou also hopes to change more people through his own experience and bring more positive energy to them". "I hope more young people will be able to take part in the business and work hard together to create it."

"to live is to change the world."

Do station voice do station first consider user experience (1)


site is now very much, can say how beyond count, in many websites from the website of talent shows itself? The initial construction is very difficult, everyone knows this, it is very difficult to buy, then from the domain space for the purchase of this period, must have little experience and the experience of being cheated because. Can also be extended to half of the site when there is no use. Because viruses, Trojans, or other very serious conditions, will allow themselves to start again. Well, if you want to do a good job and use it very well, you have to start with experience and user experience.

1. The overall

of the web design interfaceHow about the

design, where the most easy to let users want to come and see, what is the most attractive, is the animation or text, if the design is not reasonable, let users look at random, so he had to click desire? If not attract users to click on, how about selling things? So overall the design is reasonable, attractive, will now see a lot of website, the taste will be different, if it is a single form site, or is the unreasonable design of the website, content is rich and so on, may webmaster is not art, but can see more of the things, is also good on the website of the click rate, or did not do as well, some difficulty, there is no effect, why? Now that many sites have flash, animation design and creative design, interesting That personality, attractive, then increased in the demand for not sticking to formalities, era, also to attract the user’s index points, so that he is interested in continue to look down, next is the product design.

two. Leave a personal connection,

your website design is also very good, but also to attract users, products are particularly good, when users want to buy, or when there are any questions you want to consult, this time contact is very important. It will be important to ask users to contact you, to make a QQ link, or to write your contacts directly, so that users can contact you at any time and consult the ones you care most about. It’s also one of the keys to the deal.

three. A readable, readable item for the user

this readable thing is also an article. To the site to put on some interesting, very readable articles, such as put what small jokes, humorous essays, so that users are interested in reading, so that you are not a boring webmaster, is also a very understand user needs the webmaster, then he will find your article very nutritious, then he will feel the site owners do very carefully, then the user is willing to get your products to sell, then he (she) will take the initiative to contact you, share with you; otherwise, if the articles are boring, the user will feel and other web site is not what the product should two. General.

four. Article pictures need to be creatively combined with


Returnees entrepreneurs Hu Jie a 60 after the entrepreneurial story

every successful entrepreneur, behind the entrepreneurial road, presumably are full of hardships. Students in Shijingshan Pioneering Park, there is a third party free marketing platform – Amoy free single network. Founder Hu Jie is a "60 after", but he was specially selected on the day of the establishment of the Youth Festival in.


– center chief consultant Dr. Xia Yingqi

of Beijing overseas scholars

twice entrepreneurship two encounter twists and turns


Just a year after the

, restless Hu Jie again choose entrepreneurship. He began to want to do the Internet, but did not get financing, had to come up with their own savings, the development of the relatively low cost of audit software, customers include the State Administration of Taxation and the Shandong, Hubei, Shanghai and other government departments. But this has been very influential in UFIDA, Hu Jie company, but with the UF competition in the battle and retreat, and later even can not afford to pay the rent.

Pioneering leather shop can try again business

now society, because everyone has an entrepreneurial idea, so the whole society there are many novice entrepreneurs, now take to join a leather shop as an example, when business shop, try again the business venture industry will be much lower.

the domestic leather industry, often can see many want to open leather stores entrepreneurs who get rich easy to find "huangjinbao" after finally, he was eager to shop decoration, in order to reduce the burden of rent, to the shop to do business in the first time, the result is often less effective". Maybe we do not understand the reasons for this phenomenon is actually very simple.

because for the first time into the leather industry shop entrepreneurs, although know the general leather products marketing skills, but it may not be able to skillfully store operation management aspects of technology, not to mention the Non Leather franchise industry the first venture, may also be "novice" stage, but not familiar with the leather product features and price positioning all the possible, for coordination between technology and the operation Department is also not skilled, the degree of difficulty is as can be imagined.

Analysis of

if during leather franchisee does not go through a period of trial operation experience, first integration of the store operation mode, make the whole shop operation more skilled, in the shortest period to rush opening promotion propaganda, then a few days before the opening date, it can attract a large number of shoppers come, but because of their own for the whole shop operation technology is not skilled, may suddenly face a huge consumer crowd home dishes, must be confused. A few days after the opening of the business, the customer may be aware of the store because of services, products, price or bad environment caused by complaints, customers want to shop again, it will become increasingly difficult!


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What are the types of cigarettes.

no matter what time, various crooks are always emerging, a careless operator can be swapped, deceived, resulting in huge economic losses. In short, in the daily management of cigarette retail customers, the slightest mistake will fall into the crook of elaborate design "switching". For cigarette theft, I summed up a few points:

switch features: high-grade cigarette was interpreted as the same brand of counterfeit cigarettes, or be replaced with a pack of cigarettes; target: focus on the outskirts of the town and the road remote along or elderly guard guard ability difference occurred in time: smoke; weak awareness of the noon and evening time.

switch type switch according to the scene into the scene. And circuitous. In accordance with the switch number divided into a switch and packet switch. In accordance with the number of people into individual combat type, two people with type, multi person cooperative.

switching means and preventive measures are the following:

features: camouflage advance secretly by an unknown path "appearance of the boss, carry bag, hidden well with the brand of counterfeit cigarettes, pretending to received a phone call, ask for an invoice, not enough money, for variety etc.. Countermeasures: don’t judge strangers, to be vigilant, eyes away from the smoke, to mark, attention beyond conventional requirements.

"lure" characteristics: racketeering, turns into battle, distract, return etc.. Countermeasures: correct business mentality, one person one knot, one thing one knot.

"while busy rob" characteristics: store business is busy, the store less manpower, to greet other guests. Etc.. Countermeasures: plus hire staff, double guard against unfamiliar customers, vigilance, stay awake, do the first money to the goods.

features: telling a false thing becomes true "can return, do not give gifts, gifts and markings to defraud the trust excuse not to request a return. Countermeasures: carefully check the strange cigarettes, brought the customer see cigarette packaging film has not been.

gentle trap type features: sets of near, climbing friendship, confusing retail customers, the use of retail customers paralysis psychology. Countermeasures: to maintain a certain degree of vigilance.

"out of thin air type" features: two or three criminals buy more than two kinds of high-grade tobacco, one is cigarettes, transfer customer attention, such as accomplices switch. Countermeasures: no channel into the tobacco, tobacco quality, not to be confused.

"supernotes confuse" characteristics: pay large amount of counterfeit currency, check the authenticity of change really smoke, found counterfeit money requires another pay, and will give up to buy cigarettes back to the owner. Countermeasures: it was found that the use of counterfeit money should enhance awareness of prevention, the need for alarm should be timely warning. >

Hi to Eslite convenience store franchise shop is to make the whole –

in our lives, there will always be a lot of 24 hours do not close the convenience store. There is no doubt that for our life, is to bring a lot of convenience. How do you like the convenience store chain? High quality projects, the best choice for entrepreneurship.

why do you say you are a good investment project? Because like Eslite convenience stores offer products are guaranteed, safe and reliable products genuine, follow the market trend, a variety of alternative types of personality diversification, the pursuit of quality of life has a large number of loyal core consumer groups, to ensure market profits more vast space.

so happy to sincere goods business model what is the difference? Like most of the convenience store, or to continue to use the Eslite store marketing model, through the actual goods display so that consumers can more intuitive to select items, and specially equipped with the clerk for the customer to explain, to help customers understand the product, better promote the sales of the product, to help investors gain more profit.

for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the project well, is our best choice of entrepreneurial success. How do you come to join the project? Good project selection has many advantages. So, what are you hesitating about?

2016 Chongqing personal loans grew by 15.1% in the first quarter

21 century, the development of science and technology, the progress of the times, the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for many aspects will also continue to increase. As a people, the most fundamental seems to be the purchase of the house, have their own home.

yesterday, the people’s Bank of Chongqing (real estate) business management department released the first quarter of this year, the city’s financial operation profile: the city’s overall stable financial operations, personal loans grew 15.1%.

Chongqing camp Department said that the first time the balance of deposits exceeded 3 trillion mark. Household deposits, the end of 3, the RMB household deposits of 1 trillion and 318 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of 10.6% over the beginning of an increase of $97 billion 717 million, an increase of more than $4 billion 270 million. Among them, the demand deposits increased by 40 billion 300 million yuan over the beginning, an increase of more than $17 billion 880 million a year, regular and other deposits increased by more than $57 billion 420 million at the beginning of the year, an increase of less than $13 billion 610 million.

addition, the steady growth in the scale of social financing, direct financing rapid growth. Data show that in the first quarter of this year, the city’s social financing scale increments of 147 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of $57 billion 500 million, accounting for the country’s new amount of 2.23%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points.

from the structure, the foreign currency bank loans increased by 89 billion 525 million yuan, an increase of less than $5 billion 377 million, accounting for the region’s social financing scale increment of $60.86%. Direct financing increased by 41 billion 639 million yuan, up more than $34 billion 835 million, accounting for the region’s social financing scale increment of 28.3%.

Chongqing camp tube, said the city’s long-term personal housing loans 502 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of more than $11 billion 720 million. 3 at the end of the city’s real estate loans balance of 785 billion 280 million yuan, an increase of 18.6% over the same period, the city’s average loan growth rate of up to 8.1 percentage points.

, individual housing loans grew by 15.1%; real estate development loans grew by 25.8%, higher than the same period last year by 1.3 percentage points. The 1 quarter, the city’s new real estate loans of $35 billion 600 million.

in the face of the growth of personal loans in Chongqing in 2016, on the one hand shows that people’s living standards continue to improve, on the other hand also shows the rapid development of China’s economy. As the Chinese people, for the improvement of people’s living standards and happy, proud of the motherland’s prosperity.