Spring on the occasion a review of the reform and innovation of love in Shanghai in 2012

in strengthening product innovation and practicality, love Shanghai increase the contents of web pages and search the construction environment, the introduction of the industry certification service, in order to combat those who rely on some sensitive words to steal user privacy or harm the interests of users of the phishing sites, and 360 for the certification service later is the same, is only 360 free.

K station storm and love Shanghai and grassroots webmaster is constantly upgrading, while the 360 is at this time launched its own search product search, which set off a storm in the circle, and the 360 is to a certain extent by virtue of its own browser port advantages, from the market to grab the share of ten percent. Since the incident, love >

May 31, 2012, Shanghai announced the "love the famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note", the well-known site optimization, away from cheating and proposed some valuable suggestions. Subsequently issued a report cheating, allowing users to participate in the maintenance of network content in the environment, at the same time also reflects the love of Shanghai for the future to create high quality content determination. This is also considered the precursor station 6.18K events.

The contradiction between the malicious click event

long before the Spring Festival, as at the end of our lunar new year, we should for the events of the past year to make a summary, and today I want to say is not life feelings, but after the turmoil in 2012, the development trend of Shanghai and what is love.

in May 16, 2012, in order to suppress its weakness in flow port, Shanghai launched the "add to love love Shanghai home" model, in order to create a new user page, hao123 will be trying to keep the lost market share through this innovative move, but also to avoid future competitors, 360, Sogou strangling the throat development.

at the beginning of June 18, 2012, at the beginning of the August, during the 6.18 and 7.28K station storm, countless websites hit or accidental injury, especially the station, station and other legendary novels, the most affected. For this behavior, the author thinks that in addition to love Shanghai algorithm necessary upgrades to combat illegal content, maintaining the search environment, to further enhance the credibility of the industry for the love of Shanghai is the most important to love Shanghai, of course, some friends say Shanghai is to do the promotion to some websites, in which it is possible for commercial purposes.

February 15, 2012, Shanghai issued guidelines to optimize the love, love Shanghai officially released the official of Shanghai Longfeng bulletin, that do not easily believe that the optimization of company, then in the official platform again called Shanghai dragon is a very important work, a list of the proof of love for Shanghai and optimization work has been started to increase efforts to investigate pure, Shanghai Longfeng optimization work will not become a key factor in ranking.


In 2017 ten new board conjecture market polarization, 500 companies delisted……Chinese ten outspo

2016, the new three board suffering from liquidity, a total of 250 trading days, more than 80% trading day trading volume of less than 1 billion yuan.

for 2017, read the king has ten major conjectures. 12 months later, when you look back, the forecast is accurate.

any similarity is purely coincidental.

as one of the share transfer system the core of the work task, liquidity package will be launched this year, the specific time point should be around May, with the launch of this time is this year’s innovation layer.

conjecture 1: Mobile package solutions will be announced before May Day


conjecture two: innovation layer will inevitably select the selected layer

read, Jun calculated that the new three board in 2017 on the signing is very Tailai – 2016 three new board’s fortunes are poor, but in 2017 will be completed Jedi counterattack.

ten outspoken character, is the "time weekly" list of figures. What is the title of outspoken character? It is not a big beauty, handsome 1234 according to this degree of order, which all kinds of people have some obvious, belongs to the pain grandmother uncle does not love people. Let’s see each other one by one.

row in the first two are government officials.

and Hunan, the Loudi municipal Party committee secretary Cai Lifeng, 10 times of unannounced visits to folk, expose collusion scandals; Beijing city CPPCC member Zhang Weiying, known as the "Wulong gunner" in order to avoid him, too many people in Beijing, proposed the population access system, fall down some notoriety. Chinese Academy of Finance researcher Yi Xianrong stunned, he said "Shanghai prices fell 50%, 30% decline in prices in Beijing." First, he said that the real estate bubble there are many, many, many people who are not anxious to live, do not buy a house. The real estate business must hate S!

"is a good thing, outspoken person can live well, it is a good thing. Like or hate, without them, the world is too quiet.  

three new board ushered in a new year.

, the absolute number of enterprises in the innovation layer is too much.

read Jun, but also pinch fingers calculation, 2017 new three plate fortune.

the new board of the wolf of Wall Street existed for a long time, they often played the role of Cheng Meinv not really beautiful, using the WeChat phone, various way of screening out those of three new knowledge, but also want to get rich investors, it is nothing more than "soon to be listed", "double profits next year." so, with the trade agreement is much higher than the actual value of the stock sold to investors.

, even if it is the number of 1560 innovation layer companies, is far more than the Shanghai stock exchange, less than 1200 listed companies, close to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the number of more than 1800 companies. Innovation >

package will include private equity market floor, block trading system landing, as well as public funds into the market and other policies, will be launched in 2017.

liquidity, this troubled three new board has long been a problem, will be completely resolved in 2017.

first layered in 2016, more than 13% of enterprises went into innovation layer. Assuming that in April 30, 2017, the new three Board reached 12000 companies, then innovation layer company in 2017 at least 1560. Consider the maintenance standards of innovation layer is lower than the entry standards, enterprises are more familiar with the innovation layer standards, this year, the number of innovative layer only a lot more.

read Jun predicted that after the package announced, the daily turnover of more than 2 billion yuan will become a common phenomenon, a single day turnover of more than 5 billion yuan will also appear.

private equity market initial public offering for landing, into the city for a long time, the State Council and the Commission on the new board repeatedly mentioned, 2016, three new board improvement in the liquidity policy, is "everything is ready".

Electric district 2012 a new SEM e-commerce specialist Operations Guide

?From a long-term development perspective:

every game will take Shanghai dragon by means of dripping every minute, whether it is link bait, or new station to break out of the sandbox, or a variety of marketing tools, these are all new and many players need to learn, why others can operate linkbait, others can manipulate the love of Shanghai news, and you can not. After the race, you can learn these things? I believe that many people have started to pay attention to these! It can be said that any Shanghai dragon training are the clouds, Shanghai, nothing more than those things, the key is your execution, Shanghai dragon why do better not exceed that time point the present situation, stone will be the future of Shanghai dragon WHY shadow, so studying the technology, you become a consultant, or become a large e-commerce company Our director of operations, all from the actual needs, in fact very early with my friend or my students are aware of the experts is not articulate, but you really have the ability to operate these capabilities, you will

Look from contacts:

every game regardless of tiger Valley, or the Bo excellent, give owners to participate in the competition incentive, whether it is prestigious fame, have aroused many owners to participate, and through these games there are many enterprises in pursuit of extraordinary talent, the first business although with a little money to do the promotion of the operation, but now 10 thousand yuan for the grassroots, even now the company workers, these are very optimistic, I dare you to participate in the competition for no money to


the first commercial network operator, is the third company of Shanghai dragon competition operation, speaking of the Shanghai dragon competition, can be said that everyone has everyone’s ideas, but after all we summarize this contest is to bring what, what drives! The article did not like Shanghai, why and as issued by some extreme articles, these are not our marketing staff have thought.

The business circle the game

from the technology improvement on

every game will have different people involved, whether new or old, or think you cattle B, or is revered as a master or, whenever the competition, as long as there will always be people who’ll help them establish communication circle, and then expand the network of people, this is the most important in the game, and the game a lot of friends have been started, there is a saying that good friends: the way! Network marketing circle, we mix are not technology, but contacts.

do network marketing for the network, as long as you honor, accumulated in one, you will no longer be available for work after you worry, many smart people are in constant use of any opportunity to improve their visibility, such as the selection of experts, a columnist for the audit and so on, so that those who want to gain a foothold in the network marketing industry >

from the desire of money on

The introduction of enterprise advertising platform Adtopic independent advertisingInnovation worksh

two runs the reader and author

Xing Ming said, Adtopic advertising platform is mainly targeted to specific populations, but certain people can continue to produce the new topic, therefore, advertisers, advertising can be considered subject characteristics, can also consider the characteristics of the crowd, right ads. Xing Ming said, in general circumstances, a topic can last about a month or so.

chairman and CEO Xing Ming in an interview with the Sohu IT, Adtopic new advertising platform with the past top posts are significantly different from those of the past top post seriously damaged the user experience, and not Adtopic new advertising platform through the top or vest form affect the user experience, but will be useful information by association the enterprise can correspond to the interface or beside the right ads, users can see the relevant information and services related enterprises, and enterprises to achieve interaction.

      July 5th, Hainan Tianya Online Network Technology Co. Ltd. in Beijing announced a high-profile launch of Adtopic advertising platform, the platform provides the interactive marketing services for advertisers, are associated with a tendency to plan marketing, interactive word-of-mouth topic, on this platform, advertisers can independently manage, can independent advertising or delete advertising.


, for example, is exactly the same content. You see a news in micro-blog itself, there is no difference, but after 140 additional interpretations, it’s different. All the media, in my opinion, is the $two community, that is to say, when it is different from a completely equal point to point community, it is in fact a community of authors and readers. There is interaction between the reader and the author, the interaction between the readers, the reader may become the author, and you should be good to maintain the entire two yuan community ecology, liquidity, vitality, and really guide and operate

done this, I will consider all of my products, whether content or products, that is, for this demand, for this content to do. Then I do something, I will pass this issue, I will continue my iterative content and practice, I will use the data to make the data tracking, interview, then I’ll be true to the user guide for the purpose of my content correction produced continuously, my content itself and my content mode of delivery. So, I don’t know how the traditional media works, but our colleagues on the Internet are actually saying this, that is, user oriented, fast iterative, data-driven.

because the duration of a topic is about a month, therefore, the replacement frequency of its customers is relatively fast, which may lead to the initial channel expansion pressure is relatively large, in this regard, Xing Ming said that in the early launch of the Adtopic platform, enterprise customer awareness is relatively shallow, may require a process, however, due to the platform set the threshold is very low, the general enterprise customers every month as long as the investment of thousands of dollars, therefore, the future should be very clear.

How does

use the mobile Internet as a media?

      in addition, this advertising platform may bring certain benefits for each forum moderator.

one, with the attitude of doing products to do content

launched Adtopic advertising platform, Xing Ming’s advertising revenue prospects for the Tianya is very much

Xing Ming said with a smile, Adtopic advertising platform customers are massive, as long as the enterprises have a certain awareness, companies can own ads, and Tianya will rely on sales channels to expand, therefore, return Gong Adtopic advertising platform to skyline company should offer more.

when we’re going to make a mobile Internet product, what’s the first thing we want? That’s the first. I think who’s the user base of the product. I’m against them even if it is a group of users, such as he is not a very simple thing, a user can have a variety of needs, such as I, I may be as tall is demand, also have the demand according to the popular literature or art, what, for what I was the specific needs and specific scenarios.

with the attitude of the operating community

in addition, Xing Ming also revealed that, in addition to the topic or next to the relevant interface advertising, BBS moderator can also participate in the topic of interaction, the end of the world will consider part of the proceeds to the moderator.

actually, in my opinion, the words that are now being spoken are just as mentioned. The lines between the content producer and the reader are already very, very vague. You may be a potential reserve of the author and content producers each reader in broad sense, and everyone has to the media you read on the content, he may need is not just a one-way information received, he may need is a two-way one exchange, the need for a the sense of belonging to the community, the need for a content into the interpretation of the two time I need a real information, I feel alive in the group of a group of peers in the sense of common sense.

Adtopic is a top post advertising platform

low advertising threshold, a few thousand dollars a month,

expects Adtopic advertising revenue can exceed 10 million yuan

tiger sniffing note: This article extracts from the founder of the Innovation workshop and management partner Wang Hua in the Tencent Media Summit Forum to share, Wang Hua speech theme for the mobile Internet under the new media. Tiger sniffing out the most important two points: how to do it? How to make money?

Venture Inner Mongolia action to start a full play to promote entrepreneurship employment

innovation and entrepreneurship in ethnic minority areas is relatively backward, I believe in the efforts of 2016, Inner Mongolia innovation and entrepreneurship will be better development. Now, venture Inner Mongolia action in full swing, the 6 plan to promote entrepreneurship.

in 2020 and strive to build more than 100 prominent features, complete function and strong demonstration effect and lead bearing capacity, business parks and business incubators compatible with the regional advantage industry, on the basis of building more than 20 provincial demonstration park and business incubator. Entrepreneurship pilot program to increase the intensity of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship and innovation to create a training carrier, improve the ability and quality of entrepreneurship.

smooth financing plan mainly to improve entrepreneurial financial service availability, and guide social capital and financial capital to support entrepreneurial activities, expand the scale of the venture investment, entrepreneurial crack financing problems. Youth entrepreneurship program mainly to promote youth entrepreneurship and innovation vitality in college graduates as the main body of the further release, to further enhance the ability to support young entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurship policy and more perfect service system, expand the scale of youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success rate gradually increased.

to 2020, to build 100 college graduates entrepreneurial brand, through the Yijiangdaibu project to give financial support. The return of farmers and herdsmen business plan to further improve the business environment in rural and pastoral areas, and guide more technology, capital and management, understand the management of migrant workers returning home for business, promote rural and pastoral areas of surplus labor to divert employment, promote the integration of development of three industry in rural and pastoral areas.

relying on local advantage industry and characteristic economy, to guide and help the home business of migrant workers into the regional professional market, demonstration and massive economic entrepreneurship. Using recommendation

Have you ever questioned the value of your web site

in the definition of value, Ma Yunceng said: "I Never mind, there is no money, I was a little bit, I believe that the relationship is not reliable, do not do business with business relationship, not by smart, the most important business is that you understand what customers need, real really create value, stick to it. The most unreliable thing in the world is relationship."

I love this a quotation Ma, just like our life, each person’s different family background, you might be the two generation, two rich generation, may also be the two generation of grass root, this is no way to choose, but his effort is to rely on our life on the road to create value. If you are a valuable person, then your chances and successes will naturally never be lacking.

our website and the people are the same, each site of the birth conditions are different, some sites was born in the capital technology environment, can have perfect function, stable server space, can have a professional team to update the contents of the construction of the chain and hair cloth. Born in some grassroots under the environment of the site, some free and open procedures of the station can only use the common extrusion and hundreds of websites in a server, the content of the web site with the chain may be due to lack of resources and lean.

what is the value of my site,


I have a friend who has done a web site, the content of this web site is all through the collection of pseudo original article. Because search engines for pseudo original content, the current identification is not very good, so this site in the initial included and ranking can also, every day there is a certain flow. But these traffic have a notable characteristic, that is, visitors are basically belong to that kind of one-time visitors, that is, after coming without two visits, the site of the jump rate is very high. Eventually, the site dropped dramatically after an update by Baidu. Why is that,


after the author, but analysis found that the main reason is that its value for users is not high. We know the Internet every day a large number of sites, the scope of the user’s choice, if the things on your website are the same thing, why choose the user collection, visit your site? This is like the flood of this type of SEO blog site, all know to have original content also, try to write the original content, but the content is some stereotyped articles, not what the value of the content to the user, the search engine will also be removed.

I found that many webmaster friends love will collect a lot of content at the beginning of the site, and then put in there for your search engine, these may in a stage will be included, but it does not have much value to the user, the content will also be removed or could not get good rankings.

I think most webmasters follow

Blog money independent blog + Taobao guest mix play mode

Oh, have recently been expert advice, suddenly begin to understand more, read some tutorials, added a lot of fresh knowledge, especially the way of thinking, I think these two days I harvest things, than after I graduated from college until now combined, the views of the network is greatly improved. That feels like a qualitative improvement, oh, these things only to be sensed, not explained. In order to be able to study quietly, QQ is not big, all the host has been my customer service is doing, and now almost, and for those theories, I will slowly and personally to practice it.

now a blog to make money, a result of this blog blog how to make money in the said I have a plan to focus on the blog, blog marketing, blog and blog to make money, the idea is now to each point to write a series of tutorials, written from scratch, and take this opportunity to a good practice, and then write down their own practice and analysis of the results of other people for reference, if you are interested, can focus on my blog.

, first of all, talk about the blog’s first way to make money. In order to avoid too simple, so from relatively moderate, simple in the future will still say.

is now doing a lot of Taobao customers, basically free or charge Taobao guest procedures, the general way is through the acquisition of Taobao data, do keywords optimization, through the rankings intercepted traffic. Because all the procedures are similar, mode of operation is similar, but the repeatability may be relatively large, if your SEO is not very good, and generally get less than what oil, and Baidu is not included, made a single product exhibition stand, and what no one browsing, it can change a thinking, with the theme the blog to recommend Taobao customer products.

uses blogs as an advantage for Taobao customers:

1: in a certain program to solve the search engine dependence.

2: you can add some additional quality content that users are interested in.

3: more interesting, user-friendly, you can precipitation some loyal users, guide users consumption.

4: if you own a Taobao store, you can easily change into your own image blog.

blog main profit point:

1: through the promotion of Taobao customers commission.

2: if the other Taobao stores do not Taobao customers, if an article can be attributed to a different categories of 5 products, respectively for 5 Taobao stores, and they talk about, you say, your article will be released in many forums, exposing them to a product, only 10 dollars is not high, the difficulty, and inexpensive, Taobao stores don’t mind the 10 dollars, then you write an essay of at least 50 yuan, if you blog traffic high popularity, more channels, but also can improve the price.

this blog!

New station development, do 1000IP days a week

is a new built, many owners are desperate to send articles, after a few days tired put a statistics, see traffic or a few, then will go to the Internet to find how to get more traffic tutorial. I just want to say that tutorials are released out, is not the webmaster think can not use. Just talk about their experiences, or want to be a hero, you do not believe what effect. It is difficult to find a good way to immediately announced the webmaster, people are always selfish, not to mention the webmaster webmaster. You find the link and no traffic, the station will do the chain and pull you, maybe you get his help, traffic and search included will soon rise.

05 years Baidu has not made me a beauty forum mad when dozens of daily updates posted around, sometimes hundreds. Up to a week. At that time did not do publicity, as long as the Baidu included traffic will have. It is my two months as a flow rate is about 1000, for great people I stood still is rubbish, because the station is copied, the vulgar things. But can make money, beauty or a lot of people do, has been to more advanced human art language show. One thousand IP every day to find Links and only about 500 of the webmaster link to my website is back garbage, garbage and others I also told him to do the link. Webmasters link once asked how I PR you stand so high, I only know what is on the PR, webmaster tools search on the PR value of 2. still do not understand how he did, in the fourth month the honor and a do the station The link, PR rose to 3. for 4 months updates every day, nothing more than to do friendship chain pull, flow has been around 6000, the daily income is 50 right. Others see the website monthly income of tens of thousands, do their own station monthly income of only one thousand when head hard get a few months I was standing shut up, now that I think really regret it. More and more feel is pig, do five years, had a few sites on IP have more than 2000, a ten thousand movie network do let their K.


webmaster brothers do stand to adhere to! If you are determined to make a living from the website of friends, do a station will stick to it, regardless of your website has much garbage, with the flow do not suddenly change, it will make you very distressed. Just want to make money from the website of friends, or abandon it, do stand very bitter. You had to struggle together the lofty ideals and high aspirations. I have a new station now, has been determined to do so, in order to promote the template has been thrown out, there are people, you don’t use Adsense ah, I just said that the program is also the publicity website. Many web pages are placed into the code, style. I didn’t have you released template or just garbage. The database ah really don’t want to waste your time! (I’m evil selfish) new Baidu not updated, almost a week, every day I also update, Baidu Fenghou update is a bit slow, but included a stick to update, don’t believe will soon the Me. Recent photos, international cases, I’m looking for links everywhere, they and I are new sites, IP every day on dozens of it, (may be all on their own),

ha ha >

Spam sites leave ads for the best places on the web

said the garbage station, the first reaction of ordinary people is linked to the horse, virus, advertising everywhere, not content, cheat, cheat, cheat flow search advertising alliance. But is that really the case,


garbage station, I think as a personal webmaster should know what is the situation. In fact, many personal Adsense claiming garbage station is not in the eyes of ordinary people garbage station. A few years ago, I also joined the ranks of individual webmaster, since that has been doing a "promising" website, unfortunately, but now looking back, I feel I am also doing a garbage station.

what is a garbage station, in fact, there has been no clear definition, but now many of the garbage in the eyes of the station is not garbage, the most is the data collected, there is no original content. Perhaps some websites even do more promising than so-called regular stations.

and normal station called what? I often read Baidu news, Baidu news source site should be regular stand it, but unfortunately, personally feel that the site is a garbage station and garbage, there are two reasons:

1, poor user experience. Page design, oh, no! No design at all. That page is simply horrible. But it has not been at home, when I open the web page when the page is actually quite good, open the page is also good, just do not know Baidu included page, why is this, is this cheating in the legend of


2, advertising nausea. In the middle of the content, there is a "big box" advertisement that is out of line with the content text. It gives me the impression that it is more garbage than my garbage station.

3, the quality of the content is too bad. To be exact, there is nothing to speak of, but to collect. In my eyes the dumpster even collection is complete collection, but often see points a lot of pages you will in the "regular", only the first page, the following tabs are unable to click, is not end, depressed. This is not the most serious, often through the Baidu news on its website title, wow, too strong, only one title, didn’t, here have to admire this "regular maintenance station", trouble can engage in acquisition, acquisition technology can strengthen it, really do not worship personal webmaster learning! This website allows the user to see, a depressed.

I really do not understand, why the website became Baidu news source? And many of our personal webmaster go to business website has become Baidu in the eyes of the "dump", by shielding? Maybe someone will question what I say, to tell the truth, I don’t want to mention, the reason is not to this website for free publicity, but in order to let everyone know that I’m not lying, we proposed to the mobile phone classification technology classification Baidu news under observation, called a "central Silicon Valley network" news, open you will understand.

pull a little far, well, I am not against people call my website for the garbage station, "

Understanding customer needs, allowing customers to spend more money on web design services

in the previous two articles: "forever" web design and price – the designer’s mind "was inferior website – customers heart unspeakable suffering" said two factors under the web design industry is more and more low price, so how to let the customer can accept your price is higher than other people


of course, what I’m talking about here is more unusual ways to get customers to pay more for your services, not including blackmail, intimidation, fraud, etc.. Again, this is only for people who love peace, any attempt to use illegal means including: waving black sticks, intimidation, whips, chains, handcuffs, batons, Langya beauty plan method please pass away.

I thought

is this: if you help customers design website can help customers to produce 10W value, then the customer can take 1W please you do not choose to spend a few thousand dollars or several hundred yuan to do a no return value of the site. Win-win thinking: not just thinking about making customer money, but also thinking about how to help customers make money. Know what the customer wants and do what the customer needs. Customers want to make a website, if you know what they do. Be able to give advice to each other, then how does the other person abandon you and choose someone else?

customer demand may be multifaceted: enhance network brand value, improve the ability of network marketing products, deal with after-sales service… Of course, when you ask the client what he needs, some will jump out of the question and say, "what do you want?" of course, the more demand means higher quotations. But in the limited budget situation, we need to understand the real needs of customers, to help customers calculate the input-output ratio of each demand. Do the highest input to output ratio.

: for example, I have designed a website for a client, and the customer is a company that makes lighting (which is not easy to disclose under the agreement). The company doesn’t know much about the Internet. When it first comes into contact, the customer also puts forward many requirements: design, marketing, after-sale service and interaction… However, after fully communicating with customers, it is found that the most important thing to solve is to enhance the brand value of the network and enhance the ability of Internet marketing. Therefore, according to the company’s current development situation: network brand value, network marketing ability is the primary demand, after communicating with customers, it is suggested that the rest of the demand will be increased according to the future development of the company. In this way, let customers do the most input and output than the highest part, and the remaining part can be carried out in the future cooperation. This will not only solve the current problems need to be solved, but also for the future of the cooperation foundation (of course, you have to let the customer feel that you are doing well, the next time you look for cooperation is also behoove.).

some students might say that not all customer requirements are good to change. From my personal point of view, there are two ways to solve this problem:

1, learn to customers say, customers need to be convinced about this topic in the "how to convince your boss or client, users" are described in detail; 2, for love, love of tossing too picky customers "