How to quickly share the experience of the construction of the chain

four; every day to find 5 high weight forum registration account, forum where to find, love Shanghai local forum plus regional search, set character signature, AD, here AD, is a serious post reply, because the only serious reply to your post, will not lead to be deleted, reply posts when choosing choice, just released, you should pay attention to the top of the post is not advertising, if his posts have been deleted, you reply will be deleted.

seven; love Shanghai know, Search ask the chain of self construction, is the question and answer, recommended here over the weekend to the chain, not too much, the chain will not be deleted if there are conditions, the most important question.

new tools for rapid build-up of the chain is not wise, but also a way of danger. So the construction site the chain chain has the best manual, manual control. Before the construction of the chain, the first to do the planning. As the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, good work plan can make double your efficiency. Here I will talk about how I was the construction of the chain.

six; find some well-known personal blog response, leave the chain of your shadow, such as "Shanghai dragon blog", many of which are super support chain, so the chain is not easy to be removed, the effect is very good also, what is your website content, you can search what blog. The correlation of the chain is very important

; quantitative spend time every day to write a original experience, to a platform like A5 release may be released, not easy to be approved, then we will fight in other places, the forum, and remember to find your website content relevance strong, and is the second release of the forum, so that we can increase an original chain. Hard writing not wasted.

two; find a high weight link station every day, may not find, then we may have to spend money to buy, the owners will say no money, we do stand is in fact input from the beginning, just how much of the problem, we may only need 2 or 3 months, we stand a little weight, then we can go directly to exchange links, buy links gradually down.

five; find a good super chain tools, with your domain name query, the purpose is in the Shanghai dragon query website database to leave the chain of the shadow, as long as you love Shanghai will appear outside the chain query query shadow, so the chain is high weight, the quality of the chain is high. But the choice of super chain tools, see the query is valid here recommend Tuiyou query tool, basically are effective query.

three; the third party blog to do outside the chain, the chain blog building a commonplace talk of an old scholar but few people would go on. The construction method of the chain blog: to establish a 5-10 domestic mainstream blog, not too much. You don’t have time management, daily published some articles, a and B between the sprocket blog blog, B blog and blog C C D blog and blog sprocket, sprocket and so on.

[six] on the basis of judging the website keywords ranking advantage

On the basis of the four specific

information search

. On the basis of a precision :



according to the value of keywords transaction > information > addressing words. And the long tail theory is the same.

attractive would certainly have ranked second, ranked second word is typical regional words, such as: you do is Wuhan moving, moving Shenzhen is ranked second term, users may not find remote services, regional word rejection is the most obvious, if the second row of words appears in the title that will greatly affect the target keywords ranking.

to search related information according to the website, can not directly generate transaction search, such as: what is Stinky tofu

Keywords According to

strong purpose, such as: Taobao, China bank

two: attract

good? At this stage,

website optimization than is user construction and content construction, and construction quality content need to choose between keywords, content construction of the title, description, keywords, keyword content directly determines the ranking and user behavior, and has advantages of ranking keywords set more webmaster favorite, so how to judge whether the site keywords ranking has advantage? We look at the following six bases:

precision is that the search of the word user is not your users, this is mainly based on the user’s search behavior: addressing search, information search, search transaction.


: on the basis of the three row of

products of the same kind / phase contains put together to do keywords, there is correlation between keywords, words don’t different products, not related in



considered attractive relationship between each other, between keywords will contribution will help support auxiliary support. Such as the Shanghai dragon and attractive website optimization is very big, but the Shanghai dragon and product sales attraction is not closed.

: on the basis of the five time

washing machine, such as different kinds of TV products do not specific, should not be placed in a column to do. Flat screen LCD TV box on the line. A company has a lot of different products, the product correlation is not high enough, you can establish different races, different sites according to different products, or put in a different directory optimization.

can directly buy information through the search term, the accuracy of the highest, the strongest value. Such as: Changsha Stinky tofu

timeliness refers to with the passage of time, the user needs change, the timeliness of the typical case is the Taobao 11.11 last year, today’s Day is coming, go to two eleven words, of course, the timeliness of keywords is only suitable for some sites. < >

From the statistical data on how to optimize Shanghai Longfeng effect

2. statistical data from the improvement and optimization of the chain site

website placed advertising, I try to constantly adjust the position and style of advertising, combined with other webmasters experience so as to continuously optimize the online advertising revenue, and according to the traffic statistics web site, I also did not simply put these statistics by, and is to take some time to look at it carefully which contains information through careful comparison and analysis, I discovered that in fact from behind the statistics can tap into many help to further optimize the webmaster optimization effect that website of Shanghai Longfeng, today I put in this experience to share with you:

after a period of development, some of the web site keywords have been able to get a good ranking, but want to further consolidate these rankings, you need to keep the attention of their owners, and completes the consolidation and maintenance work. I just play through the statistical data comparison of two days or even longer period of time, to bring changes in flow keywords, to timely understand the ranking changes in some key words. For example: in some traffic statistics, in the first place keywords bring traffic flow caused by the sudden drop, so naturally need immediate attention to this issue and take measures; and in finding new keywords suddenly bring traffic rises, more timely to consolidate the achievements, increase the optimization of the new keywords. Build.

The distribution of

3. from the statistical data of different parts of the speed optimization

throughout the site outside the chain can continue to bring traffic, but there are some time and the weight of the chain will change, through the statistical data in the "detailed source" view and analysis, and analyzed the detailed source site for a period of time, we can see the high weight and low weight the website chain situation clearly, we can know better the chain effect which brings from the forum, which can be more targeted to release the chain, the layout of the new. I also discovered some unexpected traffic sources, such as some of the website link on their blog users, and what I’ve ignored that the weight of the lower station, through continuous discovery of new traffic sources outside the chain, the chain can make more diversified layout of their own, to further enrich the chain website a.

1. from the statistical data shows that the advantage of

as a personal webmaster, I have many webmaster like other habits, such as: open the computer after the first thing is to see the website advertising revenue, the second thing is to view the site traffic statistics, the third thing is to open the A5 forum, probably has nothing to do with the site that is fourth what. But every day to repeat the same action, the same behavior will lead to some thinking to do more, like the so-called "quantitative cause qualitative change, do a long time you will want to do it better, not just stay in a simple repetition, piaffe level.

According to website keywords

Analysis on the Shanghai dragon WHY Chain Report

3. is down, otherwise we found in hundreds of thousands of the chain, found a very strange thing, they never do e-commerce at some sites, such as some websites we can open the company at the top, and businesses also provide us with independent station, never send the information, or I’m a little careless, did not find it still, my conclusion is correct?

since I love the Shanghai dragon WHY, every day no matter how busy will go to Shanghai for a dragon WHY hours, or even longer, because it let me learn a lot of things, from the beginning of the rookie to now basically can pick one, from primary school to Master, of course Master is not the ultimate goal, because the ultimate goal is the Deputy administrator, and the teacher Cardiff common webmaster line, Shanghai dragon WHY gave himself a force. Then I specialized in spare time, the chain specializes in Shanghai dragon WHY, he summed up the points, no respect. The details are as follows:


2. support, no second of the awesome, Shanghai dragon WHY it does not always do so well, for several time ranking has been good, I want to say, I hope those who ought to thank Shanghai dragon WHY a group of silent support you, if not their support, I would not have today’s achievements, why do they say that? A number of natural hobby Shanghai dragon people, they know the Shanghai dragon WHY, in their eyes, Shanghai dragon is a potential, so people slowly remember Shanghai dragon WHY, there are several Shanghai dragon people take WHY as their strength, because the understanding of Shanghai Dragon WHY is a proud, such as wired them in written text, articles, blogs and so on, they all love the Shanghai dragon as an example, Some people themselves do Shanghai dragon, but in their minds, they never did Shanghai dragon WHY as a competitor, as a deep hatred in their hearts, but the home page on their website (here is not only the home page) take the Shanghai dragon as their WHY as their example, some people………………… .

1. WHY in Shanghai Longfeng not famous at the time, before the Shanghai dragon WHY has done a lot of artificial chain, such as we can see from its establishment time, make a comparison between them and the hair of the chain of time, this let a person be sure, Shanghai dragon WHY is not hypocritical, because they there is a strong team of supporters it silently.

The But even if there is a

is the 5. mode of cooperation, and some sites for cooperation, such as the knight of hair on top of their programs, so that they can send the chain, but the effect will be better, because they are in some very awesome website hair.

4. directory submission, from the observation of so many of the chain, is almost in the directory to submit this class didn’t find any, no traces of.

Look again the monthly income of 50 thousand stories

this story is very ironic, how specific irony you yourself slowly look down. After reading, how can you comment?. This is a student in Shandong, his high school career is very short, only to the high term, the school stopped. When he quit the school with the so-called non mainstream girls abortion abortion as simple. Needless to say, you also know how " education is now. "Quality". Home has nothing to do, then apply for a free forum, a forum for management of their day, don’t omit all the crap words, a few days after he decided to do an entrance of the site, and then omit all the crap no more words to say, after 3 months or even 5 months after his site the. Here means "well" means that all the columns in the navigation page of the website have made a preliminary model, and the content of the entity is not added too much. But this site really tired, physiological and psychological together tired, 5 months later, he lost 12 pounds. Physiology to face more than 15 hours of work every day, do not use or in front of the computer, notebook computer, for a long time high temperature often crashes, then the project file not saved the cool ~ ~ in short 5 months after the initial site model has been established to.

it is worth noting that in the 5 months of his website, a similar forum places like BBS advertising in any place, because in the construction site during the particular web content is not how rich situation a lot of publicity is very unwise, it may temporarily bring three hundred or four hundred IP every day but, visitors can see the site without the actual content back rate per cent microscope.

because he is a boy of 17, a temporary home room and board, the money is not particularly anxious thing, so in the station early not particularly big psychological pressure, such as not to earn 200 dollars the day after tomorrow will not eat no place to live a kind of idea. (young is good ~ ~ I’m 17 this year, but I feel old ~ blame ~)


below is his website’s promotional technique:

1, I was impressed by my classmates, so it was a very favorable resource for my classmates, and it was the last object for the website promotion.

specific practices: bought a suit, 4-500 pieces of a body, but also with two pants. Take the road, pull relations, errands, grinding one, there is another. You can’t say KING-BOX dude, but you have to be decent, like a company guy. You want to say that this is the performance of the package, then even if it is installed, in the commodity society, for the time being, moral theory and dignity value is not talked about, as long as not urinating everywhere, it is not a bad thing to be a dog who has enough to eat and drink.

then made a brand similar to the company’s business manager, the school gate 300, rented a Passat three hours, the car directly into the campus, teachers downstairs. After finding the principal, the main meaning is to thank him for his upbringing and teaching, and to send up a flag. As for what is written on the flag, I’m not

Grassroots Adsense what fight the world

economic crisis, a station for the winter, a heavy smashing eggs again and ruthlessly Zhajiang fragile layers of grassroots, grassroots webmaster how, what to take to make the world


grassroots webmaster will always be worthless life? What is the webmaster of the future direction of development? At a loss? In fact, meditation to think, perhaps there are still many opportunities for us to find the


I am not just, dare not say oneself say it must have what reason, if you feel there is some truth, can also consider today’s conditions look at your next step should be to do; if you feel well, talk downright nonsense, no, not wasting your precious time, please bypass.

personal Adsense really want to spend the winter? Personal webmaster to site the theme of development 09 years decide on what path to follow? What? I personally think that a station to East but we do not care too much, everything is two-sided, both opportunities and challenges, and the threat of death in, we should keep an optimistic mind. To calm, to explore. Our direction? Look at the current economic crisis, what can we say, there are many fail, but there are also many companies but to take this opportunity to dig out the big fellow corner, foundation instability, why? So it is not difficult to see, whether our winter to come, we will go on to understand the peace of mind to keep. WEB1.0 changed the way people access to information, WEB2.0 the information age is the participation of the effectiveness of dripping every minute, the rapid development of the forum, blog, podcast by leaps and bounds, all in the description of a problem, the network has no winter, you have to see how we go by. Now there is no WEB3.0, I do not know whether the future will be there, but I have obviously felt that the third generation of the Internet has been quietly integrated into our lives. Remember the teacher Li said, now is the time for the developers, and where there was a network, the network will focus on people, everyone involved, everyone is the protagonist in personality, can not be replaced in a network, to meet the needs of the times, the SNS model of community website came into being. This is the MySpace campus network, without rebuke, the success in the description, SNS’s era, in the country, perhaps because it helped Kang Sheng to attack, can now everywhere SNS, Chinese people’s ability to imitate and follow the wind force is very good, a happy net success how much a settimio version of happy net, success is to imitate, a right, but a successful impersonation is built on the understanding of analysis, happy net why can succeed? Why those people back to reality? It will be unemployed, just because of the economic crisis? Want to understand everything will be well, Lolita locked so much if not involved in the theme, I actually feel, what the world has been very clear, SNS is bound to become the mainstream mode of development, the next generation network group now has no doubt make friends, chat and other communities, warlords hegemony, Wei.

5 of the site’s operations are inspired by eye tracking

if your site has a poor user experience, you are likely to lose a lot of opportunities for transformation,

is very effective in helping web operators and designers understand how users navigate the web. Many authoritative experts and institutions have been working in this field for decades.

here are five conclusions about eye tracking applications that might help you with your web site operation:

The behavior patterns of

1. users can be predicted by

in 2006, researcher Jakob Nielsen found: "in general, the process of browsing our web is a predictable pattern.".

users can quickly navigate through the main content of a web page within seconds, in a F shape observation mode.

first, they browse the page from left to right;

then, they go back to the left of the page and start to turn right again in the lower position;

finally, they’ll go back to the left and start scrolling down the page.

Nielsen has found this F trend on three types of Web sites, about our pages, the electricity providers and search engine results pages. He found that F patterns were ubiquitous –

is like a well – defined user browsing behavior,


package: I know that users will visit your web site to F mode, make sure your most important content and the call button (Call-to-action page: bold button for "call" the user clicks the button, such as "register" button) follow this path through to place.

note how the following login page uses F mode. A website user’s attention will follow the red arrow’s track, finally arrives the free trial application registration place.


2., "F" type of browsing mode will fail,

if you compare the two access behaviors with specific target search and aimless browsing, you will find that they have completely different browsing patterns.

"in the case of aimless browsing, the user checks everything from left to right until the scroll arrives at the bottom of the page. In search, their eye movements are very erratic and seem to skip the entire page, "

, the study shows that when users have clear goals, they are likely to give up their habitual eye movements and navigate more freely to quickly find their goals. Maybe it’s because people have a natural urge to know what they want when they know exactly what they want

Internet on the Internet in 2015 8 point of view and practical

read Qin Gang’s "Internet point of view" a book, some gains, especially the case cited, it is worth trying, although the difficulties still exist, but there are opportunities. "Dream River" in the book think good point list down, everybody see.


1 Internet era, what is the most terrible


Internet development is too fast, the dream from 2009 to join the industry, very clear sense of changes and changes in the industry huge. Take a look at the Internet for 09 years, and then look at 2015, when the Fengyun company, project, now what is the state, can not keep up with the pace of the times, doomed to be eliminated. Qin Gang said, too lazy to use their brains, too lazy to learn, too lazy to contact users, too lazy to major, too lazy to follow up new technologies, are terrible, do not passively wait for change, and finally to be eliminated fate. So, Ma said, embrace change.

2 subvert the tradition, solve the user pain point.

many chiefs were saying that "solve the user pain points, we do a website to do the project, has been considering how to solve the needs of users, but to find the user pain points, and the solution is not easy, many people think I gave up. Our team to do business service website Amoy house (, Meng Jiang has been thinking, we solve the problem what is the user’s website can bring value to the user what? We help business users to enhance the flow of sales, conversion rate, go15. The book for a second-hand car trading platform abroad (, is to solve the user pain, how to buy high-quality second-hand car? The car factory for less than 6 years, driving mileage of less than 100 thousand km, and before being changed hands no more than 2 times. It’s very direct and specific, helping users to pick up quality cars rather than letting customers buy second-hand cars by luck. Simple and smooth shopping experience, not satisfied can return, Car Buying price is lower than the second-hand car dealers; profit model, the car owners of 9% sites charge into; inspection division, inspection of each car to sell second-hand car, and organize a complete test report, collect to sell the car, car service hand, second-hand car sale process connection. Qin Gang finally asked, "can Beepi get to China?" I think the answer is yes.

3 play the Internet, the most critical or executive power.

executive force is a platitude, when the dream to join the A5 company, Wang stressed the implementation of the problem. A good idea should be put into practice at the end, otherwise it will mean an empty talk. For example, understand (QQ2361456), a daily diary, unshakable, persist for several years, I have not seen him, only in 2010, and invited him to the A5 forum had exceeded the interactive activities. He is a super executive, admire. Now many people are doing the WeChat public number, the public number is updated every day, have developed the reader’s reading habits, regardless of the Spring Festival, Valentine’s day?

HTML5 brings WAP web disruptive revolution, development of actual combat NetEase, micro-blog


HTML5 is more and more favored by the Internet development team both at home and abroad. Abroad, Google developed Chrome Web Store enthusiastically, Microsoft released a support for the use of HTML5 technology development "Irish Spring" theme site, NOKIA spent huge sums of money to buy and build NOKIA MAP business. Domestic Internet giant on the other shore of the new web development standards are also interested, began to HTML5 products to test the water.

NetEase, micro-blog iPhone platform, Web App products in the first quarter of 2012 has been successfully launched. Now we will share the experience and lessons of this project, and hope to develop with you in the HTML5 development environment.


one, developers configure

Product Manager: 1;

Interactive Designer: 1;

visual designer: 1;

front end Engineer: 1;

backend Engineer: 2;

testers: 1.

two, development time

Interactive Designer: 22 business days;

visual designer: 14 business days;

front end Engineer: 50 business days;

background Engineer: because of the background data, it is only necessary to cooperate with the front-end engineer to call the data

, in which the entire development cycle, interaction and front-end use of the longest.

NetEase micro-blog Web App development process

1, functional requirements planning: different from the Web side and the local client

Manager: Product Manager, participant: interactive designer,

, NetEase, micro-blog, Web, App (in this article refers to the mobile terminal) is different from the Web end products, and the local client is also different.

1. NetEase micro-blog Web App compared to the Web side, has advantages of strong mobility, rich media, and has the information presentation space, information architecture, deep inferior. Two the use situation is different, micro-blog Web end use immersed in plenty of time, the superior network conditions; micro-blog Web App is to pass the time on trivial time, uneven in quality conditions of network.

therefore, the NetEase micro-blog Web App should avoid the function of large, need to choose the most refined from the Web often use the user’s mobile environment function, and increase the feature phone client specific requirements (such as iterative stage would consider joining the local service function).


Dry goods how to do user research

lead: in the Internet era, companies want to be successful, individual in the enterprise to obtain the sense of achievement, ultimately cannot do without research on users, users can only understand, know what the user needs, in order to "an antidote against the disease".

in the Internet era, companies want to be successful, individual in the enterprise to obtain the sense of achievement, ultimately cannot do without research on users, users can only understand, know what the user needs, in order to "an antidote against the disease". Then the question comes, how to do user research? This article is a pure dry " methodology " I hope you can get in it.