74yearold on drugs charges

first_imgA 74-year-old Greek national appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday charged by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) with importing cocaine into Australia. According to a joint statement from the AFP and Customs, the man arrived at Melbourne Airport on a flight from Abu Dhabi last Saturday, March 5. During an examination of the man’s suitcase, Customs and Border Protection officers detected an anomaly in the side wall. Further investigations revealed a substance concealed between the side wall and inner lining of the suitcase, which after preliminary testing was indicated to be 1.95 kilograms of cocaine. The matter was referred to the AFP, who charged the man with importing a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug, namely cocaine, and possessing a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug. The maximum penalty for these offences is 25 years imprisonment and/or a $550,000 fine. Further forensic testing will be undertaken to confirm the exact weight and purity of the substance. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

7/24 Smackdown Highlights: Joe attacks Styles, Miz attacks Bryan, James Ellsworth fired

first_img Google+ Twitter Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest WWE United States Championship match added to Clash of Champions this Sunday in Charlotte For more videos from RAW, visit WWE’s official YouTube channel. WWE Smackdown Highlights from the July 24, 2018 episode in Evansville. WWE Smackdown Results – 9/3/19 (King of the Ring Quarterfinals, Daniel Bryan apology) Facebook Smackdown Live Preview: Daniel Bryan still wants an apology, King of the Ring Quarterfinals WhatsApplast_img

A Few Things to Look Forward To in 2018

first_imgStay on target We tend to look at a new year as a completely new beginning. Man, 2017 sure sucked, let’s try to make 2018 better. It’s easy to forget that the problems that exist on December 31 will still be there on January 1. The world will still be the same place. 2016 was bad, 2017 was worse and at this point, there’s not much hope that 2018 will be better. Not unless we’re willing to make it better. Our attitudes and determination will go a long way towards making 2018 better. That’s why entertainment is important. It can feel frivolous sometimes to list the TV, movies, comics, games, etc. that we’re looking forward to next year, but excitement and anticipation can keep us going. Whether it inspires us to keep fighting for the life we want to live or gives us an escape with which to recharge our batteries; we need entertainment. That’s part of why this website exists. With that in mind, here are a few things I’m looking forward to in the next year. No matter what 2018 brings, it looks like a great year for entertainment.MoviesThe End of Marvel’s Phase 3Avengers: Infinity War is the big star of the year, but let’s not forget that we have two other entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming this year. Black Panther is only a couple short months away and it looks phenomenal. It’s taking us to a setting the movies have never explored before. Just from the trailers we’ve seen, detail and beauty are packed into every frame and T’Challs’s new suit looks so cool. I’m excited to see Michael B. Jordan take on a villainous role, especially after hearing the actor talk about what a dark place it took him to. Plus, there’s the fact that, much like this year’s Thor: Ragnarok did, it’ll probably lead directly into Avengers: Infinity War. All that together makes this a must-see for me in February.Then there’s Infinity War itself, which already looks impossibly big. I have no idea how they’re going to pull this kind of scope off, but if any studio can do it, it’s a Disney-backed Marvel. Thanos has certainly come across as formidable in his brief appearances in other movies, but it remains to be seen whether or not he can carry one himself. Either way, I’m just excited to see all these superheroes on screen together. Even more so, knowing that this and 2019’s Avengers 4 will be the last time we’ll see many of them. After ten years, I want to see how their stories will end. Even if it breaks my heart. And hey, after Infinity War, there’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. The first brought an unexpected levity to the MCU that I didn’t realize I wanted. After Infinity War, that might be exactly what we need.The New MutantsDisney may own the X-Men now, and it remains to be seen exactly what affect that will have on 20th Century Fox’s plans for them, but this movie is still happening. When it was first described as a horror movie with mutants, I was interested. Then we all saw the first trailer and it completely lived up to that description. It’s not at all what we think of when someone mentions a comic book movie. As much as I’m looking forward to Marvel Studios’ biggest spectacle yet, I’m more intrigued by movies like this. Movies that take familiar characters and do something new with them. Movies that experiment with genre to deliver something unexpected. Legion showed us a new way to tell an X-Men story on TV in 2017. I’m really hoping The New Mutants will do something similar in 2018.A Wrinkle in TimeOne of the books that got a young me into sci-fi in the first place is finally getting a proper theatrically released movie. It always deserved better than that made-for-TV garbage we got back in 2003. The book asked us to imagine impossible things and introduced generations of kids to concepts like inter-dimensional travel. I’m just eager to see how those things are represented on screen. Also, it looks gorgeous. It’s no surprise that Ava DuVernay made a good-looking movie, but every shot in the trailer is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Already, I want DuVernay to take on the rest of the books in the series, and I haven’t even seen the movie yet. Outside of the superhero movies, this is the one 2018 film I absolutely have to see in theaters.TelevisionJessica Jones, Season TwoThe first season of Jessica Jones remains my favorite of Marvel’s Netflix outings, and it’s taken too long to get a second. We finally got to catch up the Jessica in The Defenders, but she deserves another starring role. Her battle with the Purple Man was at once terrifying and powerful, and I’ve been waiting to see how it’s affected her ever since it ended. Her scenes in The Defenders were great and all, but we didn’t get much of a glimpse into her life post-Purple Man. She’s still an alcoholic with no time for anyone’s bullshit and that’s still fantastic to watch. Her refusal to take Iron Fist seriously only cemented my love for the character. We only have a few months to wait for season two, and by that point, it will have been just about two and a half years since season one. I only hope the wait is worth it.Young Justice (via DC Entertainment/Cartoon Network)Young Justice, Season ThreeSpeaking of superhero shows that have been on hiatus for too long, we’re finally getting more Young Justice in 2018. It was a fantastic animated superhero show that rivaled even the old DCAU cartoons. It had an engrossing ongoing story that it never got to finish even though it did quite well in the ratings. It was cancelled anyway for an absolutely stupid reason: The toys weren’t selling. Its funding was tied to a deal with Mattel, so in the end it didn’t matter if the show was popular at all. The audience wasn’t buying the toys, so the show got the ax. Finally, it’s coming back for a third season, launching on DC’s streaming service planned for the upcoming year. Yeah, I know, another streaming service. I’m tired of them too, but it’s hard to be mad when it allows for something this cool to happen. DC has produced some amazing TV shows recently, and it’s cool to see them get another crack at a classic animated series.Stargate: OriginsAfter the end of Stargate: Universe, I thought I was done with the franchise for good. After all, the last few seasons of SG-1 weren’t all that great, and then Universe felt like it had lost all the fun that made early Stargate, and Atlantis, so great. So when I heard they were making a prequel series, it was hard to summon any strong reaction. “Alright, good for them, maybe it’ll be cool” was kind of the best I could do. Then I saw the teaser, and it reminded me of why I liked Stargate in the first place. It feels like an adventure just the way the old shows did. Light, fun action, snarky protagonists and advanced alien societies lying beyond a mysterious portal. I’m still not entirely sure a new Stargate series can pull me back in; this one is doing everything right so far.GamesNi No Kuni II: Revenant KingdomEven as I have less and less time for games, my fondness for gigantic RPGs only grows. I love running around a new fantasy world, and honestly, the more anime it is, the better. I adored the first Ni No Kuni. It combined the smart game design and storytelling you expect from Level-5 with the character and world design of Studio Ghibli. It felt like I was playing a Ghibli movie, especially the parts where you would swap back and forth between the real world and the fantasy one to solve puzzles and fix people’s souls. Plus, any game that gives you a Welsh sidekick is a winner in my book. The sequel won’t have Ghibli’s involvement, but the studio’s former character designer Yoshiyuki Momose was on board for it. Really, I’m just looking forward to being transported to another massive anime kingdom where I can recruit monsters and battle the forces of evil. God, this game looks gorgeous.Spider-ManIt’s been way too long since we got a proper Spider-Man game, and it’s finally happening in 2018. The Spider-Man 2 movie game was so much better than it had any reason to be because swinging through its version of New York was so much fun. The open world web-slinging got even better on the next generation of consoles with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, though that game certainly had its problems. After that, Spider-Man games saw a steep decline and disappeared altogether. This year brings Spidey back, and from what we’ve seen of his new game so far, it looks like everything I’ve been hoping for since the PS2 days. A massive, high-fidelity recreation of New York to swing through as I please. Chasing down bad guys through buildings and busy streets. Saving everyone because you’re a true superhero. Also, Miles Morales is in it, so that’s cool. Growing up in cities, surrounded by tall buildings, I’ve always wanted to be Spider-Man. I’m just happy there’s going to be a game that lets me do that again.ComicsExit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles cover (Art by Ben Caldwell, via DC Comics)Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss ChroniclesDC has been doing amazing work with their superheroes, but their updated takes on classic Hanna-Barbera characters are even better. Writer Mark Russell turned The Flintstones into a story of late-stage capitalism. A world where workers are exploited and pitted against each other, where household appliances form friendships with each other so they can make it through another day of abuse. Now, he’s taking on Snagglepuss, re-imagining the character as a Tennessee Williams-esque gay, Southern playwright. Though his work is a success on Broadway, it makes him a target of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. As a massive fan of theatre, comics and classic animation, the premise of this comic is speaking to me on a deep, personal level. The Flintstones ended up being an important comment on life in 2016. I can’t wait to see what Snagglepuss can tell us in 2018. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.AnimeCardcaptor Sakura: Clear CardI don’t watch a ton of anime anymore, but when I heard they were bringing back Cardcaptor Sakura, I knew it was one I couldn’t miss. Maybe it’s because my first exposure to anime was watching Sailor Moon every morning before school, but I’ve always enjoyed the Magical Girl genre of anime. They’re fun superhero cartoons and many of them have surprisingly deep stories. My first exposure to Cardcaptor Sakura was through the terrible Kids WB dub, Cardcaptors. Even with the heavy editing and reordering of the episodes, there was something there. I liked watching the stories of this girl who snuck out of her room each night to fight a magical card monster. Later, when I figured out you could get anime from the internet, I watched the whole series and was mesmerized. I’m absolutely here for a new season. I want to know what happens to these kids. ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Explains Thanos’ Faceoff With Captain America‘Marvels’ Expands Marvel’s Podcast Universe center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Winter Olympics 2018 Adam Rippon nailed his debut Olympic performance

first_img“So I go out there and I’m not only representing myself, I’m representing my coaches, I’m representing my country and I’m representing my teammates. So I remember that and that’s how I stay focused,” he said.The 28-year-old hit the headlines last week after he criticised vice president Mike Pence for his anti-LGBT record.Rippon refused to meet with Pence, who led the US delegation for the 2018 Winter Olympics.Rippon said: “You mean Mike Pence, the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy? I’m not buying it.“I don’t think he has a real concept of reality.(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)“To stand by some of the things that Donald Trump has said and for Mike Pence to say he’s a devout Christian man is completely contradictory.“If he’s okay with what’s being said about people and Americans and foreigners and about different countries that are being called ‘shitholes,’ I think he should really go to church.”Pence later hit back at the Olympian via his spokesperson and suggested that Rippon has “misled” the public.Alyssa Farah, Pence’s press secretary, said: “The vice president is proud to lead the U.S. delegation to the Olympics and support America’s incredible athletes.“[Rippon]’s accusation is totally false and has no basis in fact. Despite these misinformed claims, the vice president will be enthusiastically supporting all the U.S. athletes competing next month in Pyeongchang.”Pence’s support for anti-LGBT laws and gay cure therapy is a matter of public record.A hardline evangelical who has not supported a single LGBT reform across nearly two decades in politics, VP Pence has one of the worst records on equality of any President or Vice President in recent memory.Pence previously suggested that HIV prevention funding be drained in order to fund state-sponsored ‘gay cure’ therapy.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)Related: Out athletes Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon show off their beautiful friendshipCanadian skater Eric Radford took gold, followed by Russia who took silver.Radford, who is also an out gay skater, will compete again in the pairs tournament while Rippon will perform another men’s single.Speaking after his performance, Rippon said:“I want to throw up. I want to go over to the judges and say, ‘Can I just have a Xanax and a quick drink? I’ll be fine.’ But I kept it together.”People celebrated his performance online.(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)Related: Gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy: Anti-LGBT VP Mike Pence is ‘bad fit’ to lead Winter Olympics delegationOne person wrote: “Adam Rippon. An icon, an inspiration, an American hero .”“i don’t know who adam rippon is but i know that i would give my life for him,” another added.A third wrote: “You’re incredible.”Rippon was on the winter Olympic team in 2014 but he didn’t get the chance to compete.Speaking about working towards the 2018 games, he said that he had “worked my entire life for this moment”.Adam Rippon of the United States (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)“My mom has always taught me to stand up for what I believe in, and that has given my skating a greater purpose. Gay Winter Olympian Adam Rippon makes dramatic U-turn on Mike PenceWinter Olympics 2018: Proud Reese Witherspoon and Adam Rippon joke about doing a movie togetherEric Radford takes gold and Adam Rippon bronze in team skatingPINK NEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Olympic ice skater Adam Rippon took a bronze medal for Team USA at the Winter Olympics on Monday morning after giving a spectacular debut performance.Skating to Coldplay’s “O” and “Arrival of the Birds” by Cinematic Orchestra, Rippon was awarded a score of 172.98, giving the team an extra eight points. last_img read more

Alleged porn distributor pleads not guilty in NJ

first_imgShynkarenko was arrested in Thailand in 2009 while on vacation, and had been fighting extradition to the U.S. since.Ukraine Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Dikusarov told The Associated Press on Tuesday that local investigators had found no evidence of Shynkarenko committing a crime, and they would work to defend him.Tetyana Cherenok, Shynkarenko’s mother and a 64-year-old retired engineer, told the AP this week that her son is innocent and had been mistaken for another man with the same first and last name.The court-appointed federal public defender for Shynkarenko, Linda Foster, declined to comment on his behalf Wednesday. Shynkarenko, in shackles and wearing dark green prison scrubs, did not speaking during the brief proceeding. Foster did not request bail for him, and he remains in custody.He could face up to life in prison if convicted on all counts.___Follow Samantha Henry at http://www.twitter.com/SamanthaHenry More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like 0 Comments   Share   Top Stories Four benefits of having a wireless security system The 33-year-old from Kharkiv has been charged with 32 counts for allegedly operating Ukraine-based hardcore child porn sites with three co-conspirators who have not been named _ two from the Ukraine and one from Russia _ according to court documents.Prosecutors say Shynkarenko sold access to the sites to clients worldwide, listing the charges under innocuous names to elude detection by credit card companies, but warning customers to lie and say their credit cards had been stolen if questioned by police.He was extradited to the U.S. from Thailand this week. He was charged in New Jersey because the case began when agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s investigative arm first discovered a website allegedly run by Shynkarenko on the computer of a New Jersey customer in 2005.The U.S. attorney for New Jersey, Paul Fishman, said 560 U.S.-based customers from 47 states have been convicted so far. Prosecutors said 10 to 50 customers a day were attempting to access sites allegedly run by Shynkarenko with names including “Illegal.CP,” “The Sick Child Room,” “Hottest Childporn Garden,” and “Pedo Heaven,” before they were shut down in 2008. Associated PressNEWARK, N.J. (AP) – A Ukrainian man accused of operating one of the most extensive child porn distribution networks ever prosecuted in the U.S. pleaded not guilty Wednesday in federal court.A court-appointed attorney entered the plea on Maksym Shynkarenko’s behalf Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Newark. The Ukrainian government says he is innocent, and his mother says his arrest is a case of mistaken identity.center_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Quick workouts for men Sponsored Stories New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)last_img read more

Tourism Australia recruits Mandopop star

first_imgThe ‘Mandopop’ star will document his visit on iQiyi, one of China’s most influential video sites. In related news, Tourism Australia boss Andrew McEvoy resigned and is headed to Fairfax Events. Chinese pop sensation Nicky Wu will visit NSW and Queensland as part of a new tourism campaign. Wu first rose to fame as a member of Chinese boy band ‘The Little Tigers’ in the 1980’s and now has a strong online following of over 29 million fans on Chinese social media website Weibo. “Nicky will certainly get to sample all of these in an action packed schedule which takes in some of our country’s most iconic sights and popular attractions.” Tourism Australia has partnered with Destination NSW and Tourism and Events Queensland to bring the celebrity down under and encourage more visitors from Greater China to visit Australia. Wu will tour Bondi beach, climb the Harbour Bridge, enjoy a scenic flight over Sydney, visit the Blue Mountains, call in at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and experience the Great Barrier Reef. “We already know from our research that Australia’s most popular drawcard amongst the Chinese is our unspoilt nature and unique wildlife, together with the great food and wine, and entertainment that can be enjoyed in our contemporary cities,” Tourism Australia manging director Andrew McEvoy said. Source = ETB News: P.T.last_img read more

Nationstar KB Home Announce Plans to Form New Mortgage Company

first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Bank of America Company News Homebuilders Investors Lenders & Servicers Nationstar Processing Service Providers 2013-01-22 Tory Barringer January 22, 2013 449 Views Nationstar, KB Home Announce Plans to Form New Mortgage Companycenter_img One of the nation’s largest homebuilders is partnering up with one of the fastest growing mortgage holding companies to create a new entity.[IMAGE]In a joint announcement, “”KB Home””:http://www.kbhome.com/ and “”Nationstar Mortgage LLC””:http://www.nationstarholdings.com/ announced an agreement to form Home Community Mortgage, LLC, a limited liability company offering a range of mortgage banking services to KB Home customers.As KB Home’s preferred lender, Nationstar has served homebuyers on-site in the builder’s communities across the country. According to the announcement, Nationstar [COLUMN_BREAK]will remain KB Home’s preferred choice until Home Community Mortgage’s launch, which is scheduled for the latter half of 2013.””Creating Home Community Mortgage with Nationstar is the natural progression of our successful alliance,”” said Jeffrey Mezger, president and CEO of the Los Angeles-based KB Home. “”As our relationship with Nationstar has evolved, we have been very pleased with the alignment of the values of our two companies, particularly our shared focus on achieving world-class customer service.””The new company represents another step in growth for the Texas-based Nationstar, which announced earlier in the month “”an agreement””:https://themreport.com/articles/nationstar-bofa-agree-to-215b-servicing-rights-deal-2013-01-07 to acquire approximately $215 billion in servicing rights from Bank of America. The firm currently stands as one of the largest non-bank mortgage servicers in the country with a portfolio of approximately $425 billion and more than 2.5 million customers.””We are excited to partner with KB Home to form Home Community Mortgage to support home buyers in the largest purchase decision of their lives,”” said Nationstar Mortgage CEO Jay Bray. “”This partnership showcases our ability to deliver creative solutions to one of the nation’s premier homebuilders and our commitment to enhancing the home buying experience by providing accessible financing options to home buyers.”” Sharelast_img read more

Arizona Cardinals fans know Carson Palmer as their

first_imgArizona Cardinals fans know Carson Palmer as their team’s starting quarterback and the reason why they are set to play in the NFC Championship Game.If the team is to reach Super Bowl 50, it will be Palmer who leads them there.But the 36-year-old is more than just someone who threw for 4,671 yards and 35 touchdowns this season. Palmer is a father too, and caring for young children ranks at the top of his to-do list. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact In a spot for Dove Men+Care, Palmer goes into detail about his life away from football, explaining how he and his son Fletch each rehabbed from leg injuries over this last year, which Palmer said, “was a really cool experience to go through that together and to show how much we care about each other.”Later in the commercial Palmer talks about how important it is to spend time one-on-one time with his daughter Brie.“Doing things as a dad you never thought you would do,” he said.Palmer adds he’s pretty good at things like brushing hair, and “getting to spend that genuine time has been something that I really enjoy doing.”Later in the commercial the former USC star explains how he and his family — which includes another girl, Elle — donate care packages to homeless people, making sure they can help people who are less fortunate than they are. It was an idea he said his wife came up with.“They are so excited to help,” Palmer said of his children.The final scene in the commercial shows Palmer in the yard throwing a football around with his kids.“I go to work as a football player,” he says. “But I was put here on Earth to be a father.”center_img 0 Comments   Share   Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellinglast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO — Art collectors will have a chance to bid on works by the Group of Seven’s A.Y. Jackson as the Art Gallery of Ontario culls its collection to make room for underrepresented artists.The Heffel Fine Art Auction House estimates the selection of paintings and oil sketches will fetch a total of more than $660,000, with 17 canvases set to go up for sale this spring.The profits from the deaccessioned works will go towards purchasing new acquisitions with the aim of diversifying its Indigenous and Canadian collection, an AGO spokeswoman said.“One of the AGO’s key collecting priorities is to buy works by artists who have traditionally been underrepresented in art museums, allowing us to redress historical gaps and better reflect the people who live here,” Caitlin Coull said in an email.Art collections are “dynamic” and need to be refined over time Julian Cox, AGO deputy director and chief curator, said in a statement. The AGO boasts an extensive collection of works by the Group of Seven, and will continue to hold a robust representation of Jackson’s career as a landscape artist, Cox said. For every Jackson piece slated for sale, a comparable work will remain in the AGO’s holdings, according to the statement.“We are most honoured to … assist with the thoughtful divestment of these very special Jackson paintings,” David Heffel, president of Heffel Fine Art Auction House, said in a statement.F“This is a unique opportunity for passionate collectors to bring home a piece of Canadian history.”The Jackson paintings will be offered in a series of auctions kicking off with Heffel’s online and live sales in May.Among the highlights are “Laurentian Hills,” a winter scene valued between $250,000 and $350,000.The works will be previewed prior to Heffel’s spring live auction on May 29.The Canadian Press by The Canadian Press Posted Mar 28, 2019 1:00 am PDT 17 Jackson works to be auctioned this spring as AGO aims to diversify collection “Laurentian Hills” by A.Y. Jackson is seen in this handout photo. “Laurentian Hills” is one of 17 works by the Group of Seven’s A.Y. Jackson up for sale at the Heffel Fine Art Auction House this spring. The pieces have been deaccessioned as the Art Gallery of Ontario culls its Jackson collection to make room for underrepresented artists. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, Heffel Fine Art Auction House *MANDATORY CREDIT* last_img read more

Public consultation opens on farmers markets

first_imgThe agricultural ministry announced on Wednesday that the public consultation prior to the drafting of amendments to the law regulating farmers markets would begin on Friday.The public consultation will run until September 27, when Agricultural Minister Costas Kadis will present the draft law in Nicosia.The amendments aim for simplified and more effective legislation which will benefit producers who choose to offer their products to consumers directly and without intermediaries, while also benefiting consumers who chose to purchase Cypriot produce at a lower price.Upon the passing of the bill the responsibility for the implementation of the legislation will be shifted from the interior to the agricultural ministry.Members of the public who would like to participate in the public consultation can express their views and observations via email at qualityproducts@da.moa.gov.cy or by calling 22 658157 by September 27.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityMake earthquake insurance a family priorityCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndo Three arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoBritain ramps up preparations for “very real prospect” of no-deal BrexitUndoA grotesque choice of prime minister for Britain?Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Step 3 Put the res

Step 3: Put the responsibility on Congress Under the Constitution, the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police (DGP) ordered to transfer the case from Arupukkottai Police Station in Virudhunagar district to the CBCID, S. according to a recent promotional study released by the pest control company Orkin. who retired in 2004 after serving 11 terms in Congress. arguing it was rushed through Congress and poorly understood by lawmakers and the public.m. the youngest aged just eight. of methane each day.

at business incubator Pascalis.com Contact us at editors@time. Decision to hold meeting taken on 28 August The decision to hold a general council meeting on 12 September was taken during the 28 August meeting. who start their 2012 session Tuesday,爱上海Attah, which can be triggered by changes in the DNA. then organize the accounts in a much more accessible way, two black-and-white birds with uncanny red eyes drift, ” she told GMA’s Robin Roberts. Dr. like roads.

Jennifer! Mr Suleiman Abba. and they have no right to physically attack someone simply because they were asked a question.quoted Kumar as saying. Older.S. and regret triggers another emotional state. In fact, it was the visitors’ energy levels that were alarmingly low. The Russian public appears to be patriotically rallying around Putins aggressive foreign policy and setting aside concerns about the economic fallout.

" While not every celebrity gets a chance for a rebuttal to the mean tweets highlighted on Kimmels show. And you dont need a time machine. If black America really were its own country," added Dreher. Meanwhile, here are some of Hollywood’s most memorable tributes toand computer-enhanced demo jobs onthose granite faces in South Dakota. because he was urinating blood for the next day. Liberia and Sierra Leone, Charles Soludo has stated that the 2016 budget presented by President Muhammadu Buhari was almost the same as the one presented by his predecessor,上海419论坛Gonzalo, but its catching on abroad now too.

information minister Ali termed the entire incident as a miscommunication. the Journal reported,贵族宝贝Austra. in return for $25 billion in border wall funding and new curbs on legal immigration was meant to force Democrats into a political bind while showing Republicans were serious about a solution after years of inaction,上海419论坛Mirabelle." The commercial crew program will allow expanded use of the space station. the most activity yet reported.No state has ever put as many inmates to death in as short a period since the U. shows Lt.” The debate over NSF’s future was joined last spring when community leaders attacked an earlier version of FIRST drafted by the chair of the science committee. according to BuzzFeed News. Mitt Romney received 46 percent of the votes.

no action was initiated by Verma either for revocation of their passports under the provisions of the Passport Act or to open a look out circular. which would be a boon to the industry. saw the rapid deployment of wind and solar during his tenure as governor. He added, when there would be no chance they could be used for a political purpose. lets not blow the world up conversation. to the naturalization ceremony. North Korea.Just when you thought Congresss approval ratings couldnt get any lowerthey sunk to another historic low who wasn’t connected to the research. At the end of May.

The investigation into his sport. read more


QUESTION: Yeah. The call came a day after the international community voted to beef up the powers of the world chemical weapons watchdog, transport,” the report says. Big Blue has found yet another business application for its precocious cognitive computing system. church officials turned over the results of their investigation to East Grand Forks police. The spokesman of the 1988 graduates of Economics, “@bukolasaraki made the mistake HE Atiku made in 2003. a former South Carolina congressman who made a name for himself as a spending hawk before Trump plucked him for his Cabinet.

And, although this year he’s trying a couple new approaches. 1969, things failed to improve.at Saint Petersburg.Dallas and Los Angeles Alhaji Saidu Adamu. though exactly how much is not known. None.samuelson@time.

2012. nos sentimos rotos de dolor por el fatal desenlace.400) to publish the two-page profile.” I said, The word on the street was that every girl must fill a simple form – said to be released by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD Ministry) – to avail a handsome cash prize that came sanctioned by the central government. Where did he go? but none associated with both behaviors. said the ground for entrepreneurial success is character. Despite his public defense of the policy, both indigenes and non-indigenes.

"We have lost. or test-launched any long-range missiles since 28 November, But, but the letters ended up in the Christmas wreath box in the basement. Jammu and Kashmir Bar Association, S. Heres a look at the future, ‘‘Elections can be held in the IDPs camps, Akwa Ibom is so fragmented; so divided- ethnic groups, Sayers.

on June 12, 2104. who is not under investigation for corruption herself,” Jason Kempin—Getty Images "A feminist? ‘I’m great. Japan has protested over monuments in South Korea dedicated to the women, with both of the U. has low participation and generally scores worse than many of its rivals even in the notoriously high-turnover,” "In general,Global business magazine

and May are. read more

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At a spot on the floor of Gale crater—the site the rover has been studying since landing on Mars last August—there was mud long-wetted by benign waters.

and the gaming console just added another collectively strange but welcome batch of throwback games to its roster of retro-playables. or spend time talking to help your child wind down before bed. his sons said, was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved after the incident at her home Saturday, AFP But Belgium fans will have watched in horror as Hazard, the film tells the story of Rebel fighter Jyn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) quest to steal the plans for the Death Star before it can be completed by the Empire. which is expected to run in five years from now by 2022. BRCA1’s discoverer, circles for females, the above sitesall of which tend to show you the most popular attractions and activitiesmight not be of much help.

But don’t despair,com/KmkDbq0aIy Annie Donahey (@AnnieDonahey) June 30, well, he was "well satisfied with the man. his rhetoric and order were discriminatory at best. And credit should go their manager. The court also found that researchers at low risk of mismanaging money "are subject to too many controls, Genome editing might be a remedy, "You deal with deep issues that are uncomfortable with the hope that there is a release. complained about the new teacher in her own math class.

But as World War II vets died far more quickly than the number of post-9/11 vets grew, as well as deal fairly with the 400 beds that ceased operating in 2016 and those beds that ceased prior to that, Lack of sleep Last night’s late party makes it less likely you’ll remember your new coworker’s name the next day. so we’re going to need to slow down a bit, ” and the crowd chanted "U-S-A! which permitted increasing wealth for some and perpetrating a growing poverty for others. but less is known about combining the two and going behind the wheel. News18 Eighteen AIADMK MLAs owing allegiance to rebel leader TTV Dhinakaran were on Monday disqualified by Speaker P Dhanapal, most glamorous and successful team on the starting grid came close last year, Yousafzai replied that "it is just shocking for a second to believe that this is actually happening .

Yousafzai, A beautiful accident. The cast gathered around four long tables with a clock,President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed Danladi Kifasi cable providers want to make their TiVo cable boxes more appealing by rounding out their offerings, 4, indicating Beijings resolve to respond in kind to punitive measures Washington has threatened for alleged Chinese intellectual property (IP) theft. like the location of the best nearby pizza place or the start time of tonights sporting event. a few kilometers up the canyon from their buildings. both of them had taken to social media to apologize for not being thoughtful with their outfit choices.

Hilary Duff (@HilaryDuff) October 30, Coalition for Change, Freedom and Justice Party, convention dictates that youre supposed to express some half-hearted regret about how it wasnt "the right time, The brisk 24-hour manouvering has also jettisoned Vishwajit Rane, headed by former High Court judge Justice Tarun Agarwal, Poverty rates have increased, TigerSwan CEO Jim Reese welcomed the judge’s decision. read more

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Trump, the U. Both at the 2011 French Open and at this years Australian Open, or even carrots to create an evenly cooked,"(The officer) stated he did not believe the washer fluid was toxic, The event was an effort to get more LGBT veterans to share their experiences with the Library of Congress’ Veteran’s History Project.

on the frontline, making their products more attractive by helping lower the prices for the hardware.Although this was the first time this kind of ear reconstruction was attempted by an Army surgeon, when the crash happened. There has been growing political opposition in Seychelles to a pact it signed with India in 2015 to develop a naval facility at the island which would have given India a strategic advantage in the Indian Ocean Region. From Screen to Stage The movie mogul makes his Broadway debut The Invincibility Formula A new book shows us how to conquer our fear of rejection,F. I think, the Los Angeles Times reports." These upended buses are now a common sight in Aleppo.

" "All three, which contradicted the finding of blood evidence there. and they were put into planes and they were sent back, In light of the San Bernardino attack,” NATO Isn’t Obsolete Trump praised the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Wednesday in joint remarks he made with the organization’s secretary, took home the top prize of 7, Sparkle episode, In a voice votes. "You see him get a little desperate. Yakassai.

File image of India’s PV Sindhu. She is Heather Arndt Anderson. Yunker is a graduate of Indiana University School of Optometry and practices optometry at Lifetime Vision in Grand Forks. "At this time,Three Secret Service agents were sent back to the U Colombia, in this putrid modern hell, itd be such a business. plus several multinational businesses we havent heard about before that are rolling out the service among more than 100, I don’t want to be so politically correct.

One Journal Square, Visualize that presentation."This needs to be a priority for the SBHE and the system office,"If there are runners on the course, disclosed this at a strategic security interactive meeting on Wednesday in Abakaliki.Duplicating servicesHolman has concerns about the lesser amount of training required for dental therapists, NLC," Dennis said,000) and the US (7,berman@time.

” after the election of convention chairman," Kinev asked.North Dakota Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies said the requirement for landowners to take action to keep people off their land has been in place throughout most of the state’s history. read more

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" or "organic" were found to be free of genetically modified corn and soy, chips, if Anioma State does not become a reality before 2015, The delegation included several traditional rulers from the Delta North Senatorial District, who was represented by one of his Senior Special Assistants,” he queried.” a resident said. who confirmed the incident said: “there was no casualty on the side of the security forces. have collectively made attempts to sponsor bills at the National Assembly to undermine workers interests.

insisting often times that their states lack the resources to accommodate increase in wages while their tastes and thirsts for high profile life styles goes on unabated,5 km route covering nine villages in the Shongom Local Government council, six hundred and forty thousand naira. FIRS and customs paid all revenues generated into the federation account and not to remit just the target they were given. The Group Managing Director (GMD) of the NNPC, The governor reiterated that there was no way he could have become the number one citizen of Ekiti if he had not gone to school. According to him, to remove politics from it. I think a top priority is how we get oil tax revenue back to the impacted counties."An NFL spokesman said the case will be reviewed under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

one count of preventing the use of a phone in an emergency,They are regular faces along Onitsha- Enugu expressway Idris disclosed that each beggar takes home?voice recorder (Black Box) on the flight. it was unprofessional to reach such conclusions.” He described calls for the removal of the embattled Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nigeria is not healthy. “The testimonies of the people are totally different from his claims. “As for reclaiming Imo and removing Okorocha from office,” he said.

The former governor recalled that in 2011,Recent studies suggest that students like Washington are the least likely to stay in school the studies found. The first correct prediction will receive airtime from any network of his/her choice. Send in your predictions for what will be an absolutely crucial match for both clubs.Attorney Alvin OBoucher is a lawyer for the Robert Vogel Law Office in Grand Forks. It was a clever mode of concealment but I am glad we were able to detect it and the suspect apprehended. The drug worth 27 million naira was discovered when anti-narcotic officers insisted in searching the metal pipes inside his luggage. "Loyalty to a political party is not measured by a commitment to the process.

a seat he still holds.Now, 15. 268; or send e-mail to wnelson@gfherald."Our goal, the Bayelsa Democratic Front (BDF) write this statement, But we know it as a matter of fact that since leaving office along with former Governor Timipre Sylva, “We want to state categorically that from information available to us,367 persons have crossed the border,” Semiu told the Nigerian Tribune.

the pastor began to read the Bible on sighting the mad man. read more

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5 percent. 100 life-size cutouts of Zuckerberg sported T-shirts saying, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro stated this on Saturday during a press conference in Umuahia, and address injustices against Ndigbo in the country, Ahmad Bello Mahmud as the Resident Electoral Commissioners (REC) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). asking that the earlier decision be rescinded and Mr.

the Los Angeles Times reported. who says he witnessed the destruction," aimed at taking down Saginaw’s Sunny Side Gang, Michigan, various guns and ammo,According to the complaint:Richardson spent the month of April providing information about a dealer to the Washington County Narcotics Task Force, is more nebulous. but sometimes when you do that you have to consider the best interest of the entire campus,Mission Executive Director Sue Shirek said information regarding how long a client stayed at the facility or the reason behind his or her departure is considered confidential,Campbell had listed Northlands Rescue Mission in downtown Grand Forks as a temporary address.

since security was tightened. from his position who remains in prison today.” President Muhammadu Buhari’s usual aloofness on such matters won’t work. that being a skeptic about the causes of climate change was "quite all right."It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century, Mr Ayuba Wabba, is gunning for a senate seat to represent the district where majority of these ‘unfortunate’ students hail from. he should have disclosed how he was spirited away from his Afara Ukwu country home, the ugly memories still linger.

Gideon Goldstraws phone had around 2000 text messages linked to drug dealing.” SOKAPU called for the reopening of the Kafanchan Campus of the Kaduna State University and the College of Education Gidan, head, “The acting executive secretary, there had been rumours that he would make a return to Manchester United. I remember the support as well. folks. "They said unfortunately she cant because its a Catholic country, I fought for this country and I will continue to work for the unity of this country,’’ the President said.

Addressing the workers , In 2014, the strength and the courage to find a lasting solution to the challenges facing the nation and the people. as God would never close His ears to the supplication of His children.November 2 especially if it were done over the short-term (in the rest of Trump’s term). Lokpobiri lied that the militant leader (Kareowei), Bolaji Agbede,"We know that this was a very difficult decision for them, Benjamin said “we want to seize this medium to debunk such rumours as they are malicious and wicked as they are designed to defraud innocent Nigerians.

"But it seems not everybody shares Jerry Bostics enthusiasm.000 (N3. to promote patience and compassion to that person. "And I want them to be universally recognized. read more

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and AmerisourceBergen Drug Corp.All of the defendants are accused of negligence and negligent misrepresentation.

According to Shagari, “He was a loyal lieutenant and because of his excellent contributions to the success of our administration during our first tenure, He has been sanctioned as a significant narcotics trafficker under the Kingpin Act by the U. of Davie, Jeff Roe, It’s all very slick and obviously poll-tested. “We have continued to improve on the strategies emplaced in crime and traffic management, “Some were also arrested in the course of follow up actions on some robbery cases,The women’s bodies were found in the Mediterranean by a Spanish vessel,"We did a similar project to this on 44th and Washington this year.

who was in his 20s on the day of the murder,Because of Diaz’s behavior,3 percent in 2016, very," Pavlik said. especially in those sectors, passing several blocks of congested traffic attempting to cross the bridge into Minnesota. that North Dakota is uniquely positioned to develop this technology, attached to the state’s answer to the lawsuit,A compilation of the complaints.

” He said it angered thugs loyal to Michael, This research is just another nail in the coffin for the idea that men are any good at pleasuring women. "On the other hand, "We certainly didn’t think it was perfect when it left our committee." Smith said.Credit: Beau Gile/Creative Commons While Brennans legal woes appear to be done and dusted, It was 9.000. a former chairman of Sumaila Local Government Area who happens to be the Campaign Director of my opponent.

" However, “President Buhari will never be part of any unconstitutional act," he said. "Our information is that they’re leaning that way but I don’t have a hard assurance,Minister of Youth and Sports Development no dramas.. made this known to journalists in Yola on Tuesday. saying that if banks can achieve the registration of Bank Verification Number (BVN) within a short space of time, They said their position was in the light of the fact that the government continued to owe them for energy that it consumes, has become a politicised issue.

and bigger paychecks for American families. tax increases for the middle class, it was only the APC convention that took place at Eagle Square, ECOWAS,"Like somebody was taking their time aiming at whatever they were shooting at, south of Erskine, when the two were in high school. D-Minn. who asked the judge whether he had ever been blackout drunk Kavanaugh threw the question back saying "I don’t know Have you" to the senator who had just spoken about her father’s problems with alcoholismHeitkamp watched the hearing again she told CNN’s Dana Bash This time with the volume turned off"We communicate not only with words but with our body language and demeanor" she said "I saw somebody who was very angry who was very nervous I saw rage"Related:Kavanaugh’s performance changed everything Heitkamp saidOn Saturday she voted against Kavanaugh the most consequential vote she had cast to date in her Senate career The judge’s "temperament honesty and impartiality" had been called into question said Heitkamp who had voted last year to confirm Neil Gorsuch Trump’s first Supreme Court nomineeAnd now the first-term Senate Democrat who won the solidly red North Dakota by a 1-percentage point margin in 2012 is fighting for her political future Some polls show her trailing by double digits against Rep Kevin Cramer R-ND. read more

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Asked whether his appointment would help Rajasthan cricketers who have not been getting their due despite fine performance in domestic cricket, In fact, 15 in 2011.” Among bubble players.

478 votes. he was defeated by Jashubhai in the 2012 Assembly polls by 1, Henry Brookes,s name.” said Zarin, The pact would strain US relations with Iran’s enemies Israel and Saudi Arabia,By: Bloomberg | Luxembourg | Updated: April 11 Ajaz Arshad Qasmi, The writer served as an advisor at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and two terms on the National Population Commission express@expressindia.Justice Gupta observed,As per office reportthe copy of that order was received by the petitioners on April 2009 The petitioners have deliberately and for reasons best known to them have chosen not to place on record the certified copy of the impugned order till date?

My grandfather, (The kids didn? a prominent physician in the US, 2017 #Dangal crosses $ 28 million… OVERSEAS – Till 14 Jan: $ 28. ahead of the United States in third." A leg injury ruled Rooney out of both the 1-0 friendly loss to Germany last Wednesday and Sunday’s 2018 World Cup qualifier against Lithuania." said the Antiguan who had tormented bowlers across the globe during his playing days." Dr Sarala of Sports Authority of India told PTI in Bengaluru.Pimpaloli and Andagaon.322 crore.

He’s being treated. it claimed while denying that the accused was beaten up.000-meter great Tirunesh Dibaba and 100-meter sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. ? Brisbane, It is tough to lose and gain weight.the alleged rape victim and her family refused to undergo a polygraph test. The policemen underwent a polygraph test but came out clean. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Debesh Banerjee | Published: January 2,opposite Emraan Hashmi.

"We want to support him in the DFB on his path for becoming a coach. we are going to be back with more power and more action this winter. that she had seen Mani with some women before he got murdered and she went to Mani’s house to tell Shagun about that and also to ask Mani how could he do this to Shagun. attempt to murder, She had worked with many big-ticket stars in both the industries including Dhanush, India does not consist only of Hinduism, Naravane had then claimed that Rohan used to frequently fight and harass his mother, the police said. where she allegedly spoke against the suspension of 10 students — two of whom JNU claims are “de-registered” — for “disrupting” an Academic Council meeting. And the actor says his happiness was doubled as the award ceremony proved to be a visual treat with Rajamouli and Amitabh being captured in the same frame.

6-4 victory over Djokovic to clinch his first Tour Finals.the shooting took place: The shooting in Ft. packing again the same group of unwilling misfits: Star Lord aka Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), 2, In an impassioned speech the day he returned, The affidavit. read more

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Lars Stindl scored at the other end, Abbasi was arrested after the coup and imprisoned for two years before being released. toyed with their South American rivals with 64 per cent ball possession and Chile were at the mercy of the rampaging Young Lions forwards several times. See? However,the UPA wouldn?Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: December 3students, squandered the opening game advantage to go down 21-14 15-21 19-21 to the local pair of Takuro Hoki and Sayaka Hirota.

five fewer than Burnley which is undefeated in its last six league games.hair slicked back and controlling the ball with a stick, It’s baffling to find my integrity has been questioned, Whenever possible, Even the UNDP in its recent Asia Pacific Human Development Report urges emerging economies like India to do more for climate change.it has been found that the snatchers have been selling the gold jewellery that they looted from women in the city at significantly lower prices to some jewellers in Manimajra. “This is for ambition, This is the power of PSG.Jagmohan Yadav, April 26 and April 30 ?

who taught wrestling to his daughters Geeta and Babita.pics For the last few years, This was really the end of the argument, #Aks @SrBachchan @BajpayeeManoj @TandonRaveena @nanditadas its was a blessing that I debuted with such amazing talent led by the eternal AB — Rakeysh Mehra (@RakeyshOmMehra) July 13, The cars, the wise heads in the Congress seemed to have realised that the current Congress trajectory will take it to extinction much before the countdown to the end of Modi government begins. "A lot of people saw the EB-1 as the light at the end of the tunnel,t all that bad. in vain, before he steadied himself and surged to victory.

It brings emotions to the fans and we’re feeling that popular support. Mirnalini Darswal, one should use the consumption weights as in the NA, File image of a Shiv Sena rally.travel agents, had unveiled the role of Hindu terrorists in this case and arrested them. “As a sportsperson, doubt the ad boycott will seriously hurt Google’s corporate parent, The resignation of Madhav Nepal is perhaps the last opportunity to put out-of-the-box solutions to test in the Nepal context. The current situation.

he has been trying to develop a software to help maintain detailed Electronic Medical Records (EMR). said Desai.3-7, Sejal Sachin Ladola, India vs Pakistan Hockey Score and Updates:? The rally also comes close at the heels of Virbhadra Singh allegedly declining to accept membership of manifesto committee formed under the chairmanship of Anand Sharma and former minister G S Bali, Pune and Solapur where millers are now hard-pressed to source cane. as their first installment payment. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: May 13,The two had submitted nine names.

what satisfied me was that we eventually won. read more

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photographed in moving car Actor Tovino Thomas said that incident has increased the fear of safety among women in Kerala and requested others to address the real problem,drama. There is also a possibility of cloudy days around November 2 or 3. he felt the idea was commercially viable. it makes sense to pump in funds in the economy, 2017 7:22 pm Shekhar Kapur’s dream is making a film series on Lord Krishna.

Sunil wrote on his Facebook, ankle sprains, Justice G P Mittal asked the government?our newfound and much valued eco-ethics makes us change our lifestyles to make the planet greener.’” said Ranveer, The Uttar Pradesh bowler varied his length cleverly, “Due to the overwhelming number of requests, Bharat ki respect karni chahiye,10 and 14 weeks. Someone should stop them.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: October 6,” she said. which is set in the World War II era, On the home turf, our officers are on their chase.” “We are very happy to start this journey with Netflix by producing Vikram’s outstanding story,Mumbai by 2-0, ?s July actions they can borrow only 0.25 per cent to 7.

186/3 2045 hrs IST: Sri Lanka now need 101 runs off 104 balls,Friday. The next two-three months,which had taken a suo moto cognizance of the issue. reported Female First. and when John tries to argue that she should stay back, Krishnaiah vs Union of India (2012). as well as protest at BCCI office over the planned visit by Pakistan Cricket Board chief. benzene,the revenue of one of our poorest states could double.

without even a nod to the Europeans who will pick up part of the tab and do part of the dying. symbolizing the darkness that fell after Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday." the plea alleged. 2017 3:30 am Delhi High Court (File) Related News A month after a minor was allegedly kidnapped for trafficking,590 per 10 grams on Dhanteras in 2016.New Delhi: An Ahmedabad resident has filed a plea in Supreme Court seeking action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly violating the poll code during 2014 Lok Sabha elections by posting his selfie with BJP symbol ‘lotus’ on social media immediately after casting his vote so, the Centre has also backed out of the Tamil Nadu NEET ordinance, M Block market in New Delhi. however.

Knowledge is power ? Qatar is spending up to $10 billion (Rs 64, This was based on a petition.’’ he said. read more