NarrowAD create three win patternIndependent blog is a way of earning money

Three party

online advertising has gone through the initial stage and growth stage. In the early days, advertisers online advertising words hard to prove "existence is reasonable"; in the growth stage, the network advertisement has been recognized, they are more accessible, scalability than traditional advertising, advertisers can clearly know the cost, competitors and other network marketing fighting action".

I don’t agree with the theme of the blog now many webmaster use patterns are basically with technology blog network promotion, SEO, network related. In fact, independent blog, we should go out of the webmaster circle, should use the diary form to record our life around people and things, and for the website related things, I suggest you open a column in the blog on it. Because not all of your website.

advertising, do not eliminate the advertisers and media, consumers in the middle of the homophonic, created the Internet advertising three win pattern.


from the pressure caused by a strong impact on the advertisers, forcing them to have invented "super creativity" solution, it seems, the integration of semantic analysis technology and artificial intelligence is a direction of development, the former of network context analysis, which can make immediate response to consumer behavior. "Advertising is such a great invention, and the invention is Chinese.

flow, how to make money? We think carefully about the flow of this blog basically comes from a city, that is the flow of population distribution is concentrated, this is one of the. Second, our operation is independent in a personal blog, as the core, that is to say, when >

When the

many ad networks considered harassment, mandatory advertising, because they lack a deep understanding of the advertising language, web content, instant transformation, many advertisements are not related and network context. "Advertising", the extension of advertising to become Internet content, become part of the content.

The development of

yes, every webmaster should have an independent blog, this blog is used to record every bit of our life. Why, we can not say today, today to talk about a project, independent blog million a way of earning money. This project we need to insist, can not insist on do not come.

market and technological innovation, advertisers, media and consumers have put forward a new demand for online advertising. Although advertisers increase the network advertising budget share, but added more harsh conditions: the need for more targeted advertising, advertising effect can be real-time display; consumers want to see some less and they have no interest in the relevant information, or "harassment" advertising; media to further highlight the network media the value of.

blog theme of how to set up and pay some ideas not here, of course, we can according to the idea of A. My idea is to your life in the city as the theme, such as you are in Chongqing, you can put the blog name "Oliver notes", "mountain Bang Bang army" what. You can write the contents of your work and friends; you can write Chongqing snacks, what are the good places, you can write, what the Chongqing tourism scenic spots. But the premise is to the original. Strive to achieve 90% of the articles are original, and the 10% is what you see good articles, good video, picture post over on the Internet, but also to add your own thoughts or words to form pseudo original.

industry matures, the development of Internet advertising is increasingly clear, the combination of natural language and real-time analysis of artificial intelligence "advertising" and "contextual advertising" will become the new main advertising network.

blog set up early, I don’t agree with you when there is no 100 articles in the original content everywhere to promote. Early we do, do web site chain optimization. Then do some simple chain, like the application of several portal blog to do outside the chain, if we press every day you update an article, then persist for two or three months, your blog should have seventy or eighty articles, you insist on is the result of the search engine has been on your blog every day snapshot, and even published an article immediately after collection.

"advertising" help advertising become more relevant and accurate, which makes marketing personnel for the first time easier? D? D they can.

in chinanews thousands of other sites, most people can see at a glance "advertising" features: "advertising" can make advertising when consumers are most likely to see the emergence of a proper position on the web, and just to network news content, and this will increase users interested in advertising, make a more positive reaction. However, few of us are aware of the "deep meaning NarrowAD": "advertising" is important because it enables the network to really understand the content of network advertisement. In the "advertising", there are two human history the most important two technology obtained by Natural Language Processing, and the semantic analysis technology, they can be the most appropriate location for advertising to help advertisers to automatically select, rather than in the context of unrelated positions.

is, at this time, you can proceed to the promotion, there are a lot of promotion way, for example, now many large and medium-sized city has more fire place forum, you go to mix a familiar face, then put your blog to share at the end of the forum, will certainly be a paragraph, can link link. How often do you share your original articles, your article is related with the city, naturally there will be a lot of traffic to your blog. And micro-blog, I will not say how to push the city, there are many and idle away in seeking pleasure relevant group, the flow, plus you do SEO to flow, a year later, your blog does not have tens of thousands of traffic, only that you didn’t work hard.

With the development of

Grassroots webmaster how to succeed

seems to have too many grassroots webmaster, hope your site can be in a year or half a year on the development of large, even a month to expand the site, this quick, ambitious attitude, how can we make a good website?

Compared with the traditional industry,

Internet is only the tip of the iceberg, and its development prospects are immeasurable. Basic necessities of life, leisure and entertainment, the news media, sports culture, emotional communication, etc., are hidden mountains of gold deposits. However, the people who dug into gold mines are often those who persist in the end and never give up. As long as you have a mind, no matter what type of Web site, as long as you do everything new, innovative, innovative, add content, never admit, three years later today, like now famous website, outstanding.

good content, subject matter, and timely content updates are often the key to a website’s success. But how many 80 stationmaster do!!? It seems not a few, because see a lot of articles for flow in stationmaster net heave great sighs Admin5, and was sued Baidu casually pulled out of the hair be beneath the human character. Such individual stationmaster is too much, more than they are stationmaster, still be inferior to say they are network lover only, just amuse oneself website just. How many personal webmaster, do web site from the point of view of users, for the needs of users and think about it, say it is not good, such a site is only a show to yourself. Is it a decoration in your bedroom that will attract you to tourists? No, definitely not. If so, that’s the only one who can ask for directions. Such IP and PV will not have to look back at your website, let alone click on your ad!


grassroots webmaster how to succeed,


number 1: please don’t do "URL station"". No matter how you are now and how confident your website is, it has personality and characteristics. Anyway, Baidu won’t give you any confidence. If you don’t have the money to give it to Mr. Li, please give it up at once.

second: please don’t be a porn station. These are just short-sighted people who will do it.

third: private website. There are many such young people, to this end to experience the "prison break" life. I hope you don’t join their team,.

fourth: please do not do lazy webmaster, did the website ten and a half months to update the website. Just wait out! So, now do the site should be the same as cattle industry. Please webmaster do psychological preparation. The world no matter how America cannot run amuck confuse right and wrong. Remember, when you give something, you’ll get it.

fifth: the website does not have or only the homepage is HTML static page, also is a website which does not succeed, regardless of your page content is original, very fresh, very individuality. Please make it a HTML static page. It’s for search engines. He doesn’t like it

The operation of Taobao in the smoke of gunpowder (two) the operation team is formed

last time I talked about the small operation team first person: manager; then we continue to complete the important factors of team formation process: see:


Second People: Operation Assistant

A Tmall

shop operation work a lot, a manager or a person is difficult to come over, so we need an assistant to help share some of the operation, but also can improve the ability of operation assistant, then assistant operations mainly do what thing.

obviously, the first thing is the first operation operation of the store, what specific place, I said, the first is the micro Amoy, micro Amoy to send every day, when the activities of the activities of the notice, when no activity of some interesting practical knowledge of life or some other related products and your business small knowledge. Second is the store’s daily after-sales problems, look at the refund, after sale refund reasons, the amount of refund and some specific problems (this store manager can do). Product evaluation, specific products are bad, what is the problem, whether it can be remedied, can not be remedied, how to gently transfer the buyer’s poor assessment and interpretation.

third shop daily false shot, which should be received dishes, whether it is the guide, evaluation, etc.. According to the daily activities of the store and the explosion of products, according to the manager’s instructions, reasonable product false shoot. Fourth is to watch some customers chat record every day, to see if there is a problem, the reception of the answer is reasonable, found problems in time to the manager account, and timely training customer service correction. Fifth is that some of the daily problems of customer service will be reflected in time to you, can handle, deal with, can not handle, timely response. Sixth is the shop some simple release products and activities of some attention to finishing. And the special emergency manager’s account. Then the operation assistant who need and transfer it, first, and his manager and manager is directly responsible for the handover, to explain things to complete as much as possible to complete, not timely indicates how many do, how many did not complete, not completed to complete the record, to be reported to the manager. Second, customer service needs and docking, some simple problems encountered need to ask the customer service operations rather than the manager, account and transfer and these everyday problems, and to remind the error when watching the chat customer service customer service how to deal with. Some of Tmall’s new regulations are delivered to customers in a timely and effective manner, and of course, inquiries and understanding of yesterday’s, or most recently, customer counseling, changing customer service. Third, and the United States and workers handover, the need for daily small map, or find pictures where new small problems, need to be modified in a timely manner for the art modification. You may ask, what does the manager do when the operator is doing so much? The job of the store manager is much more than that of the operation. First, what is the effect of the daily store activities?

Shao Guihu blog is a tool to set up personal brand

there’s no doubt that most blogs don’t make money directly. But there are many people who earn money for their blogs. This phenomenon may seem paradoxical and absurd.

in the past one or two years large-scale popular blog, the blog is not the best way to make money, people think the blog can bring a lot of good things, but it is impossible to make money through the blog.

"Blogging is another high-tech myth," says Dan Lyons, a foreign news weekly reporter at

". Some successful blogs don’t even have any ads. Blog pioneer Dave Weiner wrote, in the past 12 years, the blog income exceeded $2 million; there is also a blog, although not a lot of income, but due to the high degree of attention to natural blog, bloggers gave more opportunities.


blog can help you build your own personal brand and help you build an authority in related fields. If your blog is hard to make money, you can use your blog to advertise your brand.

            for many people, a personal blog is a great marketing tool for building your own personal brand. It doesn’t make you make money directly, but in the end you make money through that channel. (Shao Guihu)

Teach you to open a profitable brand shoes franchise stores

today, consumers in the purchase of goods, a recognized brand, especially when buying shoes product. If you want to open a shop to do business, open a chain of brand shoes is a good choice. Today, I will talk about the majority of entrepreneurs talk about how to open a chain of brand shoes can be a thriving business.

brand shoes apart from brand, the same brand of shoes than price, quality etc.. Therefore, the purchase of brand shoes must pay attention to these aspects, the specific circumstances, the comprehensive examination of other peers do know, the sale of goods to ensure their own charm. Maintain a good internal and external image of the chain store.


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Xining residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance next month to pay for the next year

Next month, I began to apply for 2013 year basic medical insurance for urban residents, the new rural cooperative medical insurance payment, the same payment standard of urban and rural residents, the payment time is from September 1, 2012 to December 31st. In order to not affect the urban residents and farmers and herdsmen enjoy 2013 years of medical treatment, the city social security bureau to remind you that the insured payment on time, after the insured payment period will no longer apply for insurance contributions.

Comprehensively promote cooperation in anti drug law enforcement

On July 24th, the seminar on anti drug law enforcement cooperation between Macao and Hongkong was held in Xining. Deputy director of the National Narcotics Control Commission, Assistant Minister of public security Liu Yuejin, vice governor, provincial public security bureau director Liu Zhiqiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Taiwan Taichung chief prosecutor Wang Jietuo, Hongkong Police Chief Superintendent of the Narcotics Bureau Chen Jianxiong, director of the Macao Judicial Police Bureau Zhou Weiguang attended the meeting on behalf of Hong Kong and macao. Deputy Secretary General of the National Narcotics Control Commission, the Ministry of public security Narcotics Control Bureau Hu Minglang chaired the meeting.

North Head of state responsible for honesty pragmatic

the end of the year approaching, north area of the target assessment is carried out like a raging fire. For the implementation of clean and honest, so that leading cadres do for the people, pragmatic and honest, the afternoon of December 24th, North District held the main responsibility of the Party committee meeting of the State responsible for honesty.

7 units of twenty

in Baoziwan Town, town, Bridge Street, Chaoyang Street, Mafang street, District Urban Management Bureau, the District Construction Bureau of party leaders with the actual work of the unit, summarize and report the work this year, and from strengthening the grassroots clean government, honest government to fulfill the main responsibility, catch team, with the team, the publicity of the State responsible for honesty.

the meeting pointed out that in the future to implement the main responsibility of the Party committee, must do five points: clear responsibility, improper shuaishouzhanggui, to take the initiative to catch, strictly grasp, manage the team, with a good team, strict with oneself, as a good example of honesty in politics. Punish corruption, the corruption of "zero tolerance", the township Commission for Discipline Inspection of the occurrence of swindle in rural areas, communities, abuse of power, to gifted affectionate friends, work injustice and arbitrary charges, fines, levies and other unwholesome tendencies and corruption cases, to quickly check quick to do, safeguard the interests of the masses. Strengthen style building, focusing on important time node, increase supervision and inspection and accountability efforts, perseverance to correct the four winds". Improve the accountability system, who assume responsibility, who is responsible for the problem, we must bear the responsibility. The Party committee is mainly responsible for people to fulfill a pair of responsibility, shouldering the responsibility of a clean government departments a place. Take the lead in clean politics, Party committee is mainly responsible for people to abide by the Constitution and the standards, safeguard the party’s political discipline, organization and discipline, financial discipline, discipline, discipline, manage the team, as a good example of honesty in politics.


Hold the creation of Tibetan Dance Folk Dance Festival Xining International Symposium

August 18th morning, jointly organized by the China Dancers Association, the Federation in Qinghai Province, Qinghai province and Xining City Dancers Association of the second session of China · Xining International Dance Festival "creation" of Tibetan Dance Collection Qinghai seminar held at the Qinghai Convention center. China Dancers Association party secretary, deputy chairman Feng Shuangbai, Bai Shuxiang, Chinese Federation honorary member of the honorary chairman of China Dancers Association from outside the province and dance world renowned experts and scholars from more than 40 people gathered in a Tibetan dance this intangible cultural art research and development, inheritance and development of the exchange seminar.

Tibetan dance art exudes a unique aroma, has become an indispensable part of the long river of Qinghai culture. "The creation of" Tibetan Dance Collection seminar as an important part of this dance festival, not only for the theoretical study of Tibetan dance creation performance, provides a new platform for the exchange, at the same time, also in promoting Chinese excellent folk dance, play the advantages of traditional folk dance resources to promote play.

, Qinghai province Dancers Association introduced the development situation of our province Tibetan dance, experts and scholars inside and outside the province, with their own practical experience in the process of creation of the status quo, talk about the creation of Tibetan dance creation performance, future development and other aspects of experience. In the present development about Tibetan dance, the experts and scholars said that the Tibetan cultural level is very rich, there are a lot of excellent folk songs and the resources to be discovered, the development of Tibetan dance should rely more on their own Tibetan dance talents, firmly grasp the cultural heritage of their own, while encouraging the Tibetan dance artists "down to earth", deeply the masses, the grassroots, creation and arrangement of a series of reflecting the life of the masses, reflecting the life theme of the dance, to promote greater prosperity in a variety of Tibetan dance creation mode. (author: Xiao Liu)